21 Key Signs Soulmates Connect Through The Eyes (2024)

This guide on how soulmates connect through the eyes will help you find the soulmate relationship of your life.

Soulmate Signs Eyes
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In my role as a life coach, I am regularly helping clients connect with the people most suited to them. 

That’s why I’m keen to share this guide with you.

So, let’s dive in.  

What Are The Signs Of A True Soulmate?

There are many ways to spot a soulmate other than making eye contact. You can find a full list of soulmate signs in my guide titled: Soul Family: Facts You Should Know

In this guide, we’ll focus on how you can tell if someone is your soulmate by looking in their eyes. 

21 Soulmate Signs: Eyes

Here are 21 signs you might be staring in your soulmate’s eyes. The more of these signs you spot when making eye contact, the more likely you’re experiencing the most beautiful of soulmate connections.

1. The Spark In Their Eyes

The spark in someone’s eyes when they meet someone is subtle and hard to describe in words, but you’ll definitely recognize it when you see it.

2. Your Eyes Meet Across A Crowded Venue

The idea of lovers’ eyes meeting across a crowded room is somewhat of a cheesy cliche from the romantic scenes of movies, but there is something in it. How come in a crowded venue, your eyes can lock on one pair of eyes while glazing past others? That’s the sign of an instant connection, maybe even a soul connection.

3. They Hold Your Gaze When You Meet

Do you hold your gaze with a unique relaxed intensity upon meeting you? That’s another sign of an instant connection on a soul level. 

4. You Get Lost In Their Eyes

Do you find yourself getting sucked in and losing awareness of the outside world whenever you stare in their eyes? That’s another sign you’re experiencing a deep connection of souls.

5. They Give You Knowing Looks

Do you have a special connection to the point where you don’t even have to explain what you’re thinking? You can simply stare and understand each other. A simple glance and knowing look can be all you need when you have that deep soul connection.

6. You Recognize Them Instantly

Or do you? It’s as if you recognize their eyes, but not their entire being? This could be a sign of having connected with your soulmate in a past life.

7. Meeting Feels Like Deja Vu

You swear you’ve seen this person before, but you’re not sure where? This is a common sensation when soulmates meet for the first time.

8. Their Pupils Are Dilating

This is a reliable involuntary sign that one person likes another, so you can take it as a sign of soulmate love too.

9. You Lose Your Breath For A Moment

In a moment of shock, did you lose your breath when you made eye contact with this person, as if you were an eight-year-old girl locking eyes with the popular boy in school? But why, when you’ve never met this person? This could be a sign you’re staring in your soulmate’s eyes.

10. You Shiver And Feel Unstable

Another sign of having connected in a past life, perhaps.

11. You Feel Confused

Does it feel like you’ve known this person your entire life, yet you’re simultaneously not sure who they are? This is a sensation you may experience when encountering a soulmate – and of course this can be a little confusing.

12. Soulmate Intense Feelings

I’ve listed a few intense feelings you’ll experience when making eye contact with a soulmate, but the truth is: all of your emotions may be intensified when life throws a member of your soul family at you. Don’t worry, you’ll be at incredible peace together eventually.

13. It Feels As If They’re Staring Into Your Soul

Have you heard of eye contact so deep that it feels as if this person is staring into your soul? This sounds intense, but you’ll tend to feel relaxed when a soulmate stares at you this way.

14. You Feel Their Presence Everywhere

Eye contact is an exchange of energies, for sure. But perhaps this energy feels eerily familiar, as if this person has been watching you for your whole life.

15. You Understand Each Other Completely

There are no communication barriers and nothing gets lost in translation when you’re spending time together. Again, it’s as if their eyes are communicating everything you need to know.

16. You Feel Safe Within Their Gaze

It’s as if whenever you make eye contact, you feel a deep sense of trust. You know this person has nothing but your best interests at heart. 

17. You Have No Problem Holding Eye Contact With This Person

Some people struggle to hold eye contact, especially if they’re shy and meeting someone new. If you usually struggle to hold eye contact, but you’re no longer afraid or awkward with this person, that’s another clear sign of a soul connection.

18. You Feel Deeply Connected 

As cliche as this sounds, it can really feel like this person is your other half. You can feel calm,  relaxed and complete in their gaze – and perhaps this is the only person who makes you feel this way.

19. Love At First Sight

A soulmate can turn out to be your romantic partner, although not always. They’re not necessarily always the opposite gender. Check out this list of Clear Signs That Someone Is Your Platonic Soulmate for more information on that.  

Anyway, if you do experience a true love at first sight connection in real life, it could be that you’ve found your soulmate. 

20. Your Soulmate Feels The Same Way

Have you considered telling this person how you feel about making eye contact with them? If this person understands what you’re talking about and they’re experiencing the same things, that’s one of the clearer signs of a soul connection.

21. Your Body Language Is Connected

It might not just be your mutual gaze that’s connecting your two souls. If your body language naturally mirrors theirs and you’re comfortable in each other’s personal space, that’s another sign you’re connecting on an even deeper level.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s round off this guide with the answers to some frequently asked questions about two souls connecting through the eyes.

What Does A Soulmate Connection Look Like?

A soulmate connection is recognised most easily by how you feel. It’s much harder to spot in the third person than to feel in the first person. With that said, check out my guide on Soul Family: Facts You Should Know.

Deep Soul Connection Signs

Here are some more signs common for a deep soul connection, which aren’t based on eye contact.

  • You feel as if you’ve finally found someone who understands you. 
  • It feels like you’ve known each other for your entire lives.
  • You can finish each other’s sentences and understand how each other is feeling. 
  • You’re deeply passionate about each other’s success in life. 
  • You help them to become a better person and vice-versa.
  • They’re the wind beneath your wings helping you grow into your best version. 
  • You can have a strong attraction to each other almost instantly.
  • Your soulmate accepts they’re the right person for you, almost instantly. 
  • There are no mixed signals as you arrange to spend time together.
  • Hanging out together feels completely effortless. It’s fully in your comfort zone.
  • You felt as if the moment you met them was destiny.
  • Now you’ve met, you don’t want to be separated anymore.
  • It feels as if they’re your other half, the missing part of you.
  • If life takes a downward turn, you’ll know they’ll be there for you.  

Can You Have More Than One Soulmate?

You won’t be soulmates with just anyone. Your soulmate always ends up taking an important role in your life. With that, you can have a deep connection with more than one soul in this world. Maybe your true love is your soulmate, but your best friend and your Taekwondo teacher are too.

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, it’s worth learning what a twin flame is too. My guide on twin flames can help you.  

When Will I Meet My Soulmate? 

If you haven’t met your soulmate yet, don’t worry. It will happen sooner or later. The universe will send them when the time is right.  

How Do You Know If Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You?

Once again, this is something you tend to feel within your body. For more information on this topic, see my list of Clear Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You.

What Do You Feel When You Look Into Someone’s Eyes?

Thanks for reading my guide on how soulmates connect through the eyes. 

Only you can know for sure when you’ve met a long lost soul mate. Still, when these two worlds collide it can be a beautiful thing. 

I’d love to hear your experiences of discovering a soul connection by looking in someone’s eyes. 

If you have any questions to ask or stories to share about this topic of this post, leave a comment below. 

It would be great to hear from you. 

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