33 Real Signs Of True Love From A Man

In this guide, you’ll find 33 signs of true love from a man.

As an experienced life coach, I am often helping people determine where they stand in their romantic relationships. 

So, if you’re wondering whether a man truly loves you, this is the list for you.  

Signs Of True Love From A Man
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33 True Signs Of True Love

The more signs you can spot within your partner, the more likely he’s truly in love with you.  

1. He Makes Time For You

Everyone is ‘too busy’ for some things, but we all make time for what’s important. If he drops other important responsibilities to spend time with you, that’s a key sign of true love

2. He Laughs And Smiles When He’s Around You

Actions speak louder than words. If he is usually full of joy and laughter when he’s around you, that’s the biggest indicator he’s fulfilled in the relatonship and probably bursting with love. 

3. He Introduces You To His Friends And Family

Most men want their long-term partner to integrate well with their friends and family, so if he introduces you to them, you’re an important part of his life. 

4. He Asks To Meet Your Family And Friends

If it’s not true love, he may do anything to avoid the potential awkwardness of meeting your family and friends. If he’s actively trying to pursue friendships with these people, it’s because he cares about you.   

5. He Says ‘I Love You’ A Lot

If he’s a man who truly loves you, he’ll never feel shame or hesitation in declaring it. 

6. He’s Physically Affectionate


When a man loves you, he’ll want to give you hugs, stroke your hair, hold hands and kiss you a lot.

7. His Loyalty Knows No Bounds 

When a man truly loves you, his eyes will never stray. He has no interest in admiring another woman’s beauty or even making jokes about being with someone else.  

8. He Includes You In His Future Plans 

A man who loves you will include you in his future plans. To him, there’s no question that the relationship will remain strong in the distant future.  

9. He Misses You When You’re Not Around

He might have other friends and hobbies that he does without you, but when you’re not together, he’ll still miss you. He’ll feel no shame about telling you that either.

10. He Mirrors Your Emotions

A key sign of true love is that a man feels your joy and your pain. When you share good news, he’s genuinely delighted. When you’re hurt, he feels it too.  

11. He Loves To Fulfill Your Sexual Desires

A man in love is rarely selfish in the bedroom. He’s keen to make sure you’re just as satisfied as he is. In fact, he’ll probably get tremendous satisfaction from seeing you get off.  

12. Generosity 

Generosity is definitely one of the true love signs. A loved-up gentleman wants to make you happy, so he tends to be very generous with his time, emotions and money.  

13. He Asks About Your Childhood 

When he’s in love, he longs to get to know you on a deeper level. Your childhood stories might be boring to another guy, but a loving partner is actively asking to hear them.   

14. He Listens To You Properly

When you tell him about your day, he really listens. He looks in your eyes and focuses on your words. He asks follow-up questions and is genuinely invested in the story.  

15. He Looks Beneath The Surface Of Your Flaws 

We all have flaws, but this guy doesn’t use them as an excuse to run away. He’s able to explore and understand why you behave this way. If you want help to overcome your flaws, he’s there for you. This process is a difficult one. If a man is willing to stick with it, it means he’s in love.    

16. He Always That You That You Look Beautiful

He says it when you’re all dolled up and when you’ve just woken up. You’ll see in his face that he means it. True love makes a man feel that way.  

17. He Adores Your Quirky Habits

Those weird and unique little actions that annoy most people? He finds them endearing. Again, when he says this, he means it. True love leaves us besotted by even the smallest and most inconsequential behaviors. 

18. He Forgives You

Forgiveness is definitely one of the signs of true love. He’s not necessarily a doormat, but he’s willing to accept your mistakes if he can see genuine regret within you.  

19. He Is Patient With You 

Sometimes, it’ll take time to improve your flaws, but he’s never impatient with you. Instead, he provides the support you need and helps you to improve as a person.  

20. He Wants To Help You Achieve Your Goals

When he’s in love, he will see the two of you as a team. When you’re winning, he’ll feel like he’s winning too! That’s why he would want to know your goals and what help you need to achieve them.    

21. He Compliments You All The Time

He wants to make you feel appreciated. He would love if you could see yourself in the same glorious light that he sees you. 

22. He Is Supportive Of Your Decisions 

Sometimes, he may not agree with your decisions, but if it’s really what you want, he’ll usually support you regardless.

23. He Goes Out Of His Way For You

Sometimes he’s happy to do favors that make his life harder, if it would make yours easier. 

24. He Speaks Fondly Of You To Others

The way he describes you to someone else is a key indicator of his feelings. When he’s in love, he’ll only have good things to say. Even if he is frustrated with you, he will still never mention anything insulting about you to others. 

25. He Always Looks To Compromise 

This guy always ensures he’s able to give as much as he takes. He knows that compromise is key to a fulfilling relationship. 

26. He Tries To Impress You

Most likely, you’re the only woman he cares about impressing. 

27. He Opens Up 

He desires someone who loves him for who he is. So, he’s always real with you. He understands that a good relationship is about sharing weaknesses as well as strengths.

28. He Remembers The Things You Say 

He remembers because he actually cares. 

29. He Tries To Provide A Great Life For You 

It’s a great source of pride for a man to be able to provide a stable life for his woman. If he’s actively trying to do that for you, that says a lot about how he feels. 

30. He Looks At You With Love 

You’ll know it when you see it. Pupils dilated, the goofy happy expression. It’s impossible to fake, but it’ll be there when he really loves you. 

31. It’s Not Just Sex, It’s Making Love 

Sex with this man transcends beyond the physical, into the emotional and even the spiritual. The world moves when you two are intimate. There’s a powerful emotional connection that wasn’t there when you slept with other men.  

32. His Eyes Follow You Around The Room

He knows he doesn’t need to watch you at all times. But you’re that important to him. You’re his whole world, so he can’t help but be interested in what you’re up to.

33. You Can Sense It

Love is an energy. It can be felt in different ways. But you’re probably better than you realise at sensing it. Women often have a gut feeling about how satisfied their partners are in their relationship. Take note of yours. It’s usually highly accurate. 

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