What An Aquarius Man Needs In A Woman: 21 Important Traits (2024)

Aquarius men are an attractive enigma. They’re known for being intellectual, spontaneous and charming. 

No wonder there are many women interested in starting a relationship with an Aquarius. Do you make the cut? 

Read on to find the top 21 traits of what an Aquarius man needs in a woman.

What Does An Aquarius Man Want In A Relationship? 

Aquarius men are constantly searching for a soul mate. 

Men born under this sign are known to have lofty standards for their ideal woman. That’s why you’ll find many of them don’t tie the knot until later in life. 

Any potential love interest is heavily tested to see if they meet the criteria of what an Aquarius man needs in a woman. 

So what do they want out of a partner? 

They value beauty, brains, and an independent streak. A sense of humor and sociable nature is a huge plus.

What Do Aquarius Find Attractive? 

Like most men, an Aquarius guy is attracted to women that are beautiful. 

But more importantly, Aquarius men prioritize intellectual inclination – in other words, brains often wins over beauty for the Aquarius. But it’s still helpful to have both. 

The kind of woman an Aquarius is drawn to is able to grab his attention with her looks, and keep his attention with her intellect.

When it comes to what an Aquarius man needs in a woman, we’ll explore the 21 top traits to catch their attention.

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1. What Attracts An Aquarius Man In A Woman? First And Foremost: Intelligence

What An Aquarius Man Needs In A Woman
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It bears repeating because it’s so important.

If the list of what an Aquarius man needs in a woman needed only one item, it would be this. Aquarius men find intelligent and witty women extremely attractive. 

They have no time for women who pretend to be dumb to catch a guy.

No, the ideal woman for this sign is a mysterious personality with an intellectual inclination that rivals his own. 

An Aquarius is a highly independent thinker, and they need someone who can keep up with their wacky, out-of-the-box ideas.

2. What Physically Attracts An Aquarius Man? A Healthy Body And Mind

Aquarius men may be on the unique side, but like most men, they operate visually.

An Aquarius man is attracted to women that are, well, attractive. 

Now, individual tastes aside, what that usually means is that he wants a partner that he can show off. 

The kind of woman that puts thought into her appearance, and takes care of her health, both body and mind, is the kind of woman that an Aquarius guy will be attracted to, when it comes to building a relationship.

Try taking care of your health and appearance by eating well, working out, and taking time to look good.

Not only is health attractive, it also prolongs your life and improves its quality

3. Independence and Self-Reliance

If you are a strong woman who knows how to spend her own time wisely, and go for what she wants, you may just be the one. 

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is self-reliance. Independent women are ideal for the Aquarius, which is one of the more independent signs.

Do you have any career or intellectual pursuits that you’ve been putting off? This is your sign to start pursuing them wholeheartedly. 

Not only will you have the chance to increase your income and raise your lifestyle standard, you’ll be like a magnet to all the hot Aquarius men in your area .

4. Ambitiousness

Aquarius men tend to think big-picture when it comes to their life goals.

They have great plans for how they want their life to play out. And they’ll be attracted to women that dream as big as they do. 

The Aquarius man desires a partner that won’t belittle his dreams. Instead, the ideal woman for this sign has her own ambitions. 

And when their goals intertwine? Now that’s soul mate material.

5. Self-assuredness

A woman who is self assured is like kryptonite to the Aquarius guy. She makes him weak in the knees. 

Aquarius men are attracted to women that are confident in themselves, with a true rebel spirit that doesn’t care what others think of her. 

An Aquarius man is often judged for his quirky and unique characteristics, so he’s developed a self-confidence that anchors him. 

When he finds the same kind of confidence in his partner, he’ll value and treasure her.

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6. Spontaneity and A Spirit Of Adventure

Aquarius men are true free spirits, and when you date them, you’ll never spend a dull day together. 

With the rebellious personality Aquarian men are known for, expect to try new foods, new hobbies, and all kinds of exciting things when you’re with them. 

His soul mate has the ability to be as spontaneous as him.

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is a partner with a genuine personality that has a taste for adventure.

7. Cheerfulness and Positivity

While an Aquarius man has an eccentric personality, and loves to crack jokes most of the time, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get down from time to time. 

Sometimes his big plans shatter, or tragedies happen. When this happens, his ideal woman is someone who can cheer him up and lift his spirits. 

Aquarius men value someone who can accept the ups and downs of a relationship with him, and adapt and keep a positive mindset throughout.

8. Can Challenge Him

Aquarian men tend to have many friends with amiable personalities.

But when he’s looking for a life partner, people who are too agreeable won’t attract him or make him feel enthralled. 

Intellectual conversations with independent women is what gets this sign going. And he loves a debate! 

Whether he’s right or wrong, what an Aquarius man needs in a woman is someone who is not afraid to challenge him.

9. Sociable And Values Friendship 

Aquarius Man Needs A Sociable Woman
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What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is someone who values her social life.

An Aquarius guy has many precious friends, and makes sure to spend time with them regularly. 

He’s not the type to ditch his buddies after getting into a relationship, and he won’t expect you to, either. 

Even before you get serious, an Aquarius man will likely introduce you to his best friend, not as a sign that he’s letting you in. 

Rather, new women in his life need to have the stamp of approval from his inner circle. 

Aquarian men will never leave their social life behind, and they need their partners to have the same mindset.

10. A Big-Picture Thinker

Aquarius men are attracted to women that don’t sweat the small things. 

Rather than someone who picks apart every conversation and encounter, they want a woman who is confident enough to focus on the big things in life. 

Be a big-picture thinker, and the Aquarius man will be drawn to you. Be small-minded and nitpicky, and you may as well lose hope of ever being on his radar.

11. Open-Mindedness

The eccentric personality of the Aquarian man means that you’ll have plenty of intellectual conversations, as well as ‘out-there’ discussions about his latest crazy ideas. 

By evening, you’ll be looking at the stars in existential dread and wondering where you’ll go after you die. And this will all be in one day! 

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is a conversation partner that is open minded and non judgmental of the topics he’ll bring up. 

It’ll be even better if you can give your own wacky opinions and conspiracy theories. Aquarian men are a safe space to let yourself be a little weird.

12. A Sense Of Humor

“Life is a tragedy up close, and a comedy from afar.” 

Charlie Chaplin

Men born under this sign don’t take themselves too seriously. And they’re attracted to women who can laugh at themselves, along with them. 

Witty women hold first place in the hearts of Aquarius men worldwide.

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman, and any person who wants to get close to them, is a boundless sense of humor.

13. Rebellious And Non-Conforming

One thing to know about Aquarius men: they’ll never be attracted to women that follow the status quo. 

This sign has no time for trends and popularity, and they’re looking for a partner with the same mysterious personality and rebellious streak. 

Are you self assured enough  to stand out? 

Whether it’s through your fashion, style, or opinions, if you display your rebellious personality Aquarian men will come flocking. 

Aquarius men often fight against conformity, and they’ll love it if you fight right alongside them.

14. Quirky And Unconventional

Aquarius Man Needs A Quirky Woman
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Learn to appreciate all the quirks of your genuine personality. Everyone is truly unique, but not everyone embraces their quirks and flaws. 

Aquarius men love it when you act naturally, and true to yourself, even if it makes you a little ‘weird.’ 

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is a woman who does her own thing, displays her eccentric personality, and indulges in her own eccentric activities. 

The unconventional Aquarian man can’t help but have natural chemistry with such a woman.

15. Enigmatic and Mysterious 

The Aquarius man loves a mystery. He loves novelty. 

So, while you can be bold and eccentric, don’t show off all the hidden parts of yourself (at first). 

Many women interested in dating an Aquarian man might come off too strong and play all their cards at once. 

Instead, they should be aware that Aquarius men are attracted to women with a mysterious personality and hold back a bit.

Don’t worry if it appears that you have a cold outer shell.

Keep the chase going, and let him work for the privilege to know more about you.

16. Not The Jealous Type

It’s no secret: the Aquarius man is highly sought-after and desired by women (why else would you be reading this article?). 

This sign is not for the easily-jealous. Aquarius men will be faced with many admirers vying for their time. 

As they are the core of their friend group, they’ll often be spending time with their friends too. Yes, they likely have female friends as well. 

If you express disgust or even a hint of jealousy at how often he spends time away from you, it’s a guaranteed turn-off for him. 

He’ll probably end things right there, and you’ll be spending a lot more alone time than you complained about.

Rather than a clingy woman, Aquarius men are attracted to women who have inner confidence and are not prone to fits of jealousy.

17. Knows How To Deal With Disagreements

When you’re in a committed relationship with an Aquarian man, most days will be fun and easy-going. 

Because of his friendly nature, arguments will be rare. 

But even the most blissful relationship will reach a few roadblocks, and you’ll have no choice but to confront it. 

Although Aquarius men love a fun debate on wacky topics, they can be sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart. 

What he needs is a self assured woman who can listen to his side of the story, and confidently give her own side without losing her temper or taking low blows.

18. Sincerity

Sincerity in dating is hard to find for the Aquarius man. Too many people try to boast or give a false impression to impress their dates. 

Aquarius men can’t stand fakeness, and they’ll figure it out easily if you’re being fake or indirect. 

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. That’s the Aquarius motto. They’d rather be honest from the get-go, than try to put on an act.

Aquarius Man Values Sincerity
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19. Practicality

The Aquarius is an air sign. Which means that Aquarius men spend more time in their head than their heart. 

Most Aquarius men likely have complex emotional layers, but it’s rare that they’ll want to explore their emotional side. Even to their most trustworthy friend. 

You don’t have to be exactly the same. In fact, it might be better to have complementary traits. 

But if you can understand how he operates, and are able to speak his language (which is more logical than heart-centered), he’ll appreciate it and value you all the more.

20. Patience

Don’t lose hope when an Aquarius man won’t commit right away

Many Aquarius men put off a committed relationship until they’ve considered all their options. It’s one of the curses of being an overthinking sign

What an Aquarius man needs in a woman is patience. Be self assured enough to wait for him, and try not to push him with an ultimatum (which is truly toxic for any type of relationship). 

But don’t wait forever if it pushes your own boundaries. Learn to move on if he makes you wait too long.

21. Curiosity and Love of Learning

Aquarius men want a woman that loves learning just as much as they do.

They’re often attracted to women with intellectual pursuits and a natural curiosity for the workings of life. 

Even the habit of asking “Why?” or “How?,” on a regular basis is something Aquarius men can relate to, and find extremely valuable in a partner. 

One of the best ways to seduce this eccentric personality is to learn something new with him.

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What body type does an Aquarius man like?

The tastes of Aquarius men vary from man to man. Some like athletic women. Some prefer a woman who is more curvy, or petite. 

The best way to find out the ‘type’ of an Aquarian man is to do a bit of research on his dating history. 

Often there’ll be some overlap in terms of features and body type, and you’ll figure out what he likes.

What does an Aquarius man dislike in a women?

What most Aquarius men dislike is most likely a woman who displays the opposite of all the traits listed above.

Also, if you don’t get the stamp of approval from his friends, it’ll be rare that he’ll end up liking you.

The opinion of a trustworthy friend is high on the priority list of Aquarius men.

What does an Aquarius man like in bed?

Aquarius men love adventure, both in and out of bed. 

His unconventional ways will be on full display in the bedroom, so don’t be afraid to leave your boring comfort zone behind and explore with him. 

An open mind will be the best thing you can bring to your sex life with this sign.


In this article, we explored the traits that Aquarius men need in the women they date. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading our guide. And please share this post with girl friends who need the advice!

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