31 Clear Signs That Someone Is Your Platonic Soulmate (2024)

Are you wondering if someone is your platonic soulmate? If so, keep reading.

The list below features the most common signs that you’ve found your platonic soulmate.

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping people better understand themselves and those closest to them. 

That’s why I’m excited to share this guide with you. 

So, let’s dive in.

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Platonic Soulmate Signs

What Is A Platonic Soulmate?

When you find your platonic soulmate, you’ll discover a friendship so deep that it transcends comprehension. It’s as if your souls met before in a past life and were destined to reunite, yet there is no romantic element to your relationship. 

Platonic Soulmate Examples

Platonic soulmates exist all over the world. They could have been best buddies since meeting at school. They could have been two adults that crossed paths in a bizarre situation. It could be a 65 year-old woman and a 20-year-old man who work together at a supermarket. These are all distinct possibilities, but the connection and desire to remain in each other’s lives are the same regardless.

Platonic Soulmate Opposite Gender

It’s absolutely possible that platonic soulmates could be the opposite gender, or indeed the same gender.

Platonic Soulmate Best Friend

Many will refer to each other as a ‘best friend’, but in reality the connection is much stronger than this term suggests. You can be friends without being platonic soulmates. 

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Platonic Soulmate Signs

1. The Connection Is Instant

This friendship doesn’t necessarily need time to blossom. Instead, you feel an instant connection as soon as you meet them. It’s as if your soul recognizes you’ve met in a past life. Immediately, you know you’re going to be friends for the long haul.

2. Your Friendship Is Effortless

Some friendships require give and take to maintain. Others require effort and mutual understanding to remain on the same page. Yet, your relationship with this person seems effortless.

3. Mutual Acceptance Of The Differences Between You 

Yes, there will be some differences between you that may be difficult to understand. But with this person, it takes no conscious effort for you to accept these differences.

Platonic Soulmate
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4. You Logically Understand They’re Attractive, But That’s It

It’s not as if you’re repulsed by this person’s appearance. You may understand why other people find them good-looking, but you still don’t have any romantic urges towards them at all.

5. When You’re Together, You’d Do Anything To Help Them

Their happiness is as important to you as your own. Their joy makes you feel joyful, so you would do whatever it takes to bring it out of them. 

6. You Can Truly Be Yourself Around Them 

We’re all guilty of putting on an act to impress certain people from time to time. Not with a platonic soul mate though. With this person, we can be our true selves without feeling judged. There’s no need to think too hard about saying the right words or behaving the right way.  

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7. There’s No Judgement Towards Them

Your platonic soul mate might have different opinions, values and habits to you. But you never judge them for that. You simply understand that they’re a different person and leave it at that. 

8. You’re Never Trying To Prove You’re Better

You never feel the need to impress your platonic soul mate, or compete with them. That’s because you feel the mutual understanding and trust between you both.

9. You’re Super-Excited When They Find A Love Interest

There’s not a hint of jealousy or wariness. Their joy makes you extremely joyful, and you trust in their ability to only accept great people into their life.

10. You Have The Same Likes And Dislikes

It’s common for platonic soul mates to have an extraordinary amount of things in common when it comes to their hobbies, interests and the things they dislike. 

11. You Can Sit Quietly Together Without Any Discomfort

This is one of the clearest signs of a strong relationship to feel comfortable in silence, and it’s incredibly common when platonic soul mates are in each other’s company. No silence is awkward with this person.

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12. You Have The Same Sense Of Humor

The same things seem to make you laugh. This tendency to laugh at the same thing happens when you have similar values and look at the world the same way. 

13. There Is Never A Sense Of Guilt Or Jealousy In Your Relationship

You want to treat them well and be treated well too, of course. But, provided you’re doing that, there’s unlikely to be emotions like guilt or jealousy plaguing your relationship. 

14. You Can Talk About Anything

Your conversations are deep, important and inspirational. You sense that nothing is off the table when you talk to this person, whether that’s important news or meaningless banter. The truth is: it doesn’t matter. Either way, they’re supportive companions and you always feel understood when you talk. 

15. You Put Up With Each Other’s Flaws

Nobody is perfect. You may recognize that your platonic soul mate has flaws, but you accept them regardless. 

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16. You Feel Like A Part Of You Is Missing When They’re Not Around

They’re the go-to person you want to hang out with, and you miss them when they’re gone.

This is often said of romantic soulmates, who might describe their partner as their ‘other half’. Platonic soul mates have the same feeling, albeit without the lust or sexual attraction that is a key part of traditional relationships. 

17. You Can Feel When They’re Upset

This is an unfortunate side-effect of a soulmate connection. You can often feel their pain as deeply as if the unfortunate incident has occurred to you. 

18. The Idea Of Seeing Them Naked Feels Crazy And Weird

It’s just not something you’ve voluntarily considered, consciously or unconsciously. Your carnal needs never cross paths with this person.  

19. They Help Your Growth And Learning

A key purpose of a soul connection is to help each other grow and mature in this difficult life on the Earth plane. 

20. They Build You Up, Not Drain You

Some close friendships are all about what one friend can take from the other. In platonic soulmate relationships, it’s always about how to build the other person up and make them stronger. They’re a great boost to your mental health. 

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21. They Appeared When You Least Expected Them

It’s almost as if they were sent by the universe at the perfect time. In fact, it’s commonly suggested that this is how soul mates meet. 

22. Distance Doesn’t Impact Your Friendship

If there’s a reason you have to spend extended time apart, your friendship doesn’t dampen. 

23. You Reappear And It Was Like You Were Never Gone

Sure, you may miss them when they’re gone. But there are no hard feelings, nor a dulling down of your personal connection. No matter how much time has passed, it’s as if you only saw them yesterday. That’s the nature of your friendship. 

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24. They Help You Feel Strong And Prepared

If you always feel ready to be your best self in their presence, that’s one of the strongest signs you’ve found a platonic soul mate. 

25. You Seemingly Know Everything About Each Other

In some friendships and even with a romantic partner, we often ask about their hobbies and interests out of courtesy. When connected on a soul level, we tend to be far more intrigued about what they’re doing with their life.  

26. People Are Always Confused About Why You’re Not An Item

When other people are commenting on your compatibility, you can take that as an indicator of your closeness. Often, you won’t need other people to confirm this for you though.  

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27. You Speak In Secret ‘Friend Code’

Perhaps you finish each other’s sentences. Sometimes, words aren’t necessary at all. You can say everything you need to say in a glance.

28. You Wouldn’t Ever Try Anything That May Ruin The Friendship

This includes experimenting with a romantic relationship. The only thing that will matter is to remain in each other’s lives as friends through thick and thin, so there’s no desire to try and love differently.

29. You’ve Never Questioned Their Intentions

In other friendships, you may occasionally wonder why they really want to hang out. Is it something they want out of being friends other than your mere presence? These thoughts will never cross your mind with a platonic soul mate.  

30. There’s Barely Ever Any Drama

With romantic partners and even in some traditional friendships, domestic disputes seem inevitable. With platonic soul mates, they’re far less common.  

31. They Feel Like Your Other Half, But Not In A Romantic Way

If it feels like this person “completes” you, that’s one of the strongest signs you’ve found a platonic soul mate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Platonic Soul Mates

Let’s round off the article with the answers to some frequently asked questions about platonic soul mates.

Are Platonic Soulmates Best Friends?

Platonic soul mates may refer to each as such or they may not. Either way, their platonic soul connections are deeper than this term suggests.

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Can You Be In Love With Someone Platonically?

This question is debated often and dependent on the perceived definition of love. It could be suggested that platonic love is deeper and more profound than romantic love. 

Can I Have More Than One Soulmate? 

This depends who you ask. Some spiritual people suggest there’s only one person who can be your soulmate. Others suggest souls are connecting and creating new soul mates all the time in a past life. Either way, the purpose of this article is to teach you the difference between companion soul mates and platonic ones.

Platonic Soulmate Vs Twin Flame

There are a lot of similarities in the concepts between platonic soulmates and twin flames. You can discover more in these guides. 

Platonic Soulmate Test

If you want to learn more about platonic soulmates, check out this platonic soulmate test.

Any Questions On This Topic?

Thanks for reading my guide. 

I hope it gives you a better understanding of how traditional soul mate relationships compare to platonic ones. Both are more powerful than a normal friendship, that’s for sure.

If you have any relevant questions on this topic, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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