31+ Clear Signs Someone Is Manifesting You (2024)

If you’re wondering how to tell whether someone is manifesting you, you’re in the right place.

This guide lists the telltale signs someone is manifesting you to be a part of their own life. 

In my role as a life coach, my clients and I will often explore spiritual topics like these, as well as more practical conversations to help people reach their goals.

So, let’s jump in.

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What Does It Mean When Someone Is Manifesting You

This essentially means that someone is using The Law Of Attraction to try and make you a more prominent part of their life. I’ve actually written a guide on how to manifest someone, which you can read for more detail.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Manifesting You 

Here are 31 of the most common signs that someone might be manifesting you. 

1. You Feel A Deep Need To Connect

Humans are deeply social creatures. We often want to feel connected with others, on some level. But sometimes we feel an intense need to feel an energetic connection with someone on a deep level. If this is happening to you, that’s a strong sign that someone is manifesting you.  

2. You Feel As If Someone Is About To Come Into Your Life

Our intuition will play a key role when it comes to finding out whether someone is manifesting you. A clear sign of this is when you feel someone important is about to enter your life. 

3. You Mysteriously Feel Drawn To Someone

If you see someone new or unfamiliar and feel unexplainably drawn to them, even though you don’t logically understand why, that’s another sign that they might be channeling high vibrational energies to manifest you. 

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4. You Feel As If You’ve Already Met Them

Ever met a stranger and had the strange feeling you’d already crossed paths in the past? That’s another tell that they have been manifesting you. 

Signs Someone Is Manifesting You
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5. You Feel A Sudden Urge To Reach Out To An Old Friend

This is another way your intuition is involved in the manifestation process. When you suddenly feel compelled to reach out to an old acquaintance for no particular reason, their manifestations might be the reason. 

6. They’re On Your Mind For No Reason

Even if you don’t have a strong urge to reach out, it may be that the same person manifesting you pops into your thoughts on a regular basis for no apparent reason. 

7. You Have Experienced Some Unusual Emotional Changes Recently

When someone is manifesting you, it does have an impact on your spiritual energy and this can result in changes to your mood that you’re not used to. 

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8. You Get Messages To Pursue New Ambitions

These could be messages from your intuition or from those closest to you. Maybe it tells you to chase a new job, move cities or to start working with a life coach. Either way, if you’re seeing reasons to take a new path in life, it could be that someone is manifesting you. After all, it’s during new pursuits that we need to build strong connections with new people. 

9. You Bump Into Them Unexpectedly

When you cross paths with a random person in random places in an unexplained way, the explanation might actually be that they were manifesting such a moment.

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10. You Feel Strong Urges To Message Them Out The Blue

Maybe you’re scrolling through old messages and you land on theirs. Perhaps your social media account reminds you of an old acquaintance. This might not be just a coincidence, but the result of this person’s manifestations. 

11. You Get A Vision Of Them

Visions can come during daydreams, meditations and the like. Either way, if you’re getting unexplained visions of a certain person, it might be a result of their manifestations. 

12. Tragedy Leads You To Them

Often, tragedy and chaos leads us to new people. Positive situations too. Either way, these events may have been influenced by the manifestations of others.

13. You’ve Been Selected For An Unexpected Opportunity

Remember, it’s new opportunities that tend to bring us closer to new people. In many cases, a positive opportunity for you could have been influenced by the manifestations of another person. 

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14. Others Lead You To Them

It’s often the case that our existing friends lead us to new friendships. This is an action that may also have been manifested by the new person about to arrive in your life.  

15. Angel Numbers Appear 

An angel number is a hidden message from the universe. If you keep seeing angel numbers related to a certain person, there’s every chance these have been manifested by them. An example of an angel number might be one that represents a new person’s date of birth or an old flame’s apartment number.

16. Feelings Of Deja Vu Strike More Often

‘Deja vu’ is a psychological sensation, which people still struggle to explain. One explanation is that this could be the result of another person manifesting you.  

17. You Feel The Need To Spiritually Connect To Yourself

If you’re finally feeling the need to make a change, whether that’s in your daily life or your connection with yourself, this can sometimes be the result of other people’s manifestations. 

18. A Spiritual Path Leads You To Them

When you’re on a spiritual journey – whether that’s a Vipassana retreat or new daily habits – this is something else that can lead you to new connections. 

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19. You Suddenly Randomly Dream About Them

Other people’s manifestations can have an impact on your dreams after you fall asleep. 

20. You Sense Them When They’re Not Around

Their cologne, the sound of their familiar voice or anything else that might sub-consciously make you think of them… 

21. Other People Mention Them More Than Usual

The behavior of your friends and family members are something that can be manifested. So, if your friends are constantly mentioning a certain person (for seemingly no logical reason) that could be a sign you’re being manifested by them. Keep this in your conscious mind if you can’t help but hear things about a certain person.   

22. You Get A Sudden Epiphany About Your Current Partner (And Want Out)

These sudden epiphanies could be a result of romantic manifestations being made by other people. 

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23. A Kind Person Becomes Your White Knight

You’re in a spot of bother, and a kind stranger comes to save you? This is another situation which may have occurred as a result of others’ manifestations. 

24. You Recognize Them In A Crowd

When you suddenly recognize an old friend in a crowd of strangers, you may suddenly feel compelled to grab their attention. 

25. You Feel A Sign From The Universe

A few of the previous points mentioned signs from the universe. The universe works in mysterious ways. Indeed, when the universe communicates to encourage you to make a certain choice, this could be the result of someone’s manifestations.

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26. Your Friends Suddenly Befriend Them  

If an old friend or a complete stranger suddenly becomes a key part of your existing friendship group, this isn’t always by chance. It could have been manifested. 

27. You See Feathers

Feathers are a key sign from the universe that represent manifestation. If you’re seeing more feathers in your day-to-day life, that could be a good sign that manifestation is occurring to you. 

28. Symbols From The Universe 

Feathers aren’t the only key sign of a sudden change from a higher power. Dogs are supposedly a sign from the universe meaning friendship. Ladybirds and doves are signs of love. These could be subtle signs of manifestion occuring in your life too.  

29. Unexpected Family Ties Lead You To A New Person

This is another surprising situation that can bring you into a person’s life without you having too much power over it. 

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30. A Real Psychic Confirms It

A professional psychic artist, whether they are fortune-tellers, tarot readers or other types of spiritual professionals – often have the ability to sense when some other person is manifesting you. 

31. They Admit It

When a person has made an effort to manifest you and it seems their efforts have worked, they will often not be able to help but admit the crazy thing they did to attract you. At this point, you can remove all the guesswork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s round off this article with some answers to some frequently asked questions about this topic. 

How To Know If Your Ex Is Manifesting You 

There are several signs of romantic manifestation mentioned in the list above, but the most obvious sign your ex is manifesting you is that he’s the one that keeps appearing, (whether that’s physically, in conversation or in your subconscious).

How To Know If A Guy Is Manifesting You 

These signs someone is manifesting you are the same, whether it’s a man or a woman. 

How Do I Know If He Is Manifesting You  

This is something you can only really feel yourself. Hopefully these pointers will make it easier to understand what’s happening.

How To Know If Someone Is Manifesting You In A Dream

There are several ways to manifest another person, but the ways you may feel it happening are the same regardless.

What To Do If Someone Is Manifesting You 

If someone is manifesting you, it’s normal to be a bit skeptical. But what should you do? You don’t have to do anything. You always have free will. 

Reach out and speak to them if you want, but don’t feel pressured to do so. This specific person is manifesting you, because they want an emotional connection and to be a bigger part of their life, but you don’t have to comply with their wishes. At the same time, it could be just what you need.

Any More Questions About The Signs Someone Is Manifesting You 

Thanks for reading my blog post about the manifestation journey. But what did you think about it?

If you have any questions or final thoughts about this topic – or other signs to add to my list – I would love to hear about it. 

You could leave a comment below.

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.