41 Clear Signs of a Unicorn Guy (2024)

Every woman deserves a perfect partner..

They deserve someone who will make them feel like they are the most important person in the world. Someone caring, hardworking, and a good partner

But how do you find this elusive creature known as “a unicorn guy?”

In this article, we discuss 41 signs of an elusive guy.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

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Signs of a Unicorn Guy

Let’s get right into it.

Who is a Unicorn Guy?

I want you to think about that dreamy guy you always read about in romance novels.

What are his characteristics?

On most occasions, he’s sweet, handsome, hardworking, and a gentleman. Basically, he’s too good to be true.

This is what a unicorn guy looks like.

A unicorn guy is a special kind of man. He embodies all the characteristics of a dream guy. He is caring, puts you first, and never does anything to hurt you.

However, just like the mythological creature, unicorn guys are hard to come by and are nothing like your average boyfriend.

Difference Between a Unicorn Guy and the Average Boyfriend

Think about your last few boyfriends.

How do they compare to the male protagonist in your favorite novel or movie?

On most occasions, they don’t even rank close to this perfect guy.

With unicorn men, you don’t have to keep begging for attention. You are always among their top priorities.

As opposed to the average boyfriend who puts himself first before anyone else, is clingy and needy, makes hurtful comments behind your back, and ghosts you more than once, the unicorn man is different. He is always happy to see you, can talk to you about anything and everything, is reasonable, and always supports you.

Do you know of such a guy?

Keep reading to learn more on how to identify a unicorn man.

Signs of a Unicorn Guy

Signs of a Unicorn Guy

#1. He Attentively Listens to You

Let’s be honest.

Most men are bad listeners.

When you’re talking to them, they are more focused on what they want to say and not really about the person in front of them.

This is why men who listen are so rare.

Unicorn men know how much it means when someone gives their undivided attention and listens deeply for understanding.

A unicorn man will attentively listen to his girlfriend like she was the most important person on Earth.

He might even ask questions and show genuine interest in your life! When this guy loves you, he wants nothing but to make sure that you feel heard.

#2. He Cares About What You Think

Very few men will ask about your opinion when it comes to important decisions.

However, a unicorn man will always ask for your opinion. Whether it’s about a significant life decision or just a minor decision he’s making, a unicorn guy will always want to know what you think.

And it’s not just asking. Unicorn guys also put your views into consideration when making decisions.

#3. He Cares About How You Feel

Other than caring about what you think, a unicorn guy also cares about your emotions.

He cares about what’s going on in your life and how you feel.

When sad, he makes a genuine effort to help lift your moods or help whenever he can. Rather than just asking about your feelings and offering a quick fix, he takes time to provide real contributions.

#4. He isn’t Afraid to Share his Future Plans

Think about your previous boyfriends. How many took the time to discuss their plans with you?

In most instances, very few were willing to share.

Most men will shy away from sharing their plans.

However, unicorn guys don’t shy from sharing their future plans. If you’re dating a unicorn guy, you probably know what his plans for you are.

#5. He Makes a Real Effort Not to Fall in the Rut

Let’s be honest!

Most guys will only put an effort during the courting stage of your relationship. However, once you get serious, they fall into a rut and stop doing all the nice things they did before.

However, unicorn guys understand that dating is a continuous process even after you’re in a relationship.

Unicorn guys put in the effort to keep your love fire burning.

He’ll organize date nights, sends you fresh flowers, sweet messages, and perform thoughtful gestures even if you’ve been dating for a while.

If you’re dating such a guy, you have a unicorn man.

#6. Doesn’t Hide his Character

While he’ll still maintain some form of mystery, a unicorn guy never hides his character.

Unicorn guys are always open about themselves with you.

They’ll tell you about their past relationships so there won’t be any surprises. They’ll offer honest opinions on their stand on different issues and will make their thoughts known openly with no aggression or passive-aggressiveness toward others.

If he doesn’t want marriage or kids, he’ll tell you upfront.

Unicorn men are against falsification and would rather you know the real them earliest in the relationship.

#7. He is Clear About What He Wants

Unicorn guys will be clear about what they want and don’t want.

It’s not hard to figure out if he wants kids or marriage, where he wants to live, how often you should see each other. Unicorn guys are straightforward in expressing their thoughts.

The problem with most ‘nice guys’ is that they’ll never tell you what they honestly think of your relationship status for fear that it would hurt your feelings. Most will hide their intentions and lack the confidence to articulate what they want.

This leaves a woman frustrated when she tries discussing her plans with him but can’t find an answer from his vague responses.

#8. He is Great in Bed

One of the most common complaints we get from women in our couples coaching is selfish lovers.

Most men only care about their needs. They rarely think about what the woman wants.

However, unicorn guys are different.

A unicorn man takes pleasure in pleasuring you.

Sex with him doesn’t start and end in the bedroom. With a unicorn man, seduction begins even before you enter the bedroom and lingers on even long after.

#9. He Is Emotionally Present

When it comes to emotional connection, the real key is a man who can be there for you.

This could mean coming over when he knows you’re feeling down or cheering you up after a long day at work.

The unicorn guy will put in the time and effort to show that he cares about your well-being outside of what benefits him personally.

What woman doesn’t want this?

#10. He Believes in You

Ever had a boyfriend who always used to put you down? Someone who never believed you’d achieve what you set out to do?

A unicorn man is different.

Rather than shoot you down, a unicorn guy will be your best cheerleader.

Whether it’s signing up for a marathon, starting a business, or going for a promotion at work, a unicorn man will always believe in whatever you set out to do.

He’ll never let himself get in the way of you achieving your goals and ambitions.

#11. He’s Got Your Back

Picture this: you’re having dinner with your friends when suddenly someone makes a rude comment about the way you look.

You turn to give them an icy stare and see that they’ve already been put in their place by your unicorn guy.

He’s got your back at all times. Whether it’s defending you from strangers or lending a listening ear to what matters to you, he always has time for his partner.

It means so much more than physical protection. Having your back should also include emotional safeguarding as well!

A unicorn man will be there whenever things start getting tough on either end of the spectrum-whether it’s mental health struggles like depression or anxiety or simply supporting each other through hard times.

#12. Your Dreams and Ambitions are Important to Him

A unicorn guy always supports your dreams and ambitions, even if he doesn’t understand them.

He’s not the type to scoff or discourage you from following your heart. Instead, he believes in you just as much as he believes in himself.

A unicorn man will never make you feel guilty for putting yourself first so that you can achieve all of your goals. They’ll be right there cheering on every step along the way with open arms.

Whether at school or in the workforce, if you want to learn something, a good man never tells her no because of the “women should stay home” mentality.

Unicorn guys always want their women to succeed in whatever they do, so long as it makes them happy!

#13. Knows How to Respect Women Regardless of their Relationship

“Watch how a man treats his mother, and that will tell you everything about how he’ll treat you.”

Yes! How a man treats his mother is an indication of his view of women.

However, it shouldn’t only be his mother.

Unicorn guys treat all women with respect regardless of their relationship. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a stranger or a close friend; a unicorn man will always be a gentleman to every woman he encounters.

#14. He is the Perfect Balance Between Attachment and Independence

There are three types of guys.

Some follow you everywhere like a lost puppy, while others love their independence. Both these types of men are annoying and would make terrible boyfriends.

The third type is the unicorn man.

Unicorn men have the perfect balance between attachment and independence. While he loves spending time with you. he understands that you have solo pursuits and respects that. He also has solo plans that he doesn’t expect you to be part of.

#15. Always Finds a Way to Make you Smile

The perfect man is someone who always finds a way to make you smile.

Even when your day has been rough and dark, he will always find the right words or actions to cheer you up.

When it’s your birthday or anniversary, he’ll do something thoughtful that makes you laugh.

Whenever there are downtimes in life, he’ll know what to say or do to put a smile on your face.

#16. He isn’t Afraid to Show That He Loves You

One of the signs that you found a unicorn guy is that he isn’t afraid to show how much he loves you.

He’s not afraid to tell you “I love You” or share with others about your relationship on social media, in public, and at work. His actions also show how much he loves you. He goes out of his way to make sure you are happy and feeling loved.

You may be surprised by this one, but when a unicorn guy finds someone special, he wants everyone else to know as well.

Unicorn guy isn't afraid to show you that he loves you
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

#17. He’s Ambitious and Hardworking

One sign you find in a unicorn guy is that he’s ambitious and hardworking.

He wants to take his career as far as possible, so if there are any opportunities or new initiatives at work, he’ll always give it 100%. He also has the same mindset outside of work. When given an opportunity for growth in business, relationships, or hobbies, he jumps on them with full force.

One thing you’ll love about him is how eager he is to learn from others who have been successful and apply what they’ve learned into his life.

Typically, a unicorn man won’t like slacking off. He knows where his priorities should be and isn’t afraid to put in the time needed to make this happen.

#18. He Doesn’t Hold on to the Past

For many people, the past is a lingering memory that they can’t seem to let go of.

Maybe it’s an old relationship, bad experiences with family members, or being bullied in school; whatever it might be, most people cling to the past.

A unicorn guy isn’t one of them though.

He doesn’t hold on to things from the past and instead focuses his energy on moving forward and keeping things fresh every day.

This means he’ll always have something new planned for weekends. Whether it be a date night activity at your favorite restaurant or hosting an event at home, where he cooks dinner while you enjoy drinks by candlelight.

#19. He’s Passionate

He loves life and is always open to new adventures, no matter how big or small they may be.

If he likes something, he’ll go out of his way to explore it or master the skill set needed for that particular interest (but this also means that if he doesn’t like something, you can forget about him getting involved).

Unicorn men don’t let fear stop them from exploring every possibility in life; they see everything as an opportunity for growth.

This passion will often lead him to have a high emotional intelligence quotient because he knows and understands what makes him happy, which in turn helps when communicating with others too

#20. He is Nice to Your Family and Friends

We all have annoying family members who never get along with anyone.

However, a unicorn man will try their best to accommodate your family and friends despite their behavior.

He’ll respect your family and friends and will never speak ill of any of them.

But if someone disrespects him or you, he won’t be afraid to put them in their place.

#21. He Apologizes and Means it

One of the qualities that makes a unicorn guy so hard to find is his sincerity.

The world has become very cynical, and people make mistakes all too often.

But this individual will apologize when he sincerely believes he’s done something wrong, which means you never have to worry about him being an asshole or taking you for granted.

#22. He Understands Your Fears

We all have fears.

A unicorn guy understands your fears. He wants you to be comfortable and happy, so he will do what it takes for that to happen.

He might never have been in the situation that you are in but wants to help you get through it with as little pain and hassle as possible.

He will do anything, from holding your hand during a thunderstorm, riding the roller coaster with you (even if he doesn’t ride them himself), or just listening to you talk about what’s bothering you until it no longer bothers you at all.

#23. He Takes Care of People Around Him

A unicorn guy isn’t selfish.

He is willing to take care of the people around him, even if he doesn’t know them that well. Whether it’s volunteering at a homeless shelter or buying someone dinner when they’re having a rough day, this man is not afraid to help out those who need it most.

#24. He is Reasonable

Ever dated an unreasonable man?

A man who always provokes fights in public, is always starting senseless arguments with you, and always overreacts.

A unicorn guy is the opposite of this.

He won’t provoke senseless arguments and will always try to solve things diplomatically. Even when angry, he’ll always be willing to listen and talk things out.

#25. He is a Man of His Word

In a world where people often break promises, a unicorn man lives by the principle that a promise is a debt.

If he promises to do something, he ensures that he does it without fail.

With a unicorn man, you don’t have to remind him of what he said. He remembers and lives by his word, just like how a gentleman should.

#26. A Sensible and Mature Man

Ever dated an immature man?

You know the man who looks good on the surface until he gets mad and the tantrums emerge.

Your unicorn guy is the direct opposite of this.

He is mature and sensible and is unlikely to raise his voice to you in public. A unicorn man prefers to keep quiet rather than hold a shouting match to solve some senseless argument.

#27. Helps you Despite Having his Struggles

A unicorn man goes out of his way to make your life easier.

Even if he’s going through his struggles, he still helps you no matter how insignificant it may seem to him at the time. When you need to tell someone how your day was, good or bad, a unicorn guy will always be there. When you need someone to lend a hand, a unicorn man will always be there.

But if you’re struggling, and your boyfriend isn’t there for you when needed, then that’s not a unicorn man.

#28. He’s Honest.

A unicorn guy has a strong sense of integrity and honesty.

He doesn’t like to lie or deceive others and always tells the truth even when it’s difficult for him to do so.

Being dishonest would go against his values, which he’ll never compromise on, no matter what happens in life.

#29. He Doesn’t Makeup Stories to Lie to You

A unicorn guy is always honest with you. He doesn’t lie or make up stories about himself or anyone else.

He respects your intelligence enough not to talk down to you by being dishonest. He will find other ways of keeping the conversation going instead of lying through his teeth for no reason at all.

If a unicorn man has something on his mind, even if just for fun, then he will tell you how he feels honestly without hiding behind any lies or white truths. You can believe him when he says what he means because of this honesty!

If he does happen to tell any little white lies on occasion, they’re only meant as kindnesses rather than anything malicious-intentioned!

He’ll also never gossip, even if it’s just a rumor.

#30. Helps you to Become a Better Person

Every relationship is an opportunity to improve yourself.

Both you and your partner should work to grow and improve together, whether health-wise, financially, spiritually, or mentally.

With a unicorn man, you can expect that he’ll always push you to become a better person.

He’ll be honest with you and let you know if he thinks there’s anything that needs improvement. He’ll also never talk to anyone else about your private life, so it won’t spread around school or work like wildfire.

#31. He Does the Little Things for You

A unicorn guy will always do the little things for you.

It could be something as simple as cooking dinner or getting your favorite coffee in the morning before work. He’ll also help out around the house and make sure everything is taken care of.

But he doesn’t have to be perfect about it either!

You can teach him how to cook that new dish you love so much.

Doing the little things also entails giving you undivided attention when you guys spend time together.

#32. He Is Your Go-to Person When you Need Positivity

In our article on making every day count, we mentioned the need to have positive people in your life.

With a unicorn guy, you can be sure that he’ll be that positive person in your life.

You can always count on a unicorn guy to make your days brighter. He will always have something positive to say or do whenever your experiencing negativity.

#33. Talks to You About his Fears

Very few men will willingly tell you their deepest fears. Men avoid being vulnerable in a bid to maintain that macho demeanor.

However, unicorn guys are different. A unicorn man is willing to be vulnerable with you and is likely to share his deepest fears.

This can be a sign that he trusts you implicitly. It could also mean that your presence has such an effect on him that he no longer cares who sees him as less than perfect.

Either way, vulnerability indicates how much of a connection there is between the two of you. It also means that if it ever becomes necessary for one of you to talk through their worries together, they will always have someone they trust enough to confide in them.

#34. He Helps Out with Chores

I once asked my grandmother when she found my grandfather the sexiest. According to her, my grandfather was sexiest when standing over a sink and helping with the dishes or with any other chores.

If a man helps outs with chores without you asking him, you may have a unicorn man.

A unicorn guy helps out with chores
Photo by Amina Filkins from Pexels

#35. He Takes Care of Himself

A unicorn man knows what makes him feel good on the inside and outside.

He puts effort into taking care of himself.

He might have a gym membership or make it more convenient for him to work out at home. He might even practice yoga regularly and eats healthy food most days.

Such a person in your life will always help you become better.

#36. Knows how to Communicate Like an Adult

A unicorn guy knows when to speak up, when not to talk, and how to communicate like an adult.

While it may seem unreal, having a boyfriend that communicates well can be worth it!


Because you won’t need “that discussion” every other week about why he didn’t text back as soon as he said he would.

Even during an argument, a unicorn man will always communicate like an adult. He won’t be shouting you down but will let you speak.

With a unicorn man, it’s not you against him; it’s you and him against the problem.

#37. He Doesn’t Degrade You

The Unicorn man will never speak to you in a degrading or disrespectful way, even if he disagrees with what your opinion is on something.

Whether it be how to raise his daughter or who they’re voting for in the next election, nothing can get him upset enough not to respect and listen to you as an equal member of society.

He’s not perfect, but at least he knows where to draw lines!

And often, this means walking away from arguments before things turn ugly.

#38. Happiness With Him is Simple

With a unicorn man, happiness doesn’t take much effort.

He will always appreciate everything you do and, in return, will make an active effort to make sure you’re always happy.

When you’re with your unicorn man, you don’t notice the time passing. With him, it’s always smiles and laughs.

#39. He Likes When You Challenge Him

Successful women are intimidating to most men.

However, with a unicorn guy, it’s the opposite. Rather than being intimidated, he welcomes the challenge and does his best to level up. He wants you to push him and try new things constantly.

This is because he doesn’t want a boring life or relationship. He knows that will make both of you unhappy in the long run.

#40. He Makes Other Girls Jealous, but Not You

When you’re with a unicorn man, all your friends will be jealous of you.

How he treats you, how he talks about you, how he looks at you is likely to make other girls jealous.

And the best part!

With a unicorn man, you don’t have to worry about him making you jealous. You’re always his priority, and he does his best to maintain that.

#41. He Doesn’t Try to Hold You Back from Your Loved Ones

If a unicorn man thinks you’re spending too much time with your loved ones, he won’t try to hold you back.

He’ll love and respect that those relationships are essential to you and let you know about it. He wants both of you to have your space so you can be happy individually as well as together!

It’s Time You Found Your Unicorn Guy

There you go.

Forty-one signs to look out for when choosing your next boyfriend. While it may be impossible for one person to have all these, look for someone who exhibits at least two-thirds of the signs mentioned in this post.

If you know of any other signs, please tell us in the comments section below. If you have a question regarding the characteristics discussed in this post, please use the comment section to ask and share your opinion.

I’ll be happy to answer any question asked.

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