300+ Worst Things A Husband Can Say To His Wife (2024) & How To Heal

While we sometimes say things we don’t mean during arguments, it’s smart to know the worst thing a husband can say to his wife so you can create boundaries and take steps to heal.

The Worst Things A Husband Can Say To His Wife
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Actually, it’s not one thing.

We’ve compiled a list of more than 300 most hurtful things a husband can say to his wife in this piece.

Let’s dive in!

The Worst Things A Husband Can Say To His Wife

From love to motherhood, the following are hurtful comments a husband can say to his wife.

The Worst Thing A Husband Can Say To His Wife About Love

  1.  I don’t even love you anymore
  2.  I never loved you
  3. I don’t have feelings for you anymore
  4. I don’t know why I ever loved you
  5. I love someone else
  6. No one can stand loving you
  7. I loved my ex more than I do you
  8. Why on earth do I need to tell you “I love you” all the time?
  9. You mean nothing to me
  10. You’re impossible to love
  11. I thought I loved you but I was mistaken
  12. What I thought was love for you was really lust
  13. I’m not sure about my feelings for you
  14. I can never love you
  15. I don’t have the strength to love you
  16. No one can love you
  17. I don’t love you the same way you love me. In fact, I don’t love you at all
  18. You don’t deserve love

The Worst Thing A Husband Can Say To His Wife On Her Identity

  1. You were nothing until I married you
  2. No wonder you’re depressed, I mean look at you
  3. It’s no surprise my family members don’t like you
  4. I should have listened when everyone told me not to marry you, you’re such a loser
  5. What’s your value? Tell me
  6. You’re just worthless
  7. You’re so full of flaws
  8. You should have never been born
  9. You’re the most terrible human on the planet
  10. I’m obviously better than you
  11. If I hadn’t married you, you’d have died alone 
  12. Without me, you’d have no future
  13. You’re insignificant
  14. You’re a waste of space on this earth
  15. You deserve the bad things happening to you
  16. There’s nothing special about you
  17. You’re such a wretch
  18. You’re cursed
  19. You carry a bad omen/spirit
  20. You’re such a lowlife
  21. You’re not worthy to be my wife
  22. You don’t deserve to be the mother of my children
  23. I don’t want people to see me with you
  24. I deserve a better woman
  25. You’ve failed as a mother/wife
  26. You bring me shame 
  27. You’re disgusting
  28. You’re useless to me
  29. No one likes you
  30. Name one good thing about you
  31. Prove you’re good enough for me
  32. Can you just be normal?
  33. What’s wrong with you?

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The Worst Thing A Husband Can Say To His Wife On Looks

  1. You look so tired these days
  2. You’ve gotten too big/ too small
  3. You look much better in photos
  4. You better lose weight – I can’t have my wife looking like this
  5. Are you really gonna eat all that? Can’t you see yourself?
  6. You have nothing going for you as far as beauty is concerned
  7. The sight of you makes me sick
  8. You have the worst fashion sense
  9. You’ve really let go of yourself
  10. You’re shapeless
  11. You’re too masculine
  12. Do you not care about the way you look?
  13. How can you blame me for cheating on you? I mean, look at yourself!
  14. If anyone tells you you’re beautiful, don’t believe them. They’re lying to you
  15. You look ugly when you cry
  16. Plastic surgery is your only hope
  17. You can’t even dress properly like a respectable woman
  18. You don’t even look feminine
  19. You don’t need protection, I mean who would think of harming you
  20. I hope my kids would look nothing like you
  21. If you tried as much as my friend’s wives do, you might look attractive
  22. You look much older than women the same age as you

The Worst Thing A Husband Can Say To His Wife Around Sex Life

  1. You’d have been much better in bed if you were slimmer
  2. Why are you always asking for sex? Are you never satisfied?
  3. The idea of having sex with you just makes me sick
  4. Can’t you get any better in bed?
  5. You’re such a slut with your exes but can’t have great sex with me
  6. Who on earth doesn’t know how to seduce their husband?
  7. You’re such a bad kisser even after all those years
  8. I wish you were sexier
  9. You are no longer looking sexy
  10. I get off hot strangers on the internet more than I do you
  11. You no longer turn me on
  12. I’m only having sex with you because you ask for it
  13. You’re no longer the sensual girl I met
  14. Even if you try spicing things in the bedroom, I wouldn’t want you
  15. I’m only sleeping with you as a marital obligation
  16. My high school sweetheart was better in bed than you
  17. When I want to be turned on, I think of my ex-girlfriend
  18. You’re no longer attractive as you used to be
  19. You’re not my taste, I wonder what in the world I was thinking about marrying you
  20. I feel disgusted when I look at your naked body
  21. Sex has never been so bland with anyone else before 
  22. How can you expect me to not cheat with the sex life we have?
  23. You’re too hungry for sex
  24. I can’t wait to finish whenever we’re having sex
  25. You’re a killjoy in bed

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Emotionally Insensitive Worst Things Husband Can Say To Wife

Emotionally Insensitive
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  1. Why do you have to be so sensitive about everything
  2. Stop overreacting. I mean why do you have to make a big deal out of everything?
  3. You’re always too emotional
  4. I don’t need to do anything on our anniversary, nothing special about that day if you ask me
  5. You have no right to be upset
  6. I don’t care what you feel
  7. Just get over it
  8. I slept with someone else but it didn’t mean anything – so you better not make a big deal out of it
  9. You don’t have to take it personally
  10. Would you just calm down?
  11. Your tears mean nothing
  12. I can’t make you feel good about yourself, I’m not in charge of your mental health
  13. You’re not going to change my mind even if you cry
  14. Let me know when you finish crying
  15. Are you done talking?
  16. You’re an emotional mess
  17. I don’t care about your forgiveness
  18. Why do you have to be such a crybaby
  19. You’re too depressed to handle being a wife
  20. I can’t fix how you feel, you’re just ruined
  21. I just can’t tolerate you
  22. You deserved the treatment you got, I couldn’t defend you

The Worst Thing A Husband Can Say To His Wife On Her Intelligence

  1. How come you’re so dumb?
  2. You wouldn’t get it even if I told you
  3. You’ve never been smart
  4. Nothing you say makes sense at all
  5. Why on earth would I ask you for advice, what do you have to tell me?
  6. At least you’re pretty even though you’re dumb
  7. No one smart enough can trust your judgment
  8. You should listen to the stupid things you say
  9. How can you think like that? That’s stupid
  10. You’re an easy target to fool
  11. Does your brain ever work?
  12. That’s the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard
  13. Why is your friend so smart and you so dumb?
  14. What do you know?
  15.  Why is everything so hard for you to understand?
  16. Are you mentally challenged?
  17. You’re so naive
  18. You know nothing
  19. Do you ever think?
  20. Use your brain for once
  21. Is it so hard to understand such a simple thing?
  22. Your thinking resembles that of a child
  23. You have the mind of a chicken
  24. I can’t believe I fell in love with a stupid person like you
  25. At least what you lack in brains, you compensate in beauty

The Worst Thing A Husband Can Say To His Wife About Their Marriage

  1. I wish I could go back in time and never marry you
  2. A stressful day at work is more fun than spending time with you
  3. I feel like I’m in bondage 
  4. My life was much better when I was alone
  5. I only married you because I had no better option
  6. I didn’t marry you because I loved you. You’re simply convenient
  7. I only married you because you were stupid enough to get pregnant
  8. I only married you because I pitied you
  9. You tricked me into marrying you
  10. You should be grateful I haven’t divorced you
  11. You should be grateful I haven’t cheated on you
  12. You’re the worst nightmare in my life
  13. No one has ever brought me pain as much as you have
  14. If it weren’t for you, I’d be so much happier
  15. This marriage is never going to make it
  16. My life is worse than the scariest nightmare
  17. I’ve wasted my life living with you
  18. This marriage is a sham
  19. It’s not my problem you’re infertile

Worst Thing A Husband Can Say About Wife’s Success

  1. You can never get anything right
  2. Anyone can do what you’ve done so it’s not real success
  3. You have stupid dreams that’s why I can never support you
  4. Anyone who knows you knows you’ll never succeed
  5. Be honest with yourself, I mean how can you possibly achieve that
  6. You’re in over your head
  7. You’ve always been a failure
  8. You can never achieve anything on your own, you need me
  9. You better give up before you embarrass yourself
  10. Have you done anything worthwhile to be proud of?
  11. You don’t have what it takes to be successful

The Worst Thing A Husband Can Say To Dominate His Wife

  1. You need to be put in your place
  2. I don’t need to ask you about anything, I can do whatever I want
  3. You don’t need to know everything about my life, I’m entitled to my own secrets
  4. I don’t need your opinion, when I need it, I’ll ask for it
  5. I don’t care about what you think
  6. I don’t answer to you
  7. I am the head of our family so you can’t challenge me in anything
  8. That’s your problem to deal with
  9. You’re here to listen and follow, nothing else
  10. What’s your job here other than to be fucked and to take care of the kids?
  11. Shut up!
  12. Don’t you dare talk back to your husband!
  13. I’m the one paying the bills here so you have no say in anything
  14. You listen to me woman!
  15. You don’t deserve to request anything from me. I’m the one to choose what to do for you
  16. You want me to do something for you? What have you done for me?
  17. I need to know your salary but you can’t know mine
  18. You’re under me but I’m under nobody

The Worst Thing A Husband Can Say To His Wife On Motherhood

  1. What kind of mother are you?
  2. I wish I never had children with you
  3. All you do with your life is cook, clean, and take care of the kids – you need to get a real job
  4. No wonder the kids love me but hate you
  5. You’re not the first woman to get pregnant
  6. You’re not the first woman to give birth so toughen up
  7. Why does the house look like this? What have you been doing all day?
  8. You’re such an awful cook
  9. You can’t take good care of my kids
  10. What kind of mom are you if you can’t balance taking care of the kids with work
  11. Do you expect me to do chores while all you do is stay at home and take care of the babies?
  12. You’re not the first mom to get twins, stop being a drama queen
  13. No one told you to be infertile
  14. Why aren’t you strong like other moms
  15. Why do you have to nag me just because you’re pregnant
  16. Did I tell you to get pregnant?
  17. Why did you get pregnant so fast?
  18. Did I tell you to be super fertile?
  19. The maid is a much better mother to my kids than you are
  20. I don’t trust you with my children
  21. Didn’t your mother teach you how to be a mother
  22. Of course, you don’t know how to raise kids. Your mother didn’t anyway
  23. You think taking care of the kids is a job? Ask those who have a real job
  24. If I had the time, I would do a better job raising the kids than you
  25. My kids deserve a more educated mother

Worst Thing A Husband Can Say About Wife’s Family

  1. Everything is just wrong with your family
  2. No one in your home was raised right
  3. Your parents were too stupid to raise you right
  4. Your family is wretched
  5. Nothing good comes from your family
  6. Your family has too many problems
  7. I can’t stand how goofy your family is
  8. Didn’t your parents teach you good manners
  9. Your family members are parasites
  10. Your family is incompetent, no wonder they’re still poor

Worst Thing A Husband Can Say When Comparing Wife

  1. Claire has kids and still looks beautiful. Why can’t you be like her?
  2. Why can’t you be more like your friend
  3. Why can’t you be like Scott’s wife?
  4. My mom cooks/cleans better
  5. My ex loved me more than you do
  6. My friends’ wives are sexier than you
  7. Other women had it worse than you and yet are doing much better than you
  8. Your sister is a better mom than you
  9. Your fashion sense is worse than my grandmother’s 

More Worst Things A Husband Can Say To His Wife

Worst Things A Husband Can Say To His Wife
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  1. I did you a favor by marrying you
  2. It’s all your fault our marriage is like this
  3. Isn’t a woman supposed to build her household? You don’t know your job
  4. I don’t need marriage counseling, you’re the problem
  5. You’re so immature
  6. What’s the point of working on a marriage that’s meant to end anyway?
  7. Would you stop nagging me?
  8. Why do I have to post you on social media if I don’t want to?
  9. I don’t need and won’t apologize to you
  10. It doesn’t matter, we don’t have to talk about it
  11. Just die
  12. You’re only after my money
  13. You only wanted to be my wife so you could ride on my success
  14. How can you disagree with my decisions while I’m the one paying the bills?
  15. Who do you think you are?
  16. We didn’t have make up sex, I just wanted you to stop nagging me
  17. You always ruin everything
  18. You’re not a good person even though you pretend to be
  19. Everything you touch spoils
  20. Can’t you solve your own problems?
  21. I’m sick of hearing same things from you 
  22. You’re such a liar
  23. Are you deaf?
  24. You’re pathetic
  25. Your food tastes like trash
  26. You’re an animal
  27. It’s not my fault that you can’t give me kids
  28. I cheated on you to have kids of my own
  29. You’re a whore
  30. You’re useless you barren woman
  31. You bring the worst in me
  32. It’s your fault I’m like this
  33. I’m only here because of my kids
  34. Who asked you?
  35. I should have married your younger sister instead of you
  36. Living with you is like a boring chore
  37. I don’t know why I didn’t think of marrying your best friend instead
  38. My ex-wife was more interesting than you
  39. It was bad luck I met with you
  40. You’re the worst person I’ve ever met
  41. With you, a happy marriage is a pipe dream
  42. Stop bothering me to fix things, you ruined everything already
  43. You’ve always been a slut even before we met
  44. No wonder your ex dumped you
  45. You’re no longer my favorite person
  46. Are you still at my house?
  47. I’d be the luckiest man if I get rid of you
  48. If it weren’t  for the kids, I wouldn’t be with you
  49. You make me live in misery
  50. You don’t realize? You’re no priority to me
  51. A thousand hours spent with my hateful boss are better than spending a day with you
  52. If it weren’t for these kids, you’d be packing your bags right now
  53. You’re only after my money you gold digger
  54. You’re such a wicked woman
  55. You’re no fun to be around
  56. You always disappoint me, I can’t depend on you
  57. You’re dead inside
  58. I wish you could die so I could be free
  59. You think you matter to me? No!
  60. You’re using me
  61. You’re such a jerk
  62. You’re an idiot
  63. How can you possibly survive without me
  64. My life has been in chaos ever since I met you
  65. My family comes first
  66. You’re such a liability in my life
  67. I deserve a better person
  68. How dare you
  69. You’re so boring
  70. My life as a bachelor was so much better
  71. Do me a favor and get lost
  72. You bring bad luck into my life
  73. All your friends look much better than you

How To Heal From Your Husband’s Hurtful Words

Hurtful words from someone you love can make you feel worse than any betrayal can. But for the sake of your wellbeing and self-esteem, you need to move past your hurt and heal.

And here are steps to help you do just that:

Acknowledge Your Feelings

You have a right to feel the way you feel after hearing hurtful stuff your husband says. So instead of suppressing and ignoring your feelings, experience the pain and take note of how it feels. 

Tell Your Spouse How You Feel

Don’t let resentment fester by shutting up. So wait for your anger to cool down and approach your husband to tell him how you feel about his statements. 

Check out this piece on assertive anger to know how you can put it.

Listen To What He Says Attentively

One way to get your husband to listen to you is to listen to him. 

So even if you hate his response about your feelings, listen to him without interrupting. If more couples paid attention to their spouse’s feelings, we’d have fewer divorces.

Try Seeing Things From His Perspective

To build a successful marriage, you have to be willing to listen to your partner’s point of view and put yourself in his shoes for more compassion. 

You might just find out that your man is acting out of low self-respect and you can offer help through these tips on How To Help A Man With Low Self-Esteem.

Forgive Him

You can never build a healthy relationship with your husband without forgiveness. That’s why sometimes you have to Learn Acceptance And Letting Go and put the tips into practice.

Focus On Improving Your Self-Worth/Self-Esteem/Self-Love

These concepts although subtly different, intertwine. 

  • High self-worth is the sense that you’re good enough and deserve every good thing life offers.
  • High self-esteem helps you become confident in your abilities despite your limitations. 
  • And self-love helps you accept and love who you are. 

Focusing on bettering your sense of self through these concepts not only improves your well-being but also helps heal past traumas and makes you stronger. 

This way, you can deal with external factors affecting your marriage much easier.

Talk To A Coach/Therapist

Sometimes couples do too much emotional damage to each other to be able to fix issues without an expert. While self-coaching can help, if you get too overwhelmed, seek the help of a professional.

The best thing about experts is that they can easily and quickly find the missing link in your relationship dynamics and help you fix them.

What Things Destroy A Marriage?

While many factors contribute to ruining a marriage, the major ones include lack of trust, intimacy, and the use of dominance and manipulation to try to control each other. To make a marital relationship work, both partners need to be willing to practice healthy communication and even bring in professionals such as a marriage counselor to help process issues in a healthy way.

What Is A Disrespectful Husband?

A disrespectful husband will be dishonest to his partner (meaning he doesn’t see the wife as an equal to be accountable to) and also belittles her passively or in aggressive actions like yelling and physical abuse.

What Should You Not Say To Your Spouse?

Whether you’re the wife or husband, make sure you don’t say any of the worst things we’ve mentioned above to your partner. Flush the beliefs attached to these statements out of your system and embrace a more positive mindset regarding your partner.

What A Husband Should Not Do To His Wife?

A husband should never yell or beat his wife. Also, he shouldn’t use threats and his masculine strength to intimidate his wife – it shows weakness instead of strength in him. He needs to stop escaping the work of building a healthy marriage with his wife by all means.

Final Note

It’s true actions speak louder than words. But words hurt too especially if we’re talking about the worst things a husband can say to his wife.

If your husband ever said any of these things, find space to heal from the emotional wounds that have built up.

We have plenty of resources (we’ve linked some of them above) you can check out to help you with your journey. Make every moment count!

Before you go, kindly share this piece with other husbands or wives to help us better relationships and ultimately, lives!

About The Author

Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.