11 Insights – How Does A Pisces man Test You (2022)

Pisceans are known as the most sensitive sun sign. He will test you though at the beginning of the relationship. He just wants to realize whether you’re his soulmate or not.

So read on for 11 insights on how does a Pisces man test you, so he can be sure whether you’re his soulmate or not.

Let’s dive right into it.

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How Does A Pisces Man Test You
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1. He Pulls Away

How does a Pisces man test you? At the beginning of a relationship you may notice he’s pulling away. Most women might have an immediate reaction to ask him a lot of questions or send him tons of texts, thinking he’s lost interest.

Doing this will only suffocate him, and that will make him pull even further away. Remember he’s testing you to see how you’ll respond in different situations. 

Show understanding when you notice that he’s pulling away. Send him a text saying you’re there for him and that you’ll wait until he feels ready to talk.

2. Ignoring Your Calls And Texts

In the early stages, he’ll probably ignore that text message, along with all the others you decide to send him. He wants to see how you’ll react in a situation like this.

He wants to see if you’re an understanding, patient, and considerate partner or if you’ll be stubborn and persistent – an emotionally immature woman.

Tell him you’ll be there when he decides to talk and leave him alone for some time. He’ll see that you’re compassionate and full of understanding and he’ll want to reach out faster.

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3. Shuts Down

Many Pisces males have a problem with opening up to the woman they’re dating. Two zodiac signs understand this – Virgo woman or an Aquarius lady – you also have a hard time opening up.

If your guy shuts down to the point that it becomes impossible to communicate with him, it probably isn’t because you did something wrong. It’s again, because he wants to see how you’ll react at that moment.

Still, don’t be pushy. Smothering him definitely won’t make him open up to you any faster.

4. The Silent Treatment

Pisces guys like and appreciate personal space in a romantic relationship. That’s why they want young ladies as considerate partners who won’t intrude on their personal space and will understand their needs. The silent treatment is a test for this.

With this distant behavior he just wants to know if you will give him some alone time in moments like those or if you’ll pressure him to talk with you. So, go silent and leave him to reach out when he feels ready to do so.

5. Spending More Time With His Buddies

We all know how important good friends are, but we also know our priorities.

If your guy suddenly starts spending way too much time with his friends than with you in the early stages, it’s because he wants to see if it’ll bother you and how you’ll react to it in a romantic relationship.

Hanging out with friends occasionally is normal and fine, but prioritizing them over you every time isn’t. Be direct about this and tell him how much it bothers you.

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6. He Pushes Your Buttons

He could try to get you in some very uncomfortable situations just to provoke a reaction from you. Don’t give him that pleasure.

Stay calm and prove to him that you don’t get angry so easily. Although it can be very annoying sometimes, especially for an Aries woman, try to show empathy and solve things in a calm manner. 

Surround yourself with positive vibes and positive thinking in those situations. Don’t allow him to get into your head.

7. Playing Hot And Cold

The most frustrating test could be mixed signals to make you feel confused and question your own sanity.

One day, he’ll act like the perfect boyfriend, showering you with affection and attention. Next day, he’ll be so cold and distant and you’ll think he has a split personality.

Even with this emotional rollercoaster, don’t allow his hot and cold ‘mood swings’ to discourage you or make you give up on your Piscean guy.

Keep in mind this is only temporary, and soon, he’ll be sure of your feelings for him and he’ll stop playing these games.

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8. Cancelling Plans

He may even cancel them at the last minute just as you’re about to leave and meet him. Again, it’s all about your reaction.

He’ll stop doing it when he realizes that he doesn’t get any reaction from you. These awkward circumstances take patience and many nights calming yourself down.

9. Testing Your Boundaries

Set clear boundaries at the beginning of your relationship with a Pisces male, so he’ll know what you are and aren’t okay with.

He’ll test your boundaries though, to see how much you can tolerate and if there are things he can get away with in your relationship.

He wants to know whether you’ll stick to your words or if you’ll allow him to disrespect you by violating your boundaries.

Once you’ve set them, stick by them no matter what, and you also must respect your partner’s boundaries. It’s necessary for a healthy relationship.

10. Questions Your Loyalty

We all question our partner’s loyalty at the beginning of a relationship. We still don’t know each other well and it’s perfectly normal to question each other. 

However, this problem shouldn’t continue throughout the relationship. Once trust is built between you and your partner, these kinds of tests and questioning are over. 

11. He Won’t Reach Out First

Pisces men are fully aware of his overly emotional nature, and that’s why he won’t reach out after a quarrel. He’ll leave that part to you.

This can also be some kind of test because he wants to check whether you’re emotionally stable and whether you’ll be able to solve the conflict without making unnecessary drama about it. Remember #1, 2 and 3 in this case.

The bottom line is these aren’t some awful mind games because Pisces women and men hate those the most. This is just how he wants to realize whether you’re his soulmate or not.

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How Do You Know If A Pisces Man Is Serious About You?

This sensitive sun sign who is drawn to you or is in love with you would display many clear signals, some of which are listed below.

1. Hard To Hide His Feelings

Pisces men are not great at hiding their feelings, especially when it’s the intense feeling of love. He will try to spend more time around you and drop hints now and then, letting you know he is into you.

2. Showcasing His Artistic Side

Pisces keep their creative side to themselves and only show it to people who they trust and feel comfortable around.

If he shows you his painting or maybe his skills at the piano, you can consider it as a good sign he welcomes you into his private world.

Does A Pisces Man Test You
Photo by melissa mjoen on Unsplash

3. He Listens

Pisces are good communicators and listeners. If you notice him listening even to your mundane ramblings with the utmost attention and patience, it indicates that he has a thing for you.

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4. He Values Your Opinions

He often seeks your advice and opinions on important decisions. Even though he’s pretty sure about his choices, approval from you gives him further reinforcement and happiness.

5. A Spiritual Bond

This zodiac sign takes relationships very seriously and craves to connect with their partners at a deeper, spiritual level. He’s interested to know about your beliefs and thoughts and lets you know his belief system as well.

6. Share His Dreams

When a Pisces is into you, he considers you someone close to his heart, someone he can confide in. The creative Pisces often have many plans or goals, which they usually don’t reveal to many. If he lets you know of these, it is a clear sign he trusts you.

7. A More Intimate Setting

These men generally look for intimacy and closeness from their partner. So instead of a night of clubbing or partying with others, he’d prefer a cozy night, watching a movie with you or visiting a nice restaurant for dinner.

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What Does A Pisces Man Want To Hear?

He’ll read your whole being — body language, eyes, utterances – and see what you’re about and these are he wants to hear from you:

1. Meet In A Secret Place

A Pisces male has a subtle and complex nature that can be drowned out in loud places. This is why he’ll want to hear you suggest a mellow, “undiscovered” place to get to know him.

Places with a watery atmosphere or whimsical themes or with an Eastern flair – like a Tibetan restaurant – are up his alley.

2. You “Get” Him

He’ll want to hear you understand he’s often pulled in many directions. Water signs are self-protective, and his defense could be to hide for a while since solitude restores his balance.

He wants to be with someone who won’t take advantage of his emotional sensitivity. He struggles to believe in his capabilities, and shines when he’s got someone solidly in his corner.

3. Sharing Dreams

The Piscean has an active imagination. He wants to know you are someone to share his dreams and imaginings with.

He’s his best with someone that encourages him to find expression for all he holds within.

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What Do Pisces Do When They Like Someone?

Understanding a Pisces most times could be a challenge because they live in two different worlds. The imaginary world where they just fantasize about you only in their head, and in the real world where they can’t summon up the courage to express their love for you. 

Knowing these signs will help when a Pisces likes you.

1. Your Opinion

If he is honestly interested in your opinion and what you think, it’s a sign that he likes you. When he pays rapt attention to issues concerning you, then you’re not just anyone to him. 

2. Comfortable 

A Pisces can be inquisitive and also funny when comfortable with you, and it shows in how much feedback they are eager to receive.

3. Trust

When he tells you things about himself he doesn’t tell other people, he definitely feels something for you.

A Pisces is quite intuitive, but he can also get carried away because of his need to be loved and accepted. So, try not to betray his trust in any way, it would really hurt him.

4. He Stares At You

This man will spend most of his waking hours thinking about you. You will always be in his mind and he’ll imagine what it will be like when he finally has you to himself.

So, he won’t stop staring at you every time he gets the chance to, he’s probably trying to memorize every detail. 

5. Shows Interest In You

When he knows every little detail about you; your schedule, your work, your passion, your birthday, and even your best days, then it’s one of the signs that he’s interested in you.

He’ll understand your body language and gestures. He can stay in a conversation for hours and he’ll pay attention to you when you speak. He’ll also offer a sincere shoulder to cry on.

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How Do You Know When A Pisces Man Is Lying?

You may want to look at his actions to find out if he’s lying. This would be his grins and smirks or facial expressions in general.

Never assume that he ‘just wouldn’t’ cheat because of what he has said in the past or even what he says now.

This man can be very thrilled by playing games with a childish chase and the dance of you trying to catch him and keep him, so don’t give him too much pleasure in this area if you do suspect him of being a cheat – just move on!

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What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off

If this guy ignores you, there may be a reason or problem going on that you don’t yet know about. 

Here are some things you can consider before approaching him about it.

1. Examine Yourself

Have you forgotten to return phone calls or emails? Did you miss a message on social media?

Maybe the problems don’t stem from your man, but rather, you have been ignoring him. This may not have been intentional, yet if it’s happened, it’s time to fix that issue.

2. Determine If He’s Been Busy

Maybe what you perceived to be “acting distant” was really him just “being busy.” Has his career or education been hectic lately? Did he just enroll in a new semester?

Maybe he hasn’t had a chance to tell you how crazy his schedule is now that things have changed in his life. Perhaps, the two of you just need to talk things out.

3. Find Out If You’ve Offended Him

Since most Pisces men can be extremely emotional, they may have been hurt by something you did or said. It’s important you try to figure out what went wrong and apologize to your man if it’s warranted.

Think hard before you apologize so that you are being sincere with your words. You don’t need to fake it with him. Be honest!

4. Find Your Spiritual Soulful Side

Get in touch with your softer side that shows him you have things in common. He may not feel connected to you right now.

Listen closely when he talks about what he enjoys doing and how he likes to spend his time. Approach him from that perspective.

5. Give Him Space

He’ll enjoy having his own space and if he requires that so he can clear his mind and sort through his feelings, then let him have that.

Just reassure him you’ll be there when he comes out of hiding.

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What Does A Pisces Man Look For In A Woman?

This man looks for someone who values empathy and compassion and his own creative ways.

His Sun’s planetary ruler is Neptune, the orb of fantasy, high romance, and escapism. In love, he gravitates to the otherworldly. He wants love to save him from the crass, materialistic world. 

This guy tunes into waves, thoughts, and physical moves. He will read you, body and soul.

He’s intrigued by someone with a special way of seeing the world: an artist and dreamer like him. He’s looking for a friend who will respect his ever-changing rhythms and need for solitude. 

What Happens When You Ignore A Pisces Man?

If you choose to play the game of ignoring your crush so he’ll chase you, realize it could go either way. These are the main reactions you could see from a Pisces guy who is being ignored.

1. Chases You

Perhaps one of the best reactions would be for him to chase you more. This can happen as there is much truth in the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.  

Ignoring him is a great way sometimes of therefore alerting him to when their behavior has fallen short of the mark. 

2. Distancing Himself From You

His sensitive nature can mean the tactic totally backfires.

It can, therefore, have the result that as opposed to chasing you and trying to better his actions in the future, he simply puts more distance between the two of you instead.

However, sometimes, you may feel like you have no other choice but to ignore your partner as their actions have given you no alternative. 

Pisces Man
Photo by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash

3. Mood Swings

Your man could become incredibly moody. This can be hurtful and infuriating when you’re the one ignoring him in response to some poor decision on his part.

Of the zodiac signs, a Pisces man may well be moody, but he does not want someone in his life that makes his moods even worse. 

4. Apologize

He’ll immediately realize he’s done something wrong. He’ll try to apologize right away and to win you over.

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Signs A Pisces Man Is Serious About You

A Pisces man is easy to read. Their emotional demeanor and straightforwardness make it easy to plan a long and honest relationship with them.

1. Delighted To Help

Pisceans take pride in being helpful to others. If they get a chance to assist the one they have feelings for, they will jump at the opportunity without a second thought.

They also love it when you involve them in even mundane activities with you.

2. Friends And Family

This man would want you to be a part of his life. If he introduces you to people from his close circle, it’s a clear sign that he is considering you for a long-term relationship.

3. Gifts And Surprises

These men take joy in your happiness. When your face lights up to a present he gives you, it brings him more joy and satisfaction than what he shows on the exterior.

4. Witty And Original

Spending time with a Pisces man is a joyous experience as they are creative and original. Once he gets comfortable with you, he will bowl you over with his conversations, and you don’t have to worry about getting bored on a date.

5. Favourite Books Or Music

Piscean men keep abreast of good music, books, arts, etc. He’ll share these discoveries with you with childlike excitement. If you, too, show interest, your happiness will know no bounds.

6. Wants To Spend More Time With You

Making things easy for you, the Pisces man himself would suggest ways to spend more time together. You would also find him very approachable in this regard.

7. Always There For You

As a partner or a friend, he will always have your back and support you in your tough times. He wouldn’t make a plan only to pull a disappearing act later to meet others. He values you and gives you the utmost respect.

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Let A Pisces Man Chase You

There are several ways you can intrigue and capture this man’s interest. The key to keeping him interested is not to be fully caught in his net until you’re sure he’s ready to commit.

Something you must do is always be honest since he will intuitively know if you’re trying to manipulate him.

1. Flirt

A Pisces man is romantic and enjoys flirting. Keep it light and fun so he’ll be intrigued. Make a few suggestive comments that can be taken a couple of ways. This will capture his imagination and he’ll want to know more about you.

2. Show Him Your Gentle Side

Your Pisces guy is a gentle soul even if he appears to be a bad boy or has a gruff exterior. 

He wants to see inside what kind of heart you have. If you’re a kindred spirit with a gentle soul, let him see it in how you treat others and move through the world.

3. Appeal To His Romantic Side

He’s an insatiable romantic, so dress in your most romantic attire when going out.

This is especially true if he hasn’t asked you out yet, but you know he’ll be at an event, a restaurant, a party, or other activity. He’ll surely notice you and be captivated. 

4. Impress Him With Your Community Work

Male Pisces care deeply for the welfare of others. If you’re involved in your community, casually mention a story about something amusing or touch on one of your projects.

5. Share Your Interests In Esoteric Subjects

If you’re interested in the unique and unusual things in life, tell your Pisces guy. He’ll be captivated and want to discuss further with you.

This is an area of great interest to him and you may be surprised how much he knows about different far out there topics.

6. Share Your Ideas About Spirituality

A Pisces guy has a very spiritual nature. He’s always on a quest to find answers to his endless questions about life and the afterlife.

Share your ideas about spirituality and some of your experiences. He’s a great listener, especially if you’ve had some truly personal spiritual experiences.

Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You

This man isn’t your obvious, go-to player type. He believes in true love and finding his soulmate, and he wants to find her badly. This, however, means he has no trouble dating around to find his perfect match.

The good thing is when he commits, he really commits. Until the two of you have the conversation about taking things to the next step, he feels like he’s allowed to keep his options open.

These signs will show how does a Pisces man test you. 

1. Play Mind Games

He’ll ask questions that seem “out there” or he may say one thing yet do another to see how you respond. This is how a Pisces man tests to see how far he can push things with you, and he gets a rise out of how you respond.

They know how to play with people’s heartstrings and this gives your Pisces guy a lot of power because he knows how to control people based on their emotions.

2. Illusive Answers

If he tends to leave out details he’s either feeling he doesn’t have to answer to you or he knows he’s being dishonest.

Pisces men can tell white lies and omit information like no one’s business. They do this especially when they’re seeing someone that they’re not that serious about.

3. Very Convincing

Most men of this sun sign have a way with words that can convince anyone of anything. 

Use the Scorpio tactic of looking him in the eye. If he isn’t being honest; he won’t be able to keep his gaze on your eyes; he’ll look away and fumble his words.

Check his body language, if he shifts uncomfortably or becomes a little jittery then you know he’s probably not being forthcoming or truthful in whatever it is that he’s telling you.

How Does A Pisces Man Apologize?

A Pisces man apologizes in a number of ways. Even when he stumbles on his words, he’ll be quick to apologize when he’s wronged you.

1. Saying He’s Sorry

He will apologize and at the same time make amends for hurting you. A Pisces man will start by coming out and saying he’s sorry.

He has virtually no ego to preserve. When a Pisces man is wrong, he has no problem admitting it.

2. Say It Creatively

When he truly is remorseful, he’ll show you through his actions. He’ll do something romantic like writing a poem for you, dedicating a song to you or painting your portrait.

This water sign will put his feelings into words creatively because he doesn’t always express himself as well in direct and logical ways.

3. Give A Gift

He’ll give a gift to show he cares and is sorry.

They’re very romantic, so when he wants to show you he’s sorry and you’re still his ideal love he’ll find a gift associated with love and romance to renew the spark between you.

4. Pleasing You

He’ll spend a prolonged period of time expressing his remorse and showing you he cares about you and put as much effort into pleasing you.

Pisces males can be over accommodating when they want to show they care or are sorry.

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Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon

Sleeping with this sign too early rarely results in regret. Of all the zodiac signs these guys are not demanding. If he knows you don’t share his sexual interests, he’ll happily respond to your needs and fantasies.

He might even surprise you if you show him that you have an open mind and aren’t going to embarrass or criticize him. He’ll reveal his most private fantasies, some of which might be rather unusual.

He loves to test the limits and being intimate is one thing that he tries to push past all limitations. Sex and spirituality are frequently linked for this guy. He needs to feel free to communicate his innermost desires without fear of being judged.

Wishing you all the luck in your relationship 💜 with a Pisces. Now that you know how does a Pisces man test you, share this ✅ with 3 other friends so they’ll know too.