What is Leadership Development Coaching?

Leadership Development Coaching

The modern role of a leader does not mean imposing power over employees or staff in the company. That’s the “old school way” to lead.

A true leader serves as a role model you can look up to and is a positive influence so that everyone will be on the same page when it comes to reaching their goals.

As a manager, leader, or executive you can unleash your full potential by undergoing leadership coaching.

Master the following skills and you will be beyond most leaders.

Let’s dive right into it:

Leadership Development Coaching

Master These Essential 4 Skills Through Executive Leadership Coaching Online

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author and Researcher Brené Brown put it in a nutshell.

She categorizes 4 main leadership skill-sets:

  1. Can you rumble with vulnerability? Can you stay in tough things when they get uncomfortable and awkward, or do you tap out?
  2. Live with values. Are you clear about what your values are and have you operationalized these into behaviors? Do you know what behaviors support your values, what don’t?
  3. Braving trust. Can you build trust and be trustworthy?
  4. Learn to rise. Do you know how to get back up and rise? Even after a setback?

To see a full video interview of Brené Brown about this topic go to my article about leadership coaching online.

In real life and especially in business it is tough and needs the courage to show your real self.

Showing vulnerability in business seems to be absurd for some people.

But if you think more in depth about it, is there an example of courage without a certain extend of self exposure?

The good news is, that this can be learned by anyone.

Having clear values and translating them in the right actions is another major skill you have to master as a true leader.

The best way to teach your team members which behaviors are in line with your values and which aren’t is through being a good role model.

It is similar to parenting.

Leadership development coaching helps you to develop and sharpen these skill-sets.

True leaders unfold when tough situations occur.

When things go against your expectations, this is especially a chance to show real leadership qualities.

Coming back after a setback and showing the people around you, how you

  • deal with bad results,
  • treat your teammates/employees in these situations,
  • handle the exact business processes, and also
  • handle your personal, internal, emotional struggles

is the best opportunity to tie a strong bond with others.

Use these situations to strengthen your own skills and getting a better reputation as a leader.

Leadership management coaching may help you along this way.

I like the video of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith in which he gives great insights about coaching for leaders:

Professional Leadership Coaching

What Are The Benefits Of Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Development Coaching
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You as a manager and executive can greatly benefit from leadership coaching. Not only does it help you personally but it can also help your relationship with other team members. Here are just some benefits of leadership coaching:

  • Improves the relationship between leaders and team members
  • Gains new perspectives
  • Encourages to become a better leader
  • Becoming more self-aware and controlling emotions better
  • Attaining a flexible mindset
  • Becoming motivated to achieve goals

What Do You Expect From Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching focuses on a lot of factors such as personality development, social skills, decision making, and performance enhancement.

Goals will be defined beforehand, but in order to make good progress, the coach and coachee should develop a balanced relationship and trust in order to reach those goals.

When trust is built, the client will be more confident in sharing his thoughts.

Coaching sessions usually include the following:

  • Goal-setting
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Developmental activities
  • Assessments
  • Feedback

Why Should Managers Be Effective Coaches?

Aside from enhancing one’s own managerial and leadership abilities, coaching allows a manager to have a harmonious relationship with his employees in the workplace.

A good leader who exhibits confidence, knowledge, and empathy inspires those who work for him so they become better individuals.

Why is coaching an effective technique for leading others?

Here are some reasons:

  • Improves employees’ behavioral skills and knowledge
  • Provides support and encouragement
  • Boosts productivity in the workplace
  • Builds stronger relationships
  • Overcomes problems easier with the help of others
  • Achieves goals easier and faster

Executive Coaching & Development

Executive Coaching Development
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How Can Coaching Help Leadership Development?

Coaching has become an essential tool in developing leaders and managers in a company or an organization.

With coaching, they increase their self-awareness which allows them to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, helps them identify and set priorities, establish better communication with others, and even enhance their ability to coach others.

Leaders should not only act on their own, but they also need to develop skills that are also beneficial for their employees.

They all have the same goals and those can be achieved if everyone has the same mindset and attitude.

Leadership development coaching allows leaders to have more focus on these goals and lead the others in a motivating and inspiring way.

How Do I Prepare For Executive Coaching?

Coaching allows leaders and executives to uncover their full potential to lead their companies into success. But for those who are going to a coaching session for the first time, here are some things to keep in mind before attending:

  • Set goals.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Participate and commit.
  • Listen to feedback and reflect.
  • Offer your own feedback or concerns.
  • Practice what you learn.

This might not be easy at first, especially when it comes to opening up about personal information and thoughts which is why building trust between the coach and the client is highly important before making progress.

What Does Leadership Development Mean?

Leadership development pertains to the improvement of skills, abilities, competency, and confidence of employees in an organization.

Development programs allow people to function effectively in their current positions and eventually help in attaining their end goals.

This is considered as a long-term plan for a company as these development programs prepare every individual to become leaders in the future.

Leadership Coaching Training

CEO Coaching Online
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How Do You Provide Coaching?

As a leader, encourage employees to share their ideas and inputs when determining and setting goals.

From there, the most important thing to remember is to keep communication open to everyone.

Set a timeline for a project and determine the best approach.

Listen actively to employees’ opinions and also offer feedback in return.

Communication is a two-way street and by doing this effectively, both the leader and employee can grow and learn from each other.

It is also crucial to understand what motivates employees better to boost their morale.

What Makes A Good Coach In The Workplace?

A true leader inspires and supports his members to change and achieve their company’s goals.

He also knows his own strengths and weaknesses and put them into good use.

Applying good qualities in the workplace ensures success for the whole team.

These are some distinct qualities that a good coach possesses:

  1. A great listener. Showing genuine interest in what a person is saying is a sign of a good coach. Refrain from making judgments until the person stops talking.
  2. Self-aware. Knowing more about one’s own personality is key to becoming a better coach.
  3. Encourages and supports others. A good coach provides resources, training, and support that are beneficial for his employees to progress.
  4. Offers specific and well-defined issues and expectations. Being a good leader sets realistic goals and expectations for everyone. He also presents issues they may encounter which then gives everyone a chance to voice their solutions.
  5. Provides feedback not criticism. Always remember to make comments that are helpful, positive, and don’t make others feel inadequate.
  6. Creates accountability. A coach does not only provide support but also makes sure that his members are doing their part and keeps track of their progress.

What Does A CEO Coach Do?

A CEO coach helps an executive meet his desired goals for the company.

He helps in uncovering the full potential of the executive so that it would improve his work performance and relationships with his employees.

With coaching, desired results will be easily attained especially if one has better control and knowledge to bring change in their lives.

My online coaching aims to give leaders a chance to tap their hidden potential and unleash it in the shortest time possible.

A true leader serves as a motivator and an inspiration and a CEO coach can help them realize their hidden skills and abilities.

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