22 Clear Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant (2024)

With this list of signs he secretly wants you pregnant, you’ll be able to find out how interested a man really is in having babies with you.

This might be a topic that men and women fear discussing in case they’re not both on the same page. 

However, with this list of signs he wants you to get you pregnant, you can discover the truth. 

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients understand the subtleties of communication. In a relationship, it can be particularly important to understand these, especially if you’re with a partner who finds it difficult to open up.  

That’s why I’m excited to share this guide with you.

So, let’s jump in straight away. 

Wants You Pregnant
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22 Signs He Wants A Family With You

The more of these signs he shows, the more likely that he’s feeling ready to have children with you.

1. He Asks If You Want Kids

Not all women want children. If he asks if you want kids, that’s a good sign that he wants them soon. If he didn’t want kids, he’d probably avoid that topic as best as he could. 

2. He’s Excited To Babysit

Does he jump at the opportunity to babysit the children of your friends and family members? That’s another clear sign that he wants to have kids soon.

Most guys who don’t want kids aren’t particularly excited about spending time with other people’s children.

3. He’s Eager To Carry Babies In Public

This is one of the big signs that determines how ready a man is to get a girl pregnant. Guys who are excited to have children tend to be thrilled at the idea of holding other people’s kids. The rest tend to feel awkward holding babies.

4. He Talks About What Your Babies Will Look Like

This is a fun and playful topic for people in a relationship to joke about, but a lot of truth is said in jest. A guy who didn’t want to have kids with you might hesitate to have these sorts of conversations.

5. He Talks About Future Baby Names

Similarly to the last point, he wouldn’t discuss the names of his future children if he had no interest in fatherhood. 

6. He Mentions What A Great Mother You’d Be

If he says you’d be a good mom, it can be one of the clearest signs he wants to have children with you.

He’s not only bringing up the subject of having kids, but he’s confirming that he thinks you’d be a great partner to do that.

7. He Stops And Smiles At Other Kids Being Cute

Our brain has a selective focus. We always notice things that are playing on our mind.

So, if a guy stops to make a point of noticing children being cute, that’s commonly a sign he’s thinking about having kids.  

If he had no interest in having kids, he’d be less likely to stop and admire them when they’re being adorable.

8. He’s Not Put Off When Children Are Misbehaving

Most adults are prone to cringing or commenting when children are being little terrors. If doesn’t do this – or he has empathy for the child – that’s another indicator of how much he likes the idea of having children.   

9. He Gets Closer To Your Family

Having children is essentially about starting a family with you. If you notice him becoming closer to your family, that’s one of the clearer signs he’s thinking about helping bring a child into it. 

10. He Wants You To Spend More Time With His Family

The reason he wants this is explained in the last point. He’s looking to strengthen the bond of your two families, ready to introduce them both to a new child.   

11. He Starts Handling His Money Differently

If he’s making extravagant purchases for himself – as a lot of young men do – this could be an indicator he’s not ready to settle down and start a family.  

If he’s saving his money – or perhaps spending more of it on you – that’s a sign he’s ready to invest in his relationship for the long-term future.  

12. He’s Self-Improving

When a man has children on the way – or at least wants them – he often re-adjusts his priorities.

He has more motive to improve his financial situation, because he has a family he wants to support. He has more motive to take care of his health, so he can be fit to take care of his kids when he’s older. 

So, if he’s constantly looking for ways to level up, this is another subtle sign he’s gearing up for fatherhood.

13. He’s Asking How You’d Like To Raise A Child

Raise A Child
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If he’s asking questions about how you’d parent a child, such as what religion you’d raise them to follow or how many siblings you’d like them to have, there’s no ulterior motive behind it. 

This is a talk all couples should have before falling pregnant. In many instances, that’s why he’s starting this conversation now.

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14. He Talks More About Fatherhood

If he starts talking about what a great father he’d be, what he’d do with his kids and how many he wants, he’s not doing so for no reason!

This is something he clearly wants to do with you. He wants to get you pregnant! That’s why he’s talking about it! 

15. He Wants To Stop Using Condoms

Many guys don’t like using condoms. But, if he suddenly becomes more laissez-faire with them, it’s clear what his grand idea is. 

The only intelligent reason he’d suddenly become keen to have unprotected sex is that he wants to get you pregnant.  

16. He Suggests You Avoid Birth Control Pills

It could be that he’s concerned about the side-effects on your body, but more likely a man would only suggest this if he wants to make a girl pregnant.

17. He’s Suddenly Interested In Your Menstrual Cycle

A man has little reason to care about anyone’s menstrual cycle unless he wants to make a woman pregnant.

If he initiates sex more often during your ovulation period, that’s another sign he wants to get you pregnant.

18. He’s Genuinely Excited When One Of Your Friends Wants To Have A Baby

If a man had no interest in having a baby, he’d have no reason to be excited about one of your friends getting pregnant.

If he does want kids, it’d be easier for him to share in the excitement of someone else’s little bundle of joy.  

19. He Develops A Sudden Interest In His Or Your Childhood Photos

If he’s whipping out the baby pictures unprompted, that’s a clear sign of baby fever on his part. Perhaps he’s doing this to initiate a talk about when you’d like to have kids. Or maybe he just wants to get more excited about having a baby of his own.

20. He’s Punching Holes In His Condoms

There is no excuse for tricking people into getting pregnant this way. Couples should always talk about whether they’re both ready to have kids, rather than one person taking it into their own hands. 

It’s an extreme sign that he wants to get you pregnant really quickly, but it does happen!

21. He Doesn’t Get Nervous When You Hint About Having Kids

When a girl mentions that she’s missed a period, or makes jokes about getting pregnant, it’s a normal thing for guys to get nervous. 

If he shows no signs of being afraid, that could be a sign he wants to get you pregnant.   

22. The Relationship Has Been Amazing For Many Years

Amazing Relationship
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You guys are way past the ‘honeymoon phase’ of your relationship, but you still love each other more than ever. If he mentions this all the time and is always talking about taking the relationship to the next level, that’s good news.

In most instances, that means he wants to move in with you, get married or get you pregnant.

If he doesn’t think the relationship is amazing, he probably doesn’t want to start a family with you.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Taking That Next Step And Becoming Parents

Here are the answers to some common questions about you and your partner having a baby for the first time. 

What Makes A Man Want To Have A Baby With You?

Having a baby is a huge responsibility. It will change the entire trajectory of your life. So, intelligent men will choose very wisely before they make their partner pregnant.

So, what type of woman does a man want to start a family with? Of course, it varies from person to person, but I’d suggest all men would be looking for:

  • A woman who really cares for him;
  • A woman he believes would be a good mom.

Again, the qualities of a good parent might differ in the eyes of different men, but it would do you no harm to show him you’re a responsible, loving, caring, loyal and healthy woman.   

How Do You Know If He Wants A Future With You?

If a man see you in his long-term future, he will: 

  • treat you like he truly cares;
  • make you a priority;
  • make future plans with you;
  • be excited to spend time with your family and friends;
  • make you feel like a part of his own family.

Perhaps most importantly, he’ll be willing to talk about what you want in your future. Do you want to get married and have kids? Where do you want to live? These are all questions he shouldn’t shy away from if he’s serious about the future of your relationship.  

How Do You Know If He’s Falling In Love With You?

The most obvious way to know you’re the love of his life is that he tells you, but it’s not the only way.

Some men are afraid to be vulnerable with their partner in this way, but there are signs you can look for to discover a man’s true feelings about you. Here are 33 examples of clear signs that he loves you.  

How Do You Get Your Boyfriend To Get You Pregnant?

The only correct answer is to talk it through and decide you’re both ready to start a family. This isn’t about getting your own way. A two-way conversation should feel essential to you. 

There should be no need to play mind games or try to exert control over anyone. If he’s not ready to get you pregnant, this is something you’ll have to accept. Either that or you leave the relationship altogether. This isn’t a decision any man should be pressured into.

If he openly shares his desire to never have kids, you’ll need to accept that and find a different partner.    

Do You Have To Tell A Guy He Got You Pregnant?

A lot of women won’t share news of their pregnancy with friends or family until after their first trimester. The risk of miscarriage drops significantly after this time.

However, in a perfect world, I’m sure you’d want to immediately share the news with the father of your child. That way, you can make plans to raise it in a happy family together.

Life isn’t perfect though. Sometimes, the wrong guy gets you pregnant. Perhaps you’re afraid to tell him.   

In this situation, you have no legal obligation to tell a guy that he got you pregnant. Ultimately, it’s down to your independent judgment. Women have the final say on whether to keep the baby, after all. 

With that said. the father will have maternal rights once the baby is born. If he finds out he’s the father, he may be able to sue you for denying him these rights.

Any More Questions About The Signs He Wants To Get You Pregnant?

I hope you enjoyed this list of signs he wants to get you pregnant. I hope it makes your life a little easier, whatever situation you’re currently in with your life partner. 

If you were wondering about some of the selections in this list, or you have an idea about some other signs that your partner wants to get you pregnant, feel free to write a comment below. 

I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation in the comments section.

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