21 Clear Signs – How To Know When A Virgo Man Is Done With You (2024)

You might be wondering what happened to your caring, thoughtful and loyal virgo man. You could be at the point of wondering, “Is he going to leave me?”.

That’s where we’ve got you covered – below are 21 clear signs on how to know when a virgo man is done with you.

Let’s dive right into it.

How To Know When A Virgo Man Is Done With You
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1. He Becomes Critical Of Your Relationship

Virgos are naturally critical of everything, but if you’ve noticed he’s criticizing your relationship more than usual, it could be a sign that he’s losing interest.

If he constantly picks up on issues and makes a big deal out of them, his criticisms are no longer there to improve the relationship. He’s using them as fuel for why he shouldn’t be in it any longer.

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2. He Stops Opening Up Emotionally To You 

Your virgo man overcame his emotional blocks to open himself to you when you were happy and in love, but the moment he doesn’t feel that way anymore, he shuts down.

To him, only people he’s close to can access this side of him, everyone else gets rejected by his protective outer shell.

3. He Analyzes Everything You Do  

Aside from criticism, a virgo male might start analyzing and having a negative opinion on everything you do too.

The virgo man’s words of advice now become mean comments intended to hurt and drive you away from him. The way he acts may even push you to want to break up with him.

4. He Becomes Passive Aggressive 

Virgo men are generally upfront and honest about how they feel, but in times of confrontation, they tend to choose the sulky passive aggressive approach.

Therefore, a clear sign that he’s pulling away is when you get remarks like, “yeah, whatever” or no comment instead of mature conversation with solutions.

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5. He Suddenly Becomes Distant And Cold

If you never broach the subject, he’ll probably try to let things fade out and die naturally, without having to explain why he doesn’t want to be together.

Virgos hate having to express their feelings. He’d rather be distant, cold and stop returning your calls rather than rationalize his thoughts and emotions.

So although they can be blunt and honest, if they’re faced with a difficult conversation many virgo men would prefer to back out quietly and without any fuss.

6. He Reacts By Snapping At You

You might also see a change in the way he speaks to you. A simple question is answered with a blunt comment and borderline rudeness, and even though virgos are known to be direct, this will take it to the next level.

Usually, virgo men are good at controlling their anger especially if they love you. However, if he’s no longer invested in your relationship, considering your feelings will be the last thing on his agenda.

7. A Disappearing Love Life

Virgos are more likely to ask you outright how they can pleasure you during sex. They’ll ask you how you want to be touched so they can get it right.

It is their methodical nature to sex that women find them to be such good lovers. They also care about their partner’s satisfaction. But sex isn’t a major issue for them. So watch out for signs of a disappearing love life. 

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8. He Brings Up Old Issues

When a virgo male starts revisiting old issues, he is analyzing your relationship to reconfirm if it is worth his time and energy. 

Remember, these men are thinkers, so it’s expected that he re-examines his relationship before deciding on a break-up. When he revisits related issues from the past, he wants to validate his desire to be done with the relationship.

9. He’s Reluctant To Reconcile

In the past, when you had issues, there was the willingness to talk and thrash things out by both parties, but now, he acts differently. His behavior is to snap at you more frequently and he never tries to resolve conflicts now.

If you feel like you’ve been the only one trying to make amends lately, then this is one of the signs a virgo man has lost interest.

10. He Doesn’t Try To Help You 

In many ways, the male virgo is a problem solver and that may be what attracted you to him, but now his behavior can seem different. 

When a Virgo guy loses interest, he quits trying to help you.

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11. He Stops Talking About The Future With You

Virgos are not the type to rush into relationships without considering the possibility of having a future with that person. 

However, when he isn’t interested anymore, the relationship is done in his mind, and he no longer sees you in his future.

Virgo Man Is Done With You
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12. Artificial Superiority 

A virgo man may choose to become more pompous or pretentious when he interacts with you. In private, he might let on that he feels that he is superior or more capable than you are.

He acts by buying products that make him look more financially or emotionally sound and choose to make you feel insecure, though it’s likely most people will realize that he is in a crisis.

Once he’s successfully determined that he has lowered your self-esteem he may choose to end the relationship.

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13. Deflecting The Conversation 

When the two of you have a discussion about his behaviors, he will likely attempt to evade responsibility or blame.

Similarly, he may cancel plans that the two of you had made, only to complain that you never spend time together. If he chooses to project his own personal failures on you, then it’s likely he’s decided that your relationship is no longer worth his attention or respect. When he avoids answering your messages, you can expect that he is going to break up with you.

14. Pushes You Away

In general, virgo men are known for being considerate individuals. However, if he’s decided that he no longer wants to maintain a relationship with you, you may discover he’s capable of being rude and uncivil.

It is possible that he will not only treat you disrespectfully, but he may determine that it is appropriate to treat your family and friends in this manner.

He may choose to push you away, as he would rather that you silently remove yourself from the relationship. If you address your concerns with him, it could turn into an argument that will lead to the conclusion of your partnership.

15. He Wants More Independence 

Virgo man doesn’t like breaking up, but not because he’s overly emotional, it’s exactly the opposite. A break up involves discussing his emotions and he finds this difficult. 

So he could start choosing to do things on his own in order to avoid getting into any emotional conversations.

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16. He Stops Analyzing And Critiquing You

This isn’t the same as a virgo man criticizing or belittling you. Virgo men see their partners as projects they can improve on and make better.

Their suggestions about what you wear, how you should approach your boss about a pay raise are all intended to help you. Once they’ve decided that you are their ideal love match you become his to mold and sculpt.

So if his behavior has changed and he’s stopped giving you helpful hints and doesn’t analyze you anymore it means he’s lost interest in you.

17. His Grudges Last Longer Than Usual 

Even if it’s a small issue that’s annoyed him, he might overreact and take longer to get over it.

He might even start bringing up old related arguments or issues from the past that have already been dealt with (or so you thought).

In his mind, he’ll be searching for all indications that you shouldn’t be together anymore, and he’ll use old arguments to validate how he feels now.

18. Your Opinion Isn’t Important To Him Anymore 

When in love, a virgo man wants to fully embrace his partner and know everything about you – from your favorite film to how your upbringing was.

Once your virgo guy loses interest in what you have to say, he’s starting to detach from the relationship.

Now you feel like he greets your news with little enthusiasm and hardly comes to you for advice or support. And, the more you try to get through to him, the more he’ll shut down and stop listening.

19. He’s Quick To Pick A Fight

Your virgo man might even start picking unnecessary fights with you – just because.

Each time, you’ll be left feeling confused and hurt, because the reason for the argument won’t be clear, but it’s one of the signs he’s done with you.

Anything could trigger him, and before you know it he’s lost his temper and you’re in the midst of a row.

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20. He Gives You The Silent Treatment

When your Virgo man gives you the silent treatment, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s trying to hurt you – but it does mean he’s going to end the relationship.

When he’s in love, he wants to talk to you all the time. Although they have a tendency to be introverted, virgos still crave verbal communication.

If he’s barely talking to you, it means he’s mentally and emotionally not interested any longer. Keeping his words to himself is a way of putting distance between you.

21. You Can Literally Make Him Sick

The zodiac sign virgo is associated with health. When a virgo man is in a situation or relationship with a woman that is no longer appealing, beneficial or serving his good this can manifest into physical illness.

Notice if he’s giving excuses of allergy flare-ups, stomach issues or other illnesses to get out of dates or being around you.

He could actually lose energy and become tired by being around you.

Virgo Man
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How Do You Know When A Virgo Is Over You?

Virgos can be quite hard to read, but there are still signs for how to know when a virgo man is done with you.

When it comes to relationships with virgo guys, these men are straightforward in their communication. Although, when it comes to breakups, they don’t desire confrontation.

It can be a normal characteristic for virgo men to withdraw from you when they have other things on their minds to deal with. However, he can also withdraw when your virgo man has lost interest in you.

Heartbreak, confusion, and a whole load of questions could be what you’re experiencing right now if you’re seeing some of the signs he’s not interested anymore.

Your once loving, sweet partner is now giving you the cold shoulder and certainly no affection. 

He may be starting arguments and bringing up old grudges that he has held onto. Don’t back down and give in with the hopes it’ll calm him down. Hold your ground – this is the best way to deal with virgos when they stop respecting you during an argument.

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How Do You Know If A Virgo Man Is No Longer Interested?

First of all, it’s hard to tell when Virgo man is done with you as these guys can be pretty cool characters anyway. But there are signs in the relationship, you just have to be able to identify them and spot them. 

There’ll be a number of ways to know when your virgo man is no longer interested. He’ll spend less time with you, he’ll appear distant when you are with him and he won’t bother asking much about your day or your mood. Virgo men also tend to be more harshly critical when they’re not interested any longer.

There won’t be any extreme emotional displays from him. He’ll want to quietly disappear from your life. It will be as if the relationship never happened. 

How Do You Make A Virgo Man Regret Losing You?

If you want a virgo man to miss you, focus on his heart and emotions. The virgo man is not superficial, so he may not care much about how hot or sexy you look.

Instead, you should focus on ways to remind him of the beautiful moments you shared. 

Make sure whenever you speak, you can stimulate him mentally and form a connection. The idea is to make him realize how much positivity you bring into his life.

There’s no sure way to know if a virgo man will miss you. However, the possibilities depend significantly on your positive contributions to his life.

If you were the woman able to calm his emotions on stormy days, were supportive, and made him believe in himself, then he is more likely to miss you. 

Furthermore, if you could earn his trust and the relationship did not end due to mistrust, he will miss having you around. You see, he doesn’t trust other women easily, and you were that one person he did trust.

Does A Virgo Man Move On Quickly?

Of all the zodiac signs, the virgo man is flexible and can easily adapt to change. He has the ability to scrutinize, evaluate, assess, and make razor-sharp course corrections.

This means he’s subject to cutting his losses and moving on from relationships, regardless of who ended it. However, you can be sure that before a virgo man leaves a woman or after a woman has left him, he’s done a thoughtful and realistic assessment of the relationship.

Even when he does not want to come back to a relationship, he’s not one to immediately jump into relationships with other women. He likes to take things slow so he will want to spend some time on his own first. 

When A Virgo Man Goes Silent

Your virgo guy may be silent as a sign that he feels too much pressure in the relationship. He might feel the need for more freedom in the relationship or feel like it is too big of a difference in your opinions of one another.

Although virgos tend to be shy and quiet by nature, you can bet that a breakup is imminent when your virgo man just completely goes silent.

When a virgo man loves someone, he wants to talk to that person consistently. Earlier in the relationship, he probably asked you lots of personal questions and wanted to get your opinion on everything.

When a virgo man gives you the silent treatment, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s trying to hurt you – but it does mean he’s going to end the relationship.

Although they have a tendency to be introverted, virgos still crave verbal communication.

If he’s barely talking to you or you can’t seem to hold a conversation, it means he is mentally and emotionally checked out. Holding back in conversation is a way of putting distance between you.

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How To Know If Virgo Man Is Pushing You Away

You’re not sure what you did wrong but you sure want to know the reasons why your virgo man is pulling away from you.

Here are some quick tips to know why your virgo man is pushing you away.

  • Unfortunately your virgo man may have lost interest
  • Maybe you’re asking too much from your virgo man and it feels unrealistic for him
  • Whether it’s you or a lot of other things in his life, he may be feeling overwhelmed
  • Virgo men can be introverted so he’ll need some time to recharge
  • Your words or actions may be making him feel uncomfortable
  • Maybe your virgo man has heard you gossiping. They really don’t see any value in it and it’s just in bad taste
  • Might be that your virgo man is pushing you away because he doesn’t click with you
  • A virgo man dislikes insincerity. If he senses something from you that doesn’t feel genuine, he will start to pull away
  • A virgo man prefers someone who knows how to let him be free, not controlling
  • A virgo man likes to take things slow. If you’re too serious too fast he’ll pull away
  • If the two of you have completely different goals then your virgo man will push you away
  • Perhaps your Virgo man is just confused. Choosing to understand his own feelings, he pushes you away so he can put his thoughts together again
  • Love is not a game for your virgo guy. Treat him well and he will treat you the same

Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

It is human nature to behave a little differently and try to make our feelings obvious without saying a word when we’re in love. The virgo man is no different.

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If he hasn’t admitted his love for you, yet he is doing all the things below, then it’s only a matter of time before he pops the question to you.

  • When your virgo man is in love and is serious about you, he will do everything possible to make your love feel cherished and wanted.
  • Your virgo man is calling you at almost regular intervals on the pretext of asking you something important. A Virgo man loves to hear the voice of his partner.
  • The best quality of this zodiac sign is that this guy makes their girl feel secure. A virgo man makes sure his partner feels secure in the relationship by showing a keen interest in whatever she does.
  • Your virgo man might want some distance and ask for some time away so he can be sure about his own love for you.
  • Once committed he will always stay faithful and wants the same from his partner too. Virgos are committed for a lifetime, so once he has committed to you he won’t even consider others.
  • Seldom will you find virgos sharing any secret with anybody, but if your virgo man is doing that with you, then you must be special. It is a sign that shows he is serious about you and fully trusts you.
  • Virgos are fond of their space and comfort, so provide him that and appreciate that because they will offer that to you too.
  • Your relationship with a virgo will prove time and again that they can go beyond limits with special gestures to make their partner happy. The virgo man knows exactly how to make their love feel important.
  • You can be sure about one thing and that is his honesty. A virgo man is not someone who would come up with some fancy word or fake thing. He is a genuine person and loves to speak his mind.
  • So, he took notice of your nail color and also your hairstyle? Yes, then your virgo man is in love with you. He pays attention to every minute detail of their partner when he has fallen in love.

Once you really get a virgo man and with all his personality traits, you can start to recognize the warning signs that either a breakup is coming or he’s really getting serious with you.

If a breakup is coming, you might not be able to change his mind, but knowing can help you prepare mentally, physically and emotionally.

If it’s ending because of something accidental or through a misunderstanding, give your guy space and time to clear his head.

When you really get a virgo man, you’ll know he appreciates being left alone to ponder his thoughts, and he’ll also be able to work through any issues he’s got that might be affecting the relationship.

Let him know you love and care about him and you’ll be there when he’s had time to think. Leave it at that and if he comes back – you’ll know it’s because he genuinely loves you.

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