41 Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction (2024) Including Subconscious

Wondering if a certain man is attracted to you? Using this list of 41 powerful signs of male attraction, you’ll be able to discover if a man has feelings for you or not.

Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction
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In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients better understand the relationships with those closest to them. 

That’s why I’m excited to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in. 

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What Are The Signs That A Man Is Attracted To A Woman?

How Do Guys Show Their Attraction?

If the world was simple, every person who was attracted to you would approach you and say it. Then, it would be up to you to decide if you’re attracted to them as well.

The world isn’t like that because most guys are conscious of wasting a woman’s time, upsetting her, creeping her out etc. They’re also even more conscious about the potential pain or embarrassment of being rejected. A lot of men have tremendous social anxiety about this sort of thing. 

So, most men will show signs that they’re attracted to you and try to notice how you respond. 

If you respond by showing signs of interest in them, they’ll take that as a green light and begin to show more obvious signs of attraction until they go ahead and admit it.   

This is the dance of flirting.

As a woman, it’s therefore in your interests to be aware of the more subtle signs that men show when they’re attracted to you.

What Are The Signs That A Man Is Attracted To A Woman?

Below, you’ll find a list of the most common signs that man will show if he’s interested in you romantically.  

Attraction Signs From A Man

1. He Tells You

The most obvious and powerful sign. But, as we’ve established, it’s not always this simple. So, let’s explore some more subtle signs.

2. He Compliments Your Appearance 

He might do this in a friendly way, but more often than not, you can take it as a good sign he’s attracted to you.

3. He Tries To Impress You

It’s rare that a man will go out of his way to impress a woman unless he has a level of romantic interest in her.

4. He Tries To Learn About You

If he’s attracted to you, he’ll be starting deep conversations about your personal life and asking about more personal things than you’re used to. If he prys into your relationship status, that’s one of the most obvious signs he’s interested in you romantically. 

5. He Texts You A Lot Just To Chat 

It’s very rare for men to spend time doing this with ‘just friends’. You’ll notice a lot of guys do this when they’re too shy to start conversations in person. 

6. He Invites You To Hang Out

Again, it’s rare for a man to invite a woman to hang out one-on-one without there being some type of physical attraction involved.

7. He Matched With You On A Dating Website

Some women only use dating apps for attention, validation or just to make friends with a cool new person. Guys rarely do this. If he matches you, it’s because he wants to meet you for a date.

8.  He Asks For Your Phone Number

Unless he makes it clear he needs your personal details for platonic reasons, you can assume this is a sure sign of attraction.

9. He Makes Romantic Gestures

It’s super-rare that a man will make a big gesture of affection for a platonic friend. He’ll only do it  to show his romantic intentions. 

How Do You Know If A Man Is Attracted To You Secretly?

10. He Talks Badly About Other Guys In Your Life

Unless these dudes are obvious pieces of trash, a man wouldn’t do this unless he was attracted to you.

11. He’ll Try To Make You Jealous By Talking With Other Women 

These dating ‘mind games’ are despised by both genders, but they do happen a lot.

12. He Competes For Your Attention

If you’re both at a crowded social event and he seems especially keen to talk to you above anyone else, you can take that as a strong sign of a man’s interest.

13. He Tries to Befriend Your Friends

It’s possible he’s just a friendly person, but it’s more likely he’s trying to get in their good books to get a good recommendation.

14. That Spark In His Eyes

He might be trying to hide his attraction to you, but the eyes are the windows to the soul. They reveal the truths that won’t leave his lips. The spark is difficult to put into words, but you’ll know it when you see it. You don’t need to gaze deeply for a close search. 

To learn more about the power of eye contact, check out my previous article on the signs that soulmates connect through the eyes

15. He Can’t Help But Smile In Your Presence 

Perhaps he’s trying to play it cool, but if you spot that he’s unusually happy in your presence, you can take that as a sign he’s secretly attracted to you.

16. He Seems Distracted

On the surface, this might seem like an indicator of disinterest. However, men often appear distracted around their crush because they’re trying to think of the perfect thing to say or do at all times. 

17. His Friends Will Know It

He may have confessed his attraction to his friends, or they might be smart enough to realize that he has a huge crush on you. 

Subconscious Signs Of Male Attraction

18. His Pupils Dilate

Dilated pupils are arguably the most well-known subconscious indicator of attraction.

19. He Looks You Up And Down

When you spot him ‘checking out’ your body, please know this is often a subconscious indicator of physical attraction.

20. He Stares At Your Lips

It’s a sign he wants to kiss you, often completed subconsciously.

21. A Slow Low-Pitched Voice

This is a seductive speaking style that men will often subconsciously adopt when trying to attrac a woman.

22. He’ll Move Closer To You

Do you find that he’s always nearby even when you’re in crowded social settings? This is a sign that he feels comfortable and excited in your presence.  

23. His Attention Is Always On You

You’re in social settings with lots of people talking, but he’s always paying attention to what you’re doing? This is potentially one of the most undeniable signs of attraction.

24. He Finds It More Difficult To Relax 

Do you notice him fidgeting or showing other physical signs of nerves? Most likely, it’s because he’s attracted and is nervous about impressing you. People tend to get nervous around their crush, but not their friends.  

25. He’s Trying Harder To Have A Good Time 

In his mind, he’s going to appear more attractive to you if he’s smiling, having a good time and being the life of the party. If you notice him trying extra hard to appear like that in your presence, you can take that as a sign of romantic interest. 

Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction Body Language

26. He Invades Your Personal Space

Is he standing or sitting close to you, even when there’s no need? Take this as one of the more obvious physical signs of attraction.

27. He’s Comfortable When You Get Close To Him

When an attractive woman deliberately invades his space, a man will usually accept it. If he’s not interested in her (or isn’t romantically available), he’ll step back to give her more space.

Does he accept your physical touch or tense up? The answer will give you huge clues as far as his attraction towards you. 

28. He Touches You Unecessarily

Maybe he’s just a ‘touchy-feely’ person, but more likely he’s trying to initiate physical contact as a way to flirt with you. Physical touch is a great way for a man to get a sense of your attraction to him, because you’ll either accept it or tense up and back away. 

29. He Opens Up 

Closed-off body language means disinterest. Open body language means someone is open to communicating with that person. This is one of the body language signs everyone should understand.

30. He Smiles

Smiling is a clear sign of friendship, but it could mean something more too.

31. He Mirrors Your Body Language 

This is another of the most well-known facts about reading body language that many dating and relationship experts will recommend. If he’s mirroring your actions and facial expressions, this is a subtle sign that a girl or guy likes you. Perhaps you can deliberately change up your body language as your crush talks to you and notice if he acts the same way. 

32. He Dances Close To You

If you want to know if a man likes you, dance with him and read his body language. If he’s comfortable dancing close, it’s a good sign that he’s physically attracted to you.

33. You’ll Know It In His Pants

How to explain this without being vulgar? There’s a certain body part that will stand to attention when you get physically close and he’s experiencing sexual attraction towards you. 

Signs Of Deep Attraction

34. A Passionate Kiss

You’ll get a sense of how much attraction he has by the way he kisses you. The more passion he has for you, the more passionately he’ll kiss you. 

35. He Wants To Take Your Clothes Off

This is perhaps the most obvious sign of strong attraction.

36. He Prioritises You

If he’s taking time away from his busy schedule to spend time with you, that’s a reliable indicator of deep romantic interest. The more he puts you first, the more important you are in his life.

37. He Introduces You To His Loved Ones

This is another sure sign that he wants you to be an important part of his life. 

38. He Listens Intently

When you talk, does he listen like it’s only you in this world? It might just be that you’re a compelling story-teller, but more likely it’s because he’s romantically interested in you. 

39. He Ditches Other Romantic Interests For You 

We now live in a ‘hook-up culture’, where it’s completely normal for men and women to date multiple people simultaneously. If he’s ditching every other woman he was interested in, you can take that as a great sign that he’s deeply attracted to you.

40. He Makes Plans With You For The Future

If he’s making plans for you to spend time together way into the future, you can bet this is more than physical attraction. More likely, he sees you as a potential partner. 

41. He’s Always There When You Need Him

Can you always trust him to be at your side when you need someone? That’s a clear sign of deep emotional attraction.

How Do You Tell If Men Are Attracted To You?

If you’ve read this guide and you’re still not sure if this person is interested in you, there’s one simple thing you can do to know for sure. Flirt with him!

You have a list of ways to show your attraction above. Show these signs to him – or simply tell him you find him attractive. Don’t be shy! This assertiveness is something a lot of guys find attractive. 

If he responds well, you’ll know for sure that he’s interested in you.

If he doesn’t, at least you’ll know that now and will be able to move on with your life.  

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Any Questions About The Signs Of Male Attraction?

Thanks for reading my guide. Male attraction really isn’t that difficult to spot once you know the signs – and there are so many signs to look for! 

Men Are Attracted To You
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Hopefully, you’ll now notice the most powerful signs of male attraction when a man shows them.

If you have any questions on male attraction, feel free to leave a comment below. 

It would be great to hear from you.

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