Aries Man Confused In Love: 18 Signs  (2024) And What To Do

Are you dealing with an Aries man confused in love? Don’t be surprised. It’s one of their most prominent characteristics. This guide is here to help.

Below, you’ll find a summary of the typical Aries man in love, how to know whether he really likes you and what to do when he is showing signs of confusion.

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients gain a better understanding of the people closest to them in their life. That’s why I’m excited to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in. 

Is It Hard For An Aries Man To Fall In Love?

An Aries man is often extremely flirtatious. You can expect him to be the life of any party. It’s rare you’ll see a lack of confidence during the courtship period. More likely, he will sweep you off your feet with his impressive charm and series of romantic actions.

However, when he gets into serious relationships, it’s common that his partners will find him difficult to read. 

This could partly be because he’s scared to give his heart away. Indeed, this could happen with any man who has been hurt in the past, especially one as socially confident as an Aries guy tends to be. On top of that, Aries men tend to show their love with actions rather than words, which can lead some women to become confused about their intentions.

For these reasons, they can come off as distant and mysterious, instead of warm and loving.

Why Does The Aries Man Not Openly Confess His Love?

The tendency to not confess romantic feelings with words is a common trait of this star sign.

Of the five love languages, an Aries man is unlikely to give or respond to words of affirmation. Instead, they’re more likely to be drawn towards acts of service or gifts.

No matter who you’re in a relationship with, it’s important to be aware of the five love languages, and understand which language your partner responds well to.

Just because an Aries man shows affection in a way you’re not used to, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have true feelings for you.     

Aries Man Confused In Love
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How Do You Know If An Aries Man Is Serious About You?

In this section of the guide, you’ll discover the key signs that an Aries man likes you.

1. He Makes Romantic Gestures

An Aries man believes actions speak louder than words. So, even if he doesn’t talk about how much he likes you, you can expect an Aries man in love to show you.

His romantic gestures could vary depending on his personality. They could range from small notes left on your pillow to huge gifts for no reason. For him, these are more telling words of affirmation, which he tends to see as and often cheesy love confessions.  

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2. He Wants To Introduce You To This Family

When an Aries man is in love, he will want to show (rather than talk about) what an important part of his life you are. One way he’ll do this is by making a point of introducing you to other important people in his life, including his family and best friends.

3. He Will Invite You To Join Him Almost Anywhere

Aries men embody a ram’s characteristics, and this includes preferring to live their life as part of a flock.  

Once he’s in a fully committed relationship, you can therefore expect him to invite you to pretty much anything he is doing. He wants to show what he’s interested in and for you to be a key part of his world. 

4. He Wants To Meet Your Friends

When an Aries man is in love, he will rarely be afraid to integrate with your friends and family. In fact, he’ll probably be passionate about doing this. For him, this is another gesture which shows he wants to be a big part of your life.  

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5. He Will Take You On A Lot Of Fun Dates

Dating an Aries man tends to be a lot of fun. An Aries is often passionate about taking his special lady to unique and exciting date venues. He’s not afraid to spend money on new experiences, especially if he’s joined by a partner he really cares about. It’s on these dates you’re most likely to see his serious romantic side. 

6. He Will Surprise You

An Aries guy loves to surprise the woman he’s dating. For him, this is another fun and caring way to show his affection. 

7. He Will Be Chivalrous 

Chivalry isn’t dead in the eyes of an Aries guy. The traditional chivalrous gestures will be a key part of your love life if you get into a relationship with this zodiac sign. 

8. He Puts You First

Once this guy has fallen in love, you can expect him to prioritize you over other friends or individual pursuits. There’s no need to sit around waiting for his phone call. If you need something, ask him and he’ll be there to help if you can. This is how you can tell that he sees you as a big part of his life. 

9. He Pampers You 

Aries men want you to relax. They’re the type of guys to run you a hot bath, or give you a late-night massage after you’ve had a stressful day at work. 

10. He Protects You

If you get into a fight with one of your friends, he’s the type of person to step in and defend you. While this guy is rarely an expert conversationalist in his relationships, this is one situation in which you can expect him to express his feelings for you through words, albeit indirectly.   

11. He Dresses To Impress

An Aries man in love isn’t one to let his romantic relationships become stale. He is conscious about keeping up his acts of affection long into his love relationship. This includes dressing to impress his partner whenever he has time to do so. 

How Do You Know If An Aries Man Is Hiding His Feelings?

A male Aries is most likely to hide his feelings in conversations about your relationship. Aries is one of the zodiac signs that struggles to express themselves through words (it’s true of an Aries woman too, although to a lesser extent). If you force this upon him, you’ll often make him shut down his emotions.

But how are you meant to know if he’s hiding that he really likes you? Here are some telltale signs to look out for.   

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12. He Avoids The ‘What Are We?’ Conversation

This guy really doesn’t like to have labels enforced on his relationship. If you make a point of asking him what you are, he’s likely to laugh it off or try to change the subject. It’s just part of his personality, so don’t panic.

But don’t let him off the hook either. Make it clear that you want to be his partner, if that’s what you want. It’s important that you’re on the same page about these sorts of things. 

Often, he’ll come around to the idea after about a week and agree (in private at least) that he wants to be your partner too.  

13. He Doesn’t Talk About Marriage

Many women are looking for a clear sign that their partner will propose one day, but they’re unlikely to get one from an Aries. This is another symptom of him wanting to avoid labels. That’s not to say he’ll never propose to you. But he doesn’t like being pressured to put a time frame on it.

14. He Puts On An ‘Alpha’ Front

When your Aries avoids talking about his feelings, he’ll usually do so by acting like a tough guy. He’ll put on a front and act as if talking about your emotions is for women only. This behavior is often labelled under ‘toxic masculinity’, but he’s not necessarily that type of person. He just chooses this way to hide his feelings in certain situations.

15. You’ll Get A Glimpse Of His Ego

This star sign has a very solid idea of who he’s supposed to be. If getting into a romantic relationship clashes with his self-image, he’ll often relapse into ‘player’ mode temportarily. This is his fear showing. It’s far from his most healthy habits, but no-one is perfect. If he really loves you, he won’t go as far as cheating on you. 

16. You’ll See Physical Signs Of Fear

Some Aries men are so uncomfortable with conversations about love that they’ll show physical signs of fear if you force them into one. Look out for fidgeting, heavy breathing and a trembling voice, among other signs.

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17. He’ll Mention Privacy

This guy will usually mention a desire for privacy to get out of awkward conversations about his relationships. This is especially common when other people ask him out about his dating life.

18. His Past Wounds Get In The Way

If you notice he gets in a weird mood during specific conversations, there’s a good chance you’re triggering his past traumas. If you can, ask him questions about his past experiences with other women and his family members too.

It’s rare that he’ll be an open book about the bad things that happened to him, but if you can discover them, you can become aware enough to not trigger them.  

How Do You Know If An Aries Man Is Lying?

An Aries is rarely one of the zodiac signs to straight-up lie to their partner. They detest mind games and would prefer a drama-free relationship. More likely, when they get uncomfortable sharing their feelings, they will try to change the subject or find a reason why they don’t want to talk about it.

When an Aries man does tell you how feels, you can usually rely on him to be honest about it.   

How To Respond To An Aries Guy

Let’s round off this guide with some tips on how to respond when an Aries man behaves in a certain way.

Aries Guy
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Aries Man Turned Cold

Honestly, the best step to make is to give him space. Getting frustrated or shouting at him isn’t going to help. It’s better to step back, allow him to gather his thoughts and let him show his lady love in a way that makes him more comfortable.

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Aries Man Pretends Not To Care

This is a defence mechanism that usually comes when he’s forced into an emotional conversation he’s not ready for. Again, getting upset or pressuring him more isn’t going to get you what you want. A better strategy is to keep things light-hearted and playfully tell him that he doesn’t need to hide anything from you. Show him he has nothing to be afraid of.

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Aries Man Mixed Signals

An Aries man might appear to give mixed signals at the very start of a courtship, but that’s partly because he’s often a hyper-social guy who interacts with a lot of women. Once he has a partner, he actually believes he’s giving clear signals of affection. You might be interpreting these as mixed signals, because he’s more comfortable showing love through actions than words.

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Aries Man Weakness In Love

An Aries man enjoys a partner who is assertive and sure about what he wants, just as he often is deep down. He particularly enjoys being the protector and provider of his partner, as is his role as the masculine leader of a relationship. The other zodiac signs they’re said to be most compatible with are: a Gemini woman, a Leo woman or a Sagittarius woman.  

Aries Man Expressing Feelings

Out of all the astrological signs, an Aries is among the most comfortable expressing their feelings. It’s just that they much prefer to do it through actions instead of words. If their partner is someone who prefers the opposite, this could lead to confusion and worry on their part. Hopefully, this post will help put an end to that.

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Aries Man Talking About The Future

An Aries man can often get uncomfortable talking about the future. He’s far more comfortable showing you that he wants you to be a big part of his world for many years. This is a part of his personality that a partner is best of accepting and embracing. 

Any More Questions About An Aries Man Confused In Love?

Thanks for reading my guide about Aries men in love. I hope you understand more about this star sign now.

If you have any questions about love and how it relates to the zodiac wheel, feel free to leave them in the comments below. 

It’d be great to hear from you and I’d be happy to take a shot answering your queries.

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