31 Clear Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You (2022)

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Your guy friend has been acting weird lately. He’s been sending mixed signals as if he wishes you were more than just friends. But again, you’re not sure.

To be sure he’s into you, look out for the following tell-tale signs our male friend has feelings for you. If he shows some of these signs, he’s probably falling in love with you.

Let’s dive right into it.

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

1. He Has Become Cautious Around You

When someone likes you, they’ll only want to bring positive feelings to you. For this reason, your male friend may strive to please you at all times hence becoming extra cautious about anything that might upset you.

You might notice he doesn’t express his rather silly self anymore. Or he appears neat all the time he’s meeting you. All of a sudden, this guy friend has become shy. This is a big sign he has feelings for you. But before you conclude, check if he has the following signs too.

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2. He Avoids Talking About Other Women

Although you’re great friends and talk about everything, it’s like his love life is off-limits. Coming to think of it, he never really talks about other women.

If he is into you, your male friend would obviously avoid even complimenting other women in your presence so you don’t think he’s taken. He’ll focus on making you feel like you’re the only girl in his world.

3. His Friends Never Hit on You

When you’re in a guys’ friend zone, his friends can hit on you freely. But if no one ever asked you out, it’s probably because they know he likes you.

Even if he hasn’t told his friends, they might have picked up the fact that he has feelings for you and wouldn’t want to wrong him by asking you out.

4. He Makes Jokes About You Two As a Couple

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

“If I was your boyfriend for a week, I’d treat you like the queen you deserve. Haha, I’m just kidding! You’re my friend.”

While he might make jokes about dating you and even laugh sarcastically at them, it is very likely he wants to move beyond the friend zone.

He probably wants to know how you’d take it and that’s one of the signs he has feelings for you.

5. He’s Calling You Pretty Pet Names

A pet names study on 1000 adults revealed that these dear terms to refer to someone we like increase bonding and creates meaning that connects one to how they were loved as kids. 

Therefore, when your guy starts to use a pet name for you, he probably associates it with a new love he feels for you — a love that bonds you beyond the friend zone.

So if he used to call you “bro” or any other friendly name but shifted to sweet girlfriend-style names like “boo”, “babe”, “pretty”, “beautiful” and “love,” he probably likes you more than a friend.

6. You Are the First He Tells His Good News

Photo by Suzana Sousa on Unsplash

Think about it, does he share his excitement with you first before telling other people. Is he now more comfortable with telling you his good news even more than his other confidants?

When a guy sees you as more than a friend, he would want to share his life with you — especially the best parts. Your approval means much to him and therefore, you’ll be the first he expresses his joy too.

7. He Avoids Talking About Men Interested in You

While he would probably avoid hurting you by talking about women, one surefire sign he likes you is if he gets jealous about other men who like you.

When you start talking about a  guy who’s taking you out, especially if you’re complimenting him, he’ll seem upset and uninterested in knowing further. The reason behind this is that he likes more than you know.

8. He Includes You in All His Future Plans

Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

Does your male friend keep using “We” when talking about future plans? If he talks of doing stuff with you in the future, in his mind, you’ll be there by his side doing life together.

Our feelings betray us when talking enthusiastically at the moment. So it’s easy for your guy friend to slip up and reveal that he sees you doing stuff like adopting a dog together.

9. He Strives to Know Your Dating Status

While he doesn’t want to talk about your boyfriend or other guys interested in you, he wants to be up to date with your dating details so that he can know the right time to step in and confess his feelings for you.

You’ll notice that he’s very keen especially if your relationships are breaking apart. One small argument with your boyfriend and you’ll hear him saying, “He doesn’t deserve you.”

10. He Hangs Around You a Lot

One of the signs your male friend has feelings for you is his constant and often unnecessary presence near you. If you pay attention, you may notice he keeps creating reasons for hanging out with you.

He comes to keep you company whenever he’s free, he drops by your place to just chill, and even takes you out in the name of “checking out nice places to hang out.” This sign reveals his need to be close to you.

11. He Strives to Look Good For You

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Naturally, we desire to look good for someone we like. So if a guy has been your friend for a while yet lately has become extra conscious of his looks around you, he’s probably falling for you.

You might notice he starts brushing his hair and straightening his clothes when you approach. Or maybe he puts on cologne in the middle of the day before you enter the car. You see he’s grooming himself now more than before. And he’s doing it only around you. Chances are, he wants you to be attracted to him.

12. You Feel the Chemistry

While friendship chemistry may be existing already, you may start feeling a deeper kind of connection. This natural instinct of romantic connection might be one of the revealing signs your male friend has feelings for you.

Perhaps you feel your guy friend likes you but you don’t like them back. It’s always advisable to trust your instincts and even better, check out more signs your guy friend is falling for you to confirm it.

13. He’s Always Your Hero

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

The hero instinct is a real thing in men that explains their biological drive to provide for their loved ones and feel appreciated for doing so. It’s also triggered when they like someone romantically.

So if your guy friend is always striving to be your hero by solving your problems like fixing your plumbing and installing furniture among other supposed masculine jobs, he’s probably into you. He’d want to ensure that he’s the only man to provide you with whatever you need to feel happy.

14. He’s Extra Curious About You

As your male friend, he may have been used to dismissing some of your concerns especially if they were too “feminine”. But now that he’s developing feelings for you, you might notice he’s getting more curious even about the most mundane things about you.

He’s now inquiring deeper about what your ideal marriage is, what you want in your partner, and even the reasons you put on makeup. If you’ve been wondering why he’s suddenly become curious about you, you’re probably experiencing one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you.

15. He Is Protective Of You

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

When a man likes you as a friend, he’ll care for you as he does his sister. However, it gets more intense when he has romantic feelings for you.

It’s the hero instinct again. 

He might start acting more protective than he ever has. It can be as little as walking you to your car, giving you his coat when cold, and even walking on the traffic side of the road to protect you from possible accidents and dirt splashes.

Ultimately, he’ll go above and beyond to show you he’s a man you can depend on to care for you at all times.

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16. Many People Tell You He Likes You

When it’s happening to you, it may be tough to spot the signs your male friend has feelings for you. But other people outside your situation can see it.

So if your friends told you they think your guy friend is falling for you, he probably is. They might explain changes in his behavior and when you listen carefully, it might reveal the obvious signs in this list.

Even acquaintances might say stuff like, “You are a cute couple.” This would mean they see a connection you’re not seeing or one you’re denying. Either way, if people notice he likes you, he probably does.

17. He Calls and Texts More Often Than Before

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Friends call and text randomly. Nothing unusual about that. But if your guy friend is calling or texting you more than usual, he likely is falling in love with you. Let me explain this further.

Friends rarely text each other “good morning” while wishing each other an awesome day. Neither do they text “sweet dreams” every night. Couples do that though so chances are, your male friend wishes you were a couple.

18. He Keeps Extending Conversations

Perhaps he’s conscious of how often he texts you and uses another subtle tactic to stay in constant contact with you. Pay attention since he might have started prolonging your conversations on call and text for no reason except to feel close to you.

Let’s say you ask him, “Hey, did you watch the Money Heist Series I told you about?” He answers, “Hi Lily, I didn’t but I’ll check it out this weekend.” So you say, “Cool.” But he texts on, “What are you watching today?”

And the conversation has to continue. He might even ask mundane things friends don’t talk about like whether you’ve eaten. This is a subtle sign he secretly likes you more than a friend.

19. He Tries to Prolong Hangouts

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Being close to someone you love feels good. You never want to go home after you go on a date with them.

The same happens with your guy friend when you hang out. Even if it’s late and you’ve been together the whole day, he adds, “Let’s go get ice cream.” If he prolongs your time together often, he’s probably in love with you. 

20. He Starts Talking About His Life in Detail

Since he thinks of you as someone he can share his life with, your male friend may become more open about his life in general. 

He might start confiding his plans, fears, and wildest dreams with you either unconsciously or to see if your paths match.

21. He’s Now More Interested About Your Social Media

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

In this age of social media, one can reveal their interest in you through their behavior online. 

If your male friend all of a sudden started liking and commenting on most of your posts online, he probably has developed feelings for you.

22. He Keeps Paying the Bill Even Though You Can

Friends split bills and even cover each other often. But if your male friend keeps picking the tab every time you hang out lately, chances are, he likes you more than a friend.

This is his way of being a hero for you, showing you he can care for you. He may not realize it but his gentleman instinct clicked along the way as he fell in love with you.

23. He Actively Compliments You

“You look amazing, you always do.” “Your smile can melt away anyone’s stress. I know it does mine.” “You’re kinder than anyone I know.” It’s weird for a friend to keep complimenting you randomly and actively.

But it isn’t weird for someone who likes you more than a friend to throw compliments at you as much as he can. That’s a language of love.

24. He Comments About Your Moments Together

As friends, you enjoy moments but don’t keep texting how amazing you felt last weekend’s hangout was. That’s something couples do.

So one of the subtle signs your male friend has feelings for you is when he starts explaining how he feels about every time you spend together. He starts saying stuff like, “I really had a great time today, I appreciate your time.”

You might think it’s weird and you’d be right. He is falling for you.

25. He Is Now Shy When People Talk About You

If in a group of people or even among your mutual friends, your male friend can seem shy for a moment.

You might notice his blush if people talk about how you relate. The friend you know would become a different creature because he’s nervous people might know his secret love for you.

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26. He Starts Complaining About the Small Stuff

Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

“You haven’t texted me for three days, I could be dead for all you care!” 

This same male friend you’ve been texting occasionally now feels it’s a big deal when you don’t talk for a few days? What’s happening?

It’s confusing when your male friend starts making complaints sort of as demands for being cared for. But it should be clear why by now since this is one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you. 

27. He Focuses on You When Addressing Everybody

When in a group setting, pay attention to his body language. Does his body incline in your direction? Does he strive to face you even when talking to everyone?

If you say yes to the two questions, chances are, he’s into you. He focuses on you even among mutual friends since he needs your approval for the ideas and jokes he expresses. You are the main person that matters to him.

28. He’s Touchy Than Usual

Unless it’s his character, a guy becomes touchy with a girl he likes. Since he’s attracted to her, he unconsciously expresses his need to be close to her by making physical contact.

He might hug you a little longer than usual. Or brush off hair from your face. Whatever the case, if you’ve noticed he’s more touchy lately, chances are, he’s falling in love with you.

29. He Treats You Differently

If you see how he treats other female friends, you can know whether you’re more special to him or not. 

So ask yourself: 

  • Does he joke to make you laugh more than other women? 
  • Does he strive to sit closest to you more than anyone else?
  • Does he play hero mostly to you?
  • Does he check on other female friends as he does you?

If your answer to most of these questions is yes, then your male friend probably likes you.

30. He Drunk Texts You Romantic Stuff

When we suppress our thoughts and feelings, they don’t go away. They get bottled up in us until our inhibitions are lowered by alcohol or other causes.

So your male friend might reveal his suppressed feelings when drunk only to realize later that he confessed his feelings to you. Even if he convinces you otherwise,  you better believe this big sign he has fallen in love with you.

31. You’ve Had Some Spontaneous Intimate Moments

Photo by Ba Tik from Pexels

Finally, your instincts can be proven right by one of those moments where the world seems non-existent and both of you realize you’re in love. 

You might have come so close to each other and felt like inching closer still. Or maybe you had a long conversation and as it got deeper, romantic feelings started showing up. Perhaps you touched for a moment, you felt something, and withdrew as fast as you could, none of you saying a word.

If any of these moments happened to you, your male friend probably likes you. And you like him too.

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You Questions

How do you know if a guy friend likes you secretly? How do you know if your guy best friend is falling for you?

To know if a guy friend likes you secretly, watch out for the above signs he has feelings for you. He might be extra cautious around you, want to spend more time together, feels jealous of other guys who like you, and even become more touchy than usual.

How do you know if he likes you more than a friend? 3 signs to watch out for?

Three main signs your guy friend has feelings for you involve him wanting to spend more time with you, getting jealous of other guys interested in you, and acting a hero for you.

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Closing Thoughts

If you’ve realized most of the signs your male friend has feelings for you are true for your case, then it’s possible he likes you but is afraid of rejection or avoids ruining your friendship. 

Either way, you have to find out whether you want a romantic relationship with him or want the friendship as it is.

So tell us, does your male friend have feelings for you? Which signs pop up? Let’s chat in the comments!

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