6 Best Aquarius Soulmates (2024) & Why

Are you wondering who makes the best Aquarius soulmate? This article reveals the top six soulmates for the Aquarius zodiac sign – and why they’re such a great match.

Aquarius Soulmates
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Aquarius Personality 

Uranus-ruled Aquarius is represented by the water bearer. Aquarius natives are best known for being somewhat eccentric and quirky.

Aquarius loves to socialise in big groups, but they may hesitate to open up in one-on-one situations.

They desire fun and freedom more than they’re looking to be tied down in a relationship. They have trouble committing, so it’s not always easy to find a suitable Aquarius partner.

Indeed, those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign would only give up their single status for the right person. 

What Is Aquarius Sign Attracted To? 

An Aquarius would only consider a relationship with a partner who had similarly extroverted personality traits.

Aquarius natives love exploring new things – and they’d want to do that in their relationship too. 

That means they’d want a partner who is down for a spontaneous adventure or two, and also one who is happy to experiment in the bedroom. 

An Aquarius is somewhat easy-going once they get in a relationship. They have a fundamentally positive outlook on life and they don’t mind letting their partner get their own way. At the same time, they’ll need a partner who understands that they’ll sometimes play by their own rules.

If someone tries to stifle the free-spirited nature of an Aquarius, that’s not going to fly. An Aquarius will finish that relationship faster than an Olympic sprinter finishes the race. Aquarius people won’t remain in stale relationships for a long time either. They need constant stimulation from their partner to be satisfied.   

What is an Aquarius Best Love Match?

Aquarius and Gemini arguably make the perfect match.

This relationship thrives because both air signs have so many similarities. Both value freedom. Neither are possessive or controlling. Both are curious and adventurous kindred spirits.

Each is happy to give their partner some personal space.

These zodiac signs are looking for the same things in a relationship and have a mutual understanding of each other.

You can expect Aquarius and Gemini to have an amazing time travelling the world together, enjoying a vibrant and varied sex life throughout their relationship.  

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Best Matches For Aquarius

It’s difficult to match the compatibility between Gemini and Aquarius. However, there are several other zodiac signs which can thrive in a relationship with an Aquarian partner.

Below, you’ll find a list of five other signs likely to enjoy romantic relationships with an Aquarius.  


Once you understand the Aquarius personality traits, it makes sense why they might seek out a fellow Aquarius for a relationship.

The mutual understanding of each other’s free-spirited nature is tough for them to find in relationships with other zodiac signs.

But it’s there when two Aquarius natives couple up. These two are likely to be best friends who love each other’s quirks and feel blessed to be able to explore the world together.  


Sagittarius is another zodiac sign which values independence and freedom, making them a great candidate to become an Aquarius soulmate.

If Sagittarius decides to go on a solo adventure, Aquarius understands – and vice-versa. There’s common ground here, which makes their relationship effortless.

Aquarius and Sagittarius both share idealistic convictions and connect well on an intellectual level too.

While Sagittarius can be somewhat stubborn or dominant in their relationship, an Aquarius is calm and relaxed enough for heated arguments to be rare. There’s too much mutual respect and platonic value in this relationship for it to be full of conflict.

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Aries and Aquarius connect so well, both on a mental level and an emotional level.

The quirky nature of Aquarius intrigues Aries. They connect intellectually, while the emotional compatibility is often unmatched. 

An Aries can be somewhat insensitive, sharp-tongued and aggressive in the heat of the moment. This can upset and disturb many people, but an Aquarius is relaxed and confident enough not to be offended by that. In fact, they often find it kind of endearing. It’s better than having to spend time with a boring and predictable partner. 

Fire signs often connect well with an air sign and that’s certainly the case between Aquarius and Aries. There’s enough differences and a strong enough emotional connection to stimulate the Aquarian lust for life, which is key to becoming an Aquarius soulmate.   

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A Leo is wild, free and highly social, which makes this fire sign an obvious candidate to become an Aquarius soulmate.

Leo is incredibly passionate in everything they do. An Aquarius can’t help but respect that. 

The problem is: this passion can sometimes spill over into jealousy, which can lead to Leo trying to control an Aquarius partner.

It’s up to the water bearer to cool down this passion if they want this relationship to work. Thankfully, as a fixed sign and an air sign, Aquarius is the best candidate to do that. That’s why they make such a special soulmate for Leo

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A Libra native can work well as an Aquarius soulmate.

Libra is a fellow air sign and socially aware enough to understand the desires of an Aquarius partner.

These two air signs are highly creative and may combine to try and make a better world in their relationship.

However, a common point of conflict is that Libra is always looking at the big picture. This sign desires stability in a long-term relationship and this can scare Aquarius away if they bring it up too quickly.

No matter how much they enjoy each other’s company, this is a hurdle which can often ruin the connection between these two signs.  

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Who Should Marry An Aquarius?

It’s difficult to doubt that a Gemini makes for a fantastic Aquarius soulmate. They make the best pair. It’s as if this twin coupling is a match blessed by the stars, and there are so many versions of Gemini for an Aquarius to choose from.

Out of every zodiac sign, there is none that understand Aquarians better, other than a fellow Aquarius.

Either of these signs (Gemini or Aquarius) will give an Aquarius everything they want from life. What more could you ask from a soulmate or a spouse?  

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Who Should An Aquarius Avoid? 

The three Zodiac signs an Aquarius should avoid are: Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio. 

These three signs struggle to understand the quirkiness of an Aquarius or what they want from life. These zodiac signs make the worst soulmate matches. There is essentially no emotional or intellectual connection. 

Cancer is the worst sign for an Aquarius to pursue. It’s almost as if this pair were born on different planets.  

Any Questions About The Aquarius Zodiac Sign? 

Thanks for reading my Aquarius soulmate guide. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what is all about and how to connect with an Aquarius native.

If you have any questions about this sun sign, feel free to leave a comment below. 

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