21 INSIGHTS – What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings (2024)

Men are not the most expressive creatures, and when it comes to feelings, they usually show them through their actions.

Kissing is one of the most common actions.

But as you know, there are different types of kisses. What do the different kisses mean? What do different kisses say about his feelings?

This article aims at answering these questions. In this post, we’ll discuss 21 different kisses to understand what his kisses say about his feelings.

Here’s what you’ll learn.

But before we get into that, let’s first understand why kissing is important.

Why is Kissing Important?

Kissing comes with various benefits.

For starters, it allows couples to connect and bond on an intimate level. Kissing also allows you to unmask a man’s true intentions and know if he’s really into you.

It also helps to improve skin health since it stimulates collagen production and could also help boost immunity.

And here’s the best part!

Deep kissing during sex increases the likelihood of you experiencing an orgasm.

Now that you know the benefits of kissing let’s get into what his kisses say about his feelings.

What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings?

A kiss can signify different things. From a kiss, you can quickly learn if a guy considers you a friend, likes you, loves you, or wants to make love to you.

Here’s what different kisses mean:

#1. A Kiss on the Cheek

A cheek kiss is one of the most common kisses. Part of this is because this kiss is mainly used as a greeting among friends and acquaintances.

Compared to other kisses, a kiss on the cheek is less passionate but still intimate.

If a guy kisses you on the cheek, it could indicate that he likes you but is afraid of taking the next step.

It could also mean that he considers you a close and intimate friend, but not a romantic partner.

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#2. A Blown Kiss

Blown kisses are a fun and flirty way that a man can use to show that he likes you and doesn’t have a problem if others know it.

If you’ve been talking to him and things are going well, he’s likely to send you flying kisses, primarily if you’re standing in different areas within the same room.

Blown kisses can also be used to indicate that he likes you more than a friend and intends to kiss you in the not-so-far future.

#3. Corner of the Mouth Kiss

Most guys use the corner of the mouth kiss to test if you like them.

If you’ve been talking, and he already likes you, he’ll use this kiss to test if you also like him.

If you pull back or are weirded out by the kiss, he’ll lie that he wanted to kiss you on the cheek.

However, if you stand still and are receptive to his kiss, this is a clear sign that you like him. From here, he might move to this next kiss

#4. Peck

For most people, a peck is usually their first kiss.

This simple light touch of the lips isn’t the most sensual of kisses but is intimate.

With a peck, he’s probably trying to tell you that you guys can move to a more intimate level of your relationship.

And here’s the best part!

Of all kisses in this list, a peck is the most unlikely to mess up.

#5. Closed Mouth Kiss

A closed-mouth kiss is usually the next kiss after a peck.

Once a guy determines that you like him and are comfortable with the peck, he’ll move to a closed-mouth kiss.

Unlike a peck, which only lasts a few milliseconds, a closed-mouth kiss may last for a few seconds.

With closed-mouth kisses, you can tell two things.

If he only kisses you when it’s only the two of you, it could mean that he’s still unsure of his feelings for you.

If he’s not afraid to kiss you in public, it indicates that he’s sure about his feelings and isn’t scared of showing it.

A closed-mouth kiss is also quite common among couples in long-term relationships.

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#6. A Kiss on the Hand

You’ve probably seen it in old-school movies. Most gentlemen in these movies greet women they find attractive by kissing their hands.

Men use this old-school courtship technique to show their interest in a beautiful woman.

If a man does this, he wants to come off as sweet, romantic, and as a gentleman.

If he kisses your hand while staring at you, it indicates that he’s confident and is looking to impress you.

#7. A Silly Kiss

Silly kisses are a combination of pecks and several closed-mouthed kisses.

Silly kisses are meant to make you smile or laugh.

If a man often gives you silly kisses, it indicates that he’s affectionate about you and wants to always make you smile.

To such a man, his main goal is to make you happy.

#8. Kiss on the Nose

Of all the kisses in this list, a kiss on the nose is one of the cutest. This kiss could entail rubbing your noses together or a lip-to-nose kiss.

It’s one of the best ways for him to show his affection for you.

However, not everyone will kiss you on the nose. Only a man you’ve been dating for a while will have the courage to kiss your nose.

If it’s someone you’ve just started talking to, a kiss on the nose may feel weird.

# 9. A Kiss During an Argument

Has your man ever kissed you during an argument?

How did it feel? Did you continue talking, or did you pull him closer to you and forget what you were arguing about?

For most men, this is their ace up a sleeve to end an argument.

With a kiss, it becomes easier for you to calm down.

If a guy kisses you during the argument, he’s probably admitting fault and telling you that he doesn’t want to argue with you anymore.

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#10. A Forehead Kiss

A forehead kiss is one of the sweetest kisses a man can give you.

While some may argue that a forehead kiss is a sign of a platonic relationship, it’s infrequent for a friend to kiss your forehead.

If a man kisses your forehead, he’s trying to tell you that he loves you and will always be there for you.

A man will also use forehead kisses to symbolize that he’s willing to protect and keep you safe.

While they are mainly given among romantic partners, forehead kisses are also common among parents and their children.

#11. Angel Kiss and Butterfly Kiss

Angel Kiss has two meanings. In the medical profession, angel kisses are a type of birthmark. In romantic circles, it’s a kiss where your man gently kisses your eyelids.

A man will use this sweet and gentle kiss to show that he cares and loves you.

The butterfly kiss is a creative and sweet modification of the angel kiss.

However, for this kiss, your lips don’t touch. Instead, you and your man bring your faces close together until your eyelashes touch each other.

This type of kiss indicates an emotional and physical connection, and your man can use it to show that he trusts you.

#12. Spiderman Kiss

This is one of the most iconic scene in Spiderman movies. In the scene, Peter Parker hangs upside down and kisses Mary Jane Watson.

However, for a spiderman kiss, your man doesn’t need to hang upside down.

All you need to do is lie on your back, then your man comes from behind you and kisses you.

If your man kisses you this way when you’re lying on the couch, he’s showing you that he’s creative.

And since this kiss takes a bit of effort to execute correctly, it also shows that he’s willing to go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy.

What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings
Photo by Luiz Gustavo Miertschink from Pexels

#13. Shoulder Kiss

A kiss on the shoulder isn’t meant to be sensual. It illustrates a strong emotional connection between two people.

It’s meant to assure you that he loves you and he’s here for you.

When a man kisses your shoulder, he may be trying to say that he’ll always be there for you.

#14. Open Mouth Kiss

An open-mouth kiss is the most straightforward form of passion in a relationship.

With open mouth kissing, the use of the tongue is kept at a minimum. Thanks to this, an open mouth kiss allows you to ease into a make-out session.

If your man gives you an open-mouth kiss, it shows that he’s attracted to you and is dying to make love to you. If he does it in public, he’s trying to show you that he doesn’t have a problem showing his love.

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#15. French Kiss

An open-mouth kiss often transitions to a French kiss.

This style of kissing which entails using tongues, is one of the most famous globally.

And for a good reason.

A French kiss communicates passion. If a man is French kissing you, he’s saying that he wants you and wants to connect with you at a more intimate level.

And with a French kiss, it’s pretty easy to know if he’s enjoying it.

If his eyes are closed, he’s enjoying it. If they are open, he’s probably thinking about technique and not enjoying it. (But how do you know that his eyes are open when yours are closed?)

#16. Slow Kiss

Unless you’re in love, a man won’t give you a slow kiss.

This type of kiss is intense and full of passion. With a slow kiss, time slows down, and it’s only you and your man who matter.

This kiss is romantic, and your man will likely use it when he wants to enjoy your lips slowly.

With a slow kiss, your man is trying to tell you that he loves you and that he doesn’t want the moment to end.

#17. Neck Kiss/ CollarBone Kiss

The neck is a highly sensitive area. This is why neck and collarbone kisses are so seductive.

Anyone who kisses you here is looking to arouse you and prepare you for things to come quickly. According to relationship counsellors, a kiss on the neck is meant to tempt and tantalize.

If a man kisses you on the neck, it’s a clear sign that he wants to make love to you.

#18. Earlobe Kiss

Just like the neck, the earlobe is also a highly erogenous zone.

This type of kiss is effective at creating physical intimacy.

When a man kisses your earlobe, he’s trying to arouse your passion. With this type of kiss, he’s communicating that he wants to make love to you.

#19. Bite Kiss

A bite kiss isn’t for everyone.

If you don’t appreciate some nibbling on your lips, this type of kiss isn’t for you.

But if you find some amount of biting tantalizing, you’ll enjoy it when your man kisses you like this.

And as explained by sex and marriage therapist Jane Greer, biting allows you to express passion and aggression playfully.

When a man slightly bites your lip when kissing you, he’s trying to show his desire for you.

#20. Stomach Kiss

Most women tend to be insecure about their stomachs.

However, if a man kisses your stomach, he’s trying to show you that he doesn’t see the imperfections that you see.

To him, you’re perfect.

A kiss on the stomach could also mean that he sees a future with you. It could also signify physical attraction since the stomach is also a highly sensitive area.

#21. Kissing Every Inch of Your Body

This is a kiss you don’t do with everybody.

If a man is kissing every inch of your body, you’re intimate with him. This type of kiss is usually used during foreplay and is highly passionate.

When a man uses this kiss, it shows that he adores you and wants to make love to you.


What is the Feeling When you Kiss?

Kissing feels good.

Thanks to the many nerve endings in your lips, pressing your lip against another person’s lips will likely result in feel-good feelings.

Kissing also results in oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin production, which lead to affection and a feeling of euphoria. Kissing also helps to lower cortisol levels resulting in relaxation.

What are Lustful Kisses?

Lustful kisses are meant to turn you on and prepare you for sex.

If you notice your man only kisses you on your neck, earlobe, collar bone, and other erogenous zones, he’s not trying to show love but only wants to jump to bed with you.

However, if he mixes some of the romantic kisses with lustful kisses, high chance he loves you and wants to make love to you.

Signs the Kiss Meant Something to Him

One of the first signs that a kiss meant something to him is that the kiss felt slower than usual. If a man savors the moment when kissing you, it shows he’s smitten by you.

If he gets quiet and a little giddy, it shows that he’s experiencing a rush of emotions.

If he’s eager to go out again, it also shows that the kiss meant something to him.

What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings

There you go.

All you need to know about what his kiss says about his feelings for you.

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