Self-Worthiness – 26 Ways to Boost Yours Backed by Science

Definition Self-Worthiness

The dictionary defines self-worth as

“the sense of one’s value or worth as a person.”

though; there are various ways for you to assess your value and worth as a person.

Some of these are more expressively beneficial than others.

In this blog post, we talk about the importance of true self-worthiness and how you can develop bulletproof self-worth.

Let’s dive right into it.

What is Self-Worthiness Based On?

Your self-worthiness basically is a result how you see yourself.

What Determines Self-Worth?

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Your self-worth can be determined by several things which include;

  • Your appearance; can be rated by the amount of attention you get considering your presence. If you feel beautiful or handsome, you will surely attract people to yourself as you are positive about yourself.
  • The people you know; some persons feel self-worthiness by the number of connections they have with highly placed individuals in the society. So, therefore, the quality of people you know can determine your self-worthiness due to the feeling of being important in the community. A long list of valuable contacts in your mobile phone can make you feel some prestige.
  • Your career or job; your career or job can make you feel worthy. Having a big job or a high paying career is good; however, there is the problem of the economic crisis, which might render your job useless. Using a career or high-ticket job to feel self-worth is not a long-term pursuit.

What causes low self-worth?

Numerous things cause low self-worth;

  • A wrong parenting style of your parents
  • Your main role model in childhood had low self-worth
  • Having an abuse or phycological trauma; this could cause low self-esteem.
  • Having an adverse childhood experience where parents or teachers abuse the kids.
  • Poor school performance can also lead to low self-worth.
  • Having financial problems can lead an individual to have low self-worth, which is characterized by low self-esteem.

What is Self-Worth vs Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is what you feel and think about yourself, like, “I am better, I am the best’’. It is the feeling of being a better person despite your present situation of things. While self-worth is the value on which you place on yourself as an individual in society.

Self-Worthiness Rollercoaster

There are times you feel so self-worthy that you think the world is at your feet. You can take on any challenges that come your way because you feel so energized and healthy, both physically and emotionally.

There are other times you feel so down that you can’t even move because you are not feeling self-worth.

It happens to everyone. Today you are performing well; the next day, you are just a shadow of yourself. It is not something to be afraid of; instead, it can be worked on. Here comes a comprehensive List with ways to boost your self-worth.

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26 Ways to Boost Your Self-Worth

  1. Stop your inner, negative self-talk like shown in this amazing video:
  2. Visualize or imagine yourself to be self-confident.
    Having an image of yourself being confident helps you to be proud of yourself;
    and also helps you to be self-confident.
    In your thoughts, you are optimistic, and that’s how people will feel about you.
    You will have weak ideas of yourself if you keep struggling with low self-worth.
    Practice having good thoughts about yourself.
  3. Give;
    Research has shown that nature is generous to those who give.
    If you have things in abundance, those other people are lacking, give freely.
    The feeling that you have helped someone goes a long way in helping you to be self-worthy.
  4. Practice affirmations;
    To become confident, you need to affirm every day that you are competent and confident.
    Statements help to develop the required belief about yourself.
    The image you create for yourself is the best you can have.
    It will help uplifts you, especially if you are down.
  5. Do things that you are scared of;
    It is said that ‘’the best way to overcome fear is to face it’’. 
    If you do things that scare you, you will begin to gain self-confidence in yourself little by little.
    At a time, after many practices, you become confident and self-reliant in it.
  6. Set small accomplishable goals.
    You can set up yourself to win if you accomplish your personal goals, the more you become confident in yourself.
    A lot of persons are discouraged about their confidence because they set too high goals that are difficult to accomplish.
    When you keep achieving your goals, your self-confidence continues to build up.
  7. Be patient; To help increase your self-esteem, you have to be patient with yourself. Always know that tough times don’t last long.
    It is tough people that continue and over-come their problems with patience and persistent work.
  8. Be positive;
    You have to be positive in whatever situation you find yourself.
    You will feel more relaxed and confident in yourself if you are positive about all things.
    There might be times you would have flashbacks of missed opportunities or mistake you have made in the past.
    Don’t let if you weigh down.
    It happens to every other person.
    You will always come out victorious.
  9. Use affirmations often;
    Affirmations are words you say to encourage your-self.
    They are encouraging words that help boost self-worthiness.
    Research published in 2015 in the social Psychology Bulletin confirms that affirmation helps calm you down.
    The more you tell yourself that you are right, the more your confidence builds.
  10. Take out time to exercise;
    studies have shown that you feel confident and powered after an exercise or workout.
    Taking a little time out of your day to exercise, do go a long way to help you think self-worthy.
    It must not be the type that takes a long time or stress you too much.
  11. Take coffee often;
    medical research published in Food journal in 1994 has proved that caffeine, which is present in coffee, helps to boost one’s mood.
    A little coffee in the morning can help activate your confidence, make your day a fabulous one.
  12. Always Smile; regarding a meta-analysis in the psychological Bulletin published in 2019, it shows that smiling helps to change the state of thought;
    you can’t smile and be sad at the same time.
    When you smile often, it makes you feel happy and helps boost your self-worth.
  13. Go out on dates;
    Going out on dates will help you meet new people, and also interact with them.
    A university professor has stated that flirting or going on dates helps boost one’s self-confidence.
    It makes you feel important and appreciated.
  14. Don’t give room for too much anxiety;
    Anxiety is the fear of the future. Don’t allow yourself to overthink the future or worry over it.
    Keep working on your stuff and keep improving in areas that is needed.
    Having anxiety would only drag you back and leave less confident in yourself.
  15. Be proud of yourself;
    You have to be proud of yourself.
    Feel good about yourself.
    Take yourself to be the best wherever you are.
    Don’t let people talk you down.
    Do something new and pleasant all the time.
    This will help you boost your self-worth.
  16. Have your lucky charm with you all the time;
    Having a lucky charm helps build your self-worth.
    A study carried out in 2010 by psychological scientists has proved that people are more confident in themselves having a lucky charm with them.
    The lucky charm will help boost your morale to do this;
    you never thought you would be able to do it. Lucky charms help boost one’s performance, especially in a physical game or contest.
  17. Upgrade your dressing standard;
    To help boost your confidence, you need to upgrade your dressing.
    You need to have an excellent sense of dressing as an individual.
    A social psychological and personality journal published in 2015 latest to the facts that people who dress formally, feel more confident in themselves than those who do not dress formally.
    Wearing well makes people look you up with high esteem.
  18. Volunteer for community service;
    helping people out can go a long way to boost your self-worthiness.
    Studies conducted in 2017 by the Journal of Adolescence have shown that people who volunteer their time to help in the community they belong or help a group of people make them feel more confident.
    The more you volunteer to help people, the more you boost your self-worth.
  19. Inspire your-self always;
    you need to keep yourself inspired, always be bringing into your consciousness, valuable thoughts, and memories.
    Think of a character in a movie you have watched.
    Have thoughts on how they overcame obstacles during hard times.
    Fill yourself in and act like the character that over-came all his fears and head to victory.
  20. Give yourself time to heal from pain; pain itself is essential for growth.
    For you to move from one point to another in developing yourself, you have to endure pains as you grow.
  21. Change your attitude towards yourself.
    You need to develop good and enviable thoughts towards yourself continually.
    Stop thinking low of yourself or putting yourself down.
    Make others see your value by valuing yourself.
    If you don’t belittle yourself, no one will.
  22. You need to love yourself;
    You need to develop self-love for yourself no matter what?
    Self-love is essential to getting your self-worth back.
    Give yourself a good outing, brass yourself up, feel compassionate about yourself.
    Be generous to yourself by loving yourself.
  23. You need to trust yourself;
    in other to get your self-worth back, you need to have trust in yourself and trust your feelings.
    No one will do it for you. You lose your self-worth when you allow others to make the decision for you.
    Your self-esteem will grow when you trust your decision-making abilities.
    Don’t look for ways of avoiding a hard decision.
    Go ahead and make your decision that will help reshape your life for the better and stand by it.
  24. Review yourself;
    you need to take out time to review or analyze yourself critically.
    Analyzing yourself will help you know areas you need to work on or to improve on, so you become a better person.
    You need to know your weaknesses, and also work on it.
    Know what you want and go for it.
  25. Don’t make your self-worth dependent on other people’s desires or expectations;
    this would hamper your self-esteem.
    Don’t listen too much about what people would say about you.
  26. Always be with people who are positive about life and are willing to share healthy thoughts with you.

What is Another Word for Self-Worth?

Another word for self-worth can be prestige, self-dignity, self-assurance, Assurance, self-value, self-pride, self-carriage, self-awareness.

What is self-love called?

Self-love can be regarded as the ‘’Love of one’s self’’ or seen as individual or personal happiness.

It is a necessity for personal development and growth in a world full of problems and strives.
You continue to love or like yourself, no matter the troubles of life.

You are the only one that can make or create happiness and self-love for yourself without tying it to other persons.

Self-love grows through a change of attitudes; behaviors that help appreciate your being.

Is self-image the same as self-esteem?

Self-esteem is the feeling you have towards yourself. Self-image is the way you see yourself and how you think others see you.

They are very related in the sense that when you have terrible thinking of yourself, it lowers your self-esteem.
The state of your emotions triggers self-esteem, while Your egotism triggers self-image.

Having high self-esteem is very good and could be physiologically healthy. However, having a high self-image could be wrong in place of work or relationship.

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How do you find self-worth in a relationship?

Self-Respect is important
source: (sweetlouise)

To find self-worth in a relationship, you have to see you and your partner as equal in the relationship. You need to have good self-esteem in the relationship as reduced self-worth spoils a new relationship.

Do not sell out your self-worth in a relationship.

It might be difficult for you to have self-worth in a link if you have low-self-esteem.

Know what you are bringing on board in the relationship. If you contribute to the growth of the relationship, a relationship is all about helping each other in times of distress and giving each other help whenever one is having a wrong time.

Always know that you are worthy of the relationship, and you are capable of holding your own.

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