Why Does He Text Me Everyday If He Only Wants Friendship – 21 CLEAR Reasons (2024)

Do you have a male friend who is getting in touch with you daily? Is this leading you to question his intentions? Perhaps you’re asking yourself: “Why does he text me everyday if he only wants friendship?”

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping my clients explore their relationships with their friends and what they really mean.  

So, let’s take a look at whether a man could really only desire friendship if he’s sending text messages so often. 

Let’s dive right into it.

Why Does He Text Me Everyday If He Only Wants Friendship
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Do Guys Text A Girl Everyday If They Just Want To Be Friends?

To be honest, it depends on the guy!

Some guys are really busy in other areas of their life and only save regular texting for their romantic interests. 

Others put their friendships first and really enjoy texting their friends about anything and everything. 

While it’s possible to make an accurate guess about this guy’s intention by taking a broader look at his life and exactly what he’s like as a person, it may be inconclusive to know what he wants from you just by the frequency of his text messages. 

How Often Do Guys Text Female Friends? 

Again, it depends on the guy. There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Some guys might only text their friends when they need something. Others might enjoy texting at all hours of the day.  

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Texts You Every Day?

Let’s not get it twisted; it could mean he’s romantically interested in you and wants to be your boyfriend. However, it could also mean a number of other things. I’ve made a list of 21 other reasons why a man might be texting you every day.  

Why Does He Text Me Every Day If He Doesn’t Want A Relationship?

I’ve listed 21 alternate reasons below why he could be sending you text messages every day, even when doesn’t want a monogamous relationship. 

1. He’s Confused About What He Wants

For a lot of guys, it’s not always immediately black and white as far as what type of relationship they want. Some might only want friendship or casual dating, while others could want a full-blown monogamous relationship. Some men might go through stages of wanting all three, the more he gets to know a woman.

Some girls might not understand this, because they are conditioned more strongly than men to want committed relationships. 

A lot of men are told they shouldn’t want relationships when they’re younger, while others are told it’s weak to only be friends with a beautiful woman. They receive a lot of mixed messages, so don’t judge them for being confused about what they want. 

2. You’re His Plan B

In this case, a man knows exactly what he wants – and it’s a relationship with someone else. However, that doesn’t mean he’s not attracted to you as well. He could think that you’re also girlfriend material, just not as much as his Plan A.

In such scenarios, a man might still decide to text you every day to keep you warm in case it doesn’t go as smoothly as he hoped with his main target.

The ethics of this dating strategy are up for debate. Indeed, it’s unlikely he’ll ever want you to know you were his second choice. But, before you go judging men, ask yourself if you’ve ever been in communication with more than one dating prospect at the same time.  

3. He Wants You In His Rotation

If this guy likes to be in casual relationships with several women, he might be texting you every day so you’re persuaded to be part of his rotation.

Again, some men might not want you to know he’s dating a significant number of girls, although many are open about their polyamory when asked.

A lot of non-polyamorous ladies might agree to casual relationships, or else they have no chance to get close to their dream man at all. In most cases though, they will try and convince him to get into a monogamous relationship with them eventually. 

If you want a relationship with this guy, know that you probably will have to share him initially.

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4. He’s On The Rebound

When a guy has just gone through a break-up, it’s rare that he’ll want to jump back into a new relationship with a new partner.

What he does want will differ depending on the guy and the personal situation he’s in.

Maybe he just wants attention from another attractive girl or friendship because he’s feeling lonely and hurt. Perhaps he wants bedroom fun with no-strings attached, just to take his mind off the break-up. 

So, has this guy just broken up with his girlfriend? These are all potential reasons for him to be spending a lot of time on his phone talking to you. Take your time with this guy, because his feelings will be fragile and he’s likely to be unsure what he really wants from you during this time.

5. He Wants You To Accompany Him To Parties  

Some men really like to have attractive female friends come to parties with them, because they feel like this will help attract the other women at the venue. 

These guys might have a point.

If a man walks into a nightclub with five other girls who clearly admire him, the other girls are likely to feel curious about him, at the very least.

Many will wonder what it is that makes all these other women want to hang out with him. They’ll also feel like he’s ‘safer’ to talk to, compared to the man with no evidence of having female friends.

So, maybe he’s texting you a lot to get you to come to an upcoming party with him.  

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6. He’s An Attention-Seeker

Some men get a real kick out of female attention, even if they have no intentions of hanging out with them in the real world. 

These guys thrive off talking to the opposite sex and receiving messages from them. So, if he’s texting you every day, it could just be that he adores the digital attention.

Want a surefire sign that is the case? Ask if he wants to meet you in real life. If he keeps making excuses not to hang out, it would indicate that he’s only interested in the dopamine spikes he gets from your texts.   

7. He’s Flirting For Fun

Some guys just get a kick out of being flirty with beautiful women, whether that’s through texts or in-person at the club.

This man might have a girlfriend at home, but still wants to get the rush out of flirting with someone new. 

This happens a lot when the guy is stuck in a marriage, where the intimacy and flirtation died many years ago. He may still love his partner and have no intention of cheating on her, but still be desperate for some flirty action over the phone with someone. 

8. He’s Addicted To The Chase

It’s cliche to say that all guys prefer the chase to the catch. But there are some men out there who prefer texting girls and pursuing them to actually being in a relationship, or even meeting for a date.

Again, the best way to know whether you’re dealing with a guy like this is to try and arrange a date, and noting how they respond.

If they suddenly go cold or make excuses not to hang out, it’s clear you’re dealing with a time-waster.

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9. He Likes Your Friend

We’ve already explored that a woman tends to trust a man more if he has lots of female friends. This tends to be even more true if her friends already know and like him.

If a man has heard this advice before and has a crush on your friend, he might try and develop a deep friendship with you to boost his chances with her. 

Perhaps he’s hoping you put in a good word for him once you’ve developed a friendship by texting all day and night.

This can be a heart-breaker when you have feelings for the guy, but it does happen. 

10. He’s Really Polite And Chatty

There are some men out there who just really like having text conversations with lots of people. They’re hyper-social and will talk about anything and everything with anyone who wants to listen.

Often, when dealing with a guy like this, a woman will feel really special in his eyes. But, the truth is: he treats everyone the same.

The biggest sign that you’re dealing with a guy like this is their social media profiles. How active are they on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and all the rest? If he’s active on all these profiles that’s the clearest sign you’re dealing with a hyper-social dude.

11. He Finds You Legitimately Intriguing

There’s every chance that this guy is really interested in you as a person and wants to find out what makes you tick.

Do you have a really interesting job or hobby that he wants to get into? Or something else that he might want for his own life?

If so, it would make sense that he’s having regular conversations with you, even if he doesn’t feel any physical attraction towards you. He has interest because he wants to learn from you – and maybe live a similar life to you one day.   

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12. He’s Bored 

Perhaps he has a job that’s really unstimulating. Perhaps he’s able to sit at his desk and text his buddies all day without anyone punishing this behavior.

In such a case, it would make sense that you get lots of texts from him, even when he only sees you as a friend. He has a lot of spare time to fill up, and he’s hoping you’ll be able to entertain him. 

13. He Enjoys Playing Mind Games

Some guys like to play mind games with women, perhaps making them think that they have a crush, when they don’t at all.  In many cases, it’s an ego boost for them. They get a kick out of manipulating women’s feelings. If you discover that’s what this guy is doing, it would be fair to not call them a friend at all. 

14. He’s Socially Uncalibrated

A lot of people with autism will bombard a friend with text messages. It’s also true for people with ADHD. These mental conditions affect people’s ability to read or understand social cues. These people might not be able to get their minds around the idea that it’s possible to text or talk to someone too much. 

15. He’s Just Lonely 

When a man or woman doesn’t have a lot of friends, they’re likely to reach out to the friend they do have more often. We are all creatures in need of social interaction and affection, after all.

16. He’s Planning To Ask For A Big Favour

It’s common for people to ‘butter up’ a friend before asking for a favour. This simply means to be really nice to them in the moments, days or weeks before asking for something. It is hoped that the friend will feel obliged to repay them for all the nice gestures they’d previously been making.

These mind games aren’t honest or genuine, but they do happen. 

17. He Needs To Vent

A lot of guys find it difficult to get things off their chest. Often, they’re told it’s not masculine to be talking about your feelings or that it’s wrong to ever be playing the victim. When you’re a man, it’s not easy to find someone who is willing to listen and actually care about your problems.  

So, if a man finds someone who is willing to listen to them vent or give him honest advice, they may go overboard and start texting you about it every day.

If he has any sense, he’d actually be more likely to do this to someone who he’s not attracted to, because sending all these negative messages would probably put off a girl he had a crush on. 

18. He Thinks Starting As Friends Is His Best Shot Of Something More

It’s often told to men that being ‘friends first’ is the best way to develop a deep romantic connection. 

Whatever you think of that opinion, you shouldn’t be surprised if a man insists he wants friendship, even when he is physically attracted to a woman.   

Of course, texting is a big part of developing a friendship, especially if you’re not naturally going to be in the same place at the same time.  

19. He’s Attached To You, But He’s Not Sure Why 

It happens then men can feel attached to you, but not logically understand why that is. In such situations, they may be interested in texting you regularly, so that they can get a stronger idea about why they are feeling this connection. 

A lot of men won’t be interested in pursuing a relationship, until they logically understand why they are experiencing these feelings. 

20. Something Is Holding Him Back

Maybe it’s fear of rejection. Perhaps it’s some other sort of trauma. It could be that he thinks he’s too busy to get romantically involved with anyone.

In such a case, a man could treat you like he wants to be your boyfriend – by sharing his feelings and texting you every day for example – but feel held back from actually pursuing a relationship. 

If you question this guy, he may insist he wants friendship only without explaining the deeper reasons why he’s not interested in something more. 

21. He’s A Catfish

A relatively extreme explanation to finish this list off, but it’s still one to be aware of.

If you matched with a man online and have never met him in real life, you shouldn’t discount the possibility that he is a catfish.

If he only wants to send messages and refuses to talk on the phone, that’s a key sign you may be talking to someone different to the person in this guy’s profile pictures.  

Some people indulge in catfishing because they’re bored and think it’s funny, but others engage in this behavior to scam or hurt online dating users.

So, be careful! Always have a video conversation before meeting someone from online dating. And always meet for the first time in public!

Is It Normal To Text A Male Friend Everyday Just To Chat?

Who decides what is normal?

For sure, there are ladies out there who like to be texting their male friends every day. 

Are there some guys who won’t reply every time? Sure. Might some guys get the wrong impression? Absolutely!

However, if you make your intentions clear, there’s no reason to not text your male friends every day. That’s what friends are for. Do whatever makes you happy!

Any Questions?

Thanks for reading my article! I hope this advice helps you out. 

If you were asking yourself: “Why does he text me every day?”, hopefully you now have your answer.

If you have questions or want to make a point about your own personal situation related to this topic, feel free to leave a comment below. 

I always love to hear from men and women who read my articles.

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