31 Clear Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman (2024)

You’re about to discover the clear signs a younger man likes an older woman. 

In my role as a life coach, I’m often exploring the importance of sub-communications and how they portray what we really want. Indeed, this is often important to know during a romantic courtship, as both parties are prone to not admitting their true feelings, at least initially.

We’ll also explore some frequently asked questions related to the dynamics of relationships between older women and younger men, including why men tend to fall for older women and whether these relationships tend to work out. 

So, let’s dive in. 

Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman
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What Attracts A Younger Man To An Older Woman?

You may have heard that younger guys tend to prefer the youthful good looks of younger women. 

However, there is a subset of men who prefer older women.

When men fall for older women, they’re attracted to an older woman’s confidence, maturity and the fact they know what they want from life. If you ask these men why they don’t want to date younger women, they’ll usually mention their immaturity. 

Some younger men like the idea of an older woman with more life experience, being able to mother and take care of them. 

It can also be a turn-on if an older woman doesn’t want to have more kids or get married, because she’s already been there, done that. Now, she just wants to spend time with a cool guy and have fun without worrying about the future.  

For a lot of guys, that’s a welcome change of pace from dating younger women, who are often pressuring them into popping the question or putting a baby in their tummy.  

Can A Younger Man Be Happy With An Older Woman? 

Yes, of course!

If he’s the type of guy who is attracted to what an older woman brings to the table, there’s no reason why he can’t be happy in this type of relationship, even if he is many years younger.   

Perhaps people will point to the age gap being even more prominent as he gets several years older. They might suggest that an older woman’s looks are going to fade even more dramatically, while he’s still relatively fresh-faced.   

But if a younger man likes an older woman already, her appearance clearly isn’t the most important thing to him. So, why would that change when he’s no longer an especially young guy?  

How Do You Know If A Younger Man Is Interested In You? 

When a younger man is attracted to an older woman, he might not be as direct in pursuing her as he would be for a younger woman.

Perhaps he would feel less sure of how to woo an older woman? Maybe he first wants to see signs that she likes him. After all, it is often assumed by younger men that older women must surely be married or in a relationship. And that, if they were single, they’d surely prefer someone of their own age. 

It could also be that he’s embarrassed to make a move on older women with a significantly greater age. Women and men can often be hesitant to reveal they’re attracted to anything other than society’s ideal. That includes anyone with a significant age difference to them. 

So, as an older woman, it’s important to look for the signs that a younger man is interested in you. Perhaps you may even take the initiative and act on these signs.  

There are 31 of these signs listed below. 

1. His Eyes Dilate When He Sees You 

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, because they often reveal the true feelings of a person. If a guy is interested in you romantically, you should be able to spot his pupils dilate when he sees you. It’s a true fact, regardless of age or gender. 

2. He Playfully Flirts With You 

Teasing, playful touching, compliments, prolonged eye contact, mirroring your body language. This all counts as flirting, so you should watch out for these signs when you’re evaluating whether a younger man likes you. 

3. He Asks For Your Contact Details 

When a man asks for your phone number or social media details, that’s a clear indicator that he would like to spend time with you again in the future. If a younger man is shy, he might hide his intentions for swapping contact details, but in most cases you could assume, it’s so he can arrange a date in the future.

4. He Contacts You Often

Once he’s got your contact details, you could gauge his attraction by how often he contacts you. Men are not frequently texting and calling older women that they have no interest in dating. He has his friends if he wants mindless chit-chat. So, if he’s texting frequently, you can expect to be asked on a date soon.   

5. He Touches You A Lot

Frequent touching is perhaps the most obvious indicator of attraction. A man doesn’t do this with his friends, especially in more erogenous parts of the body. He only does it with older women he’s interested in dating. 

6. He Always Shows Up When Invited Somewhere

If you invite him somewhere and he’s always showing up, that’s a clear sign that you’re a priority to him and he wants to get to know you on a deeper level. This is especially true if he seems to have a packed schedule and lots of friends, which most younger guys tend to have.  

7. He Gives Thoughtful Compliments

It’s easy to assume he’s just being friendly if he compliments your appearance, but the truth is: most younger men aren’t complimenting their friends this way. It only tends to be something that men do to show they’re interested in a date, especially when they’re at a younger age. 

8. He Wants To Know All About You

If he’s asking questions about your past, your family, your work and all these other seemingly trivial things, that’s another sign of attraction. Most younger men aren’t showing so much interest if they just want to be friends. 

9. He Is Interested In Your Hobbies

When a man is interested in a woman’s hobbies, this can be another indicator he wants you as more than a friend. This is especially true when a younger guy asks an older woman about what they do for fun, as they are likely to have extremely different hobbies. 

10. He Swots Up On Your Interests

If a younger guy goes one step further, and begins to research about the things you’re interested in, that’s an even bigger sign he wants a romantic connection. He’s going the extra mile to have interesting conversations you’ll enjoy.  

11. He Listens Intently When You Speak

Most younger men are terrible listeners. In fact, younger generations in general tend to have horrible attention spans. So, if he’s taking the time to really listen to you, that’s another indicator he’s interested in dating you. 

12. He Gazes At You In A Special Way 

As already mentioned, the truth is hidden in his eyes. If you catch him staring at you longingly, that’s a clear tell that he’s perhaps daydreaming of you as a partner. Watch out for the way he makes eye contact with you too. Deep eye-gazing is nearly always an indicator of romantic feelings.  

13. He Asks Her To Meet Your Family

This is a weird thing for a younger guy to want, unless they desire a romantic relationship. Even younger men who just want a casual relationship will most likely opt out of meeting anyone you’re related to, whether that’s brothers, sisters, parents or children.  

14. He Makes An Effort To Bond With Your Children 

If a young man does meet your children and makes an effort to bond with them, that’s a huge indicator that he’s trying to prove himself as a great boyfriend. 

15. He Asks Your Opinion

Another indicator that he values who you are as a person and respects your intelligence. If a young man is asking your opinion on romantic topics, he’s likely screening whether you’re a suitable partner for him. 

16. He Defers To You

If someone asks him a question and he defers to you, that shows he really values your opinion. In many contexts, it’s only really couples that do this. 

17. He Ditches His Friends To Hang Out With You

For younger men in particular, it’s a huge indicator of commitment for him to ditch his friends and hang out with you. Don’t underestimate the importance of when younger guys do this, especially if he’s bailing on someone he considers a best friend.  

18. He Changes His Personality In Your Presence

If he’s altering his personality to behave more like a man you’d consider dating, that’s an obvious hint he likes you. It might not be a huge turn-on when a person does this, but it is a clear sign that someone is attracted.  

19. He Seems To Be Especially Shy Around You

Another behavioral trait that’s not necessarily too attractive, but a surefire sign that a younger man likes you. We become shy around the person we’re attracted to, because we’re afraid of messing up and acting like a fool around them. 

20. He Shows Off

He wants to impress you, so he turns his personality up to 100 when you’re around. This is the completely opposite of the previous point, and something a more extroverted young man might do.   

21. He Does What He Can To Befriend Your Friends

Similarly to meeting her family, there is little reason for young men to want to befriend an older woman’s friends. When younger men fall in love, they will do it anyway, because they want your friends to approve of your relationship.  

22. He Tries To Get Private Time With You  

Let’s say you meet him in a group environment. If he’s attracted to you, he’ll probably find a way to isolate you from the group, perhaps by inviting you to the bar or outside for a smoke. A friend is more likely to be happy to hang out with the whole group.  

23. He Is Protective

It is the natural instinct of a man – regardless of any age gap – to protect the women he really cares about. 

24. He Tries To Act More Mature 

Another way of proving to you that he’d be a good candidate for a relationship. 

25. He Makes A Lot Of Jokes

Younger men know that women appreciate a good sense of humor. So, if he’s making an effort to crack lots of jokes, he’s most likely trying to impress you.  

26. He Wants To Show You Off

If he wants to introduce you to his friends or post photos with you on social media, consider it a compliment. It’s rare for men to do this with older women they want to date. 

27. He Tries To Hide His Weaknesses

In the early stages of courtship, younger men will do their best to hide their weaknesses from the women they have a crush on. If someone else mentions them around you, he may become self-conscious. We want to present our best selves around our crush, after all.   

28. He Won’t Mention His Girlfriend, If He Has One

If he has another woman in his life but is still attracted to you, it may become noticeable that he doesn’t ever mention her in your presence.  

29. He Tells His Friends All About You

Sure, a younger man might boast about his casual conquests with young women, if they were incredibly attractive. But – with all respect – there’s no reason for them to mention older women, unless they were hoping to get into a relationship with you. 

30. He’s Affectionate

Whether it’s buying you gifts, taking you somewhere special or giving you a big hug, affectionate behavior is a clear indicator that a man is attracted to a woman. While a man might treat his younger female friends like this, it’s rare for him to be doing it with older women, unless you want something more romantic from her.  

31. He Asks You Out On A Date

If he calls it a ‘date’, there’s no shadow of doubt remaining. He likes you. Men of a younger age tend to call it ‘hanging out’, but there’s no reason to doubt his intentions. If he wants to hang out one-on-one, you can assume he wants you in his life as more than a friend.  

Signs An Older Woman Wants You

If you’re a younger guy wondering whether an older woman is attracted to him, there’s some good news.

An older woman will usually display the same behavioural clues as the ones listed above to show her interest in a younger guy. 

In fact, you can consider these universal indicators of attraction between women and men of any age. 

Disadvantages Of An Older Woman Marrying A Younger Man

An older woman may be excited about the energy and enthusiasm that a younger man brings into her life. But that’s not to say there aren’t pitfalls associated with marrying young men.

The most obvious of the reasons why younger men don’t make great husbands is their maturity levels. 

Most mature women are looking for a man who can be their leader. The type of guy who is strong, decisive and intelligent at all times. The thing is: it can sometimes take time for a man to develop these qualities. Older men with more life experience are more likely to have matured enough to take on this leadership role well in a relationship 

Another potential pitfall of marrying a younger man is that he might change as he grows older. Most younger men and women are still discovering who they are and what they want in their twenties.

If you marry a 20-year-old man, you’re likely to have a very different husband in ten years. This guy might have completely changed his life goals in that time span. These new goals may or may not include an older spouse. And of course, there’s every chance his new view of the world may prove less attractive to you too.

This is something to bear in mind, even if you’re a young woman hoping to marry a young man. There’s no rush to tie the knot, seeing as you’re planning for the relationship to last forever anyway. Often, it’s better to see if your life goals still align as you both approach your 30s and beyond. 

Any More Questions About The Relationships Between Older Women And Younger Men?

I hope you enjoyed my list of signs that a younger man likes an older woman.

Older woman/younger man relationships can work well when both have a similar view of life and the world. 

If you have any questions related to older women/younger men relationships, ask them in the comments below. 

Whether you’re an older woman or younger male reader, I’d be interested to hear any queries you have about age-gap relationships.

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