Inner Matrix Systems Executive Consulting: 12 Insights (2024)

Want to learn more about the Inner Matrix Systems Executive Consulting? This guide reveals 12 key insights that I’ve learned from studying the material taught in these IMS programs.

I am often sharing these insights on productivity, vision and controlling your emotional state in my life coaching sessions.  

That’s why I’m keen to share this article with you. 

So, let’s dive in. 

Inner Matrix Meaning

The inner matrix is a concept created by Joey Klein, CEO of Inner Matrix Systems.

He uses this term to describe the four aspects of the inner self; the mind, emotions, nervous system and intuition.

These are the four aspects that Inner Matrix Systems teaches people to understand and control on their path to personal mastery.

You can learn more about this in Joey Klein’s book: The Inner Matrix: Leveraging the Art & Science of Personal Mastery to Create Real Life Results. 

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Inner Matrix Systems Executive Consulting: 12 Insights

The Inner Matrix Systems Executive Consulting is a training system for high-achievers, helping them to understand and control their inner matrix.

Previous clients included Boeing, IBM, Dell, Google, Panda Express, Coca-Cola and the World Health Organization.

Below, you’ll discover 12 key insights discovered from studying the executive teachings delivered by Inner Matrix Systems.

1. We Have Two Emotional States: Fear-Based And Love-Based

The Inner Matrix Personal Mastery Training System describes two opposing states of the human brain; fear-based and love-based.

In a fear-based state, you’ll experience feelings such as shame, guilt, anger, hatred, sadness or anxiety. The sympathetic nervous system takes over your brain in these states. It turns on your fight-or-flight system. This turns off your pre-frontal cortex, which is responsible for self-control, planning, problem solving and more. 

In a love-based state, you’ll experience feelings such as passion, joy, peace and serenity. Here, your parasympathetic nervous system takes over. Now, there’s nothing blocking your pre-frontal cortex, so you can access abilities such as empathy, problem-solving skills, willpower, love and empathy. 

When you’re stressed, you’re in a fear-based state and unable to use your brain for anything likely to bring real-life results in your business. 

That’s why a big part of The Inner Matrix Personal Mastery Training System is about teaching people to quickly shift from a fear-based state to a love-based state. 

2. Some People Live In A Chronic State Of Stress 

It’s particularly common among those in high-level high-pressure jobs. The pressure in these positions can take its toll on one’s mental health.

If these people aren’t able to ‘switch off’ from work or they live stressful home lives anyway, it could be that they barely ever reach a relaxed love-based state.

These people experience no contrast to their fear-based state, so it becomes the norm and they end up not even realizing how stressed they are.

That’s why a big part of the Inner Matrix training involves helping people to recognize when they’re in a fear-based state, as well as how to shift out of it. 

3. You Can’t Make Good Decisions In A Fear-Based State

When you’re in ‘fight or flight’, your brain dedicates everything to filling your body with cortisol and adrenaline. Your brain switches off its logical, problem-solving parts so it can focus on this. This most commonly happens when a person is afraid for their life, but it can also happen when they’re experiencing the negative fear-based emotions mentioned above.

The mild chronic fear-based state that stressed-out business leaders experience might not be as extreme as when a person is fleeing a bear, but it definitely harms their ability to make intelligent and logical decisions.  

Most likely, they’re going to make rash business decisions based on their negative emotional state, rather than smart ones based on logic. They’re more likely to snap at a colleague or a customer. They’ll struggle to access their creativity. They won’t be at their perkiest and most caring when they meet potential customers, clients or colleagues either. 

Needless to say, that’s going to harm their business life and their personal life. 

That’s why learning how to shift from a fear-based state to a love-based state is such a game-changer.

4. Inner Matrix Conscious Transformation

The Inner Matrix Conscious Transformation is about being able to consciously transform from one emotional state to another. This requires an understanding of one’s own nervous system, emotions and thought strategies to create improved results in your life.

The hands-on training delivered by Inner Matrix Systems focuses on delivering educational material, but also physical exercises that one can do with their body to improve their emotional intelligence and self-understanding.  

5. Your Body Affects Your Brain 

A key lesson delivered within the Inner Matrix training is that your body can affect your thoughts and your mood.

For example, if you stand in a neutral position with your arms spread and a big smile, you’ll signal to your brain that everything is fine. Meanwhile, if you tense up, cross your arms, fiddle with your fingers, you begin to signal that there are reasons to panic. 

Your breathing will commonly send signals to your brain too. Deep breaths from the abdomen signal that everything’s fine. Shallow breaths from your chest signal the opposite.

Most people think that body language occurs as a result of your mental state – and that’s true. But you can make it work the opposite way around for you with practice too.   

This is one of the simplest ways to use your nervous system, emotions and thought strategies to create real-life results and improve your mental health. 

Inner Matrix Systems Executive Consulting
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6. Meditation Is One Of The Best Ways To Understand Your Body 

Joey Klein is a huge advocate of practicing meditation to understand your nervous system, emotions and thought strategies better.

To dive deeper and understand how this works, see my guide on Proven Ways To Empty Your Mind.

7. How To Perform Better In High-Pressure Situations 

Ever wondered why the most intelligent and gifted people tend to choke on the big stage.

Whether it’s an athlete unable to score a penalty kick at the World Cup, or an intelligent businessman without the ability to speak charismatically to a huge audience, it’s as if their brain switches off at the crucial moment.

This is their fear of failure (performance anxiety) shifting their brain into a fear-based state and robbing them of their ability to stay focused or think clearly. Indeed, Joey Klein used to struggle with this in high-profile martial arts fights. 

Now, after he studied for more than twenty years how to maintain focus in high-pressure situations, many business leaders use Klein’s Inner Matrix training so they can perform to their best when it really matters. 

8. A Love-Based State Makes You More Likeable

When you meet people in a stressed state, others will feel that negative energy and not want to be around you.

When you meet them in a love-based state, you can access emotional states like love, empathy and passion. You can access the creativity and confidence to be witty or make jokes. These skills are all incredibly useful for building strong personal relationships that can make all the difference in the business world.  

9. Think First, Then Speak

This is such a simple idea, which most of us agree is a good one. In reality, few of us practice it.

Inner Matrix coaches are big on encouraging people to check in with their own body, before responding in conversations.

You can’t make good decisions in a fear-based state, after all. 

10. Emotions Can Be Trained And Conditioned

A lot of people think they can’t help but be at the mercy of their emotions. Not true. The in-person and online training programs offered by Inner Matrix Systems help people to train and condition their thought strategies to create real-life results in business and life.

11. Inner Matrix Power Of Vision

Inner Matrix Systems doesn’t just teach clients about controlling their emotional state. They’ll also learn how to create a clear vision to achieve their goals better.

Joey Klein and his coaches encourage clients to envision the feelings they want to experience and work backwards to what will make them feel these emotions.

This is more effective than naming the desired outcomes first. Indeed, a lot of people make the mistake of chasing outcomes people want them to achieve, rather than what will actually make them fulfilled. 

12. The More You Practice, The More You Improve

It’s not easy to master your emotional intelligence. It’s a skill just like mastering mountain biking or playing the guitar. 

Joey Klein has been studying this material for more than twenty years, but admits he’s still learning all the time.

Still, the more you practice, the better you get. 

That’s part of why Inner Matrix Systems is keen to offer ongoing support to previous internal training clients.  

Inner Matrix Function

Inner Matrix Systems outlines these concepts in detail in its seminars and online training programs. You can learn more about getting involved with this internal training system for high-achievers at the Inner Matrix website.

You’d be following in the footsteps of established businesses that have included: Boeing, IBM, Dell, Google, Panda Express, Coca-Cola and the World Health Organization if you do.     

Alternatively, you can pick up Joey Klein’s book titled: The Inner Matrix: Leveraging the Art & Science of Personal Mastery to Create Real Life Results for similar insights.

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Any Questions

Thanks for reading my guide. I hope it helps you create extraordinary outcomes in your personal and professional life.

Having coached leaders of huge businesses in the past, I can vouch for the effectiveness of these insights. 

If you have any questions on this topic, feel free to write them in the comments section below. 

It would be great to hear from you.

About The Author

Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.