12 Powerful Neville Goddard Techniques To Manifest Anything (2024)

You are brilliant! You just manifested your golden ticket to this powerhouse guide to unlocking the secret hidden within your human imagination.

As Neville proved time and time again, “Imagination is the very gateway to reality.”

Keep reading for powerful Neville Goddard techniques to manifest anything.

Powerful Neville Goddard Techniques To Manifest Anything

  1. The Ladder Technique

This is one of Goddard’s most powerful manifestation techniques. It consists of imagining exercises to repeat every night before going to bed. 

To do this,

  • Close your eyes and imagine vividly that you’re climbing a ladder while feeling every step you take
  • During the day write on several pieces of paper the statement “I will not climb a ladder”.
  • After three consecutive days, stop the exercise and see what happens. 

Neville’s students reported that after 3 days of visualizing that they climb a ladder, they were repeatedly put in situations in which they had to climb a ladder in real life. 

  1. Catch The Mood Technique

Goddard believed that a mood can be a catalyst for action. Whatever vibe mindset you’re in will draw certain things to you that match your mood. So choose your mood wisely.

Goddard created his own mood and made it his reality. If he was sad for example, he would create the mood of happiness inside him, and then he would dwell on it until it became his default mood. 

One important aspect of this is dwelling on the mood you’ve created.

If you’re only feeling it temporarily, it will not do much as it will fade quickly, but if you dwell on it, it becomes “your home”, or your natural state. 

  1. Breathing Technique

The Breathing Technique Goddard used, involved visualizing your goal while doing a breathing exercise. 

The breathing exercise involves:

  • Deep inhalation and exhalation, at first slowly then speeding up the pace, and while breathing, taking in a lot of energy. 
  • After several breaths, release both the energy and the air inside your lungs, feeling how the energy is now fuelling the outcome you desire, which you were visualizing. 

Goddard compared this exercise to a sexual act and only to be done once. He said because you warm yourself up towards an explosion – just like the orgasm, after such an energy explosion, there is nothing you can do to take it back.

The pregnancy is forming, now you only wait for it to be complete.

Neville Goddard Techniques
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  1. Imaginal Acts Technique

The belief that whatever we imagine can come true is one of the core beliefs that shaped Goddard’s entire work. 

This involves:

  • Imagining that whatever you wish to attain has already happened. Also feel how it has already happened.
  • With that image in mind and that feeling in your heart, imagine conversations about your manifestation that has already happened. 

These conversations would be with people you know, people asking you about it, congratulating you on it, and so on. The purpose is to make your goal feel as real as if it has already happened.

You can use it on other people as well. For example, let’s say you want to help an unemployed friend find a job.

In your imagination:

  • He tells you he’s found a job, and is letting you know all about it. He tells you he’s earning an excellent income and he’s really happy with his new job, or anything similar.
  • Include details, the spark of joy in his eyes, the happiness in his voice, how well he looks, etc.
  • Repeat this a few times, adding more and more intention and detail into it, and wait for your friend to deliver the good news.
  1. Start At The End Technique

Mentally construct an event following the fulfillment of your desire. 

  • In meditation, visualize how you’ve already overcome all the obstacles, went through all the steps required, and that what you wished for is just about to happen any second.
  • Feel anticipation that it’s arriving really soon, allow yourself to feel victorious or to feel the joy of having accomplished what you’ve wanted to accomplish. 

This is particularly helpful if you’ve had any doubters around you, including your own 

subconscious mind, who lowered your self-esteem and diminished your manifestation 

abilities. Feeling that it’s already happened erases all the doubts in your mind.

  1. Congratulations Technique

Another easy Neville Goddard technique.

  • Firstly, imagine you’ve already fulfilled your dream. 
  • Secondly, imagine a friend or a family member, congratulating you for it wholeheartedly.

Imagine this exercise as realistically as possible, visualizing your friend in great detail. If they’re shaking your hand congratulating you, feel their hand in yours.

  • While imagining the person congratulating you, feel gratitude for your goal being a blessing by God gifted to you. Feel how it feels that God wants to bless you with this. 
  1. Dare To Assume

This technique requires courage and a high level of self esteem.

  • Start with imagining how your life could look if your desire had already been achieved. Then, assume it’s already happened.
  • Go into a meditative state then imagine your desire has become real.
  • Feel everything you’d feel in that situation. Allow yourself to strongly feel the event already happened. Continue enhancing and growing this feeling.
  • When you’ve finished the meditation, continue to feel as if your dream has come true, and feel and behave exactly as you would do in that situation. 
  • Embody whoever you need to become to attract what you want, feel that you’re already that way, and already have what you want.

Courage and high self-esteem are required because many are stuck feeling like a failure, judging themselves for not having certain things, and forgetting there’s still time to achieve anything.

If this is you, allow yourself the emotional intelligence to feel you deserve anything you truly want.

  1. Eavesdrop Technique

The Eavesdropping Technique begins with a meditative state. Then, imagine overhearing a conversation between family members and friends talking about you, and everything you’ve been able to accomplish.

Imagine hearing clearly what they say in great detail, who’s talking and their tone of voice, the word they use, and especially how this makes you feel. 

Internalize the feelings you feel when you hear that conversation and turn these feelings into real feelings. Whatever each of them says, internalize it and feel that it has become real. 

  1. Falling Asleep Technique

This Neville Goddard technique is to engage in a meditation visualizing exactly what you want, right before falling asleep when the subconscious mind is most impressionable. 

Lay in bed and engage in detailed, powerful visualization what you want to achieve. Feel it’s already happened, and again experience the same emotions you’d experience if it had already happened. 

The key to this technique is to try not to fall asleep too soon. Rather, harness the power of your sleepy mind to make your manifestation more powerful. 

If you’ve done this correctly, you’ll feel a sufficient amount of energy has been sent towards your objective and you can then fall asleep and remain faithful until your goal has been achieved.

  1. Living In The End

In this meditation, fast forward to already overcoming any obstacles, you went through all the steps required, and what you’ve wished for is just about to happen any second.

Feel you’re about to receive it really soon, and allow yourself to feel victorious and feel the happiness of having accomplished your desire. 

This technique is especially helpful if you’ve had any doubters around you, who lowered your self-esteem and diminished your manifestation abilities. 

  1. The Revision Technique

Revision is a technique that works because it reframes your story about the past from the higher perspective of your chosen desire.

The key is to overcome the emotions associated with a past experience. This is accomplished simply by reimagining a past event the exact way you wish it to have been.

Refuse to replay what happened as it was. Instead, reimagine your past in order to let go of your emotional attachments to it.

  1. Lost And Found 

You’ve looked all over to find the thing you say you’ve lost. You’ve told people you lost this thing. Stop telling yourself and others that you’ve lost anything.

Now, prove to yourself it isn’t lost. Take what you think you’ve lost into your mind’s eye and mentally touch it, feel it and feel that you have it, that it’s yours. Then trust your vision and know it will show up.

What Are Neville Goddard Techniques?

The feeling is the secret. If you desire a new car, for example, don’t just see a new car; use your imagination to drive that new car.

  • “Feel yourself seated behind the wheel of the car.”
  • “Smell the newness of the interior.”
  • “Feel yourself driving your new comfortable ride.”
  • “Feel the happiness you would feel after accomplishing your dream.”

When Neville spoke about feelings, emotions, and states, it wasn’t like many teachers speak of now.

Today, some teach elevated emotions like joy, bliss, and gratitude are the emotions and feelings to embody to manifest, yet Neville’s work was different.

When Neville referred to feelings, he specifically meant to feel as if you are already living like your wish is fulfilled. This may involve some of the feelings listed above; however, it’s more about the exact feelings you would have if you were living in your future right now.

For example, if you were in love with a specific person with desired qualities, what would it feel like right now to be in a loving relationship next to them, to be cuddling them on the couch, and to be laughing with them?

The state of being he recommended is the state you would feel if you were in that visualized moment right now.

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How Do You Manifest What You Want Neville Goddard?

Neville Goddard’s manifestation techniques are very effective, and they all rely on the power of imagination, not wishful thinking. 

None of Neville’s many thoughts and techniques are more powerful than these basic techniques most often referenced below.

  • Imagination creates reality.
  • Feeling is the secret.
  • Assume the feeling and emotional state of your wish already fulfilled.
  • Living in the end.
  • Revision technique.

As you may have noticed, all of Neville’s techniques have one thing in common: they use imagery and rely on the power of the mind. The techniques are not identical, but they are quite similar because they are based on the same philosophy. 

How Did Neville Goddard Manifest?

Most people are totally unaware of the creative power of their own wonderful human imagination, and accept life is affected by the external physical world.

But reality is actually more malleable in nature. When you discover this incredible power within yourself, you’ll realize that imagining creates reality.

Neville believed that if you create the scene of your desire in your imagination and live as though that wish has been fulfilled (ignoring all physical evidence of your current reality), then the imagined desire would manifest to become your reality.

When it comes to manifesting your desires, Neville Goddard’s techniques have one primary requirement: you must think and feel as though your wish has been fulfilled.

Neville popularized a spiritual vision that’s revolutionary: everything you experience and see is the result of your own thoughts and emotional states.

Neville’s thought system influenced a vast range of spiritual writers and thinkers from mystical icon Carlos Castaneda to bestselling author Joseph Murphy.

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What Did Neville Goddard Believe?

Goddard was inspired by Biblical references when he created his techniques, but his approach is definitely new and unique.

Neville Goddard
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

For Goddard, the Bible was a psychological book about how to use your imagination to achieve and create the life that best suits your Divine Self. 

Goddard believed all the characters in the Bible were mental functions and imagery processes, as well as states of the Divine anyone could achieve. 

He believed the Bible is based on symbolism and one must learn how to interpret the psychological and mystical symbols to understand it. On the same note, he believed Jesus was not a person but a state of the Divine which anyone could achieve through manifestation.

Neville Goddard Law Of Attraction

The central theme of Nevile Goddard’s teaching is that you are the creative power of the Universe. What you experience in your outer world is a direct reflection of the state of your mind.

Because of this you can use your imagination to influence the world around you. In order to benefit from his teachings, it’s important to accept that you are the operating power of your reality.

You create your life and your experiences. This happens through your thoughts, beliefs and imagined scenarios. Because of this you can change anything you’re experiencing that you don’t want.

Rather than just thinking of it, by holding the consciousness of the version of you that already has what you want, lets you leverage the power of the Law of Attraction.

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Neville Goddard Fishing Technique

There’s the story in the bible when the disciples fished all night and caught nothing. When Jesus appeared he told them to cast their nets again, and this time, to cast them on the right side. 

When Peter cast his nets once more into deeper waters, as Jesus said, the nets almost broke with the size of the catch.

Fishermen know, if they want to catch big fish, they fish in deep waters. Same with big dreams in life, enter into deeper and freer states of consciousness. Only in these depths do the big expressions of life live.

Here is a simple visualization technique for successful fishing.

  • Step 1:

Decide what it is you want to express or possess. This is essential. 

  • Step 2:

Turn from your senses, remove your attention from the problem and place it on just being, by repeating quietly and with feeling, “I AM”.

At a certain point, you’ll release the anchor that tied you to the shallows of your problem. Effortlessly you’ll find yourself moving into the deep.

Enjoy this floating and expanding experience as you let go of your limitations. They live only in your consciousness.

  • Step 3:

Suppose the fish you decided to catch were health and freedom. Add to the “I AM” by feeling, “I AM healthy” . . “I AM free.”

Let all doubts pass away and continue claiming and feeling yourself to be healthy and free until you have the conviction that you are. 

The joy coursing through your entire being, feeling that you are that which you desired to be, is equal to the thrill of the fisherman as he hooks his fish.

  • Step 4: 

Now comes the play of the fish. Returning to the world of the senses and opening your eyes to the external world, the conscious belief that you are healthy and free feels natural.

Your whole being thrills in anticipation. Continue to see your medical professional to confirm.

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Neville Goddard Ladder Technique

This Neville Goddard manifesting technique requires you to imagine you’re climbing a ladder, every night before going to sleep. Repeat for three nights, then go about your life as usual.

Neville Goddard's Techniques
Photo by Mike Lewinski on Unsplash

Within a few days, circumstances will naturally lead you to climb a ladder identical to the one you imagined!

  • Step 1: Imagine A Ladder

Be as specific as you can. Here are some useful questions you can use to visualize your ladder: 

  • How tall or short is your ladder?
  • What material is it made of—wood, metal or something else? 
  • Are the steps narrow or wide? 
  • What color is it? 

See it in your own mind. It’s just like if you wrote down a detailed description of your 

favorite food. You’d be able to taste it immediately in your imagination! 

  • Step 2: Get Into A Relaxed State

Neville recommends doing this at bedtime—specifically, just before you’re about to drift off to sleep.

He calls this the ‘State Akin To Sleep’. Just get ready for bed as usual, and allow yourself to relax completely.

  • Step 3: Imagine Climbing Your Ladder

Feel yourself climbing the ladder in your imagination. Neville states to do this in first person, not from outside yourself.

How smooth or rough does the ladder feel under your hands and feet? Climb the ladder as many times as you can, or until you naturally drift off to sleep. Most important is to feel it as real as possible.

  • Step 4: Write Notes Saying, “I Will Not Climb A Ladder”

Neville instructs you to write little notes stating “I will not climb a ladder”. Then put them in places you would look at every day, such as on your mirror.

This step sounds a bit confusing and counterproductive, but here’s the rationale. According to Neville, writing these notes helps you “let go” of any feelings of desperation to climb a ladder.

So by telling yourself it’s not going to happen, you can move on. Trust the process!

  • Step 5: Three Consecutive Nights

Repeat steps 1-4 for 3 nights. That’s it! Once you’re done, you can remove those little notes from step 4, and stop thinking of your ladder entirely. 

According to Neville, you can expect to climb a ladder in real life, exactly as you did in your imagination. Not because you purposely go out and search for a ladder—rather, it’ll happen in the most random, coincidental way–some might call it synchronicity! 

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Neville Goddard Telephone Technique

This technique is so simple to use that even a beginner who has never tried their luck at manifesting prior to this can not only use this technique but reap great results.

Manifestation Techniques
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  • Step 1:

Decide what you want to manifest. It can be something you want to manifest for yourself or someone close to you. Whatever the case, be crystal clear about what it is you want to bring into existence through this technique.

  • Step 2: 

Think of who you’d like to have this imaginary phone call with. 

  • Step 3:

Imagine the phone rings and that person is congratulating you for achieving all the things you desired. See them being very excited for you and feel what that feels like.

Or if you’re trying to manifest something for them, imagine a phone call where he or she excitedly tells you they’ve achieved their desire.

  • Step 4:

Make your imagination as vivid as possible. Feel the emotions of gratitude and happiness you would feel when you engage in such a phone call. Feel the emotions as deeply as you can; this makes the Telephone Technique infallible. 

You can use this technique any time of the day and repeat it as many times as you wish during the day. Some people like using it just before falling asleep as this is when your subconscious mind is the most impressionable.

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Neville Goddard Techniques Lottery Winning

This simple technique can be applied to winning the lottery or anything you desire. Just decide and be clear on what it is and how much. You’ll receive that or more.

Powerful Manifestation Techniques
Photo by Mackenzie Marco on Unsplash
  • Step 1:

Know what you want. Be clear on the end result of what you want to manifest.

  • Step 2:

Quiet your mind and then use your imagination to see yourself having won the lottery. Play out the scene in your mind. Feel the ticket in your hand and you’ve just checked the numbers match up to your ticket.

  • Step 3:

Keep playing out the whole thing. What room are you in? How’s the weather outside? Be as detailed as you can. Feel the feelings your body creates.

What do you feel inside? What do you do? Do you jump up and down? Do you dance? How does the money feel in your hands? Who do you share this news with? What is their reaction? 

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Neville Goddard Cause Of Death

Neville Goddard passed away and ventured onto his next journey on October 1st, 1972 at his home in Los Angeles California.

There are two main stories around Neville Goddard’s death.

  1. He suffered a heart attack.
  1. He died from a brain aneurysm.

The announcement of his death stated, “Mr. Goddard, 63, collapsed and died of an apparent heart attack in his West Hollywood home…”

His chauffeur, Frank Carter, stated he was found with his ears and nose bleeding and that his cause of death was an aneurism. He was rumored to have been found in his chair already gone.

Mr. Carter recalled having a dream about Neville dying the night before he passed.

Shortly before he left the physical plane, he said he was ready to move forward. Here are some poignant quotes by Neville Goddard near the time of his passing:

  • “I know my time is short. I have finished the work I have been sent to do and I am now eager to depart.”
  • “I know I will not appear in this three-dimensional world again for The Promise has been fulfilled in me.”
  • “As for where I go, I will know you there as I have known you here, for we are all brothers, infinitely in love with each other.”

His physical state has ended yet his spirit, energy, and legacy is very much alive.

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Neville Goddard Techniques PDF

“If there is something tonight that you really want in this world, then experience in imagination what you would experience in the flesh were you to realize your goal, and then deafen your ears, and blind your eyes to all that denies the reality of your assumption.” – Neville, 1948

There are many free Neville Goddard works easily accessible to help you create the world of your dreams. Grab a pdf outlining many of his techniques: “25 Neville Goddard Techniques Use Your Imagination to Manifest Your Desires”

Neville Goddard Techniques Book

“Imagination is the very gateway of reality” – Neville Goddard

This is a free pdf of Neville Goddard’s book “How To Manifest Your Desires”.

Before you write him off as out of his mind, Neville Goddard proved he was one of the greatest spiritual teachers. His writings and lectures share countless success stories of these powerful techniques from his own life and those of his students.

Please leave us a comment ✅ and let us know the results they’re bringing for you. Share this article with friends so they can be aware of the power they hold within their imagination ✅ for their best life too.

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