42 Inspiring And Heart Winning Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend (2024)

If you’re looking to win your girlfriend’s heart some more and have her sleeping peacefully, short bedtime stories for girlfriend are one of the best ways to go about it.

While growing her affections towards you, narrating heartwarming, short bedtime stories to your girlfriend every chance you get can help her sleep better.

So without wasting time, let’s explore the best short bedtime stories for your girlfriend. 

Let’s dive right into it.

1. More Than a Friend

He watched her closely as she fidgeted on the bench next to him.

Something had changed. A sweet weirdness has been settling in. She’s been seeming distant yet closer than before. 

He gave her coffee and their eyes locked for a moment. Quickly, she glanced over at the park’s fountain. The sweet dreadful silence again.

“What are you thinking?” she asked. Her friendly voice now had changed to one mixed with a new longing. 

“I’m thinking about us” He answered, looking straight ahead. These were dangerous waters. But she seemed to understand.

“I like you. I really like you…I’ve fallen in love with you” At last he had blurted out his feelings. There’s no turning back. 

War ensued in his mind, “Will she reject me? Will I lose her as a friend? Did I have to ruin our friendship after controlling my feelings for months?”

They’d been friends for 7 years. 

She stood and stepped away from the bench, her back staring at him. “I’ve fallen harder for you, I want to be more than a friend. I want you all to myself,” she said.

He dropped his coffee.

2. My Only Love

They say you fall in love a couple of times in your lifetime, but I fell in love once.

Ladies came and went, and everyone thought I was weird for choosing none. I thought so too sometimes. But I still waited.

I waited for the one I’ll love. I waited for the one to skip my heartbeat. The one worth dying for. And then you showed up.

For the first time in my life, I knew what love meant. I knew I was not just settling for the overpowering emotions. I knew I was willing to commit to our good and bad days, beautiful and ugly moments, rough and tender acts.

I know love isn’t all roses. But I know I want to stick with you. I know I’d start over, make sacrifices, toil overtime — I’ll do anything just to be with you. 

It’s all because you are my one. My only love.

Bedtime Stories
Photo by Anna Pou from Pexels

3. The Fresh Old Love

As the breeze brushed his cheeks, Warren could feel his heart curl into a bowl of overwhelming joy yet his stomach betrayed the nervousness he couldn’t contain. He held Layla’s hand close to his heart as if wanting her to feel her place in his heart.

Nothing was enough. No amount of holding her seemed to be enough. He wanted her to be his forever.

He got on one knee and showed her the African beads ring he’d acquired from the hawker at the airport. That’s the best he could do for now. “Layla my love, you’ve been my girlfriend for a moment but I feel like we’ve known each other for years. Would you honor me by being my wife?”

She hesitated for a moment. The love she could see in his eyes melted her. What could she say?

“Please say something,” Warren continued in desperation.

“Yes! Yes! I’d be thrilled to be your wife Warren!” she answers with joy. This is one of the best days her husband has had in their journey with dementia. They’ve been married for 22 years.

He puts the ring on her finger assuming the existing ring was for style. She throws herself in his arms softly whispering, “I’ll never stop loving you.”

4. Love at First Reflection

“How can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met. It’s just impossible, at least for me,” Dane frequently argued when his uncle would narrate his love story.

But his pragmatic outlook on life seemed to be shattered one day. 

As he walked out of his store, he took a quick look at the stunning display of his jewelry through the grand windows as usual. But something unusual caught his eye. Something seemed more stunning than the coveted pearly Italian necklace by the window.

A girl was walking by, her curly dark hair following hurriedly as she crossed the streets towards the next shop. He turned to look at her and noticed her strikingly beautiful amber eyes. They had something alluring to them. 

“What’s wrong with me, she’s a normal beautiful woman,” he thought to himself, shrugging out of the uncomfortable stupor. As if used to stares, the woman obliviously entered the lingerie store.

Without a second thought, Dane followed her and pretended to have a conversation with Cindy, one of the attendants. He couldn’t stop watching the lady as she checked out some matching sets in the display. He could hear his heart beating faster and his stomach curling excitedly. 

He chose to make a move.

“This is weird…me approaching you while you’re checking private stuff,” he said his silly thoughts out loud. “Umm hi, I’m Dane,” He said, offering his hand.

She rose up and shook his hand, “Erica” she replied. 

Right there he knew it. She was special. It was love, at first sight, the moment he saw her reflection on his store window.

5. Farewell Love

Farewell Love
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Oliver was given 8 weeks to live. Although stricken with shock for 3 days, he decidedto not tell his wife. He planned on the best way to shower his love to his wife of 26 years using the little time he had to live.

He cashed out all the money his wife couldn’t legally access upon his death and prepared his will in favor of her. He also paid off all their debts and bought the dream property of his wife in the Cayman Islands.

He then arranged a trip to the Cayman Islands, taking his wife to the top places she wanted to explore. “This is the best time I’ve ever had in my whole life. Nothing can describe how grateful I am hun,” she tearfully said while under one of the luxurious cabanas at the Whitehouse beach club.

Little did she know, that was just part of the adventure.

Dying four days later than expected, the doctors explained everything to Oliver’s wife who was shocked with intense grief. Along with the other papers, pins, and passwords Oliver wanted her to have, their lawyer revealed the papers of the Cayman property which was in her name.

The loss of her love was beyond what all that financial security could overcome. But one more gesture of Oliver’s love to her helped her regain peace.

While crying over one of his favorite shirts, she felt a paper in the shirt pocket. There he was, his love in the engravings, encouraging her to take heart even in the grieving that she may move on and live a fulfilling life.

She continued finding the other notes which were meticulously hidden in the house. 

His love remained with her and their three kids, something that fueled her passion to live a life of love and fulfillment.

6. An “Accidental” Read

William left his journal on Emma’s sofa. “I am a coward indeed,” he thought.

He didn’t write much, just new ideas and contemplations about life. That day he wrote about feelings though.

Emma sat at her favorite corner of the sofa as usual and sensed something behind the pillow. “Oh Willy forgot his diary,” she muttered to herself teasingly as if he was there.

And then it hit her. It’s not nice to read someone’s private thoughts. But it really tempted her. She liked him secretly and wanted to know how he thinks. “Maybe he has once seen me differently,” she continued thinking.

Now it was too tempting to take a peek. It was all too unbearable. So she vowed to just check the first two pages and no more.

She flipped the pages in disinterest after seeing the first and second pages full of bullet lists on troubleshooting some software problems. Then, “Musings on This Alien Concept of Love,” the fourth page read. She stopped in her tracks, her heart skipping a beat.

“What is love a feeling unknown,

One day it’s unthought,

Another is all thought,

It’s a blessing it’s a curse,

How I long I could share

This love is alien to me,

Yet so familiar in me,

She’s its definition,

Yet an enigma to explain,

How I long I could share…”

“What’s he all about?” She wondered. The random poems in the journal talked mystically about a “she” who William had feelings for. How Emma wished she was that “she.”

The last entry revealed it all. She was shaking. He talked about loving her best friend, fearing losing her, how it was all too much to handle, and that he is a coward. She wasn’t sure who this best friend was.

“Emma! I forgot…” William halfway across the room stopped in his tracks. He had changed his mind. He didn’t want her to see it anymore. It was all too scary.

“Your little diary?” Emma finished the sentence for him but the tease came off in a peculiar tone, matching her inner feelings. “I’m sorry I…” she trailed off in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry I am a coward, I couldn’t bear losing you…” William apologized thinking she knew it was all about her.

Their eyes locked in confusion for a minute before Emma got the hint.

They moved closer to each other, their eyes locked as if guarding the moment. He reached out for her hand but hesitated. She drew him closer, her hand on the back of his neck. With a desperate groan, William reached for her lips, giving in to the eagerness of their hearts. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment a long time…”

7. A Box Full of Love

Full of Love
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

There once lived a father and his four-year-old daughter in a small shack after they had become bankrupt. One of the most valuable things the man kept was gold wrapping paper.

One day, he found his daughter cutting the wrapping paper to decorate a gift box. He was furious and lashed at her for wasting the little precious things they could sell and buy necessities. However, the girl was unmoved by her dad’s anger and went on about her business.

Three days later came the man’s birthday although due to lots of financial stress, he’d forgotten about it. The daughter came and hugged his feet saying, “Happy birthday daddy! I have an amazing gift for you!”

Before the man could say anything, she rushed to her bedroom excitedly and came back with a box wrapped in gold paper. Realizing his overreaction three days earlier, he said, “Oh my dear, I’m sorry for scolding you. I didn’t…”

Before he could finish his apology, he opened the box and was confused at what he saw. He saw nothing but an empty box. In irritation, he asked her, “Don’t you know gift boxes need to have gifts inside?”

With eyes filled with tears, the child told him, “I knew you love this gold paper daddy. So with it, I wrapped the box full of my kisses. This is my love for you daddy…”

Broken by his behavior but melted by her gesture, he scooped her up and hugged her, asking for forgiveness.

Near the end of that summer, the daughter got into an accident and died. However, he kept her gift with him for the rest of his life, hugging it and taking kisses whenever he craved to feel her presence close to him.

8. The Photo Proposal

Jack and Linda were strolling away from their picnic basket, their eyes fixated at the beautiful setting sun beyond the mountains. 

“We are beautiful,” Jack whispered in her ear. “Can I take a photo of you alone?” 

Hastily, she asked, “Why? I’d love a photo of us.”

He knew she doesn’t get his point so as if ignoring what she just said, he went on one knee in front of her, camera in hand, and said, “I’d like our children to know how their mom looked today, would you marry me?”

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9. A Promise of Undying Love

When they got in bed, Scott cupped Annie’s face in his hands and softly whispered, “I’ll never stop loving you.”

She challenged him, “What can you do to prove your undying love for me?” This came unexpected to Scott but he promised to prove to her somehow.

A week later, he came home with seven flowers. With a cheeky look on his face, he told her, “Here’s my proof of my undying love for you…I’ll always love you until the last flower dies.”

She was confused for a minute but after checking the flowers closely, she realized that one was an artificial flower. Like the undying flower, so was his love.

10. The Long Awaited Response

After pursuing Lily for months, she still didn’t accept to date him. But as time went by, she started falling in love with him.

Having had bad relationship experiences in the past, she chose to keep her feelings to herself, trying to figure out whether they’ll last. 

Three months became six and she felt her feelings for him growing more intense. So one cold morning in the most unexpected of places she chose to break the news to him.

Standing by the coffee machine with Tom bending to fill her coffee mug, she asked him, “If I told you I like you, would you believe me?”

He replied, “Of course not.

“Why?” She continued, thinking she already knew the answer.

He stood up and stared deeply into her eyes and said, “ Because it’s clear you don’t like me, I know you love me.”

11. Show Me Yours

While on a camping trip, a guy wanted to express his love to his new girlfriend using comparisons.

He told her of the great love portrayed by Romeo to Juliet, and that of Jack for Rose in the Titanic. He went on trying to please her with the prose of what love can be.

“Love is like the sun, it’s warm and shines bright; It’s like a butterfly, rare and gentle; Love is like a violin, the music may end but the strings remain… would you let me show you such love?”

She looked at him longingly and replied with a simple “No.” He heard his heart sink. 

“I want you to show me your unique love, only yours.” She continued.

12. Rekindled Love

As usual, she had packed all I needed. With an assuring smile, she stood by the door waiting for me to finish freshening up. 

Almost walking past her, I took the suitcase from her feet and rose in time to offer my cheek for her to kiss. But my mind wasn’t with her. I rushed to take my flight.

In Lauderdale hotel the next morning, I was quite tense in anticipation of the partnership meeting. So before doing anything, I wanted to scan the shareholders’ file and conclude how I’d lay out my proposal to the partners.

But it wasn’t there. I hissed in desperation. My wife never forgot to pack anything I needed. If anything, this was the most important thing to pack. I started throwing my clothes all over, my temper swirling to a fiery annoyance.

Then there it was, at the bottom of the suitcase. Striving to control my shaky hands, I picked it up. Something caught my attention.

Beneath the file, a note lay in serenity. “I believe in you no matter what. You’re mine and I, yours. I love you. Your boys love you. We wish to celebrate with you but even at a distance, know we do so in our hearts,” it read. A picture of my family in smiles lay next to the note.

My joints weakened. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so much love before. And it all came back to my mind like a strong wave crashing against a cliff.

I remembered how we were deeply in love before. How we’d buy each other gifts and leave notes expressing our longing for each other.

But since the business experienced thousands of dollars in loss four years ago, I changed. I started caring about work alone. Gifts seemed like a waste of money. Dinners got replaced by late work nights. I never realized this before.

“I need to make it up to my wife. I must apologize to my boys,” I kept thinking. After the meeting, I couldn’t stay for the meetup with other connections. I told them I had a family emergency.

Diamond bracelet in my hand, I longed to be home more than anything. I’m glad they never gave up on me.

13. From Memory to Memory

My boyfriend surprised me when we pulled up in front of Le Grande, the most luxurious restaurant in town.

“Why didn’t you hint me? I could have dressed up better!” I complained to him.

“You look stunning tonight my love. That I’m sure of,” He replied.

We entered the restaurant and at the far right corner near the fountain, sat an old couple giggling like teenagers in love.

Dinner was amazing with lots of recounts of our dating journey. I couldn’t help but feel this is the man I’ve been waiting for all my life. I’d known enough good and bad about him to want to be his forever.

He then told me he’s visiting the bathroom and so I kept myself busy glancing in the old couple’s direction, wishing our love could last as theirs. 

Then the couple looked in my direction and the man said, “Do you remember darling when we were young in love as they are?” I thought he must be talking about other people behind me since my boyfriend wasn’t with me.

Out of curiosity, I looked behind me to see the couple they’re talking about. But no other couple was in sight. 

Behind me was my boyfriend, ring in hand on one knee he said, “I can’t wait to grow old and in love with you, would you do me the honor…?”

14. Love Doesn’t Want Me Far

Mitch and Sally argued so badly that night. He couldn’t stand the insults anymore. She couldn’t tolerate his complaints anymore. They both felt like their 17-year old marriage had now come to an end.

“I never want to see you again!” she shouted. “I hate you!”

She stormed to the bedroom and threw a duffel bag on the bed and started packing any of his clothes she could find. Angry at her drastic reaction, he took the bag before she could even close it and charged out of the house.

She continually paced around the sitting room for some minutes rethinking their fight. She then recalled the challenges they’ve overcome together. And the good old days of passion. 

“Oh, I made a mistake!” She muttered to herself.

She immediately started calling their friends to inquire about his whereabouts. No one seemed to know. She called his phone and it rang under the throw pillow. She felt her heart sink. “Where could he be in this snowy weather?” She wondered.

Without a second thought, she threw a coat on and ran to the street to wave down a taxi, no particular destination in mind. But the first three taxis passed by her. She sighed and looked around her in distress.

Then a truck passed her and illuminated what seemed like a silhouette of her husband. She ran after the figure and as he approached, the man looked up and truly it was her husband.

“I’m really sorry hun, I made a mistake!” She sobbed on his shoulder, assisting him up. “You could have gone to Tim’s, you’re freezing!”

“I couldn’t bring myself to leave you alone… I love you soo much” She felt so bad for hurting him and as they made their way into the house, she purposed in her heart to only have constructive fights no matter the problem they’ll be having.

Awakened by Love

Right after the accident, Liam’s wife was admitted to a coma. He visited her every day, telling her how he was doing with their 2-year-old twins.  

But one year turned to two, and then they tripled. Doctors turned hopeless and asked him to give up and let them take her out of the coma.  But even with tears of great fear, he held on to the little hope that the love of his life will wake up one day.

He started telling her stories of how they met, dated, got married — everything to the last detail. As he told her these stories, his love for her intensified, and the thought of letting her go became more intolerable.

One day, he was holding their wedding picture in front of her face telling her how beautiful she looked that day. She moved her hand. He couldn’t believe it.

That day he didn’t go home and stayed awake trying to tell her more. For three weeks he rigorously repeated memory recounts and she improved regaining her consciousness.

After getting out of the 9-year long coma, she told him, “I was awakened by our love, thank you for not giving up on us.”

15. Charity to Romance

Charity to Romance
Photo by Migs Reyes from Pexels

11-year-old Steven packed some of his books to send to India along with other Christmas gifts from fellow worshipers in their church. Since he knew parcels had to have names and addresses, he made sure he included the details and also a picture of him.

In India, Sonia got Steven’s gift out of what you can call random luck. She read the books with great longing since books were a luxury in their village.

14 years later after Sonia came from college, she went through her gifts collection and came across one of the books Steven sent her. It had a letter of gratitude she wrote to Steven as a kid but couldn’t send it to him.

Fortunately, she was now digital savvy and figured if Steven still used his full names online, she could find him. That night she spent searching for Steven Sally Mcgregor from Michigan and narrowed down his search also using the picture Steve sent in the parcel.

Almost midnight, she had found his profile on Facebook and LinkedIn. Without hesitation, she sent friend requests on both platforms. 

Fast forward to three months later, she connected with Steve and they started talking. Following a five-month-old friendship, they fell in love. 

After months of saving up for a trip to India that he may know his new love more, Steve took a flight not knowing he’d marry Sonia the next year and his old firm would ask him to represent them in India.

What a beautiful coincidence called life.

16. Barren Beautiful

Karen knew she couldn’t be a mother. And she’d been open about it to past boyfriends. But they walked away. This crushed her heart so she grew insecure and chose not to date altogether.

One day as she was about to catch the train to work, a man blocked her way. She raised her eyes and saw it was the same guy who’s been asking her out tirelessly for seven months.

“Ugh, it’s you again!” the girl said annoyed. The guy became sad like he was almost about to break into tears.

“What is wrong with me that you reject me? Am I not attractive enough for you? Do you think I can’t care for you? Tell me the real reason why. I can’t accept your vague reply that I’m not your type. What is it?” He complained desperately.

“You want to know?” She retorted, almost shouting. “Well, here it goes — if you date me and we end up getting married, you won’t get to be a dad. There you go!” 

She waited for him to say “I understand now” and leave. But he stared at her speechless.

“Well I’m sorry,” She said moving on to get on board. But a hand caught hers from behind, forcing her to turn.

Looking deep into her eyes, he responded, “Of course you don’t know me. I’ve fallen in love with you and want to be with you. As for kids, who cares, we can adopt as many as we like. In fact that way we’d have a chance at a diverse family.” She giggled. He was unbelievable. 

He sensed she was about to break into tears and embraced her in a hug. She sobbed against his heart, managing to mumble, “Okay, we can go out sometime.”

17. I Can’t Stop Loving You

A certain guy loved his girlfriend but had commitment issues. Knowing his fears, he broke up with her.

Eight months later, they met at the grocery store.

Nervously, they asked each other their relationship status. Both were single since the relationship.

The girl asked him why he’s not in a relationship. He said, “I can’t stop loving you.”

She demanded the real reason why he broke it off and he explained his commitment problems. They went to a counselor together and he chose to be with her no matter what.

His wedding vows started, “Sara, I can’t stop loving you…”

18. Give Up I’m Dying

It was a normal morning and Hannah parted with her boyfriend to attend the statistics class.

Two hours later, the class was over so she put her study materials in her backpack to rush to the midday rendezvous with her boyfriend. As she stood up, her vision immediately turned black — then nothing.

She fainted.

A couple of hours later, she woke up to a blurry image she realized was her boyfriend. The doctor was called and asked the boyfriend to leave the room. She was given the most unexpected news. 

She had cancer of the stomach and had 18 months to live.

Breaking the news to her boyfriend a week later, she proposed breaking up. But he wouldn’t hear any of it.

“I won’t give up on you, as long as I live, I will love you,” he followed his other pleas to continue the relationship.

He meant it in deeds as well. Deferring college to nurse her, he walked with her through the whole treatment journey. 

After 15 months, the doctors told them that the cancer was in remission. They were extremely glad and Hannah became optimistic about living again. But two months were barely over and the cancer returned.

Nonetheless, they chose to marry the next month. With sorrow of possible death that month yet with the joy of sticking together as long as Hannah lived, they tied the knot in the hospital.

Hannah lived for the next 42 years with 38 being cancer-free. Making the best of life with the love of her life all those years, she gave birth to two boys and one girl.

More Short Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Just google the following further bedtime stories for girlfriend and you will find some more options. 

19. The Good Bad Day

20. High School Love Again

21. Loving All

22. The Notebook Remake

23. Double Proposal

24. Enduring War

25. Parents In Love

26. Pen-love

27. Love From Homeland

28. Blind Love 

29. Moving Mountains for Love

30. Letting Go for Love

31. Grandy Love 

32. We’ll Never Know

33. The Only Tag I Want

34. Truth Or Dare

35. Love Against All Odds

36. Modern Love

37. Love At First Sight

38. Worthy Love

39. Night Of Love

40. A Fight To Remember

41. Drunk In Love

42. Coincidence

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What are good bedtime stories for girlfriend?

The best types of romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend revolve around the theme of true love. They mostly describe the passions of meeting a new love or love enduring difficult times which can motivate lovers to fight for their love despite circumstances.

Creating Your Love Story

Using these classic stories on some nights, you can steal your girlfriend’s heart forever and help her sleep better as well. You can spin these stories to create your own with a personal touch you both relate to or use them as they are. 

With these stories to inspire your love story, you can reinforce a healthy relationship enduring always.

Have a favorite bedtime story for girlfriend you want to share? Engage us in the comments below! And don’t forget to share this piece with your friends!

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