How To Get A Cancer Man Back After A Breakup (2024)

If you want to know how to get a Cancer man back after a breakup, be warned it may not be easy.

Cancer men are sensitive, romantic, and easily hurt.

To get him back, you’ll have to regain his trust.

In this guide, I’ll share with you the exact steps to take to have a chance of winning him back.

Let’s get started.

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How Does a Cancer Man Feel After a Breakup?

Cancer men (and women) are deeply sensitive and highly emotional beings. 

This means that they are likely to retreat into their crab shell after a breakup to nurse their broken hearts.

It won’t be easy to tempt him back out, and you will have to regain his trust before he does, otherwise, you will lose him for good.

If he was the one who broke up with you, he will have his reasons for it. Cancer men don’t leave a relationship easily, since they love stable, committed relationships.

If you did something that hurt him, he won’t easily forgive and forget. 

There may be a chance of you getting back together with him, but be prepared to give him time and put in a lot of work.


If you broke up with him but now regret it, it’s pretty much the same story. You broke his heart, and that makes it difficult to get him back.

But don’t despair. It’s not impossible. Read to the end of this post to discover the five steps that could help you win your Cancer man back.

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How Does a Cancer Man Deal With Breakups?

Your Cancer man is going to need a lot of space after you break up, especially if you want to have a chance of getting back together with him.

This may seem counterintuitive, but hear me out.

No matter what happened between you two, you can be sure Cancer man is hiding in his shell licking his wounds — and will be for a long time.

As a water sign, your Cancer man is super sensitive and is guided by his feelings.

And when those feelings are hurt, he withdraws into his protective shell, just like the crab that symbolizes his sign.

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What to Do if Your Cancer Man Wants to Be Friends After a Breakup

Because of his sensitive nature, it’s rare for a Cancer man to want to stay friends after a breakup.

If you broke up with him, he will steer well clear of you while he takes time to heal. And it could be a long time.

Since their preference is for stable, committed relationships, Cancer men rarely break up with a partner — unless they do something wrong.

Either way, the result is the same — the Cancer man retreats into his shell.

So if your Cancer ex still wants to be friends, take this as a good sign!

If he still wants you around, it means you are still important to him — and there’s still a chance you may get back together.

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How to Make a Cancer Man Miss You

The best way to make your Cancer man miss you is to give him space. 

If he’s still fuming from the breakup, resist the temptation to text him constantly. This will make you seem clingy and desperate, which will drive him further away from you.

However, don’t give him so much space that he thinks you’ve lost interest.

Let him initiate contact with you and, when he does, don’t play games like waiting two days before replying to his text.

Instead, always keep your interactions positive and lighthearted. If the past comes up, accept your part of the responsibility without dwelling on it.

Remind him of the good times you had together to appeal to his sentimental side, then leave him with that thought. 

It might just be enough to make him miss you.

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How to Make a Cancer Man Chase You

Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means that, like Aries, Libra, and Capricorn men, they love to chase after their love interests.

However, because of Cancer’s sensitive nature and reluctance to trust, it’s difficult to make him go back.

He’s much more likely to look for someone new, once he’s finally ready to move on.

The best way to make him chase you would be to try and show him you’ve changed.

Keep in mind the things that made the relationship go sour, and make sure you avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Show him that you’ve learned from them and are ready to change — not through your words, but through your actions.

He needs you to prove you’re serious about changing if he’s going to trust you again.

But only take this step if your intentions are sincere. 

If you hurt him again, he will never forget — and you will ruin any chance you may have to win back his heart.

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How Do I Get my Cancer Man’s Heart Back?

Trying to get a Cancer man back should come with a few warnings.

The following steps are the best way to win back a Cancer man.

That said, there are no guarantees with a Cancer man, and you will have to tread carefully since one wrong move could send him running for good.

Getting your Cancer man back will require a lot of time and patience. 

You will have to play your cards right, striking a balance between giving him space to miss you and maintaining positive, lighthearted contact.

You will also have to learn to read his moods. If you say the wrong thing when he is in a bad mood, you could blow it.

Plus, what worked before may not work now. Approach him as if it were a new relationship rather than trying to pick up where you left off.

And remember — once a Cancer man decides to move on from you, his decision is final. There’s very little you can do once he’s made up his mind. 

Therefore, these steps will only work if your Cancer ex is still open to getting back together with you.

With all that said, if you’re ready to get your Cancer man back, follow these five steps.

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How to Get a Cancer Man Back in 5 Steps

Take Responsibility

The first step to getting your Cancer man back is to acknowledge your role in where things went wrong between you.

Because he’s guided by his feelings, he needs to feel you’re able to reflect on your side of the relationship and do what you need to do to make things better.

If you succeed in winning him back, he will acknowledge his responsibility, too, but don’t push him to do so from the beginning.

He will need to know he can trust you not to hurt him again, and that starts by showing him that you know what you did wrong in the first place.

Focus on Friendship

If you’re serious about winning your Cancer man back, your first goal should be to reestablish your friendship with him.

It’s important to do this without any expectations about it turning into a relationship. If he senses you trying to manipulate him, it will undermine his trust in you and drive him further away.

The best approach to this friendship is to play it cool — but not too cool. Playing hard to get will make him think you’ve lost interest, so the key here is to strike a balance.

Keep contact minimal, but use it to make him miss you by following the next step.

Remind Him of the Good Times

If your Cancer ex is on speaking terms with you, that’s a good sign.

Now it’s time to appeal to his sentimental side by reminding him of the good times you had together.

Share a meme about an inside joke, tell him about a fond memory you have with him, or send him an old photo you found.

This will make him feel nostalgic about your relationship, which will help to make him miss you.

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Show Him Your Potential

Cancer men are known for their preference for long-term, committed relationships. Even when they’re not actively looking for “the one,” they are usually still open to it.

This means, if you want to get him back, you need to show him that you’re perfect wife (or husband) material.


Some of the characteristics that Cancer men value in a partner include:

If you think you may be lacking in any of these areas, you’ll want to show him that you’re doing the work to change.

This brings me to the final step.

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Show Him You’ve Changed

If your Cancer man broke up with you, it means you hurt him badly. Not wanting to get hurt again, he will want to protect himself from you.

If you want to win him back, you’ll have to show him you’ve changed. 

Cancer man is highly sensitive and is not easily fooled — don’t try to pretend you’ve changed if you haven’t, because he will see straight through you.

The only way to win him back is to truly change — and prove it. 

This can be a long and arduous process since you will have to give your Cancer man the time and space he needs and let him take the lead.

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So, now you know what it takes to get a Cancer man back after a breakup.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my guide. Share this piece with a friend to help them too!

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