How Does A Virgo Man Test You (2024): 21 Insights & How To React

Are you wondering how does a Virgo man test you? Are you unsure where you stand in a relationship with a Virgo? Would you like to know whether he’s testing you or is seriously not interested?

How Does A Virgo Man Test You
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This guide will answer all these questions and more. 

Below, you’ll find a range of key insights about how a Virgo man tests women, plus how to react when it happens to you. 

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients better understand themselves and those closest to them. 

That’s why I’m excited to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in.

Virgo Personality

Virgo men and women are best-known for being patient, generous and loyal. They’re also very ambitious and hard-working. They’re happy to serve their partner according to their love language and generally make them feel as amazing as possible. These are some of the great reasons to seek a romantic relationship with a Virgo.

However, it’s not always easy to get into that relationship with a Virgo in the first place. 

It’s common that a Virgo man will test you to see if you’re suitable for a relationship with him. 

This is mostly due to the analytical and perfectionist nature of a Virgo. This Earth sign is always looking to create a better future, but they tend to be very skeptical of others.

So, they have a tendency to test the honesty and the suitability of their love interests before committing to them. 

If you’re serious about getting into a relationship with a Virgo man, it’s therefore important to know how does a Virgo man test you and how you can pass these tests with flying colors.  

Why Does A Virgo Man Ignore You?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about relationships with Virgo men.

The truth is: he’s not usually ignoring you deliberately.

A Virgo man is very analytical and will often become very quiet when he’s considering the important things in his life.

You’ll find that a Virgo man likes to spend time alone with his thoughts occasionally – and he’ll seek out a partner who can respect this desire and give him a little space when he needs it.

In a healthy relationship, you’ll be regularly talking about this, so you don’t end up confused or concerned about his behavior.

However, in some cases, he might decide he doesn’t need to talk to you about this and will disappear or turn quiet without giving you a reason.

This is when it might feel like a Virgo man is ignoring you, but that’s not usually the case.

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How Does A Virgo Man Test You

Now you have a solid understanding of how a Virgo behaves in a relationship, you’re ready to discover how does a Virgo man test you.

Below, you’ll discover 21 insights about how a Virgo man tests you and how to pass these tests. 

1. Criticize

Virgo men are naturally very critical. They’re prone to correcting you when you’ve done something wrong, even in situations where most people would hold their tongue. If you ask whether your bum looks big, expect honest answers. 

This brutal honesty isn’t just to help you improve. It’s to test how you respond to negative feedback. After all, a Virgo man is always looking to improve himself, and is often seeking a partner with the same attitude.

2. He Asks Personal Questions

You’ll often find a Virgo guy asks questions about your life that other guys wouldn’t discuss so quickly. Indeed, Virgo men are keen to know the ‘real you’ sooner rather than later.

3. He’ll Start Meaningless Debates 

This is a common habit that Virgo men will engage in to test your emotional control. He definitely doesn’t want to date a woman with anger issues.

4. He’ll Want To Push You Out Your Comfort Zone

He wants to date a woman who is excited by adventures and seeing the world. This is his way of trying to figure out if you are that type of person.

5. He Becomes Unresponsive

No-one likes these silly mind games where one person deliberately waits to respond to someone’s text messages. However, a Virgo man is prone to playing these games, because he wants to know if you’re happy to give him space. 

6. He Tells You A Secret 

Trust is very important to a Virgo male. Sometimes, he’ll tell you a secret just to test whether you blab to your friends.  

7. He Reads Your Body Language

It’s part of his analytical nature. If your body language defies the words leaving your mouth, he won’t be shy to tell you. 

8. He’ll Analyse The Way You Say Things, Not Just What You Said

This is another analytical trait which is typical of a Virgo.

9. He’ll Analyse Your Friends  

A Virgo man may be quick to judge what type of person you are, based on your choice of companions. If he asks you questions about your friends, this might be a test too. 

10. He Questions Everything 

This is one of the most annoying habits of a Virgo male. When you catch him doing this, it might feel like he doesn’t trust you. Usually though, it’s simply part of his skeptical and analytical nature. 

11. He Will Set Boundaries 

Personal boundaries are extremely important to Virgo men too. Don’t be surprised if he sets his sono after meeting you.

12. He Asks For Your Long-Term Plans 

Virgo men are always looking towards their future. They’re keen to analyse whether their relationship will work in the long-term. You’ll struggle to make a Virgo man miss the best years of his life in the wrong relationship for that reason. Anyway, if he’s asking about your long-term plans, this is usually why. 

13. He’ll Ask For Your Future Goals

This is more to test your ambition than your compatibility. Virgo men want to date an ambitious partner who they can conquer the world with. The idea of being in a ‘power couple’ really excites them. 

14. He’ll Leave Gaps Of Silence In The Conversation

It might seem like he’s shy or that he doesn’t like you – but this is often done to test your interest in him and your ability to hold an interesting conversation.

15. He Starts Deep Meaningful Discussions

Virgo men aren’t the type to dwell on meaningless smalltalk. Don’t be surprised if he starts deep and serious conversations within a short time of meeting you.

16. He Might Test Your Personal Boundaries 

Perhaps he pushes some of your emotional buttons, just to see where your personal boundaries lie. He wants a partner who is strong enough to stand up for herself – and this might be his way of testing whether he has one.  

17. He Analyses Your Emotions 

Are you the type of woman who makes a big deal out of little things? A Virgo man will be quick to tell you if he thinks you’re overly emotional. 

18. He Might Leave You To Figure Something Out

Often, a Virgo man wants to see if you’re a resourceful problem-solver, or someone who gives up at the first sign of a struggle.

19. How Does A Virgo Man Flirt?

A Virgo man is more likely to be honest and straightforward with his words when flirting. He’s not the type to pretend not to like you to make you chase him. 

20. Does Virgo Man Give Up Easily?

A Virgo man isn’t the type to give up easily at all. He’s the type to analyse what he’s doing wrong and try a handful of new strategies before he even considers throwing in the towel.  

21. Can Virgo Man Be Trusted?

There might be a few ‘mind games’ in this list, but a Virgo guy isn’t the type to lie or manipulate a woman. He tests women because he wants to make sure he chooses the right one for a stable relationship.

The ways he does that might frustrate you, but his intentions are usually noble.   

How To React When A Virgo Man Tests You

At this point, it might sound exhausting being in a relationship with a Virgo guy. Perhaps you’re ready to start dating one of the other zodiac signs instead.

But please remember that a Virgo man is unlikely to use all of these methods to test you. More likely, he’ll only test you a handful of times at the start of knowing each other.      

Once you pass these tests, you’ll earn his trust and respect and he’ll start to open up about his feelings.

So, how do you pass these tests?

The best advice I can give you is to relax and let your emotions take over. Understand that this guy is just making sure whether you’re the right woman for him.

If he didn’t like you at all, he wouldn’t bother testing you in the first place. 

By keeping your own emotions in check when he tests you, you can show this Virgo man your great level of confidence and emotional intelligence.

This is very attractive to Virgo guys and will make them very excited to invite you into their life. 

So, remember it’s GOOD when a Virgo man tests you. It’s a sign he likes you and an opportunity to show how awesome you are.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Virgo Men

Now you have a clearer understanding of how does a Virgo man test you, let’s explore the answers to some frequently asked questions about men born under the Virgo zodiac sign.

Virgo Men
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How Do You Know If A Virgo Man Is Catching Feelings For You?

When a Virgo man is catching feelings, he’ll usually hide or deny them for a while, because he wants to analyse and consider them deeply. If a Virgo man starts testing you, that’s a great sign that he’s considering your suitability as a partner. When you pass these tests, he’s going to like you even more.

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Signs A Virgo Man Is Not Serious About You

If a Virgo man is not testing you, that’s one of the clearest signs he’s not considering a serious relationship with you. If he just sees you as a friend or someone to fool around with, he usually won’t bother throwing any tests your way.

How Do You Know If A Virgo Man Is Pushing You Away?

A Virgo man might keep you in his life for a while even during times of self-doubt about your relationship, but that’s usually because Virgos tend to over-analyse every decision they make. He’ll usually keep his cards close to his chest during that time, and it’ll be tough to tell that he’s slipping away considering most Virgos are usually so quiet and analytical.

However, once he’s made his mind up, he’ll be honest about not wanting to continue with you. He might even be bold enough to mention the red flag that made him doubt you. 

He’s not the type to play games or be dishonest about his feelings – and he’s unlikely to be interested in a casual relationship with someone he doesn’t see a long-term future with.

That’s why you can expect a Virgo man to be blunt about pushing you away, rather than making soft excuses to spare your feelings. 

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How Do I Test A Virgo Man?

A great way to test a Virgo man is to question his ambitions and desires for the future. This indirectly communicates that you’re very ambitious and forward-thinking. Virgo guys love that.

For the same reason, it’s great to question a Virgo man’s desire for a long-term relationship. This is what a Virgo and the other two Earth signs are usually looking for. So, by asking about this, you can show you’re on the same page as far as what you want from each other.    

Any More Questions?

Thanks for reading my guide about how does a Virgo man test you. I hope it gave you a better understanding about how to deal with a man born under the Virgo zodiac sign.

It’s worth mentioning that men may experience the same tests when dating a Virgo woman. 

If you have any questions about relationships with Virgo men, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. 

I love to discuss astrology-based personality traits – and I’ll try to respond with some useful advice.  

It would be great to hear from you.

About The Author

Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.