31 Reasons Why You Should Be Giving A Man Space To Pursue You (2024)

Why is it that when you fall for a guy and give him all your attention, he suddenly stops chasing and pulls away? 

Whether you are flirting, dating, or in a long-term relationship, there are good reasons you should start giving a man space to pursue you. 

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Is It Good To Give Guys Space? 

Absolutely! Once a man shows interest, it can be tempting to fall into their arms and never let them chase you again. 

But actually, this might get you the exact opposite result of what you want. Many love lives suffer because of complacency in a relationship. 

Giving someone space will be beneficial for a man, and make him desire you more.

Does Giving a Guy Space Make Him Want You More? 

Giving a man space to pursue you, while also rewarding his efforts with affection, is a balance that must be perfected in successful relationships. 

It’s the crux of many dating tips out there. You may know in your heart that he’s the guy of your dreams, but give him space, let him see your desirability, and he can’t help but want you more.

Here are 31 reasons why you should give man space to pursue you.

1. You Get Space To Decide If He’s Truly The One For You

Not only will it benefit the relationship by giving someone space, you also get to spend time really thinking about if this guy is the one for you. 

A woman is in her element when she’s in the position to choose the best partner for her. Giving someone space will really help you to figure things out. 

Think hard about whether you are truly compatible, in your romance, lifestyles and goals – while he chases you for the commitment.

2. You Can Get Back Into Your Old Hobbies

If you are constantly attached at the hip with your man, it’s likely that you’ve given up some parts of your own life. 

It might be time to give him space, and discover how to have fun on your own, while still respecting the boundaries of your relationship. 

Rediscover old hobbies, or find new ones. Get back in contact with long-lost friends. Make sure that you still have an identity outside of the relationship.

3. You Can Pursue Your Goals And Purpose

Speaking of getting back into your hobbies, it is also beneficial to have your own space to figure out your goals, and purpose. 

Check in with yourself: make sure you’re happy, and that you have things you’re striving toward. 

Stop chasing him and start chasing your dreams. Once he sees the exciting and full life you’re busy enjoying, he’ll want to be a part of it.

4. You Have Space To Figure Out His Intentions

Giving A Man Space To Pursue You
Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

When you’re too close, it can be hard to get a clear view of his interest in you. When you give a man space, use it as an opportunity to see how he behaves, or has behaved with you in the past. 

Think back on anything he has said or done that you would call a dealbreaker. You now have clarity to see his words and behavior objectively.

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5. He’ll Start To See The Competition

When your guy has gone cold, and no longer puts the same effort into you, your best bet is to give him some space. 

Go on other dates that you’re invited to, or just go out and have fun. 

Giving someone space allows you to see your options. More importantly, it allows him to see that you HAVE other options.

6. It Becomes Easier To Notice The Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You

Giving a man space to pursue you will let you know if he is truly interested. You might miss certain things if you’re too available. 

Does he eagerly pursue your attention? Does he respect your time, by asking well in advance for dates? 

He’ll invest into a relationship exactly what he thinks it’s worth, so observe and respond accordingly.

7. When A Man Is Truly Interested In You, There Will Be No Need To Do The Pursuing

A man will chase what he truly wants and values. It doesn’t matter whether he’s shy or outgoing, his personality type, or even his status. 

This is just something that women have to accept. Give a man space, let him pursue, and you can feel safe knowing whether he is truly invested for the long-term or just for the moment.

8. You’ll Find Out What Happens When You Stop Chasing A Man

When you stop chasing, and give a man space, you really will only get one of two outcomes. 

Either you’ll intrigue him and his interest will be renewed, leading to a more fervent chase for your affection. 

Or he’ll turn tail and run away. The first type of man is worth your time. 

As for the second type… You won’t miss a man who refuses to accept the privilege to chase you.

9. You’ll Give A Guy Space To Build Emotional Attraction To You

When you give a man space, you give him the opportunity to miss you. He’ll have the time to imagine how you’ll fit into his world, and whether he wants to continue to chase you or not. 

Giving a man space to pursue you means that you’ll know if he’s genuinely caught feelings for you.

The space lets him grow the necessary emotional attraction that will help him decide whether he wants a relationship with you or not.

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10. Give Him Space And He’ll Come Back

Another situation where it’s important to give him space is when he asks for it. Maybe he has concerns about what the relationship means for his freedom. 

In this case, you’ll lose dignity by begging him to come back. What he expects is that you’ll cry and fret. 

Instead, don’t worry about giving a guy space. Simply rediscover your own fun, and it’s likely that he’ll remember what he missed and come back.

11. Men Are Natural Chasers

When it comes to a relationship, men are the natural chasers. It’s been that way for a very long time. If a man is interested in a woman, he will pursue her. 

Masculine men are turned off when it happens the other way around. This is because it won’t feel natural. Giving him space allows him to step into the role he’s meant to play.

12. You’ll Bring The Spark Back

Sometimes relationships stagnate because you and your man have become too complacent.

You’re not putting effort into being more alluring and enigmatic, and he has stopped putting an effort into wooing you. 

When you notice this happen, it can pay to seek a relationship or family therapist. But sometimes it can be as simple as giving him space. 

Work on becoming a bit more mysterious, and let him go back to putting in the work to chase you.

13. You’ll Keep Him On His Toes

In relationships, men can often get lazy if they think that you’re a guarantee for them. Giving a man space will ensure that he doesn’t take you for granted. 

A long-term partner might appreciate you going just out of his grasp, so he has to pursue you. 

Giving someone space in a relationship isn’t about cheating, but more about getting the spark back, reminding you both of how it was at the beginning of your relationship.

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14. You Can Give Him Space To Grow And Find His Purpose

If you find your man wanting space in the relationship, and he expresses this to you, see it as a small cry for his freedom. 

Just like women, men can also lose their identity in a relationship.

Letting him have his own space to pursue hobbies and meet his old friends, will allow for a much more well-rounded partner.

15. You’ll Be More Attractive To Him

Give A Man Space To Pursue You Attractive
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Women become almost instantly more attractive to men when they seem slightly unattainable. 

When you fall back a bit and allow a man to chase you, your value will be elevated in his eyes, and he’ll be smitten.

The video below expands on why we seem to pine for people that are just out of our reach:  

16. You’ll Keep Your Self-Respect If He Backs Out

One of the benefits of giving a man space to pursue you, is that if he decides to stop chasing you, you can still keep some of your dignity and self-respect. 

If instead, you demanded his time, and chased after him, you would look like a desperate woman. And it would be much harder to forget the blow to your pride.

17. He’ll Put More Effort Into Dates 

Instead of constantly asking what he’s up to, and going over for Netflix and Chill, you can give a man space and let him take the lead. 

He’ll put in more effort to plan dates, to listen when you talk and try to be more desirable to you, if you don’t demand his company as much.

18. You’ll Get The Courage To Walk Away If You Need To

If you find yourself losing interest in the relationship, it could be from boredom. In that case, letting him chase might spice up the relationship. 

Or maybe the space will allow you to consider whether you want to continue to be with your partner.

19. You Won’t Be Swept Away By Your Emotions 

When you’re too close, it’s easier to get swept away in a new romance. You might find yourself breaking your boundaries because you’re too emotionally invested in a man. 

As a woman, giving space to a man ensures that you can see the relationship more clearly. It will still feel romantic as he chases you. But you’ll be less likely to accept mediocre effort.

20. You’ll Keep Him Interested

Give him space to chase you and become elusive, so he’ll keep being interested in you. Especially in the beginning stages of flirting. 

You don’t want to give him the impression that you’ve put your life on hold because of your feelings for him. It’s an immediate turn-off when you do that. 

21. You Can’t Force A Guy To Like You

Many women may think that it’s alright to pursue a man they’re interested in. And it may be okay to give him some heavy hints, but only at the beginning.

Once he’s aware that he might have a chance with you, give a man space to decide whether he wants to chase you or not. 

You cannot make a guy like you, and you definitely won’t turn him on by chasing him.

22. You’ll Increase Your Value To Him

When you spend quality time working on yourself while you’re apart from him, you automatically become more desirable. 

Men like women that have a life outside of them. Invest in your hobbies and social life on a regular basis, and you’ll become more valuable in his eyes. He can’t help himself but chase you.

23. You Won’t Have To Question Or Doubt It Anymore

Dating is not the same as pursuing other goals, especially for women. You might not feel comfortable waiting, but it’s best when you give a guy space to pursue you. 

Then you’ll get one of two outcomes, and any uncertainty about the relationship will disappear. Give him space to pursue you and you won’t have to question whether he’s interested or not.

24. You Get To Work On Becoming A Woman Of Substance

Creating space between the two of you allows you to also create a life that is joyful and fulfilling. 

When you work on yourself and become a woman of substance, you raise your vibrations, and you’ll start to weed out the low-vibrational time wasters in the long run.

You’ll even start to attract men that are just as wonderful and fun-loving as you!

25. You Get To See What Happens When You Stop Chasing A Man

Giving A Man Space To Pursue You True Colors
Photo by Luis Zambrano from Pexels

When you give a man space, you get to see his true character. If he was just playing games, hoping for you to be easy, he won’t rise up to the challenge to pursue you. 

But the true masculine men that want a committed relationship will step up to the plate. Ultimately, you get to figure out his sense of determination. All you have to do is fall back, listen and learn.

26. Your Sense Of Mystery That Will Excite Him

Give a man space, don’t give him too much real estate in your world, and he’ll love the fun and mystery about you. 

A woman that knows how to make a man chase her, is usually great at keeping things mysterious and interesting. 

She lets a man in just enough to keep him intrigued, but also knows when to pull back and create space.

27. You Can Focus On Quality Over Quantity With Your Time Together

Depending on how much space you give a man, you have the opportunity to make the rare quality time you spend together, truly memorable. 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, plus the time apart will make it much easier to find things to talk about when you’re together. 

One date will turn into two dates, and soon he won’t be able to resist you, because your time together with a woman like you is more special than time he could be spending with others.

28. You Have Space To Rethink The Relationship

When you feel that relationship with your long-term partner is close to running its course. After talking for some time, creating space will really help you to figure out what is the issue. 

And if he wants you back, you’ll see a renewed effort in the relationship on his part. And you can figure out whether you should stay together or not.

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29. You Give Him The Gift Of A Challenge

Many women may not think this way, but giving a man space to miss you, and pursue you, could be among the best gifts you could give him. 

Men are naturally attracted to taking up challenges and solving problems, so when you give him space, it may feel wrong to you, but he might be glad that you’re presenting a challenge to him. 

It allows him to step into his masculinity in order to woo you.

30. You’ll Have Things To Talk About When You’re Together

Giving A Man Space To Pursue You Talking
Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

If you’re in a bit of a rut in your relationship, you can make the most of your quality time together by giving your partner space. 

Give each other time apart, and you’ll always have something interesting to share when you’re together.

31. When You’re Not Readily Available, He’ll Jump Hoops To Fit Into Your Schedule

When a woman is self-possessed, has her own life, friends, and pursuits, she attracts high-quality men. 

Work on having a full schedule. Make it so that spending time with you is something men have to pursue wholeheartedly. 


How do you give a man space to chase you?

One of the simplest ways to give a man space to pursue you, is to simply get so busy that he has to put in effort to spend time with you. 

Work on your social life, your fitness journey, and your goals. But also make sure to reward his attention with sweetness and make each moment together memorable.

Will a man pursue you if he wants you?

Yes. No matter how the culture has changed over the years; no matter whether he’s shy or outgoing, introverted or extroverted. 

If a man is interested in you, it’s completely normal for him to chase you. The point is that if a man wants them, women don’t have to question or do all the chasing.

What happens when you go silent on a man? 

Going silent on a man is a common indicator that you are losing interest, and the outcome will differ depending on how much he wants you. 

He might disappear, or he’ll pursue you even harder. Sometimes, he’ll stay around, but become very passive-aggressive. Try the “silent treatment” on a man at your own risk.


In this article, we covered 31 reasons why you should be giving a man space to pursue you, whether you are flirting or in a relationship. 

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