31 Clear Signs That A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You (2024)

Is there a mysterious Scorpio man in your life who you can’t stop thinking of? Or are you starting a relationship with a Scorpio man but are still unsure if he’s serious about you?

You’re not the only one! Scorpios, in general, tend to be harder to read but hey, isn’t that what makes them so special?

Scorpios are often mysterious, irresistible, and not very keen on opening up. However, it’s generally easy to tell what makes a Scorpio man fall in love.

When a Scorpio man catches strong feelings for you, he will show it! It’s just a matter of learning to read his signals and look for all the signs that he’s interested.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about some very clear signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scorpios are very forthcoming about their romantic feelings:
    • they’ll show their feelings with their body language
    • they’ll give you extra special attention
    • they begin to lose their mysterious side around their crush
  • What to do:
    • keep being genuine
    • give him the space to chase you
    • show him your most confident self

How Do Scorpios Act When They Like Someone?

When a Scorpio man secretly likes you, he will go above and beyond to have you. They are persistent in everything they do – let alone a romantic relationship – and they will give their best to win you over. 

This water sign is mysterious but he is also very charming. When he likes you, he will shower you with attention. 

Scorpios are knowns for their intense feelings, so if they have a crush on you, they will either give you intense looks or tell you directly that they’re into you.

How Do You Know a Scorpio Man Is Serious?

Having a small crush on someone is one thing, but having much deeper feelings about them is another story. It’s the same with Scorpio men! 

Even though they have a reputation for being heartbreakers, they’re also very much open to being in committed relationships.

When a Scorpio man meets someone special, he will clearly show he’s interested and serious about them. 

Signs Scorpio Man Is Serious About You

Scorpio Man Has Feelings
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So how can you tell if a Scorpio man is serious about you? Well, there are some tell-all signs to look for in his behavior. 

Check out these 31 clear signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you.

1. He can’t take his eyes off you

Scorpio men are all about longing stares and mysterious looks. If you spot him making eye contact, the chances are he’s trying to charm you with his gazing looks.

Alternatively, he may be trying to see pass through you because he finds you intriguing. So if you notice a Scorpio man passionately glazing at you, that’s a pretty good sign he has feelings for you. 

2. He wants you all for himself

Out of all the zodiac signs, it’s safe to say that Scorpio is the most possessive one. You may be thinking, ‘Oh no, that’s not good’, but that’s not always the case. 

Some Scorpio men will simply appreciate your alone time together more than others and will want to be alone with you. A clear sign a Scorpio guy is into you is when he wants you all for himself.

3. He shows his jealous side

Another familiar trait that this zodiac sign has is jealousy. If a Scorpio guy doesn’t like it when other men get close to you, they probably like you and are not afraid to show it. 

You might have a harder time dealing with his jealous side at first, but with time and compromise, you can learn to manage it.

Scorpio males are famously jealous so if you see a Scorpio man act possessive, it means he’s probably falling for you.

4. He cares about you

Despite what you may think, Scorpio is a sensitive type that cares deeply about his loved ones. And if a Scorpio man starts acting all smitten around you, that’s one of the most obvious signs he’s no longer playing games. He is all yours!

Don’t be fooled by the mysterious nature of Scorpio males. He is very much prone to developing deep feelings for you, with much more intensity than all other zodiac signs.

5. He texts back quickly

Is there anything more annoying than slow texters and people who leave you on “seen”? Well, if you’ve ever been with a Scorpio man, you probably know this feeling.

As much as Scorpios can be like that sometimes when they’re interested, they’re the exact opposite! 

If you never have to wait for him to reply and he’s always the first one to text you in the morning, don’t overthink your relationship anymore because he’s very serious!

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6. He gives you undivided attention

When a Scorpio man falls in love with you, he will shower you with attention. They’re all about intensity and sensuality, but you probably already know this, right? 

Not only will he want you all for himself, but he’s also give you all of him. You can easily tell when a Scorpio is in love. He’s all in and ready for a serious relationship.

7. He craves attention

The same way a Scorpio guy gives undivided attention to his loved one, he expects nothing less in return.

A Scorpio man craves devotion and attention. He wants an intense and deep emotional connection. They’re all about giving and receiving in relationships, especially when it comes to attention.

8. He’s extremely caring

As a water sign, Scorpio tends to be extremely sensitive and caring, especially when they start catching feelings for you. If your crush is a Scorpio and he becomes overly caring all of a sudden, you can definitely tell he has feelings for you.

9. He takes initiative

Another way to tell if a Scorpio man has feelings for you is if he shows initiative. He asks you out on dates without trying to play games.

He’s the first to call you, text you, or invite you to events. He wants to be with you and he’s not afraid to do something about it. 

10. He pursues you

Signs A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You
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Scorpios are stubborn and persistent, especially when they put their minds to something. When a Scorpio man wants to sweep you off your feet, he will go above and beyond to do it. 

It’s very hard to resist the charms of a Scorpio guy in love – he will give his best to win you over and that’s a pretty obvious sign he likes you.

11. He gets vulnerable with you

Scorpios crave deep emotional connections with people they care about. So if you’re lucky enough to be the chosen one, your Scorpio guy will not be afraid to open up to you. 

Not everyone likes small talk and Scorpios are usually among these people. If he likes you, he’ll be keen to show his true self. He will let you in and get vulnerable with you because he knows that’s the only way to start a meaningful relationship.

12. He wants to have deep conversations with you

When a Scorpio man likes you, he will do everything to get to know you better. He will ask you personal questions and will not refrain from sharing his personal stories. 

He will ignite deep and emotional conversations to ensure you get to know each other on a more profound level.

13. He’s not afraid to show his feelings in front of other people

Look at the way your Scorpio crush behaves when you’re around others.

Does he show his feelings for you in front of them? If yes, he’s definitely serious about your relationship. 

When a Scorpio man has genuine interest in a woman, he wants his inner circle to know that. He wants them to accept you so he’s not afraid to show his true feelings for you.

14. He welcomes you to his inner circle

Scorpio men are famously mysterious and closed people, meaning they don’t let everyone get near them. They have a small circle of friends and they are very protective of it. 

So if he has feelings for you, he will not only gladly welcome you to his inner circle, but he will also get very excited about introducing you to his friends.

15. He expresses his sensuality

Scorpio is the most sensual zodiac sign of them all – they love physical contact and are extremely passionate in relationships. If your Scorpio guy is touchy-feely, he’s into you. 

He will grab your waist and pull you in. He will use every chance to caress your arm and kiss your neck. There’s no doubt about it, he has feelings for you if he can’t take his hands off you.

16. His feelings are intense

When you think of a Scorpio man, you think of intensity, passion, and excitement. That’s because Scorpio males are all about intense feelings. 

When he cares, he cares deeply. When he’s angry, he’s furious. But a Scorpio man spares his intense feelings only for special people in his life, so if you’re among them, prepare for an emotional rollercoaster.

17. He’s constantly trying to impress you

If a Scorpio man is in love with you, he will do everything to make you fall in love with him too. From giving you special gifts to preparing special surprises, he will constantly be on the quest to impress you. 

18. He is protective

As I mentioned, Scorpios are very protective. If he has feelings for you, he will want to keep you safe. He won’t let anyone hurt you or make you feel bad. 

If he sees other people trying to seduce you, he will become extremely protective (even jealous).

Once you figure out how to manage his protective side, you will enjoy the feelings of security and peace around a Scorpio male.

19. He directly tells you that he’s serious about you

Scorpio men are the definition of “if he wanted to, he would”. It’s really as simple as that. When a Scorpio man has feelings for you, he won’t be afraid to directly tell you he’s serious.

For him, there’s no time to waste, so he’ll just be open about his feelings right from the start.

20. He often compliments you

A relationship with a Scorpio is an exciting journey. It’s also a journey filled with compliments and loving words. A Scorpio man will shower you with compliments.

He will make you feel loved and appreciated – which is obviously a pretty good sign he’s looking for a serious relationship with you.

21. He wants to spoil you

Another clear sign a Scorpio man has feelings for you is that he’s constantly trying to spoil you. Whether he’s always opening doors for you or taking you out to dinners, you can tell he’s into you by the way he treats you.

22. He wants to spend time with you As Much as possible

As I said, Scorpios in love will appreciate every second of every minute with you.

There’s no time to waste so they will want to spend as much time as possible with you. That’s a pretty obvious sign he’s serious about your relationship.

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23. He wants to try new things with you

Scorpios want adrenaline and excitement. When they’re in love, they want to do exciting things with their loved ones. So if he shows he wants to try new things with you, it means he’s crushing hard or he’s already in love.

24. He asks you about your opinion

A Scorpio man is independent. He’s stubborn and opinionated. But he respects other people’s opinions, especially their significant other’s opinions. 

If he asks you for your thoughts on certain events or important decisions, it probably means he’s serious about your relationship and wants to build a future with you.

25. He makes you laugh

A relationship with a Scorpio man is full of laughter and joy. If he’s into you, he will want you to have fun and enjoy the relationship as much as he does. He will try to make you laugh, even if it makes him look silly and childish. 

26. He teases you

If he constantly teases you and flirts with you, that’s a pretty clear sign he has feelings for you. Scorpio men are very playful, but if he’s like that only with you, you can rest assured he’s all yours.

27. He’s not afraid to talk about your future

If a Scorpio guy falls in love with you, he will not be afraid to talk about your future together. That’s because he believes there’s no time to waste, especially when two people are in love. The future is all yours!

28. He listens to you carefully

How To Tell If A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You
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Another way to tell if a Scorpio man is serious about you is by the way he interacts with you. Does he listen intently whenever you speak? If he listens to you carefully without imposing his own opinions on you, it means he has deep feelings for you and is ready to commit.

29. He tests you

Scorpios have an interesting character trait: they’re a bit suspicious. So if a Scorpio man catches feelings for you, he may want to test you first to see if his feelings are mutual. Before he gets vulnerable, he will want to know if you’re on the same page.

30. He showers you with gifts

A Scorpio man in love will want to impress you so he will give you gifts to show you how much he cares. He won’t wait for special dates to shower you with gifts, but he will take every chance he gets to tell you he likes you.

31. He opens up to you despite his mysterious personality

Despite their mysterious side, when Scorpio guys start developing feelings, they start opening up. So if your Scorpio crush is not afraid to let his true feelings out, you can rest assured he’s serious about you and your relationship.

Signs That a Scorpio Man Has Feelings for You Through Text

We live in the digital world made of texts, FaceTime calls, and social media chats. A lot of relationships start online so it’s also important to figure out the signs that a man has feelings for you through text.

If your crush is a Scorpio, here are the signs to look out for.

  • He always texts back quickly
  • He often texts you first
  • He sends you morning and good night messages
  • He asks you about your day
  • He tries to get to know you over text
  • He asks you out over texts
  • He respects your time and doesn’t disturb you with his texts
  • He will try to see you outside of texts
  • He will directly tell you – in person or over text – that he’s into you

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How Does a Scorpio Man Hide His Feelings?

If you’re still not certain that your Scorpio crush has feelings for you, it might be because he’s trying to hide them. There are many reasons why he might try to do that, even if he thinks you’re a good match.  

As Scorpios are extremely sensitive, they’re also very vulnerable. They don’t want to have their feelings hurt so they usually try to hide those feelings away, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

People are sometimes far more complex than their zodiac signs. So even though your Scorpio crush is naturally direct and open about his feelings, he may have trust issues that are preventing him from fully opening up to you.

He may have some past relationship trauma of his own that’s stopping him from fully exploring his feelings for you.

At the end of the day, we all have our reasons for hiding our emotions, and so does your Scorpio partner. Try to understand where he’s coming from and avoid putting pressure on him.

With time, he may let his guard down and embrace the emotional connection you two have created.

Signs a Scorpio Man Is Fighting His Feelings for You

Here are the most obvious signs a Scorpio man is hiding his true feelings:

  • You can both feel there’s burning chemistry between you but he’s trying to fight it
  • He starts being awkward when you’re around
  • He’s trying to distance himself from you by avoiding you altogether
  • He’s easily frustrated
  • He gets jealous when you’re with other people
  • He doesn’t want to talk about his feelings but gets excited when you show your feelings for him
  • He stalks your social media

Although he probably has his reasons for fighting his true feelings, you should never forget that you deserve the world and more. 

Don’t settle for any less than that. However, try to openly address your concerns about your relationship and if he’s still fighting it, prepare to move on with your life.

How Do You Make a Scorpio Man Obsessed With You?

If you have your eye on a Scorpio guy, you should be prepared for an adventurous ride. To impress your Scorpio crush, always be yourself. Otherwise, he’s going to see right through you. 

However, a little game of seduction never hurt anyone. A Scorpio guy likes to chase, so give him something to work for. Play hard to get because he will love trying to win you over. 

Also, work on your self-esteem because a Scorpio guy is drawn to confidence. He will accept you for who you are, but the more confident you are, the better for both of you.

He’ll also want to receive the same treatment from you and that is acceptance without judgment.

If you want to make a Scorpio man obsessed with you, don’t be afraid to have honest and deep conversations.

He’ll absolutely love that you’re open to getting vulnerable so he’ll suddenly forget all about his mysterious nature when he’s with you, ultimately making him more and more in love with you.

How Does a Scorpio Man Pursue a Woman

Scorpio Man Touches You When He Has Feelings For You
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A Scorpio man will pursue you if he has feelings for you. Not only that, but he’ll enjoy every step of the way trying to win you over. That’s because Scorpios love a good romantic chase. 

A Scorpio man will shower you with affection. He will be there for you through good and bad. When he’s interested in you, he’s interested in your problems too. He wants to spoil you with gifts and attention, but he also wants to protect you.

Scorpio males are famously protective of their partners, so if you’re with a Scorpio, you’ll always feel secure. He will take you to adrenaline-infused activities to connect with you on a deeper level. He’ll also want to talk all night about your feelings, especially if he’s head over heels for you.

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When Scorpio Man Touches You

Scorpio guys are all about physical contact. If you don’t know how to read his body language, focus on reading the hidden meanings of touch. 

When a Scorpio man touches you, that’s a pretty clear sign he has feelings for you.

But not every physical touch is a sign of a romantic relationship. Try to understand his intentions by the way he touches you and looks at you.

For example, if he strokes your hair, there’s no doubt about it. He’s totally smitten with you! Similarly, if he touches your hands, he may be trying to tell you that he secretly likes you.

On another hand, if he gives you a tap on the shoulder, that may be just a sign of encouragement. Of course, it could still mean he’s interested in you sensually, but just to be sure, I suggest you look for other signs of affection. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read my article. I hope you found it genuinely helpful and that the above-mentioned signs helped you understand your relationship with a Scorpio guy a little bit better.

If a Scorpio guy is into you, he will do everything in his power to be with you. He’ll shower you with attention, gifts, and affection. 

Scorpios are intense in all things they do, including relationships. Remember, a relationship with a Scorpio is never boring. On the contrary, it’s quite adventurous and exciting, so prepare yourself for a ride.

If you have a question on any of the points mentioned earlier, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. I’ll do my best to respond with some tailor-made advice.

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.