33 Signs Of True Love Between A Man And A Woman

Professing true love to someone who isn’t romantically interested in you is as embarrassing as it gets. To cut down on that, I compiled a list of signs of true love.

Men in particular don’t like expressing their emotions because they see it as a sign of weakness that opens them to exploitation. 

If you’re interested in a man but aren’t sure if he’s into you, check out my list of 33 signs of true love from a man. 

Signs Of True Love Between A Man And A Woman
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33 Signs of True Love

The key to true love is paying attention. If you’re sharp enough to catch these signs of true love, you might just get your happily ever after.

#1 Gives You a Special Nickname

Nicknames imply familiarity and special nicknames imply intimacy. A man that gives you a nickname that he hasn’t given to anyone else already feels intimate with you and has a special place for you in his mind.

#2 Teases You

Teasing is a great excuse for a man to grab your attention and touch a random part of your body without anyone raising an eyebrow. In a man’s world, teasing is what foreplay should look like and the ideal response from a woman is playful coyness.

#3 Tickles Your Funny Bone

Compatible partners know how to make each other laugh and they spend a lot of their time together thinking up inside jokes. A man that’s trying to make you laugh is checking out if you’re compatible with him, which he’ll only do if he’s considering you a long-term partner.

#4 Tells the Truth

Telling the truth in public is scandalous and improper because it opens the speaker to judgment. A man that’s telling you the truth is testing your sense of propriety and judgment under pressure, meaning he’s a man who truly loves you.

#5 Gives Childish Gifts

He made an origami crane for you? A man that’s giving you baubles is very likely head over heels for you, as men naturally want to share their riches with a woman they love but are wary of being exploited. So, an origami crane with its retail value of $0.0001 is the perfect test to see your reaction and how thankful you are.

#6 Asks for Advice

Men can be proud to a fault and would rather be quartered than ask a woman for advice. 

When a man does truly love you, he will ask your advice for everything from what to buy his mom on Mother’s Day to how he should prep for his job interview.

#7 Matches Movement

Couples often move in sync, so a man that matches your movement already sees the two of you as one body and one soul.

#8 Remembers Your Every Word

A man that remembers everything you said down to the tiniest detail is showing one of the signs of true love. 

#9 Scribbles Your Name

Absentminded scribbling is often a reflection of who the person really is and one of the more common true love signs. When a man scribbles your name everywhere, it’s a sign of being engrossed by you.

True Love Between A Man And A Woman
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#10 Shies Away

One of definite signs of true love is a man who’s shying away from you, especially if there’s a brief eye contact and intense avoidance. Don’t be pushy and just let it happen.

#11 Opens Body Posture

Body posture indicates how threatened we feel. When a man has his body posture opened towards you, he’s welcoming you to his personal space.

#12 Tells Friends About You

If you’re welcome in a man’s life, he will let his friends know. That is one of the signs of true love but also doubles as a sign of commitment and fidelity.

#13 Cares For You

Men have a strong protector instinct and will want to care for you. If he wants to solve your problems, it is one of the finest signs of true love.

#14 Talks About Future

A man who loves will quickly start to envision your future together. If he shares a lot of his plans with you, it’s a sign that he is truly in love with you. He sees you as the one person he can have a long term relationship with.

#15 Shares Food

If he offers his food without you asking, no matter how nonchalant he seems, he’s in love. If you feel the same, accept the food.

#16 Wants to Meet Your Family and Friends

Family and friends are a part of who you are. A man who wants to make you happy you would do anything to make sure to spend time getting to know the people closest to you.

#17 Takes You Seriously

He not only listens to you but also takes everything you say seriously? That’s a sign your man loves you.

#18 Shares His Dreams

Dreams are the expression of our most intimate desires. A man who loves shares his dreams with his chosen woman.

#19 Impresses Your Friends

He knows your friends will make or break the relationship, so he will want to impress them for a long-term relationship.

#20 Smiles When Near You

Men get used to wearing a poker face, but smiling is a dead giveaway that there are butterflies in his stomach. Watch out for the corners of his lips.

#21 Shares His Music

Music taste is a big deal for men, since their chosen woman must tolerate their tunes. If he shares his music with you, that’s a good sign of love.

#22 Communicates Constantly 

A man that’s obsessively chatting with you wants you to know you matter in his day.

#23 Plans Activities For You Two

Everything is more fun in a group but if he wants just you two doing something, he has a special place for you in his heart.

#24 He Misses You

Familiarity and deep affection fulfill a man’s life, and if you’re the source of such gentle emotions, he will sorely miss you.

#25 He Expects Your Support

A man in love expects the woman of his dreams to support his goals and dreams.

#26 Relaxes With You

Stress, anxiety and discomfort disappear when a man in love is in the company of his chosen woman.

#27 Brings Up Babies/kids

Many men would rather not deal with the mess babies and kids create. But if he’s bringing them up, it means he wants you to be part of his life for the long term.

Love Between A Man And A Woman
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#28 Wants to Cuddle

Boys barely get any affection growing up and they toughen up as a result. If he wants to cuddle, he is ready to open up emotionally.

#29 Has Interest in Your Hobbies

Men typically don’t care about women’s hobbies but a man in love with you will be interested in yours

#30 Wants to Hold Your Hand

This simple gesture shows to the entire world you two are meant to be together. If your man truly loves you, then like the Beatle’s hit, he’ll want to hold your hand.

#31 Shares His Clothes

Men fall in love with the clothes they wear so if he’s sharing them with you, that’s one of the signs of true love.

#32 Plays Practical Jokes on You

Men constantly play practical jokes on each other as a sign of intimacy. It’s an easy way to engage with others, so if he’s doing it with you, you’re a part of the inner circle.

#33 Sees the Best in You

Perhaps the biggest sign of true love for a man is when he sees the best in the woman he chooses. A man who really loves you will make you feel like the awesome person you are.

Common Questions About Finding True Love

True love found its place in the popular culture but nobody bothers describing what it would feel like. Besides knowing the signs of true love, here’s a short FAQ on what a good relationship entails.

What is real love between a man and a woman?

Real love between a man and a woman transforms them both, making fertile what used to lay fallow. They mature and decide to take on the world together, shedding their infantile ideas and adopting sensible solutions.

If your man truly loves you, the impossible becomes doable and you accomplish in a week together what would take you years or decades to do separately.

Look at the yin-yang symbol. It shows two halves that reflect, complement and move one another in harmony. Black and white are in stark contrast but also in balance, which means the exchange can be intense but is always balanced out by lulls that are often marked by cuddling.

What does true love feel like for a man?

I’d best describe it as clarity of thought, emotion and purpose. Once a man experiences true love, he gets rid of all the emotional and psychological baggage he used to lug around. 

A man who loves is empowered and animated by true love. The sense of purpose he gets from feeling true love empowers him to do heroic feats and achieve what he thought impossible.

What really makes a man fall in love with a woman?

In my opinion, grace and kindness.

Men spend their entire lives struggling against overwhelming odds, fighting off the world that wants to crush them. When they do carve out a niche for themselves, they feel a yearning for a woman to share it with. 

Those they love and care for, they will invite to that safe space, where they can all be vulnerable and share their most intimate thoughts and feelings. To earn true love from a man, I suggest showing respect for the effort he’s undertaken.

Have You Found True Love?

Finding true love means searching deep and wide. There’s no shame in asking for help or advice when you start your search. So comment down below and share your thoughts and observations on true love with me and the community.

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