21 Signs An Aquarius Man Is Testing You (2024) & How To React

Have a new Aquarius guy in your life? Entering a romantic relationship with an Aquarius man can make for an intellectually stimulating and fun time. 

There are various ways to find an Aquarius man testing you for the potential of a long-term commitment.

In this article, we cover 21 of the most common signs!

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How Does An Aquarius Man Show Interest?

How Does An Aquarius Man Show Interest?

Aquarius males truly have a unique zodiac sign, both clever and quirky, with a good sense of humor to boot.

They are more likely to value intellect and independence in a person, over physical beauty.

Most women they date may not make the cut if they only rely on their good looks. 

If you notice an Aquarius man testing you, it could be that they see potential in making you their one and only. So how to react?

1. He Tests Your Independence And Non-Conformity, So Be Unique

Are you a trend follower? Always looking to see what the masses are doing before making a choice? Then this romance won’t last long. 

One of the main things you’ll find an Aquarius man testing is your independence. Particularly your independence of thought. 

This sign values uniqueness and doing your own thing over following the crowd. He is a non-conformist, and wants to surround himself with fellow rebels. 

So be ready to march to the beat of your own drum. Hold onto your own values and commit to them in spite of what others think.

2. He Tests Your Boundaries, So Don’t Be A Pushover

If you stand in your own values, and are a truly independent person, he can’t help but be drawn to you.

A sensitive and timid soul won’t be able to handle how the Aquarius plays games.

He’ll test your boundaries, and see how much he can push you. He could crack a few jokes about something you value, or poke fun at your beliefs. 

This typical ‘Aquarius man test’ has only one right answer: learn to protect your boundaries while still having an open mind. 

He’ll be completely turned off if you let him get away with pushing your buttons, or try to change yourself to please him.

3. He Tests To See If You’ll Smother Him, So Don’t Be Clingy

Aquarius Man Testing You
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Another sign of an Aquarius man testing you is playing hard to get.

Even in a romantic relationship, an Aquarius man values his alone time. 

A woman that doesn’t smother him and instead does her own thing is the woman that will have an Aquarius man’s heart. 

So when he tests you in this way, don’t act like just a clingy girlfriend.

Let him have his independence, and learn to enjoy your own company. 

4. He Tests To See If You Play By The Rules, So Embrace Your Inner Wild Child

An Aquarius man is known for many things, but being a rule-follower is definitely not one of them.

People born under this sign tend to have a carefree attitude to tradition, and what ‘should’ be done. 

An Aquarius guy won’t play by the rules of society, and is a true rebel at heart. He values a partner that is just as free spirited as him. 

He’ll test you by inviting you to take risks: howl at the moon, jump over park fences, or wear the most outrageous fashion. 

Embrace your rebellious side and you’ll charm him.

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5. He Tests Your Loyalty In Creative Ways, So Watch Out And Keep Faithful

When you’ve started dating a man under this sign, don’t be surprised to see the Aquarius man testing you on your loyalty in unique ways. 

Like with many other signs, loyalty is extremely important to the Aquarius.

This sign may love to play mind games, but they don’t play games with the heart. 

They would rather enter a polyamourous relationship, than betray someone’s trust through lying and cheating. 

To test your loyalty, he may ask his friend to flirt with you.

Or he’ll even reach out to you himself with a fake social media account. All you have to do is be loyal.

6. He Tests How Vulnerable He Can Be With You, So Respond With An Open Heart

Aquarius men tend to be very cerebral – focused on matters of the mind over the heart. But that doesn’t mean he’s emotionless. 

One of the signs an Aquarius man is testing you is that he’ll show you his vulnerable side. And he’ll watch how you respond. 

He’ll test to see if you can be trusted with his emotions and fears. The best way to respond to this is with emotional intelligence

Let your Aquarius guy know that you can be a safe space for him, and don’t be afraid to be a little bit vulnerable yourself.

7. He Tests Your Sense Of Humor, So Don’t Be Afraid To Laugh

Aquarius Man Tests Your Humor
Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on Unsplash

Aquarius is an air sign, and like his air siblings Gemini and Libra, the Aquarius man is charming and often has a great sense of humor. 

The person he wants to spend time with needs to laugh at his jokes and be able to crack a few jokes herself. 

One of the first signs of an Aquarius man testing you is that he’ll target your funny bone. 

Having the same sense of humor is hard to fake, so if you find yourself rolling your eyes at his jokes, he may not be the one for you.

8. An Aquarius Man Testing You By Staying Away? Don’t Force It And Let Him Come To You

Don’t be shocked at an Aquarius man testing you by suddenly ghosting or being unavailable. 

He’s testing to see if you display insecure behavior and controlling tendencies.

Aquarius men absolutely hate spending time with a clingy woman who won’t give them space. 

Let him go his own way for a while. But if his little ‘controlling tendency test’ puts you past your breaking point, don’t let him walk all over you. 

Assert your boundaries about distance and communication.

The risk is that he may start to see you as just a clingy girlfriend. But at the same time, he’ll respect that you are not a doormat.

9. He Tests Your Jealousy Threshold: How To Beat An Aquarius Man At His Own Game

If he’s on the younger and slightly immature side, he may test your breaking point for jealousy. 

This Aquarius plays games by flirting with other women to get a reaction from you. 

The worst thing you can do in this situation is to be a clingy woman and try to pull him back to you. 

Keep a cool head, and don’t try to play the same game by flirting with other men: it will likely backfire and turn him off.

10. He Tests Your Wit While Flirting, So Keep Up And Keep Him On His Toes

Aquarius men are charming. One of the ways he’ll flirt with you is through teasing and cracking a few jokes.

Respond to his flirting with quick-witted banter. 

This zodiac sign loves a partner who’s witty and can hold her own in a conversation.

Humor Aquarius men by staying sharp and teasing them back. They won’t be able to resist you.

11. He Tests Your Openness To Change, So Embrace Spontaneity

One of the more common ways you’ll notice an Aquarius man testing you is through taking you on a spur-of-the-moment, unpredictable date.

There’s never a dull moment with this kind of man. 

He’ll test to see if you have a true sense of adventure.  He might take you to try extreme sports, or eat new and exotic types of cuisine. 

He tends to be a ‘work hard, play hard’ kind of guy. Be willing to try new things with an Aquarius, and he’ll be smitten.

12. He Tests To See If You Care About His Life Pursuits, So Show Interest And Enthusiasm

Aquarius men want to have a relationship where both of you are on the same path with similar goals. 

How can an Aquarius man test this compatibility? By sharing his interests with you.

He’ll invite you to try his favorite hobbies or watch his favorite movies. 

Respond with enthusiasm and genuine interest and he’ll be charmed by your positive energy. 

If you have your own hobbies that are weird or ‘out there,’ invite him to join you and he’ll be sure to have a good time.

13. He Tests You With ‘Crazy/Weird’ Conversation Starters, So Be Ready With Your Genuine Opinions

Aquarius Man Conversation
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels

Aquarius men are likely to surprise you with deep, existential topics of discussion. 

Men born under this sign are stimulated by hypothetical conversations: topics like aliens, religion, and the meaning of life. 

He might test you with deep questions to see if you are an independent soul that doesn’t shy away from ‘weird’ conversations, and can hold your own opinions. 

Challenge him with new ideas and don’t be shy to debate him a little bit if you disagree about something. 

You might see a new side of yourself when you let the Aquarius man test you in this way. It’s definitely a good exercise for your brain.

14. He Tests You With Endless Nosy Questions, So Be Prepared To Answer Them

Speaking of debates, most arguments with an Aquarius man (when done in a good-natured manner) are done to test the compatibility of your values. 

He’ll test this by debating your beliefs about politics, religion, among other things. He may even strike a nerve. 

Stand your ground on your opinions, and be ready to answer his intense questioning.

The Aquarius man loves a woman that is fiercely confident and extremely intelligent. 

As an air sign, he values communication. So if you’re not ready to talk for hours, then maybe the Aquarius isn’t for you.

15. He Tests How Solid Your Points Of View Are, So Be Ready To Unpack It All With Him

Other guys may let you in peace when you agree to disagree on topics. But not an Aquarius. 

Naturally curious, the Aquarius man likes to see the reasons and meaning behind your thoughts. 

He’ll often ask you to unpack your beliefs so he can examine them and make a mental note when he finds something eye-opening. 

He may come off as self righteous in his views, but best believe that every single belief he holds has reason and meaning to it.

So he’ll appreciate it if you reciprocate his curiosity with some of your own.

16. When An Aquarius Man Is Sexually Attracted To You, He Tests Your Willingness To ‘Experiment’: Embrace the Adventure Of Trying New Things

One of the foundations of a fulfilling relationship is your compatibility between the sheets. 

Aquarius men love to experiment and explore ideas in their life, both inside and outside the bedroom. 

If you have an open mind and are willing to experiment, you’ll appreciate the Aquarius man’s curiosity and adventurous spirit in the bedroom.

17. He Tests You By Comparing Your Dreams And Goals, So Let Him See You Long-Term Plans

An Aquarius man will test you to see if you’re on the same level as him. He loves being self sufficient, and appreciates a woman with a similar independent soul. 

As much as Aquarius men love playing by their own rules, they often have a heart for charity, reaching out to those in need. 

You’ll definitely score bonus points in his book if you have charitable values and goals. 

When an Aquarius man tests you by enquiring about your vision for the future, this is your time to shine if you’re a goal-driven and ambitious woman. 

A submissive woman who follows every whim of her man will not be as appreciated.

18. He Tests Your Social Skills, So Know The Basics Of Conversation And Be An Active Listener

Aquarius Man Tests Social Skills
Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

Whether he is introverted or extroverted, an Aquarius man usually knows how to navigate a conversation. 

He’ll prefer you to do the same.

Don’t be caught off-guard if you notice the Aquarius man testing you by including you in conversations at parties or with strangers. 

You don’t have to be the loudest person in the room, but work on being an active listener.

Be engaged when talking with others and make a mental note of interesting things to bring up in conversation. 

Conversational skills and a sense of humor are extremely attractive qualities to have, and will boost your own social life.

19. He Tests Your Controlling Tendencies, So Let Him Do His Own Thing

Aquarius men usually hate being told what to do or how to do things.

It’s in his natural rebellious streak to do things in his own way. 

It’s best to curb any controlling tendency you might have with this air sign.

Focus on being a partner in his life, rather than a backseat driver. 

When you spend time together, the Aquarius man tests whether you’ll try to mother him and control how he acts. 

If the way he operates doesn’t negatively affect you, then let it go and let him be his unique self.

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20. He Tests You With His Social Circle, So Be Friendly With His Friends

Aquarius men view their friends’ opinions as extremely important in their decision-making. That includes decisions about his love life.

Early on, he’s likely to introduce you to his friend circle. Don’t read too much into it: it doesn’t indicate the next step in commitment. 

What he’s actually doing is checking his friends’ opinion of you as a person. 

There’s no way to manipulate a good result out of this Aquarius man test – just be open and be yourself. 

Accept that if they don’t approve, it’s going to be the end of the road for your relationship.

21. He Tests You With Uncomfortable Situations, So Stay Calm And Collected

The Aquarius man might deliberately expose you to uncomfortable scenarios to see how you react in chaos. 

The Aquarius plays games like these to see if you can remain calm and collected.

He values this trait in a long-term partner, as he knows that life won’t always be smooth-sailing. 

Practice patience for whatever curveballs might come your way, like getting lost on a road trip, or losing your luggage.

Being cool-headed in the moment is key, as well as expressing patience.

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How do you play an Aquarius man in his own game? 

The best way to beat Aquarius men as they play mind games is to express independence.

Don’t be swayed by what he does, and choose to follow your own values.

How do you know if an Aquarius man thinks about you?

The Aquarius male is usually not subtle when he likes someone.

If he’s thinking about you, it’s likely that you’ll be the first one to see the signs. 

He’ll indicate his interest by constant teasing, or just trying to engage you in conversation, more so than with other people.

How do you know if an Aquarius man secretly loves you?

Almost all the signs are in the way he talks to you. Like the other air signs, he might not be playing straight with his heart on his sleeve. 

But if he’s constantly looking to you for flirty banter and intellectual stimulation, know that you have his brain, which is the Aquarius equivalent of his heart.


In this article, we explored the 21 signs of an Aquarius man testing you.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my guide.

And feel free to share this post with any woman in your life who’s currently dealing with an Aquarius man. She’ll definitely need it!;)

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