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Thanks, Bijan!
I’ve been engaged in self-development and self-fulfillment for a long time now and I’m on a very good track. However, I had a barrier in my head that from time to time made my life hard. This barrier was dissolved now thanks to you, Bijan. I recommend an online coaching session with him without hesitation. An intelligent and very empathic coach. Thanks, Bijan!

Stefan S.

The online coaching with Bijan was like a little journey through all the stations in my life that actually left me with some questions. In the talk, I saw my resources and I saw how helpful characteristics, talents, and views are, even if they seem like conflicts on the surface sometimes.
The online coaching gave me clarity, dissolved the knot, and through this new perspective, I’m able to weigh and act differently in harmony with myself and my goals.
Bijan is a pleasant conversational partner, empathic, clear, and supportive. It was fun. Thanks! Gladly again.

Veronika S.

Dear Bijan,
We had an online coaching session yesterday in which I went in curious but without great expectations. What happened next surprised me. You managed to put things exactly in a nutshell. Your questions were precise and solution-oriented. Together, we worked towards identifying the problem and came up with several real solutions. That was more than I dared to expect.
You were empathic and sympathetic and I trusted you immediately. You accompanied me without judgment throughout our talk.
At no time did I have the feeling that you were putting yourself over me – respect and esteem were always there. Thank you dear Bijan – you are a gift!


Many Thanks!
I’m enthusiastic about your coaching. Through the development of pictures, I was very quickly able to feel and integrate an important and beautiful part of myself that I hadn’t really had a connection to in the past challenging months. That’s a great feeling. I think it’s great how you dissolved this blockade.

Anke S.