Manifestation Coach – 9 Facts Checklist (2023)

If you’ve ever dived into the world of woo-woo, you may have come across a manifestation coach.

Manifestation coaches use the Law of Attraction to get their clients some astounding results.

We’re talking…

  • Job promotions
  • Unexpected windfalls
  • Finding true love
  • And even free vacations.

But does manifestation coaching really work? 

And how do you choose a manifestation coach?

Let’s find out.

#:1 What Is Manifesting?

“Manifesting” is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the personal development space, but what does it actually mean?

Well, the word burst into the mainstream in 2006 with the publication of the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, but knowledge about manifestation has been around for centuries, if not millennia. 

The concept of manifestation is based on the principles of quantum physics that tell us that energy — in the form of waves — collapses to create what we perceive as our material reality.

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That might sound complicated but stay with me here.

Everything has an energetic signature, and like vibrations attract like vibrations. 

If everything has an energetic signature, then that includes your thoughts. 

The reality is that we are all manifesting constantly — and you can choose to do so consciously or unconsciously.

As humans, we have a tendency to think negative thoughts. 

But, when you focus on negative thoughts, you are actually helping to attract more of what you don’t want into your life.

The good news is that by consciously choosing which thoughts to focus on and aligning your energy with them, you can manifest a new reality.

And if quantum theory doesn’t convince you, think about this: your thoughts influence your actions, and your actions influence your outcomes.

If you focus on negative thoughts and take action as a result of them, you are likely to self-sabotage and miss opportunities. 

Whereas, if you truly believe in yourself and stay focused on fulfilling your dreams, you will take the corresponding actions that will move you closer to them.

Source: from Pexels

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#2: Can You Really Manifest Anything You Want?

There’s a lot more to manifesting than I could fit into the above paragraph.

And chances are, you may have tried to manifest something before and failed.

Does that mean manifestation doesn’t work? Of course not. 

It is possible to get anything you want — but there’s a catch.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of work.

Even when you’re focusing on your goals, you won’t reach them unless you also work on your mindset.

Your mindset is another way of saying your belief system. Most of us have a lot of limiting beliefs — particularly around things such as love and money. 

Some of these we inherited from our parents. 

For example, most of us learned that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “you have to work hard to be successful.” 

These are two very common beliefs that many of us choose to believe — and yes, it is a choice.

Other beliefs may come directly from your own life experience. 

For example, if your parents got divorced when you were a kid, you may have limiting beliefs around love and relationships. 

So, while visualization of the life you want to create is an important part of the manifestation process, it’s also essential to do the inner work on your subconscious mind.

This is because your subconscious is the one running the show (in spite of what your conscious mind may have you believe).

So, if you dream of being a millionaire but subconsciously believe that all rich people are bad, your subconscious will work against you to prevent you from becoming one of those “bad” people.

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#3: What Is a Manifestation Coach?

A manifestation coach is someone who can help you get out of your own way on the path to manifesting your dreams.

Doing the deep inner work required to manifest your dreams can be a confusing and lonely process.

That’s why many people now turn to manifestation coaches to help them along the way.

A manifestation coach can help you see your blind spots and how you self-sabotage. Then, he or she will work with you to remove your limiting subconscious beliefs. 

This process frees you from your old patterns, allowing you to effortlessly create a life you love.

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#4: What Does a Law of Attraction Coach Do?

Each manifestation coach has their own way of working, and many combine different coaching techniques to catalyze massive shifts in your life.

Manifestation coaches help their clients apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to manifest their heart’s desires.

When you work with a manifestation coach, you learn to identify negative beliefs and release them. 

You then program new, empowering beliefs into your subconscious mind, which will help you become more aligned with the things you want to attract into your life.

When you align your energetic frequency with that of your dream life, the time and effort required to manifest them decrease, and new things start to flow to you with ease.

A manifestation coach will also help you stay accountable to your goals so that even on the most difficult days, you have someone cheering you on.

This can make the difference between achieving your dreams or not.

Source: Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

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#5: How to Choose a Manifestation Coach 

With so many manifestation coaches out there to choose from, how do you pick the right one for you?

Well, my best advice is to follow your intuition. 

Hire a coach who you feel like you can trust and open up to — since coaching of any kind is a vulnerable process.

You may also want to consider a manifestation coach who has manifested a life similar to the one you would like to create.

With that in mind, here are three things I recommend you look for in a manifestation coach.


Unlike in life coaching, there are no official certifications for manifestation coaching.

That means anyone can call themselves a manifestation coach, and there are a lot of charlatans out there looking to take advantage of people.

However, many manifestation coaches get certified by reputable coaching schools before launching their business.

That’s why I recommend working with a manifestation coach who holds a life coach certification

This way, you know you’re getting help from a person who has learned proven coaching techniques.

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Any manifestation coach worth their salt will have a track record of past clients who are happy with their results.

It’s usually pretty easy to see when a coach has a good reputation. 

If they do, they will have social proof, such as testimonials from people they have worked with in the past.

Many coaches also post client results on social media, but this is not everyone’s cup of tea, so their website is the best place to go for reference.


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Good manifestation coaches are honest. They will never trick you into hiring them with sleazy tactics, so watch out for anyone who tries to. 

Some people claim to be manifestation coaches but use shame tactics to sell their services to potential clients.

This is a cruel approach that doesn’t take into account the real barriers you may have faced in your life — including barriers based on gender, age, race, or social status. 

When choosing a manifestation coach, look for one who doesn’t blame you for not having manifested what you want yet and who genuinely wants to help you reach your goals. 

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#6: Follow Your Intuition

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Teachers come in many forms, but sometimes they come in the form of coaches. 

Whenever I’ve hired a coach in the past, it was because I felt aligned with the person’s energy, message, and way of working.

Most manifestation coaches have a highly developed intuition, and working with them can help you learn to develop yours, too. 

To start flexing your intuition muscles, use them in the process of choosing a manifestation coach. 

Imagine yourself working with a particular coach and observe how it makes you feel. 

If your body feels light and expansive, it’s a good sign this coach is the right one for you.

However, if your body feels tight and contracted, you should probably keep looking.

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#7: What Is the Most Powerful Manifestation Technique?

There are many powerful manifestation techniques, and different ones work better for different people, so you have to experiment to find the best ones for you.

However, within the manifestation process, we can identify three main umbrella techniques.

Create a Clear Vision

In order to manifest what you want, you must become crystal clear on your vision of the dream life you want to step into.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to hear your soul’s desires over the sound of your mind’s beliefs and stories.

Journaling and meditation are two of the best ways to cut through the noise and create the vision of the life of your dreams. 

A manifestation coach may offer journaling prompts and guided meditation scripts to help you.

Remove Limiting Beliefs

Removing your old belief system and replacing it with a new, empowering one is probably the trickiest step in the manifestation process.

Manifestation coaches use a variety of spiritual tools such as EFT, Reiki, energy healing, and more to help you get to the deeper layers of your subconscious and change your programming.

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Create a High Vibe

Remember I told you earlier that everything has an energetic vibration? 

Well, that includes your emotions, too.

“Negative” emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy, and bitterness attract more of the same.

Whereas “positive” emotions such as joy, bliss, peace, and gratitude will attract more of those feelings into your life. 

This is what people mean when they talk about “raising your vibration.”

In my experience, one of the best ways to stay high-vibe is to practice gratitude daily. 

Start taking time to write a list of 3-5 things you’re grateful for every day, and you will be amazed at how quickly you start manifesting things in your life.

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#8: Who Is the Best Manifestation Coach?

It’s up to you to decide who the “best” manifestation coach is for you. 

Don’t be fooled by wild claims from coaches that seem too good to be true — because chances are, they are.

Some manifestation coaches use smoke and mirrors to manipulate clients into parting with their cash.

With so many manifestation coaches out there to choose from, it’s best to use your intuition to find the right one for you.

#9: How Do You Become a Manifestation Coach?

The best way to become a manifestation coach is to spend time learning about the Law of Attraction and experimenting with it in your own life so you can coach others from experience.

I also recommend training as a life coach with a reputable school since this will give you the broad set of coaching skills needed to coach people effectively.

Many manifestation coaches then combine their life coach training with other spiritual practices and healing techniques, but this depends on you and what you feel called to do.

Source: Alina Vilchenko from Pexels

I hope after reading this checklist, you feel better equipped to choose a manifestation coach.

Do you have any experience using the Law of Attraction in your own life?

Share it with me in the comments!

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