Soul Family: 22 Facts You Should Know (2024)

The concept of a soul family is long-winded and complex.

In this guide, I’m going to simplify it, by breaking it down into 22 essential facts.

In my role as a life coach, I strive to study holistic ideas like this to support a broader range of clients.  

So, read on to learn what a soul family is, how to find your soul family and what impact they have on your life.  

Let’s dive right into it.

Soul Family
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1. What Is A Soul Family?

Your soul family is a group of individuals whose souls share similar characteristics to yours.  

You’re connected to family members genetically, but you’re connected to your soul family members spiritually.

Both form of connection can create strong relationships, but connected souls are believed to form an unbreakable bond stronger than anything in this world.

2. What Is A Soul Tribe?

Your soul tribe is very similar to your soul family, although the similarities in your souls don’t run as deep. Consider them your outer circle.

Soul tribes and soul family members interact similarly, although the connection is perhaps not as powerful.

A soul tribe is sometimes described as a ‘soul group’, among other things.    

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3. What Is A Soulmate?

A soulmate is another term to describe a soul family member or a soul group member.

It’s commonly believed that soul mates must share a romantic connection, but this isn’t always true. 

It’s common that soulmates become romantic partners for life, but it’s also possible to be soulmates with someone of the same sex.

Got a friend who you feel is ‘like family’? You could be soul mates! Your parents could be your soulmates! Perhaps neither of your parents nor any of your other biological family members are!

It’s widely believed that humans will only find one romantic soul mate in this world – although the soul family concept disagrees with this idea.    

4. What Are Twin Flames? Do Twin Flames Have The Same Soul Family?

Twin flames are soul mates who have the strongest instant connection of the souls. It is often said that your twin flame has an identical soul to you, occupying the physical body of a different gender. 

As you can imagine then, twin flames often become romantic partners for life.

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5. How Do I Find My Soul Family?

Conducting a search for a soul family member is a fruitless task. You are not supposed to look for your soulmates. The power of the universe will bring you together when the time is right.

6. How Do You Know If Someone Is Your Soul Family? 

There are no factual ways to prove that someone is your soulmate, your twin flame or anything else. The connections are in the soul, and they are felt in the soul. It’s a sixth sense. Your intuition.

With that said, we’ll explore how soulmates tend to interact and they make each other feel now.

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7. It Feels Like You’ve Known Your Soul Mate Forever

Soul mates sense an instant connection. When you’re connected on a soul level, it feels like you’ve known them forever.

This could be your soul immediately understands what fuels and excites the other person.

However, it is also believed that soul mates were connected on a soul level in previous bodies, before being reincaranted in their current form.  

8. You Feel Drawn To Soul Family Members Like A Magnet

This is the energy of the universe pulling two soulmates together. A divine intervention!

The magnet analogy is accurate to describe the connection of soul mates, as both are brought together with energy.

Did you ever feel like you were drawn towards someone and didn’t know why? Perhaps it was the power of the universe telling your higher self that you need to connect with this person. A higher consciousness in action.    

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9. You Can Always Fully ‘Be Yourself’ Around Your Soul Family

You know this person understands you, and you understand them. Therefore, there’s no reason to hide the more quirky parts of your personality.

You can cry in front of your soul family. You can laugh uncontrollably. You can make your silly jokes that others don’t understand. 

There’s no need to filter yourself or hold back. You can fully ‘be yourself’ because your soul is at peace.  

10. Members Of Your Soul Family Bring Out The Best Of You

You bring out the best in them too. Teaming up with a soul family member is the ultimate life hack!

This should come as little surprise. When we feel comfortable being ourselves, we are more attractive to others and more likely to achieve success.

It’s also well-known that with support from our friends and family, we suddenly feel the power and self-confidence needed to perform at our very best.

That freedom reaches new levels when we receive support from those in our soul groups.   

11. Our Soul Family Energises Us

This might also come as no surprise. Most probably, you’re already excited to be around your friends and family, and this excitement can energise you.

So, it makes sense that we’ll be energised when we’re around someone we connect with on a soul level. 

However, there are some arguments that explain that this energy is formed from the power of twin flames colliding with one another.

So, if you’ve got a best friend who makes you feel energised whenever you meet, this could be a chemical reaction on a spiritual level.   

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12. Soul Mates Tend To Share The Same Set Of Ideals

You tend to share the same big ideas about life and how to live it. You’re on the same vibration when it comes to what’s right and wrong.

Perhaps you disagree on some trivial things. Maybe society has influenced you to disagree with a soul family member on important global issues. 

Even so, soul members will unquestionably forgive each other and remain connected on this deep level. 

13. Soul Mate Connections Are Lifelong

As we’ve explored, these connections may last for many lifetimes. It’s believed that the connection of soul family members will usually have formed in each of your past lives, and they will continue long after your existing bodies have died.

For this reason, your loyalty to soul family members are ever-lasting, regardless of the twists and turns in each of your lives. The vibration remains for as long as the Earth spins.   

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14. A Soul Family Member Appears To Teach You A Lesson

When you meet a soul family member, it’s usually a powerful experience. You can feel in your gut that isn’t any regular friendship. Indeed, you’ll usually learn a lasting lesson from the encounter, whether it lasts a lifetime or a few moments. 

In fact, it’s widely believed that a divine intervention brings two soul family members together to teach each other this lesson.

So, don’t be surprised if a twin flame or another member of your soul group appears at a critical moment in your life with vital information to move you past an obstacle.  

15. What Are The Odds Of Meeting Your Soul Family?

The chances of meeting a soul family member are strong. It’s believed that soulmates are spiritually aware of each other, and are being pushed together by the power of the universe.

Perhaps your physical body will be very old when you finally meet with a soul group member. But you’ll know when you do – and you trust the universe to make it happen at the perfect time for your spiritual growth. 

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16. What are the Main Soul Families on Earth? 

There’s no definite answer to how many soul groups have been able to incarnate on Earth. How could anyone know? It’s believed to be thousands (at least). 

Yet, I found posts from various spiritual writers who agree on the existence of various soul families on this planet. 

These include: pleiadian, sirian, arcturian, andromedan, orion,

Some of these families are known as ‘starseeds’.

17. What Soul Family Do I Belong To? 

You can search various online posts, or even meet one of these spiritual experts in person to get a stronger idea of which soul family you belong to, as each of them share specific personality traits. 

It would appear there’s no logical way to know the answer. We’re still waiting on the 23andMe equivalent for soul families.

18. What Is A Kindred Spirit?

A kindred spirit is able to connect deeply with you on a spiritual level. There would appear to be little difference between kindred spirits and soul mates.

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19. Connections With Soul Groups Helps With Your Ascension To A 5D Earth

It’s widely agreed that the soul is always seeking spiritual growth. Ascension to a new Earth is believed to be the ultimate goal of incarnate souls, and the lessons we learn when we meet soul group members aids us on that journey.

Note: the idea of a 5D Earth is a bit beyond what we’re covering in this post, but it’s worth looking up.  

20. Soul Mates Have An Unexplainable Connection

Although I’ve done my best to depict the facts about soul group members, the truth is: it’s difficult to speak about what it might feel like to meet one while we’re alive on this Earth.

This might explain why a lot of people who believe in soul mates can’t explain why. The words are beyond our consciousness.  

It might also explain why those who haven’t met a soul mate don’t believe they exist at all.   

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21. When You Lose A Soulmate, It Hurts

There are physical symptoms of heartbreak and losing a soulmate can cause similar physical traumas. You might experience pain. It could feel like a part of you has been ripped away.

If you’re looking to free yourself of this pain, try to gain acceptance of the idea that soul mates come into your life for a reason and leave for a reason. Their spiritual presence never leaves you, and you’re likely to reunite in a future life.

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22. Some People Say We’re All Soulmates  

This argument is similar to the idea that we’re all related biologically on some level.

This argument concedes that we have stronger connections to some than others. It’s these individuals who evoke the strongest symptoms of souls uniting. 

Any More Questions About Connecting With Your Soul Family?

Thanks for reading my article!

There’s a lot of new expressions associated with a soul family. Hopefully, you now understand your idioms like ‘twin flame’, ‘soul group’ and ‘ascension’ a little better. 

Feel free to share this post with members of your soul group. If you enjoyed it, they probably will too.

If you have any questions about the idea of a soul family, ask them in the comments. It would be great to hear your opinions on this topic. Best of luck on your spiritual journey!

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