How To Manifest Someone: 13 Easy Steps (2024)

You haven’t stumbled upon this article by accident.

If you’ve been wondering how to manifest someone special in your life, you may have subconsciously manifested this very article.

The Law of Attraction works for all types of desires, including love and relationships.

Here are 13 simple steps on how to manifest someone in your life.

Step 1: Be Specific

Be aware that manifesting is a very real and powerful technique for success. Many famous and wealthy people have cited the Law of Attraction as a key to their success.

Knowing this, you want to be very clear on what you want to manifest in your life. 

So the first step on how to manifest someone, is to write it all down.

  • What type of person do you want in your life?
  • What kind of relationship do you want to have with them?

You don’t have to think of a specific person, but if a face comes to mind, try to describe it in words. 

This helps your subconscious mind develop a positive mindset and finally manifest.

Make your desire as specific as possible, leaving nothing out. Think even about how they dress, what they sound like, and how they make you laugh.

As for how to manifest someone such as a specific person, please refer to the FAQs at the end of this post. 

For the purposes of this exercise, we will not be specific about the ‘who,’ but we want to note everything about the ‘what.’

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Step 2: Visualize it! 

Your brain is visual, not verbal. It responds better to images than to words.

So after you’ve written everything down, what you want to do is visualize the relationship you want to manifest. What does the average day together look like?

After you’ve gotten the specifics of what you want to manifest in your life, close your eyes and see yourself with this person.

Holding their hands, going on a date, or even something more racy. Visualize whatever helps to cement the image in your mind.

This goes without saying, but your image should be positive. We know that all relationships have their ups and downs, but now is not the time to think skeptically.

Visualize having a good time. All the positive emotions you’ll have, being with your special someone.

Make this step a regular part of your day. Do it everyday if possible, first thing in the morning, or just before you go to bed. Fix this image in your mind.

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Step 3: Indulge In Your Vision

Now that you have the visualization of your love, try to include the other senses as well.

When you manifest love, you’re not just manifesting a visual. So as you visualize, try to think of other things besides their look.

Get into as much detail as possible.

What do they smell like? Soap, or perfume and aftershave? What about their voice, or laughter? The warmth of their skin. How smooth or rough their hands are.

How To Manifest Someone
Photo by Helena Lopez from Pexels

If at this point, you may feel giddiness, or something like butterflies in your stomach. Keep this feeling. Perhaps you’ll find yourself breaking into a big smile.

Indulge in the feeling of being with someone who makes you feel like this. 

By making your vision as three-dimensional as possible, you’re projecting a favorable vibration into the atmosphere.

It’s like you’re making yourself a magnet to the person, and the love, you desire.

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Step 4: Try Scripting

This step in how to manifest someone might look similar to step 2. A powerful, but underrated, technique in the Law of Attraction is writing things down. 

Simply writing things might seem plain and unexciting.

But know that thought and words, when released into the universe, are extremely powerful. Take full advantage of this.

So, write what you want in your person, just like in step 2 and 3. But this time, write it as if it’s already manifested in your life. Write in present tense.

For example, you could write it like a diary entry: describe the day you’ve had with the person of your dreams.

Include as many details as possible, and make sure to involve your senses.

The smell of coffee that your lover made for you in the morning. The sound of their voice after they’ve woken up. Whatever details you need to be fully immersed in this vision.

Many goal-setting gurus cite this as a good way to attract what you want. And it is a powerful law to follow if you want to manifest someone in your life and get rid of limiting beliefs.

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Step 5: Affirmations – Speak What You Want To See

You know how we mentioned words being powerful in the previous step?

Let’s make those words even more powerful by speaking them out loud. Make this a daily practice.

Make statements that support your vision and turn them into affirmations that you can repeat once, twice or three times a day.

Many people prefer to do this while looking at themselves in the mirror.

But what are affirmations? They are positive statements of faith, and they are used to attract your desires, and also prepare you to receive your love when they come your way.

They can also help you change negative thoughts about yourself into positive ones. 

Here are some examples of positive love affirmations.

  • I am worthy of love. There are no barriers to me receiving love.
  • I’m worthy of an amazing love story.
  • My actions will attract a relationship built on trust and respect.
  • I embody the love that I desire to receive.

Now, here it helps to get a professional manifestation coach to guide you to find the right words and use affirmations that actually help you in your goal of manifesting love.

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Step 6: Act As If Your Soulmate Is Already In Your Life

Now, you don’t need to blab about a make-believe lover to your family and friends if they haven’t been manifested physically yet.

But inwardly and privately, you should behave as if your vision has come true. 

How would you feel if your love was to call you today for a date? Giddy, excited, smiling from ear to ear? Get into that mental zone.

Put on your favorite perfume or cologne. Dress your best before going out anywhere, as if you were going to meet your lover for a night on the town.

Some experts at manifesting suggest to even go as far as making an extra place at your table, as if your special someone will be over for dinner. 

How To Manifest Someone At Table
Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

Your actions and behavior are powerful indicators to the Universe that you are ready to receive.

Actions sometimes have to come before belief. And belief has to come before the actual manifestation process. So act as if you believe. 

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Step 7: Don’t Worry About The ‘How’ – Just Have Faith

You may be concerned about the logic – the ‘How’ – of your vision. You may have limiting beliefs.

  • How will I meet him?
  • Will she come up to me, or should I go up to her first?
  • Where is the best place to meet them?

Don’t worry or be concerned about how your love will come to manifest.

If your vision was specific, and you’re remaining positive, your vision is bound to come true, so why worry about how it will come?

Think of all your favorite real-life love stories. Maybe the love story between your parents, or how your sister met her husband.

These stories tend to be coincidental. It’s likely they found each other in unexpected places and circumstances.

When you worry about the ‘how,’ you’re showing a lack of faith in your vision. Your limiting beliefs or negative beliefs holding you back.

Why do something so pointless?

You’re concerned about how the universe will move in your favor, when you have absolutely no control over that. 

Your job is to simply release your vision to the Universe, speak it daily and be open to the possibilities that come.

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Step 8: Align Your Actions to The Opportunities 

Speaking of possibilities, if you’ve been working on the previous steps diligently, it may be that you will suddenly be presented with many opportunities that support your vision coming true. 

If you’re trying to manifest that special someone in your life, you’ll find that old friends will be inviting you to events, or colleagues may be asking you on dates.

Maybe you’ll just suddenly see a lot more attractive people at your local coffee shop.

This is a positive sign: the Universe has heard you, and is working to align your vision with reality.

So, even if you’re a homebody at heart, know that love probably won’t find you under the blankets at home, eating ice cream. 

The love you envision requires some cooperation, so take this time to say yes to as many opportunities that come your way.

Maybe you’ll even feel an urge or pull to reach out to people you never would have before. Trust this instinct and do so. 

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Step 9: Get Into A Positive Headspace

Manifest Someone With Meditation
Photo by Omid Armin from Unsplash

According to the Law of Attraction, manifestation of love and positive experiences will never work in conjunction with self-doubt, negative- and limiting beliefs. 

Your positive energy can’t thrive inside you, while living alongside negative vibes. It causes a barrier to manifestation.

So do all you can to limit and let go of negative energy and anxiety. Meditation, as a practice, is a proven way to calm the mind, allowing you to think clearly and more positively.

Everything in our life has come as a result of manifestation, either in the positive, or in the negative direction. 

When our minds are fixed on positivity, we are more likely to spot opportunities for happiness, growth, and all good things. 

Negative thoughts do the opposite.

Meditation is also a good way to get into a spiritual state of higher consciousness. Watch the video below to learn more:

Step 10: Tap Into Gratitude 

Besides meditation, another technique to align your thoughts in the positive direction is to practice gratitude. 

Think of all the good things you have in your life, and all the good experiences you’ve lived through.

Think on these things and quietly (or verbally), thank the Universe for them.

Keep a journal to track down what you’re grateful for. Make it a habit to write down even the smallest events of the day that made you smile. 

Aim for writing down at least three things daily, but do write more as they come to mind.

Ideally, you should write it down until you come into a grateful attitude, and more positive thinking. 

This is the key on how to manifest someone that will make your life even better.

Step 11: Believe in Yourself 

A low self-esteem can be a blocker to receiving what, and who, you want to manifest. 

If you don’t believe in yourself – and don’t think you’re worthy to receive such a thing as love – your manifestation journey will end abruptly, and your life will go back to being mediocre.

Believe in yourself. Believe that that special someone is right around the corner.

Believe that when they come, you will be ready to give and receive the love that you yearn for. 

After years of insecurity, it might take some time to truly come to a place of better self-esteem, but keep at it.

Practice positive affirmations, keep a gratitude journal, and meditate to work those common limiting beliefs out of your mind.

Start to see yourself the way your ideal love will see you. 

Step 12: Surrender 

Manifest Someone With Surrender
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez from Unsplash

Now you’ve worked at your manifesting practices, and you are in a more positive vibrational alignment. That being said, your head and thoughts might still get in the way.

At this point, surrender your vision to the Universe. Let go of your expectations

Don’t put a deadline for when someone should arrive in your life. Don’t set expectations for how exactly you will meet someone.

Just stick to your vision and let the universe make the path to your love straight.

Surrender your doubts. Have faith, and keep at it.

Knowing how to manifest someone is fruitless unless you actually do the work and surrender expectations and negativity.

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Step 13: Stick With It 

Manifestation is not a once-off practice. It requires dedication and perseverance.

Think of it as if the Universe is testing your resolve. How badly do you want to manifest someone in your life? 

Many people may give up if they don’t manifest love within a week. Some might go on for longer, but give up after a month.

But you should go the distance. Don’t let go. Keep at the visualization exercises and scripting, the affirmations, and gratitude.

You may not see it, but as you’re working at it with patience, you’re becoming ready to receive love and every good thing.

You’re transforming and growing into the person who will receive the best kind of love from your perfect person.

So hang in there, and don’t give up!

FAQs About How To Manifest Someone

Can I manifest a specific person to like me back?

While the Law of Attraction will work if you want to manifest a specific person, it might not work in the way that you want. 

You maybe receive undesired outcomes.

Why is that? It may be that the Universe wants you to have the love that is perfect and tailor-made for you, but you’re fixating on one specific person that may not be the best fit.

These 13 steps will work, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be happy by trying to manifest a specific person. 

They may change their mind about you and you’ll have an adequate relationship with them.

It could manifest in other ways too. Maybe you’ll appear in their dreams. They may suddenly think of you and be compelled to contact you. 

But a warning: never try to force the power of love. That perfect person is out there, and you’ll find them, regardless if it is a person you know, or someone you have yet to meet.  

What can I do to boost my vibrational energy?

Manifest Someone With Raised Vibrations
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Your vibrations are key to the kind of life you manifest.

Therefore, it is very important in your manifestation journey that you do all you can to boost and keep your vibrations at a high level.

If it’s your free will to attract something phenomenal, here are some good ways to raise your vibrations:

  • spending time in nature (takes care about your mental health), 
  • learning new things, 
  • listening to feel-good music, 
  • exercising regularly, 
  • spending quality time with your family and friends, and
  • expressing gratitude for the things you already have.

Doing these things will create a positive vibe and energy. You’ll be sending signals to the Universe that you’re ready to welcome this special someone into your life.


We’re always constantly manifesting people and experiences into our life, whether we are conscious of it or not.

But now that you’re aware of the entire process, why not learn how to manifest someone that will make your life brighter? 

Your dream partner?
What kind of love do you want to manifest?
What is your exact message to manifest successfully?
Did it happen overnight?

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