Work-Life Balance Coach – 12 Effective Interventions

Don’t Let Your Work Intrude on the Life You Dream

The desire to balance an exciting work life, significant other, happy kids, beautiful home, great friends and social life can encroach on precious personal time. 

We expect a lot of ourselves and everywhere we look people seem to have it all together.

Here’s the secret, they’re actually struggling too. Everyone’s just afraid to admit it for fear of the F-word – Failure.

Work-life balance is not an easy task in this fast forward world. 

However, there are steps you can take to help you balance these two areas of your life.

12 Effective Interventions Work Life Balance Coaches Use

1. Get To Know Your Feelings

Your feelings are important because you can rely on them to honestly tell you what’s going on with you.

Coaching yourself to find the source of the stress you feel is a great start.

The sooner you get to know yourself through your feelings, the sooner you can take action to get yourself and your life back into balance. 

2. Your Values Are Uniquely Yours

Find out what your priorities are by knowing your values.

By making your priorities clear, you can put those at the top of your list.

3. Strive For Excellence, Not Perfection

The problem with perfection is that it reveals a fear that you may have flaws.

A mindset of excellence in all you do allows you to feel good about your efforts and still open to make any corrections for improvement or efficiency.

work life balance coach
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4. Set Boundaries

Set boundaries for yourself and others.

Interruptions can take you off course and undermine the balance you’ve created.

Saying “no” to yourself and others frees you from overscheduling and overwhelm. 

5. Accept What Is

We all find ourselves in stressful situations at times.

Coaching yourself by being present and accepting the situation as it is, is the first step out of stressful situations and into a mindset for possibilities.

Without stress, your mind has space to find solutions that couldn’t be seen within stress.

6. Moving Forward or Away?

Check-in with your feelings often and ask yourself if your decision is moving you forward to better work-life balance or away.

7. Limit Time Wasting Activities and Relationships

This could be tough yet it’s a necessary part of setting your boundaries.
Spending too much time on social media?

Or in your personal life, is that person coming to you with their problems regularly without giving back?

Go back to your values and see if these things are moving you toward or away from your work-life balance. 

8. Less Is More

Make a list of all your to-dos and ask yourself which tasks might not be necessary.

Prune back as much as you can or delegate to others for help.
This will free up some of your time for other significant things.

9. Self Care

Know what it means for you to take care of yourself.

Maybe diet, reading a good book exercise, meditation, soaking in a warm bath – whatever it is for you, do it with excellence.

10. Communicate Well

Learn to communicate your needs well and in turn, brush up on your listening skills.

Knowing how to communicate clearly helps to get your needs met more timely and efficiently.

Listening well is also part of communication.

Like offense and defense, you can’t play just one side.

By focused listening with the other person, you understand their needs better and may minimize some work on your end.

11. Separate Yourself From Work

Make scheduled time to walk away, breathe, and change your perspective.

A digital detox a few times a day can be important to clear your mind and take action from a fresh perspective once you get back.

12. Enjoy Life

It’s important to know that you have every right to enjoy your life.

It’s a loving thing to do for yourself to know this and take the steps to help you create more balance.

Work-Life Balance Coaching

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A work-life balance coach doesn’t help you manage your time better or help you become more efficient or productive. 

This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

It’s about diving deep to find out the root cause of your poor work-life balance. 

It’s important to Identify what has stopped you from achieving lasting changes to your work-life balance so far, also to help you to work out how to make changes. 

A coach will get to the bottom of how you think about and approach things to allow you to release stress and guilt creating a happier, more successful work-life balance. 

Your coaching solutions will be specific to you. 

Your Future Could Look Like This

Work-life balance could bring you the life you’ve been dreaming, giving you:

  • Personal confidence and insights to finally stop procrastinating
  • A clear understanding of your values so you can make priorities that work for you
  • The ability to make faster decisions and say “no” more often so you’ll be much more productive
  • Ways to lose the guilt you feel, replacing it with a sense of accomplishment
  • The space to redefine perfectionism with excellence so you can always do your best
  • A happier and less stressed work-life balance
Work-Life Balance Coach

Work-Life Balance Coaching Questions

You can begin your process of a better work-life by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What does it mean to me to be completely fulfilled in life?
  2. What are the values that help me feel fulfilled?
  3. What qualities must be present for me to feel fulfilled?
  4. How would honoring my values impact my work-life balance? Who would be affected?
  5. What actions give me the least joy?
  6. If I were committed to an organized, energetic, and fulfilling experience in my work life, how would that change how I feel about #5?
  7. What three things do I do in my daily life that have no relevance to work or life fulfillment?
  8. What am I willing to release?
  9. What two or three actions could I take right now to support my well-being?

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Stress Life Coach

Your health depends on releasing your feelings of stress. 

We tend to blame stress on outside triggers or experiences, yet stress is merely our reaction to the trigger or experience. 

All the busyness of life has its own level of possible stressors. 

Then throw in health issues of a loved one or yourself and it could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

What if you could recognize stress and extinguish it before it becomes overwhelming? 

This is what coaching can help you do.

Work Stress Coach

Frustration in your job, overwhelm with your workload or new business venture, or difficult relationship dynamics at work are all stressful situations coaching can help with. 

In any work field you may come across difficult relationships. 

When you’re in a time crunch is the most likely time you’ll encounter that person. 

You notice feelings of impatience or frustration as sensations throughout your body. 

Learning to recognize these feelings and using reliable strategies are tools coaching can offer. 

Start by coaching yourself and when it becomes overwhelming, find someone who uses a coaching style you like that suits your needs. 

You can achieve the work-life balance you dream of while also enjoying your family, career or professional status and individual personal time. 

It is your right to enjoy your life. You’re here for a reason and living your life with more ease can help you share the best of yourself.

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.