21 Clear Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You (2024)

Virgo men are known for their natural charm and charisma. You can easily recognize a Virgo man by his witty attitude, mature behavior, and irresistible charm. But how do you tell if a Virgo man is serious about you?

If you’re dating a Virgo man, you’re very lucky! When in a serious relationship, a Virgo male is completely committed and authentic. Virgo man is a devoted zodiac sign and will do everything in his power to spoil you.

Of course, you can never know how your relationship will evolve over time, so try to be patient. Enjoy your precious time with him and try to be your true self as much as possible.

A Virgo guy is not always easy to read, but when he starts catching feelings for you, trust me, you will know it. 

However, if you’re still not sure about it, I hope this article will help you see if he’s truly serious about you or if he’s just messing around.

Here are all the signs a Virgo man is serious about you.

21 Obvious Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

1. When a Virgo man takes time to get to know you

Virgo men tend to be more reserved when it comes to starting a relationship. They don’t like to rush things at the beginning.

Instead, they prefer to take everything slow and completely get to know you before fully committing to you.

So if you notice your Virgo guy being more and more curious about your interests and hobbies, that’s one of the most obvious signs he is serious about your relationship.

2. When a Virgo man says he misses you

Because Virgo guys are more reserved than other zodiac signs, they take words of affection very seriously. They might be harder to read, but if they tell you how they feel about you, that’s often the truth. 

If a Virgo guy tells you he misses you when you’re not together, you can rest assured you have his heart.

3. When a Virgo man is obsessed with you

If he’s serious about you, he will shower you with attention. Whether that’s a good morning message or a random bouquet of flowers, these are the little details that make all the difference.

Look for these small gestures of affection to see if your Virgo man is obsessed with you. 

4. When a Virgo man hugs you

Another sign a Virgo man is serious about you is when he can’t take his hands off you. He will try to hug you and caress you whenever he has the chance. His hugs will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

You’ll feel like you’re the only two people on the planet – and that’s when you’ll know he has strong feelings about you.

5. When he values quality time with you

When A Virgo Man Is Obsessed With You
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Virgo men are ambitious and want to conquer the world. They often have a lot of hobbies and interests, which is why they always seem like they’re on the run.

With that said, when a Virgo guy falls in love with you, you become his favorite human being. He will do everything in his power to spend time with you. But not only that, he will always try to have quality alone with you so that your relationship can flourish. 

6. He tries to gain your trust and respect

A Virgo man values trust more than anything in the world. So one of the surefire signs he’s head over heels for you is when he tries to gain your trust and loyalty

This is because he knows trust is one of the building blocks of a healthy relationship. He won’t take it for granted and will do everything he can to make it worthwhile.

7. He’s honest with you

Because a Virgo man knows that honesty is the best policy, he will always try to be upfront with you, especially if he’s in love. He won’t be afraid to talk about his own emotions. He will probably even tell you he is serious about you. 

He values honesty so don’t be mistaken, he will expect it in return. So always be your true authentic self if you want your relationship with a Virgo to last.

8. He puts you first

There’s no more obvious sign he’s into you than this one: you’re his top priority. As I mentioned above, Virgo men are go-getters so there’s no better proof he’s serious about you than when he picks you over everything else. 

That is to say, you both need to have time for yourself in a loving relationship. So if you want to make your relationship work, prioritize your love life but stay committed to your own interests.

9. He’s supportive of you

Virgo men are supportive of their loved ones. They are ambitious and passionate about their own activities but can be equally ambitious about your projects. 

A Virgo man in love will support you in everything you do. He will be there when you need him and you won’t feel alone. There’s no better feeling than having a supportive partner who’s always by your side through the good and the bad.

10. He pampers you

One of the most obvious signs a Virgo man is serious about you is if he spoils you and showers you with affection. They are the most devoted lovers out of all zodiac signs so his actions will speak louder than words. If he pampers you, there’s no doubt about it – he is in love.

11. He shows you his true colors early on

A Virgo man is passionate, but not emotional. He won’t open up to just anyone. So if you’re one of the lucky ones to have a Virgo man fall in love with you, you’ll be able to see his true authentic self.

He won’t be afraid to put his walls down for you and show you his true colors.

12. He talks about your future together

When a Virgo man starts making future plans with you, there’s no doubt about it, he’s serious about you. Virgos are planning junkies by nature, but they can’t envision a future with just anyone.

You’re very special to him if he starts talking about moving in together, kids, and marriage.

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13. He values open communication

Virgos might not be very keen on opening up, but when they’re in love, all those barriers vanish. He will engage in long-night talks with you. He will show you his vulnerable side more often and he will appreciate you opening up to him as well.

14. He cares about your safety and well-being

When a Virgo man starts being protective over you, it means he cares about you. He will put your safety and well-being first and won’t do things to hurt you. 

That is to say, this protectiveness might come off as possessiveness at times. However, if you set clear boundaries and some ground rules, you will be able to maintain a healthy bond.

15. He introduces you to his family

One of the most common signs a Virgo man is serious about you is if he wants to introduce you to his family. His family plays a key role in his life, so this is a clear sign he wants to take your relationship to another level.

16. He wants you to meet his friends

His close friends are equally important, so if he invites you to his get-togethers, you’re a special person in his life. A Virgo man loves social events but he will love them, even more, when you’re around.

17. He accepts you for who you are

If he accepts you for who you are, with all your flaws and virtues, he’s all yours. This is a good sign a Virgo man is serious about you. And it goes both ways; he will be forever yours if he feels the same acceptance on your end.

18. You feel you can trust him

You can never know what’s on a Virgo man’s mind. However, if you feel it in your gut that you trust him, that’s a good sign. Those little gut feelings are our guiding lights.

If you feel like he’s serious about you, the chances are you’re probably right.

19. He loves talking to you

When a male Virgo enjoys spending time with you, he’s all yours. He will enjoy your dinner dates as much as all his other activities in life.

He will love every single minute spent with you, even if it’s sitting in silence or binge-watching a TV show on Netflix.

20. He Constantly strives to impress you

Good morning texts, special gifts, and words of affection are his ways of telling you he cares about you.

A Virgo man in love will go above and beyond to impress you.

You’ll feel like a queen when you’re around him, and that’s a clear sign he’s serious about your relationship. 

21. He tells you directly he is serious about you

Even if you disregard all the above signs a Virgo man is serious about you, there’s one ultimate sign to look for – he tells you loud and clear that he’s in love.

You don’t need to overthink it anymore because if he opens up to you and tells you he wants a future together, you can be completely confident you have his heart.

How Do You Tell a Virgo Man Is Falling For You?

Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You
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If you’ve just started a relationship with a Virgo man, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see any of these signs in his behavior. 

A Virgo man will take things slow. 

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. It simply means he’s cautious by nature and doesn’t want to rush.

Virgo is an earth sign, ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Earth signs are known for their need to feel comfortable in their surroundings

In the love life, a Virgo man prefers quality over quantity. He wants to feel completely confident and comfortable before he opens up to another person. 

He might feel distant and disinterested at times, but watch out for the subtle hints he throws at you. When he starts falling for you, you will notice a slight change in his behavior. 

If everything plays out the way you both want, your relationship could become more serious and he might become serious about your future together.

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Signs a Virgo Man Is Falling For You

Before your relationship grows into a strong bond, you can already tell if a Virgo man is falling for you. He might not start talking about your future from the starters, but he will drop some hints that will tell you everything you need to know at that moment.

Enjoy the beginning of your relationship with a Virgo man. He will make it all worth it.

For now, check out these early signs a Virgo man is falling for you.

  • He texts back quickly 
  • He regularly texts you and calls you
  • He sends you good morning and good evening texts
  • He takes you out to dinner dates
  • He remembers every little detail about you
  • He offers support and help
  • He wants to meet your friends
  • He will soften around you
  • He surprises you with grand gestures

How Does a Virgo Man Chase a Woman?

How To Tell If A Virgo Man Is Serious About You
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A Virgo man is practical and intuitive. If he realizes he likes you, he won’t chase you as other zodiac signs do. He’s going to be patient and goal-oriented. 

It all depends on the situation. If he’s into you, he will try to find some signs of mutual appreciation. He’ll observe you in order to understand what you like and don’t like. 

He will try to understand how you behave around him. If there’s anything you should know about a Virgo man, that is that he will do his research. He’s very thorough and will take things slow.

If you have mutual friends or co-workers, he will do his homework before trying to win you over. On another hand, if a Virgo man knows you well already, he will start the chase as soon as he starts falling for you.

When a Virgo man knows for sure that he has a chance with you, that’s when he will make his move. If he thinks you don’t like him back, he won’t even try.

How Do You Make a Virgo Man Obsessed With You?

So, you got your eye on a Virgo man? And who can blame you? Their natural charm and charisma can do that to you. 

But now you’re not sure how to make your move. You don’t know what Virgo men like and dislike. Do they prefer playing games or being direct?

I’ve got you covered. First of all, Virgo men are known as perfectionists. It’s not that easy trying to win them over or get their attention, for that matter. So you have to take it slow. It might help to get to know their personality traits first. 

They have a great eye for detail so when they notice a flaw in their own behavior, they will immediately try to fix them. That’s their perfectionism taking over. 

Also, Virgo men are intellectual and communicative. They are known for their strong ambition and can-do attitude. 

When they want something, they will do everything in their power to get it. A Virgo man is most compatible with a Scorpio woman and a Capricorn woman. With that said, when they catch feelings for someone, they become extremely loyal and committed.

What Are Clear Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You
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So how do you win a Virgo man over? Here are some tips for making him obsessed with you.

  • Be your true authentic self
  • Show him that you like him
  • Give him time to get to know you
  • Show off your intellectual side
  • Help him open up to you and be supportive
  • Win him over with small gestures
  • Have deep conversations with him
  • Notice the small details about him
  • Enjoy your time together as much as possible

How Do Virgo Act When They Like Someone?

A Virgo man is hard to read because he’s often guarded and reserved. However, when a Virgo guy likes you, he won’t be able to hide it, no matter how hard he tries. 

You will often catch him staring at you without even realizing it. Once you catch his glaze, he might try to look away especially if he doesn’t know you very well. 

Virgos like to take things slow so be patient. He might get nervous when he’s around you, but he will always listen to you carefully. Since they’re overthinkers by nature, he might obsess about your conversations later and spend a great deal of time trying to analyze you.

A Virgo man is detail-oriented so he will easily notice every single detail about you. You will know he likes you when he shows he remembers everything about you. Take it slow with the Virgo man in your life and it will be worth the wait.

How Does a Virgo Man Test You

As I mentioned above, a Virgo guy won’t start chasing you if he’s not sure you’re the one. He will start his chase by observing you, listening to you closely, and trying to get as much information as possible from your mutual friends.

A Virgo man will test you before he starts a relationship with you. This will help him understand if you’re compatible emotionally and intellectually.

If you’re into a Virgo man, be prepared for some tests to be thrown at you. He will ask you questions to get to know you better. 

He will try to test your compatibility by probing your values and lifestyle. If you don’t share the same values in life, he might decide to back down.

Given the fact Virgos like a good intellectual debate, you can expect him to test you in conversations. He might ask you philosophical questions or try to learn if you’re passionate about the same things in life.

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Body Language Signs a Virgo Man Likes You

Body language never lies. So even if you’re dealing with a reserved Virgo man, you can tell a lot about the way he behaves when he’s around you.

Here are the most common signs a Virgo man likes you.

  • He can’t help but stare at you
  • You catch his prolonged eye contact from a distant
  • His face lifts whenever he sees you
  • He smiles at you
  • He finds you funny
  • He tries to be close to you
  • He touches you accidentally
  • He can’t keep his hands off of you
  • He hugs and kisses you all the time

Final Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read my article. I hope you found my tips helpful and that the above-mentioned signs helped you understand your relationship with a Virgo guy a little bit better.

Remember, if a Virgo guy is into you, he will take it slow until he wins you over. He’ll take the time to get to know you better and will remember every single detail about you. He’s also all about words and gestures of affection so pay attention to the way he behaves when he’s around you.

Virgos are truly one of a kind. They’re perfectionists in everything they do, including romantic relationships. Every day will be an adventure with a Virgo guy.

If you have any additional questions about dating a Virgo guy, I’m all ears! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, and I hope I hear from you soon!

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