11 Tips How To Give A Guy Space Without Losing Him In 2024

When you notice a man withdrawing from a relationship to get space, it’s common to panic. Since you don’t want to lose this person you’re attached to, you may strive to pressure him back into the relationship.

And that’s where you’ll go wrong.

Coming from a man and a coach, discover tips on how to give a guy space without losing him in this article.

Let’s dive right into it.

How To Give A Guy Space Without Losing Him
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1. Refrain From Punishing Him for Wanting Space

It likely hurts when your man wants to get space. However, do not hurt him too with any sort of punishment. You firstly have to realize that him wanting space isn’t meant to hurt you. It probably isn’t even about you.

He may be pulling away for these reasons:

  • He’s afraid that he’s getting too attached and wishes to build up his defenses again (many men pull away when they realize they’re starting to fall in love)
  • He is not doing well in a certain aspect of his life and is trying to hide it
  • He’s transitioning to a man he doesn’t think you’d like

Sometimes guys need alone time to deal with issues and this might even get you closer together.

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2. Trust Him

Little else drives a man away faster like lack of trust in a relationship. So don’t take his need for space as him cheating or losing interest in you. 

Instead, trust that he has valid reasons why he wants space and that you’re not going to lose him. This alone can help you give your boyfriend space but without fretting about your insecurities or beating yourself up for his decision.

3. Choose to Be Occasionally Unavailable

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You don’t have to avoid picking all his calls. This tip is meant to help you ground yourself with self-control so that the guy realizes you have a life going on and it’s not just about spending time with him.

This means:

  • You don’t have to cancel your plans simply because he called after so much time
  • You shouldn’t text and call him frequently
  • You can make him wait for you to call and text back every now and then

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4. Try Understanding Why He Needs Space

Instead of interrogating him with assumptions and accusations, find a way to understand why he might be needing space. Say something like:

  •  “I respect your need for space but I’d love to understand why. Would you mind telling me?” 
  • “I’ve noticed some distance in our relationship and it makes me feel like (insert feeling). Is there anything I need to know?”
  • “How can I help?”

Even if your man handles your polite requests poorly, the important thing is that you’ve done your best striving to understand him.

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5. Set Timelines and Boundaries

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While needing space isn’t a bad thing, you shouldn’t base how you handle your life on the actions of your man. Therefore, when he asks for space, let him have it but inform him that you’ll need the relationship to resume at some point.

Also, instead of keeping it open-ended and random, set boundaries around sex, him having other relationships, and so forth. This will ensure that things don’t get out of hand and also help you know whether they’re serious about you.

6. Rarely Text or Call Him

One huge mistake a lot of women make is calling and texting every day to bring the man back to them. If you do the same, this might push him away and even worse, lead you to total rejection. 

But since it’s good to keep in touch, make it an occasional habit to check in on them. Depending on your communication habits, minimize the times you call or text immensely.

7. Make Your Time Together Count

While providing him some space, it’s smart to spend time together every now and then. When you do, make sure you have quality time by being your best self and doing what makes you both happy.

When this man thinks about you, they should associate you with good feelings. So do your best to make him feel better and in case any misunderstanding comes up, work on it gently, being kind to one another. All this will make him want to get back to you.

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8. Enjoy Your Life Without a Partner

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To avoid developing insecure behaviors when your guy needs space, it’s vital to enjoy your life during the time apart. Besides, men like a girl who can enjoy their own life without needing them. 

So take your time alone to go out with friends, develop new relationships, and even indulge in new hobbies. When your man knows you’re enjoying life on your own, it’ll be tough to let you go since he’ll want to be a part of your life.

9. Occasionally Send Him Your Most Beautiful Memories

Psychologists confirm that memories awaken emotions. You can use this fact to avoid losing him when giving him space. Determine the memories that meant a lot to him and find the best pictures that capture emotions of love, happiness, and everything positive in your time spent together.

Doing this would remind the guy of what you had hence provoking a desire to hold onto you. One intimate picture every once in a while can do the trick.

10. Do Your Best to Look Good

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Men are visual creatures. They’re highly attracted by how you look before anything else. So, the best way to make him wish you were together is to look your best when showing up physically and on social media.

This will also serve to lightly get him jealous since he’ll understand that other men are also seeing how good you look. However, be careful to not start obsessing over your looks to an extent of making them a basis for your self-worth.

11. Communicate When You’d Like to Resume the Relationship

After some time thinking, let him know a reasonable timeline for getting back together. This will help set you up for a healthy relationship and also prevent any consequences of a man playing the love game.

So, let him know that you understand that he needs some space while offering a reasonable deadline for it.

Answering Your Most Pressing Questions on Giving a Guy Space

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Adding onto the tips, this Q & A will help you understand how to deal with your man when giving him space.

Does giving a man space work?

Letting a man have the space he needs can help him become a better partner after dealing with his issues. It’ll also show him how loving and understanding you are, making him want you for a long-term relationship.

Will a man come back if you give him space?

A man can come back after you give him space as long as you keep him from taking you for granted by making him miss you. The tips outlined in this article will help you get your man back even after you give him the space he needs.

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Does giving a guy space make him miss you?

A man who needs space can easily lose interest if you’re simply giving space by cutting off communication completely. However, if you apply the tips mentioned above, you can make him miss you a lot.

Is he ghosting me or just needs space?

When a guy needs space, he’ll tell you. However, if he fails to communicate but keeps distancing himself, chances are, he’s ghosting you. Keep in mind that this means they’re a coward for not choosing integrity but seeking the easy way. In such cases, you might choose to help him handle things the right way or conclude that he isn’t the man you need.


Your man may need space to handle some issues in his life — let him have it. However, apply these tips on how to give him space without losing him so he can find his way back to you.

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