What Does A Blue Aura Mean: 22 Personality Traits (2024)

Are you curious about what a blue aura means and what implications it has for your personality?

In this article, we will explain the 22 most common personality traits of blue-aura people.

Let’s get right into it!

What Does A Blue Aura Mean
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What is an Aura?

An aura is an energy field that surrounds your body. All our cells emit energy and this energy radiates around our body. You can compare it with the earth’s atmosphere.

Auras come in a variety of vibrations and colors even if you can’t see the color with your eye. They are unique to each person. The color of your aura reveals a lot about your health, both mental and physical. Your spiritual state may be reflected in your aura, which can change at any moment.

What Does A Blue Aura Mean?

People with a blue aura are often calm and serene. They tend to be compassionate, empathetic, and caring. Blue-aura individuals have a deep understanding of emotions and can easily connect with others on a deeper level.

They also prioritize their personal growth and development, constantly seeking self-improvement. These individuals have strong intuition and are highly sensitive to their surroundings.

How Do I Know My Aura Color?

There are specialized cameras that are able to capture your aura color.

The best way to find out about your unseen energy field is to have an aura reading session with an intuitive or psychic you trust. There are people who can sense or see your aura colors. Energy testing is a way some might specify your individual aura color(s).

Some people try to use their intuition to figure out their aura color. This is best for people who are already in touch with their psychic abilities. To do this, close your eyes imagine, and feel what color you think your aura might be.

If you are not sure though it’s better to consult an expert. 😉

Your Aura Color Can Change

You can have different aura colors at the same time and your aura color also can change. But even if this is the case we usually have a primary aura color.

There are different aura colors like: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, pink, purple, or brown.

Your aura colors depend on the following factors:

  • life circumstances
  • emotional state
  • physical health
  • environmental influences
  • etc.

You have an influence on your aura color. This might be especially helpful if you find out that you have a darker or dull shade of your color.

You can change your aura color by changing your habits and lifestyle.

Often a pause is very helpful to reflect on:

  • where am I in life?
  • do I feel fulfilled & happy?
  • what gives me meaning?
  • how much do I follow the things that give me meaning?
  • how much do I care about myself?

Any physical exercise, yoga, meditative time, or spending time outside is very supportive to influence your aura color and the different shades of blue.


22 Personality Traits Of Blue Aura Personalities

These are the 22 most common traits of a blue aura personality:

  1. calm
  2. relaxed
  3. serene
  4. compassionate
  5. tranquility
  6. expressive
  7. communicative
  8. clarity
  9. deep intuition
  10. inner peace
  11. creative
  12. successful
  13. self-confident
  14. artistic
  15. deep wisdom
  16. deep thinkers
  17. balanced
  18. helpful
  19. good immune system
  20. intuitive
  21. accepting
  22. high communication skills

Different Shades Of Blue Auras

Here are some examples of different shades of blue and different aspects of the color blue. Blue energy comes in many variations as the color blue itself.

Light Blue Aura Meaning (Baby Blue)

This is the lightest of the blue aura shades. If you have a light blue aura, you are probably:

  • positive energy
  • optimistic
  • peaceful
  • communicative
  • gifted intuition
  • kind

You have likely experienced many successful endeavors and relationships in your life because of your positive outlook.

You are very gentle and caring towards others, as well as accepting and understanding of different cultures and beliefs. In terms of physical health, light blue auras tend to have strong immune systems.

light blue aura
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Royal Blue Aura or Sky Blue Aura

This is the truest blue. If you have a sky-blue, royal-blue, or true-blue aura, you are likely:

  • open-minded
  • highly intuitive
  • strongly sensitive
  • visionary
  • charismatic
  • self-assured
  • artistic

People with a true blue aura are likely to be generous and open. They also have a well-developed sense of intuition and empathy. People with this aura aren’t afraid to embrace new opportunities and environments.

Turquoise Aura

Those with a turquoise aura are:

  • higher healing energy
  • connection to the immune system
  • sensitive
  • spiritual
  • compassionate
  • soothe negative energy or negative emotions

You are probably very good at helping others to heal. Similar to the sky blue aura you have strong spiritual energy.

Dark Blue Aura or Muddy Blue Aura

If you have a dark or muddy blue aura, you may be experiencing:

  • depression
  • isolation
  • negative energy
  • distrust
  • insecure
  • blocked spiritual growth

Take some time for a break and some you time. This can help you settle the clouds and eventually get back to a royal blue aura person. If the negativity is too overwhelming get outside help from a friend, coach or therapist.

Blue Aura Meaning and Throat Chakra

The throat chakra energy is associated with the blue aura color and is often referred to as the blue aura chakra. The throat chakra is the fifth chakra and stands for the qualities:

  • voice
  • communication
  • expression
  • authenticity
  • truth
  • self-confidence

If your blue aura color is strong, you likely have an open and balanced throat chakra. This means you have a strong sense of self-expression and communication. You are able to confidently speak your truth in any situation.

You might also have a good connection to your third eye chakra which is the gateway towards awareness and spiritual energy.

Challenges for Blue Aura Personalities

Blue auras may struggle with being too passive or people-pleasing at times. It’s important for blue auras to establish clear boundaries in order to maintain their own peace.

If you have a blue aura you have to be careful with the following personality traits:

  • strong masculine attitudes
  • too much outward oriented
  • outspoken
  • action-oriented
  • too logical

These are not bad personality traits per se, but they can be perceived as such by others. In the end, it all depends on the situation and perspective. If you connect more to your feminine energy it can help you get more awareness towards others and be more able to go with the flow.

Blue Aura Meaning In Love & Relationships

People with blue auras are typically very honest, romantic, kind, and gentle partners. They have strong communication skills and are often very open-minded. However, they may struggle with setting boundaries and need to find a balance between pleasing their partner and staying true to themselves.

Overall, blue auras can make great, long-lasting partners as they are loyal, compassionate, and understanding. They have a strong intuition that can help them navigate any obstacles in the relationship.

Overall, having a blue aura can bring many positive traits and qualities to your life. It’s important to embrace and work on any challenges that may arise in order to maintain balance and harmony. Remember to always stay true to yourself and communicate your needs in all relationships, both romantic and platonic.

More traits related to relationships are:

  • honesty
  • open
  • truthful
  • communicative
  • calm
  • stable
  • warm
  • supportive
  • encouraging
  • intuitive abilities
dark blue aura
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Blue Auras In Work & Career

Overall, blue-aura people have positive and uplifting energy, making them natural healers and counselors. They are also very creative.

  • good communicators
  • problem-solving
  • creative
  • empathy organization

Therefore they are a perfect fit for the following careers:

  • Leadership roles
  • CEOs
  • Teachers
  • Healers
  • Artists
  • Singers

If you have a blue aura, you will do well in a career that involves helping others, creativity, and communication. And remember to always stay true to yourself and honor your boundaries in the workplace.

Final Words – Blue Aura Meaning

If you are one of the blue auras you can be lucky. Embrace your qualities and be proud of yourself.

You have a calm and connecting personality.

You face every challenge in life with self-confidence and a calm logical approach.

This makes you a great problem solver. Both in your private and professional life.

You are also a great partner for a long-term and stable relationship.

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