Online Life Coach Salary – A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Online Life Coach Salary – How much does a life coach make is a question that people ask quite often. And for good reasons.

Famous life coaches like Tony Robbins and Bob Doyle seem to be doing pretty well. You see their videos, Instagram feeds, speeches, and you start wondering, how much do these life coaches really make?

In this post, we’ll cover everything related to the salary of an online life coach. This includes everything from the average life coach salary and how much does a life coach make per hour, to why some life coaches are making seven figures, while others scrape by.

Let’s start with some number crunching…

Life Coach Salary
source: (mohamed_hassan)

What is the Average Salary of an Online Life Coach?

The salary of an online life coach —like any other professional— is influenced by many factors. These include everything from the individual skills and qualifications of a life coach, years of experience, to where they are located.

Let’s have a look at the global average salaries of life coaches…

According to a recent study that was commissioned by the ICF and conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the average global salary of life coaches is $51,000.

That’s around $5,158 per month, which isn’t too shabby.

This study included 15,380 respondents from 137 countries so, it can give you a good idea about how the $2.356 billion industry is doing globally.

On the other hand, the average life coach salary in North America is $61,900. And that’s not bad either, because the average salary for all professions in North America is $51,939.

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So, how are the other regions’ life coaches doing?

Here are the numbers:

Latin America and the Caribbean: $27,100
Western Europe: $55,300
Eastern Europe: $18,400
Middle East and Africa: $35,900
Asia: $37,800
Oceania: $73,100

As you can see, the numbers vary significantly between different regions. And even if we focus on a single, large market for life coaches like the US, different sources have different numbers.

The following are the average life coach salaries in the US, according to some of the world’s top job sites:

Life Coach Salaries
source: (mohamed_hassan)
Source Annual salary Hourly rate
  Payscale   $45,840   $33.44
  Glassdoor   $35,487   $25.88
  ZipRecruiter   $69,945   $51
  Indeed   $28,910   $21.08

As you’ve probably noticed, the numbers vary significantly, despite all being for life coaches who are working in the US.

One thing to keep in mind though is that the “average” online life coach salary isn’t an indicator of how much you are going to make. In terms of hourly rates, life coaches can make anything between $25 to $300 per hour. And in some cases, thousands of dollars per hour.

It all depends on your qualifications, your proven success as a life coach, your personal brand, and your specialization. 

Life Coach Earnings by Specialization

Specialization is a factor that has a strong influence on a life coach’s salary. Some of the life coaching specializations are in more demand and as a result, there is more money in them.

The following are the most common life coach specializations, as well as their average earnings:

1. Health and Fitness Coaches

Sports coaching is a lucrative field. Sports coaches —especially in major sports leagues— make a lot of money and have a great experience in helping to achieve their health and fitness goals. Some sports coaches and athletes make the transition to becoming healthy and fitness life coaches, and many people are willing to pay top dollar for this skillset.

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2. Spiritual Life Coaches

Spiritual life coaches guide people through difficult emotions that are usually related to things like grief over death, divorce…etc. Asides from star spiritual coaches like Eckhart Tolle —who authored the best-seller The Power of Now, spiritual life coaches make an average of $83,000 per year.

3. Business Coaches

This role is closely related to business consulting, and therefore the average salary is comparable. Business coaches guide businesses when it comes to getting an edge over competitors, and achieving goals. If you can position yourself as a business coach, you can expect to make anything between $72,000 to $110,000 per year.

Even though these salaries are generally impressive, there is more to these numbers than meets the eye…

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What other income streams do life coaches have?

The above numbers cover the income of life coaches that are related directly to coaching. And by “related directly to coaching”, we mean the money that life coaches make from coaching other people.

This excludes all other revenue streams for life coaches, which in some cases, are pretty significant. Someone like Tony Robbins —recognized by many as the godfather of life coaching— makes millions every year from speeches and books alone.

That’s with zero hours of coaching per year.

Of course, we can’t say that Tony Robbins is the norm. What we’re saying is that things like books, speeches, YouTube content, and seminars do affect the income of a life coach.

While you won’t have people waiting in line to buy your book or hear your speech when you’re just starting, that’s something that can change over time.

Remember, even the biggest names in the life coaching business had humble beginnings and made it to where they are today with consistent effort and perseverance.

Most life coaches aren’t salaried employees so, the income of people working in this occupation can vary significantly. 

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What is a Life Coach?

Many people are confused when it comes to defining what an online life coach does. There is a popular misconception that life coaches and therapists are the same, which isn’t true.

Online Counseling
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Since we are shedding light on how much do life coaches make, we want to make sure that you understand what a life coach is.

While there are some similarities between what life coaches and therapists do, there is a major difference when it comes to the type of service they provide.

Therapists are healthcare professionals who help people deal with emotional trauma and mental health issues. Sometimes, these mental and emotional issues even have physical symptoms.

Life coaches, on the other hand, are not health care professionals and don’t specialize in dealing with people who suffer emotional trauma and mental health conditions.

Of course, every rule has exceptions, as some life coaches have the training and education that enables them to blur the line between life coaching and therapy.

The general rule though is that life coaching isn’t about helping people overcome the past, it’s about helping them achieve the most out of their future. This includes helping people identify goals and problematic habits that are keeping them from achieving those goals.

There are also different reputable certification programs for life coaches. And while certification isn’t always necessary, the profession isn’t completely unregulated like what some people might think.

For more information about life coaching, you can refer to this life coaching guide, which explains everything about life coaching as a profession.

Life Coach Salary

So, do life coaches make good money?

The short answer is an astounding YES!

Even with the big salary gap in the life coaching industry, most life coaches have good hourly rates and make a decent living. Great life coaches make a great living, which is pretty much the norm in any industry.

The key takeaway is that the ceiling for life coaches is high. If you’re a life coach, setting an earnings limit for yourself will prevent you from seeing the opportunities that lie ahead of you.

If they can do it, you can do it. Remember that!

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