How To Get An Aquarius Man Back After A Breakup

So, you want to know how to get an Aquarius man back after a breakup?

Maybe he drove you so crazy that you dumped him…but now you miss him and want him back.

Or maybe he broke up with you and you want to know how to win his heart back.

In this guide, I share everything you need to know so you can get him back — and keep him.

Let’s get started.

How To Get An Aquarius Man Back After A Breakup

How Does an Aquarius Man Feel After a Breakup?

The first thing you should know is that an Aquarius man won’t hang around or dwell on your relationship for too long.

In fact, if he was the one who broke up with you, he is probably already thinking about his next adventure, socializing with friends, and hatching new plans for his life.

If you broke up with him, then he may feel betrayed. Aquarius men are very loyal, so if you regret your decision and want to get him back, this may not be easy to do.

If the breakup was messy, it’s unlikely he will forgive and forget, especially if cheating was involved. 

In this case, reconciliation may not be possible and it may be better to get over him and move on rather than trying to get him back.

But, if you think there is still a window of opportunity, read on to find out what you should do.

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How Does Aquarius Deal With Breakups?

To get an Aquarius man to come back to you, you must first understand how his mind works.

He is spontaneous, and constantly seeks change and new experiences. These characteristics are likely to be amplified following a breakup, so the last thing you want to do is try to force him to go back to his “old life” with you.

Most Aquarius men move on from a relationship very quickly. They are distant by nature, making them hard to read — even if he’s hurting, he probably won’t show it.

Instead, he’ll be keeping his sharp mind busy with new projects or by learning new skills, as well as cranking up the volume on his already-active social life.

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What to Do if Your Aquarius Man Wants to be Friends After a Breakup

How to get an Aquarius man back after a breakup
Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

If your Aquarius man says he wants to be friends after your breakup, don’t try to force him to get back together with you, as this will have the opposite of the desired effect.

Pressuring him will make him run a mile, so it’s best to accept his conditions. 

It’s actually a good sign if he still wants you in his crew. 

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Friendship is very important to the Aquarius man, so if he still has positive or loving feelings toward you, he will want to keep you in his inner circle.

If this happens, you may still have a chance to get back together with him since Aquarius men often fall in love with their best friends.

Give him time, and allow the friendship to develop naturally. Make sure you give him plenty of space and try not to initiate contact too often as this will make him feel suffocated.

He will make his move when the time is right and if he feels like it. If he doesn’t, you will have a faithful friend for life.

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How Do You Make an Aquarius Man Regret Losing You?

If you want to make your Aquarius man regret losing you, you must remember not to be clingy

Aquarius men are independent and enigmatic — and they look for those same qualities in their partner when they enter a relationship.

That’s why the best way to get him to miss you is to maintain an air of mystery.

If you pursue him with all guns blazing, you will chase him further away.

Instead, you need to remind him of what he’s missing.

But be careful! Don’t try to make him jealous by dating other guys. That won’t work with an Aquarius man.

Since they are so fiercely loyal, Aquarius men rarely betray a woman they truly love — even after a breakup.

Seeing you with other men will make him think you have moved on — and will encourage him to do the same.

And although he may act like he doesn’t care, deep down he will be hurting for a long time.

Instead, remind him of the things he used to like about you by living your life to the fullest and enjoying it as much as possible.

To an Aquarius man, there’s nothing more attractive than that.

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How Do I Get My Aquarius Man’s Heart Back?

The answer to this question depends on how you lost it. If you broke up on good terms, the best thing you can do to win his heart back is to live your best life — and let him see it! 

This will remind him of all the things he used to like about you, may even encourage him to come back to you.

However, if your relationship ended badly, he will probably need time to get over it.

Don’t try to talk to him if he is not ready, as chances are this will drive him further away from you. 

The truth is, once an Aquarius man has decided to break up with you, getting back together with him may be difficult.

However, sometimes it is possible to regain his interest in you if you play your cards right.

If you think it could still work between the two of you, follow the five steps below to rekindle your relationship with your Aquarius man.

How to get an Aquarius man back after a breakup
Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay

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How to Get an Aquarius Man Back in 5 Steps

1. Reinvent Yourself

Aquarius men like novelty, so if you want to get his attention you should create a “new version” of yourself.

This could be as simple as getting a new haircut or wardrobe, but even taking up a new hobby or changing your job could pique his interest.

Focus on becoming the best possible version of yourself, and, with time, you may well win him back.

2. Stimulate His Mind

Aquarius men love deep conversation and can talk for hours about anything from the latest technology to social, political, and humanitarian issues.

This is what really keeps him interested in a romantic partner — their ability to keep him on his toes with their sparkling wit and inquisitive mind.

Show him that you’re way more than just a pretty face! Focus your conversations on topics he cares about and don’t bring up your relationship unless he does.

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3. Give Him Space

As previously mentioned, Aquarius men value their freedom above almost everything else.

After a breakup, they need even more space than usual.

If you try to pursue him, he will feel pressured, and will probably withdraw even further from you.

Instead, let him come to you. Maintaining minimal contact will keep him interested, even if it seems counterintuitive.

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4. Keep It Fun

Don’t be too serious if you want to win your Aquarius man back. 

If you come on too strong, he will think you are trying to tie him down or limit his precious freedom.

Drama is also a big turn-off for the Aquarius man, so keep your interactions light and friendly — don’t initiate heavy conversations unless he is open to them.

Instead, when you spend time with him make sure you do things that you know he enjoys. 

This will remind him of how much fun he had when he was in a relationship with you, and increase your chances of winning him over.

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5. Don’t Pressure Him

Avoid talking too much about future plans with him if you want your Aquarius man back.

He loves spontaneity and hates to feel tied down, so talking about how many children you want to have with him will most likely send him running.

Instead, stay in the present moment and let him see how much you enjoy his company — and when you least expect it, he just might make his move.

So, there you have it. Five steps to win over an Aquarius man after a breakup.

How to get an Aquarius man back after a breakup
Image by Karen Warfel from Pixabay

Are you trying to regain your Aquarius man? Leave a comment to let me know if these steps work for you.

Or maybe you already lost an Aquarius man and managed to recapture his heart? Share your story in the comments.

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