How To Tell He Loves You By His Kiss – 31 CLEAR Signs (2024)

Want to know how to tell he loves you by his kiss?

While this idea might seem a bit far-fetched, it is undeniably possible to learn a lot about a person’s feelings from their body language.

In my role as a life coach, I am often helping people decipher between other people’s words and their actions. The latter tends to be far more indicative of how they feel.

So, what do kisses mean about a man’s feelings. Of course, it means he’s attracted to you. But it can signify a lot more too… 

A lot of it depends on how he kisses you, plus his actions in the moments before and after your lips touch. 

That’s what we’re going to explore in the guide below. 

Read on for my comprehensive guide on how to tell he loves you by his kiss, plus a comprehensive list of answers to the most frequently asked questions about men and kissing.  

Let’s dive right into it.

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What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings Towards You?
He Loves You By His Kiss
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What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings Towards You?

This list of psychological ‘tells’ about men and kissing will help you decipher his feelings towards you, and will go a long way to helping learn how to tell he loves you by his kiss. 

1. You Can Learn A Lot About A Man’s Feelings By The Speed Of His Kiss

If it’s a quick peck or a ferociously fast snog, this might be little more than lust. If it’s a slow meaningful kiss where he appears to be savoring every moment, that usually means he’s falling in love.  

2. A Forehead Kiss Tends To Mean He Loves Your Soul

A kiss on the lips is par for the course and could mean a number of things depending on the way he kisses you. Kisses on other parts of the body have clearer meanings. For example, a forehead kiss or a kiss on the eyelids usually means he truly loves who you are as a person, not just the way you look. 

3. A Kiss On The Nose Is Another Sweet Gesture Which Shows His True Feelings

A kiss on the nose is another cute gesture, which signifies he loves you for more than what you look like. It tends to mean he likes you and values your love.  

4. A Shoulder Kiss Is An Innocent And Pure Way Of Saying ‘I Am There For You’  

This is another sign that a man wants to be devoted to you. The shoulder is hardly an erogenous zone, but you should still feel heartened about your relationship if a man gives you a shoulder kiss.  

5. A French Kiss Suggests He Means A Lot To You

French kissing helps to turn both sexes on more, so it’s a clear sign that he’s horny, but you can read into his emotions here too. A passionate and sensual French kiss can bring a man back to the days of his youth, where his crushes meant so much to him and he’d happily kiss for hours. 

6. A Kiss On The Neck Usually Means He’s Trying To Get Into Your Pants 

It’s tough for a woman to resist a kiss on the neck from a guy she loves. This area is especially sensitive and a kiss can really lead a woman to be turned on. Most guys know this, so they’ll aim their kisses here when they’re to get some action. It’s the same for kisses on the collarbone.

7. Lip Biting Or Lip Sucking Means He’s Trying To Assert His Dominance Over You

This is another example of men consciously trying to turn you on. A man knows that women tend to be turned on by dominant behavior. Biting your lips softly or aggressively sucking on your bottom lip are two sensual ways that he can begin to assert his dominance over you while kissing.

8. A Kiss On The Cheek Usually Signifies Friendship

In many cultures, men and women will kiss on the cheek to greet each other. This type of kiss can be a sign of friendship, and there’s no specific reason to suspect there’s something more. He might have romantic feelings towards you, but he’s not ready to show them yet. It’s nowhere near as romantic as a kiss on the lips, forehead kiss or even a shoulder kiss.   

9. If He Runs His Hands All Over You, It Means He’s Full Of Lust

Pay attention to what he does with his hands when he’s kissing you. If he manicly runs his hands all over your body, that means he wants to get more physical. If he slowly and carefully caresses different parts of your body, that’s a sign of more measured love.

10. If He Squeezes Your Hand Or Other Parts Of Your Body, He’s Full Of Passion

If he squeezes your hand or other parts of your body during a passionate kiss, it means he’s finding it hard to control his emotions. This kiss is like a rollercoaster to him and he doesn’t want to get off. You’re clearly still in the honeymoon period of your relationship.

11. If He Reduces The Personal Space Between You, He’s Very Comfortable Being Around You

Take note of the personal space in between you when you’re kissing. If your bodies are touching, that means he’s comfortable being intimate with you. If he’s bending his hips away from you, that suggests he’s not fully comfortable in this moment.  

Embarrassed Of Showing Affection
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12. A Hand Kiss Says He’s Ready To Serve As Your Partner

A kiss on the hand or wrist can be somewhat dorky and over-the-top. It’s a kind of kiss that serves as a fun throwback to customs that took place centuries ago. If he kisses your hand sincerely, this could signify he’s ready to spoil you, take care of you and serve as your life partner.

13. A Kiss On The Stomach Communicates That He Treasures Every Part Of You

When a man kisses you on the stomach, it’s a playful and sensual gesture which signifies that he’s comfortable with every part of your body. With a stomach kiss, a man wants you to know he loves your body. He also wants you to feel as comfortable in the relationship as he already feels around you now. It’s the kind of kiss which says so much about the affection in your relationship. 

14. When He Blows A Kiss, That Shows He’s Not Embarrassed Of Showing Affection

Blowing a kiss is another dorky over-the-top signal of affection, but you should be happy to receive it. When he blows a kiss from far away, that’s more likely to catch other people’s attention. Thankfully, he doesn’t care about this. Perhaps he wants the whole world to know how much he loves you.

15. Dorky Gestures Of Affection Are Perhaps The Clearest Signs Of Love

Silly playful kisses like an ‘eskimo kiss’  – where you rub noses – or an upside-down ‘Spiderman kiss’ might be the clearest indicators of a man’s feelings towards you. When engaging in this type of kiss, a man is willing to look a little silly just to make you smile. That shows his feelings for you extend way beyond lust. 

16. You Can Tell A Lot About A Man’s Romantic Experience By His Kiss

It’s not just possible to learn how to tell he loves you by his kiss. You can also get an indicator of how experienced he is with women. When a guy gives you all these different types of kisses explained above, that shows he knows what he’s doing with the opposite sex. If a man is only giving you a sloppy and awkward mouth kiss, that means he might be less experienced in this area.

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17. Heavy Breathing Means He’s Full Of Lust And Excitement

The same way you can tell he loves you by the movement of his hands, pay attention to his breathing too. If he begins to breathe heavier during your passionate kiss, that’s a clear indicator that he loves what’s happening in this moment.  

18. A Kiss After An Argument Is A Key Sign Of Love 

Do you ‘kiss and make up’ after an argument. That’s one of the clearest signs that he loves you. You may feel the passion raise after a heated argument too, which usually means there’s a strong emotional bond between you.

19. A Kiss When He’s In A Hurry Means That He Prioritises Your Relationship

Does he make time to kiss you when he’s in a hurry. If he always makes time for a kiss fueled with passion, that shows he always wants to make you feel loved. It’s a priority in his life. The video below related to the topic of kissing in a relationship is so sweet and has great advice for couples. 

20. If He Stares At You While Kissing, He Likes You A Lot 

Eye contact during kisses is a polarising topic. It creeps a lot of people out. Most guys know they shouldn’t stare at you when kissing. But, if he can’t help but open his eyes and gaze at your sweet feminine face when kissing you, that’s an indicator of just how attracted he is.

21. If He Glances At Your Mouth While Talking, He’s Thinking About Kissing You 

Maybe you’re having a platonic conversation about grocery shopping, but you still catch him glancing at your lips. That’s a surefire tell that he’s thinking about kissing you, or perhaps something even more intimate.

22. If He Giggles In Between Your Kisses, He Could Be High On Love

When you two are completely lost in the moment and nothing else matters in this world apart from this passion-fuelled kiss, there’s few better feelings. Once a guy comes back down to earth, he’ll often giggle about it. Take that as an indicator that his head was truly in the clouds during this moment of intimacy.  

23. If He Places Your Face In His Hands, He Wants To Protect You

Another behavior which suggests a deep connection. By placing your face in his hands during a kiss, he is subconsciously indicating that he’s not just attracted. He also wants to protect you from all the dangers of this world.

24. Love Bites Might Mean He’s Overly Possessive Of You

This type of kiss is mostly a teenage pastime, right? If an adult man is kissing you so aggressively on the neck that he leaves marks, this might be a tell that he’s overly possessive of you.

25. A Kiss On The Wrist Is The Sign Of An Experienced Lover

The wrist is an erogenous zone that less people tend to know about. If he’s kissing you on the wrist, this guy probably knows about more physical intimacy than the average single dude. The meaning behind a wrist kiss is less clear than other types of kisses, but it’s certainly more intimate than a kiss on the cheek.

26. If He Uses His Strength To Restrain You During A Kiss, He’s Probably Trying To Impress You

As previously mentioned, a guy knows that women tend to be impressed with dominant behavior. If he’s going as far as pushing you up against the wall or pinning you down to a bed while French kissing, this isn’t subconscious behaviour. He’s actively trying to turn you on. 

27. An Erection Is The Most Obvious Sign Of Lust For You

If you feel his erection pushing into you during a passionate kiss, that’s the most obvious indicator he’s incredibly attracted to you and wants to have sex. It’s not necessarily a signal of love, but take it as a compliment anyway.        

28. Does He Interrupt You To Kiss You?

Interrupt You To Kiss You
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If he’s interrupting your daily errands or conversations to kiss you, that clearly means he has strong feelings. It could also mean he lacks social calibration.

29. His Expression After He Kisses You Will Say It All

It’s not just the way he kisses you that reveals the truth about his emotional bond to you. Watch his expression after he kisses you too. If he smiles like a child in a candy store, that’s a clear indicator of the butterflies in his stomach and fireworks in his mind. He’s in love and he can’t help but show it to the world.

30. Who Pulls Away First When You Kiss Can Reveal A Lot 

This is an interesting behavioral cue, because a lot of men know it’s smart to pull away from a kiss and leave you desiring more. If he still can’t bring himself to pull away first, that says a lot about the passion he feels. He wants you to know that he just can’t get enough.

31. When A Man Asks You About The Kisses You Like, He’s A Selfless Guy Who Cares For You And Wants To Please You

We’ve explored several types of kisses in this guide. If a man asks about the type of kiss you like best, that means he’s keen to please you. He’s making plans to be with you for a long time and wants to give you as much pleasure as possible.    

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How To Tell He Loves You By His Kiss: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions related to when a guy kisses you.

What Kissing Does To A Man?

The impact of kisses on a man mostly depends on his relationship with the woman and how he feels about her. With that said, you can expect your kisses to release a burst of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin inside him. This hormone makes him feel a deeper connection with the person he is kissing. 

Can You Tell A Man Loves You By His Kiss?

We’ve explored in the guide above that you can tell a lot about a man’s emotions by the types of kisses he offers and the way he kisses you. The clues above will hopefully teach you how to tell he loves you by his kiss.

What Turns A Man On During Kissing?

The lips are an erogenous zone for a man, so a mouth kiss should turn him on naturally. If you’re running your hands over his body and appear to be turned on yourself, he’ll love it even more.

What Types Of Kisses Do Guys Like?

There’s no one type of kiss a guy loves the most. Every man is different. You can ask him what type of kiss he loves the most. Better yet, you can kiss your man in lots of different ways and take note of how he reacts.

Maybe there’s a type of kiss your guy loves and he doesn’t even know it yet! You could be the person to introduce it. So, don’t be shy to show him everything you can do with your mouth.   

Do Guys Fall In Love After Kissing?

That idea is a bit far-fetched. Love is deeper than that. Yes, some women say they can learn everything they need to know by a man’s kiss. But it would be tough to find a man who’d say the same.

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What A Guy Is Thinking When He Kisses You?   

This really depends on the context and how he feels about the person he’s kissing. He could be completely lost in the moment and not thinking about anything. Ideally, a woman would want a man that only pays attention to her at this moment.

With that said, it’s possible that his mind wanders to think about what this kiss means for the two of you, what he’s going to do with you next, who’s watching this kiss or potentially anything else.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses You First?

Most of society expects men to make the first move in a romantic context. It’s a masculine trait to take the lead, and that’s why women love it so much. If a guy kisses you first, it means he’s in his masculine energy and going for what he wants. Good for him, and good for you too!

What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses You Slow?

A slow kiss means he’s completely comfortable in this moment and wants to savor it. Of all the types of kisses, a slow kiss signifies a deep emotional connection more than anything else.

How Can You Tell When A Man Is Falling For You?

There are many behavioral cues that find out if a man loves you, other than how he kisses you.

For a deeper exploration on how a guy feels about you, check out these guides:

The meaning behind a kiss isn’t always incredibly transparent. The information in these guides will make it clearer whether he wants to spend his life with you, or whether he’s only attracted to physical intimacy. 

Any More Questions About How To Tell He Loves You By His Kiss?

Thanks for reading my article!

We’ve explored almost every type of kiss, from a kiss on the cheek to a simple mouth kiss or more bizarre types of kisses.

If you have any questions related to how to tell he loves you by kiss, leave them in the comments section. 

I’d love to hear from you and will answer as quickly as I can.

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