Can You Manifest Multiple Things At Once? – 11 Tips (2024)

If you’ve heard of manifestation and The Law Of Attraction, you may be wondering: can you manifest multiple things at once?

The short answer is: yes. But it’s not always simple. There are few tips you’ll need to know to make it easier.

In my job as a certified life coach, these are the sorts of tips I’m often sharing with my clients. 

Read on for 11 tips to help you manifest multiple things at the same time

Let’s dive right into it.

Manifest Multiple Things
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1. How To Manifest

Manifestation is the art of attracting something into your life through thoughts, faith and positive energy.

It’s an intentional process based on The Law of Attraction. However, it’s also said that everything we have in our lives has come as a result of manifestation, either conscious or unconscious.

The Law Of Attraction states that we attract what our mind chooses to focus on.

The thing is: there is always so much going on around us in this universe. It’s impossible for us to focus on all of it.

That’s why it’s helpful to take steps to consciously focus on what we want to manifest.

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When our mind is fixed on positivity, we’re more likely to spot opportunities for success, happiness, growth and all of these great things. On the other hand, if we’re always focused on negative thoughts, we attract negative energy and are more likely to start manifesting bad things into our personal reality.

Manifestation isn’t a magic trick. It requires sustained effort, desire and faith to manifest your dream life through the power of thought. Yet, The Law Of Attraction can have a tremendous impact on your life if you utilise it properly.

Many successful people have publicly cited manifestation as a secret to their success.

There are many ways to practice manifestation including:

  • positive affirmations;
  • meditations;
  • journaling;
  • goal-setting;
  • gratitude diaries.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can use these actions to manifest multiple things into your life at once.

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2. Can You Manifest Two Things At Once?

It is possible to manifest two things into your life at the same time. In fact, it is often argued that everything we have in life has arrived as a result of manifestation. We are subconsciously manifesting multiple things all the time.

In this guide, we will explore how to manifest two things (or more) into your reality. This will include the difficulties that can pop up when manifesting multiple things, and how to overcome them.

Indeed, it’s not as easy to manifest multiple things as it is to focus on a single manifestation.

That’s why it’s often recommended to begin focusing on one desire you want to manifest if you’re new to this practice.  

How To Manifest
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3. How Many Things Can You Manifest At Once?

The Law Of Attraction puts no limits on the amount of things you can manifest. You have the freedom to try and manifest as much as you like. Technically, you are manifesting everything you are experiencing in your life right now.

The only limits on what you can consciously manifest are caused by your fear, lack of desire or lack of self-belief.

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4. Is It Bad To Manifest Multiple Things?

There is nothing inherently bad about having multiple desires in your life and wanting to manifest them.

Most likely, you are already wishing you had more money in your bank account, a new job, more friends, more success etc.

What’s more, it is absolutely possible to manifest all of these things at the same time. 

With that said, there are difficulties that can arise when you try to do this.

  • A lack of clear priorities. To successfully attract your desires into your life, you need to perform your manifestation exercises with unwavering belief and desire. If you want to manifest multiple things at the same time, that’s a sign you’re unsure about your priorities. A lack of clear priorities can make it harder to manifest with full intensity. 
  • It can be hard work. If you want to manifest two things, you should be prepared to work twice as hard. It’s not as if you can focus half as much on two things and get them both. That’s not how the manifestation process works. You’ll need to put the same intensity into manifesting both of your desires. 
  • You might get discouraged. Manifestation is a skill which is likely to require all your mental capacity. Manifesting more than one thing at once is particularly difficult. So, you may get discouraged if the universe decides you’re too unfocused. If you’re new to manifestation, you might want to begin focusing on one thing, just to prove to yourself that The Law Of Attraction works. Then, you can try and manifest multiple things once you’re more skilled at this process. 

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5. How Do You Manifest Many Things At Once?

Manifest At Once
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Manifesting more than one thing at once is difficult, but these tips will put you on the right track.

  • Decide what you want to manifest and why. You need unwavering desire and belief to manifest your dreams into reality. So, don’t add extra things just for the sake of it. You should know exactly what you want and why. Rough ideas aren’t good enough for the manifestation process to work. 
  • Pick desires that support each other. It’s common for people to try to manifest their dream partner. It’s also customary to want to manifest opportunities to travel overseas. But can you see the problem with manifesting both at the same time? They conflict with each other. If your spouse shows up in your home country, there’s a great chance that’ll harm your chances of travelling the world (unless they come with you). It’s no good manifesting conflicting desires. If you’re going to manifest more than one thing at once, make sure they support each other.   
  • Categorize your desires. When you’re manifesting multiple things, it’s often good to go one step deeper and ask why you want them. When you do this, you’ll often see your desires all surround one feeling. Let’s say you’re trying to manifest weight loss and you also want to be able to afford designer clothes. There’s both feed into the desire to feel (or be seen as) more beautiful. In this case, it’s best to do exercises around that one feeling (self-love), rather than two separate culminations of that.
  • Visualize both desires simultaneously. A lot of manifestation exercises surround visualising your completed goals. The most effective way to do this for multiple manifestations is to create visualizations of you having completed all the things you want.
  • Remove all obstacles. Most people have obstacles getting in the way of their dreams. It’s your job to eliminate as many of them as you can. This is especially crucial when you’re trying to hit multiple goals at once.
  • Take the required actions. The idea of manifestation isn’t to just “imagine it and it will arrive”. It’s simply a tool to help give you the focus, inspiration and vision to make things happen. You’ll still have to work hard to get it. That’s the only way you’ll get the big things you want in life.

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6. How To Do Written Manifestations

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Written manifestations can be very powerful because writing your goals down makes them real. They’re no longer part of a dream world.

When you write something down by hand, you’ll often focus harder on it too, if only because it takes more time and concentration to hand-write anything.  

Try buying a special manifestation journal and writing each of your desires in it 55 times every day. That’s a lot, but this extra effort will embed your desires deeper into your subconscious mind. Be clear about exactly what you want – and write in the present tense as if you already have it. 

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7. Can You Manifest On Your Phone?

You can perform written manifestations on your phone, although hand-written manifestations tend to be more powerful, due to the extra effort needed and the simple fact that they are tangible.

There are also several apps that have been created to assist you with manifesting and to help you stay focused on your goals.

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8. Can You Manifest For Someone Else?

It is widely believed that you can help other people achieve great things by putting positive  energy into the universe for them.

At the same time, this person will ultimately need the will and desire to make it happen for themselves.

You can’t manifest something for a friend or family member that they don’t want deeply in their heart.

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9. Is it Bad To Manifest Something Multiple Times?

No. In fact, consistency is an important part of successful manifesting. You shouldn’t expect to manifest your dreams into reality overnight. The key is to stay positive and to visualize your success over a prolonged period.  

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10. Self-Belief Is Key

In case it hasn’t been made incredibly clear, I’d like to emphasise the importance of self-belief when it comes to manifesting a better reality.

It’s normal to be feeling frustrated if you’ve been working hard and still haven’t manifested your dream life. 

In these moments, your job is to keep your emotions in check and remain faifhtul to the process. The universe works in mysterious ways. Your time will come when it’s supposed to.

For extra support, check out this list of 13 Signs Your Manifestation Is Close. 

11. Get A Manifestation Coach

Manifestation isn’t easy. It requires a lot of patience and mental strength, especially if you’re manifesting multiple things.

If you’re struggling to work with the universe to make great things happen, consider working with a Manifestation Coach or Law of Attraction Coach.

These are professionals who have manifested great things into their lives – and work to help others do the same.

The first thing a manifestation coach will do is to help make sure you’re manifesting the right kind of ideas. As we’ve explored, many people decide to focus on the wrong goals, especially when they’re trying to manifest multiple things at once. 

A key part of a coach’s job is also to help you explore your feelings and emotions around creating your dream life. While it’s important to feel good and be excited about your manifestations, most people have a fear of success which can hold them back.   

Manifestation coaches also have the ability to teach you the best techniques for manifesting and overcoming limiting beliefs about your goals, so you have the freedom to create your dream life without being blocked by your insecurities. 

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Any More Questions About Manifesting Multiple Things At The Same Time?

Thanks for reading my article! I hope you have a better idea about how manifesting works now.

In this moment, I imagine you might still have some questions on this complicated topic. You can leave a question in the comments section below if that is the case.

Feel free to tell me about what you want to manifest in the future. It would also be great to hear stories of big or small things you’ve manifested in the past.

I’d love to hear how you guys are feeling about this idea – and will do my best to respond to all of your comments.

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