Feminine Energy: 31+ Ways To Improve It (2024)

Believe it or not, all humans have the presence of masculine and feminine energy within them.

You can be a woman more in tune with her masculine energy or you can be a man who feels more connected to his feminine energy.

Feminine Energy
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Let’s dive in.

Read on for 31+ ways to improve the feminine energy within you.

1. Self-Reflection

We’ve lost touch with the inner voice. We’ve been led to believe it’s the least important element in our lives. 

Listening to the inner voice as your prime objective in life and reflecting on your decisions can make your life more worth living.

2. Meditate

Meditation is the best way to become aware of the conflicts that go on in your mind. 

Feminine energy helps you reconnect to yourself and get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings.

3. Explore Nature

When you feel your life getting out of sync you’ll benefit by exploring nature because Mother Earth is connected with feminine energy more than anything.

The jungle, park, ocean, and sea also make it easy for you to understand the depth of your personality. The greenery and peace of trees in the forest, also facilitate peace of mind.

4. Embrace Creativity

Divine feminine energy is all about creativity. Creative energy can be expressed in many ways i.e. dancing, painting, singing, writing, and any other flow of artistic expression.

Female bodies hold the ability to create life although creativity is not only limited to this type of creation and can be explored in many different ways.

5. Emotional Expression

Whereas masculinity is defined by logic, emotions are expressed through femininity.

Men and women are both taught to ignore our feelings. This results in so much confusion and fear of showing their emotional sides.

Working with a journal to express and improve your emotional intelligence and femininity will improve on its own. 

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6. Self-Transformation

The divine feminine helps with difficult changes in life. Creation comes after destruction and a new era requires change.

Tuning in to these qualities can help you process self-transformation, which can be difficult and unruly at times but holds great benefits.

7. Dance

Dancing is a powerful practice of self expression that helps you get out of your head and into your body. 

Find a private space where you can dance as wildly or sensually as you like. Put on your favorite song or playlist and close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and feel how your body feels.

Ask yourself if this music could take form, how would it move? Then allow your body’s creative side to move to where the music takes you in the moment.

8. Value Play And Spontaneity

You thrive when you appreciate yourself with spontaneous joys or reward yourself every day to keep going and keep achieving the predetermined goals of your life.

Read books, listen to music, take a mini-vacation, and do some yoga anytime you feel yourself off balance and just to stay on your path.

9. Be Ready To Receive

If you’re a woman, you already have the power within you to return more than you receive. Feminine energy receives first from self love.

Happily receive compliments, love, and attention so your deep well of the feminine fills up.

10. Be In Peace

Peace creates the space for you to connect to the body and the inner soul. In this world we’ve forgotten how it feels to be in peace.

The more time you spend in peace, the more you reconnect with yourself. This will help you raise the level of confidence within you. 

11. Beauty

The femininity in all of us craves to feel and see beauty around us and in us. Adorning your space with anything that brings a smile to your face helps nurture this craving.

This can be in the form of pictures, decor, or luxurious fabrics or colors, and bring beauty to your wardrobe. Find your definition of beauty and bring it into your world.

12. More Laughter

It’s been scientifically proven that when you laugh, your brain responds to things better. 

Laughing makes the most difficult things look easier. The brain gets the positivity and releases it for people around us to pick up on. 

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13. Build A Relationship With Animals

When you’re around animals, you’re free to be you, whereas you might become self-conscious in front of other human beings. 

Animals never stop you from being yourself or exploring your whole self. Animals let you live life the way you want to.

14. Accept Your Femininity

When you accept the divine feminine energy and understand its real concepts rather than just believing in what people in society have to say, life adopts the knowledge faster.

Many women are aware of this concept which helped them embrace the wholeness within in a deeper way.

15. Connect

The feminine connects largely through verbal communication (with masculine energy  connecting largely through touch and sexual access). It’s nourished by extended catch-up sessions with loved ones.

So turn off the TV, call up someone you care about and catch up on your unique but diverging lives. Talk without aim other than to let them know about what’s been going on with you and to hear all about how they’ve been since you last talked. 

16. Nurture Yourself

Put your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs front and center. When you’re running on empty, it’s much harder to nurture others or be fully present for them. 

If you’re used to being the one who sets aside her own needs to meet someone else’s, the idea of being “made to nurture” might leave a bad taste.

17. Understand Your Dreams

Dreams help you connect to your inner thoughts and feelings. So crack open a dream book or search the web for the significance of your dreams because they can serve as messages from the universe.

This knowledge will also help you understand yourself and lead you down the path you’re meant to follow.

18. Follow Your Dreams

When you try to follow your dreams, you find every hurdle in your way very easy to overcome.

You enjoy the process of achieving your dreams and you get to know yourself and feminine energy is all about knowing yourself.

19. Exercise Often

Feminine energies are constantly in motion, always changing and shifting.

Doing some sort of physical activity or exercise brings you out of your comfort zone and lets you think more actively. It also facilitates detoxification, making your muscles active and more vital.

20. Wear Unrestrictive Clothing

Feminine energy is pure motion and movement, it doesn’t like to be boxed in or restricted. 

Jeans and pants often have this restrictive tendency. Go on a “pants detox” and commit to only wearing skirts or dresses for a month.

See how you feel. Cultural associations aside, soft flowing fabrics mirror the constant moving element of feminine energy in a tangible way.

21. Stop Rationalizing

Masculine energy will try to justify everything. The feminine gets overshadowed when you choose logical thinking behind everything, even if it’s not there.

You may have a valid reason for something but you’re not required to offer one for everything happening around you. Everything is always changing.

Let some things pass and just happen.

22. Fill Your Life With Optimism

Fill your life with optimism and positive people and you’ll notice a difference. Feminine energy that promotes the “Go with the flow” concept will be hindered if you’re constantly surrounded by negative energy.

Negative energy tends to hold you back in everything you do. It will lead to blocked feminine energy in the end.

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23. Arrange Your Own Photoshoot

Arrange a photoshoot for yourself that will embrace the feminine energy traits within you.

Try on different dresses and get your friends to do the shoot for you, which will generally lift your mood. It’ll help you feel fresh and happy after you are done with the whole process.

24. Plan A Holiday

Prioritize yourself over any other money-making mechanism and socializing necessities.

A holiday can help you realize the best version of yourself by enjoying, having fun, and introspect in the process. It can be just going for a picnic, spending time in nature by a waterfall or a place with good scenery.

25. Spend Time Alone

Introspection is one of the main keys in the process to embrace feminine energy. When you enjoy your own company, you’re able to avoid the negativity that has filled your ears and let it go.

It’s helpful to realize that you just don’t need to do something every time.

26. Volunteer

Volunteering boosts your happiness and lets you connect with other like-minded people. Most importantly volunteering gives you a different perspective about life which lets you explore things you would otherwise not be aware of.

The concept of feminine energy is very wide and it takes exploration of each and every aspect of your personality to embrace it.

27. Have More Orgasms

Sexual polarity shows how men are depleted of their masculine energy by ejaculating too frequently, women actually benefit the more they reach orgasm.

Women experience more creativity, more emotional connection, more finely attuned intuition… the benefits are vast.

28. Indulge Your Senses

Indulge your sense of taste by eating chocolate, drinking red wine, and indulging your palate with decadent foods that you love.

Indulge your sense of touch by going shopping and feeling the soft fabrics. Or go to a public food market and take in all of the different sights and smells of the delicious foods surrounding you.

This takes you out of your head, and into your body making your life more sensually oriented.

29. Cultivate A Sacred Space

Find a place in your home where you can set a meditation pillow and create a little altar, even if it’s just a candle, a crystal, or a flower. Something super simple. 

A sacred space can immediately ground you into a space of stillness.

30. Listen To Your Intuition

Remove the layers, the gunk, so you can have a more pristine experience of the true essence of yourself and your intuition is clearer.

People you attract into your life absolutely change when you’re more in tune with your own life force energy. You’ll know yourself better, ideas will flow easier, etc.

31. Spend Time With The Girls

A great way to increase and boost your feminine energy is by spending more time with females like you.

Women who understand the things you may be going through and who can help you relive the memorable experiences you’ve been missing all this time.

What Are Feminine Energy Traits?

Importantly, these traits are not associated with gender. The set of traits we’ve come to define as “feminine” do stem from expectations placed on women throughout history to behave a certain way. Likewise, “masculine” traits are a set of expectations placed on men. 

Feminine Energy Traits
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Traits that are most often associated with the feminine are:

  • Connection
  • Empathy
  • Nurturing
  • Emotional process

The divine feminine is pure energy that flows and changes like the water of a river. She has a diffused awareness, thinking many things at once and she finds details and intricacies that escape the masculine.

She is born to receive. She is most identified with her emotions and craves love deeply to feel fulfilled.

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What Are Examples Of Feminine Energy?

Think of a lioness as a symbol of the strong mature feminine (powerful and mothering), and see mother Earth as the ultimate life-giving, nurturing feminine energy — supporting all life with food, air, water and habitat.

Here are some examples of how feminine energy traits show up in people:

  • Able to read people and situations 
  • Feeling into what is right
  • Surrendering to things which aren’t working out (instead of trying to force them to)
  • Sensual and deeply connected to your body
  • Deeply connected to the environment around you
  • Fully feel and express your emotions intelligently
  • Vulnerability is seen as a strength and a tool of connection to the truth and what is right for you
  • You create life and are nurturing
  • Caring for projects, people, yourself, your relationships, plants and pets so they can grow and flourish

For example, one may use her assertiveness (masculine energy) to go for what she wants at work, and then tap into her feminine skill of listening and creativity to discover new approaches to a problem and lead her team toward a shared vision.

How Do You Get Feminine Energy?

Here are several ways you can begin embracing your feminine energy:

  1. Feminine energy doesn’t have to clash with masculine energy.
  2. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.
  3. Be open to receiving.
  4. Express yourself through creative means.
  5. Be proud of being a woman.
  6. Become part of a community of like-minded women.
  7. Find routines to help you feel grounded and reflect.
  8. Reclaim your own beauty.
  9. Reconnect with your body.
  10. Connect to the Earth or natural elements.

What Is The Power Of Feminine Energy?

Feminine power is all about inclusion and connecting. It’s almost more ethereal and mysterious. In this way especially, the nourishing side acts as the perfect complement to the masculine. It’s the softer, more restful, calmer side. It’s the place where we grow and thrive.

Acknowledging its existence and is truly powerful. There are many values in recognizing it. Feminine power is beautiful, graceful, nurturing, creative, and warm.

There is power in being and in silence. These are two feminine qualities we may not think of as powerful initially, but as we explore them, the strength becomes apparent.

You have both feminine and masculine qualities. Every human has the capacity for both, but of course, we don’t always use them.

When feminine and masculine traits are brought together, that’s when you see real strength and unstoppable power.

How To Radiate Feminine Energy

Getting your feminine energy back is vital. Here are some tips you can always rely on to increase your energies of the feminine.

  1. Be open to receiving.
  2. Work with your senses.
  3. Improve your smile.
  4. Have a good workable health plan.
  5. Feel beautiful inside and out.
  6. Take a deep breath and let go – relax.
Radiate Feminine Energy
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Signs Of High Feminine Energy

If you’re not just in touch with it but aware of what this energy is and how to use it, you truly stand out. The power of your feminine energy is seen by many, you’re very charismatic, charming and cannot be forgotten soon. 

Here are some signs:

  1. People come to you for your natural wisdom.
  2. You feel the moon’s influence in every new phase.
  3. You attract opportunities all around you.
  4. You have a strong charisma that shines brightly from the inside out.
  5. Animals enjoy being around you.
  6. You have financial abundance.
  7. You’re very creative in all forms and mediums.
  8. People feel drawn to you.
  9. You’re connected to the Earth giving you a strong intuition.
  10. You enjoy the joy that life brings you.

Feminine Energy In The Bedroom

Men and women have become very similar, at least in terms of the energy we put out. A lot of marriages operate as an equal partnership, which is efficient and fair and feels safe and familiar, but when it comes to sex, it’s the differences between a man and a woman that make things hot.

Women can be so competent and productive in the world and in our homes that they have a hard time softening up and slowing down when it’s time for romance.

With all the multi-tasking — taking the meeting, running the carpool, hitting the gym – that women exude a masculine vibe. It’s awesome for getting things done, but it can be an inhibitor to intimacy.

According to Andrea Gaines, sex and wellness coach, here are a few things women can do at home, before ever hitting the bedroom, to heat things up:

  1. Let him take the lead by encouraging him to make more decisions.
  2. Visualize a softer, lighter energy to embody.
  3. Communicate with fewer words and more body language and facial expressions.

Practically speaking, if the bedroom isn’t harmonious you may be lacking in one side or the other. 

Feminine aspects in the bedroom are:

  • Sleep • Soft pillows
  • Romance • Candles, soft lighting
  • Rest • Luxurious bedding and sheets
  • Beauty • Flowers
  • Bliss • Artwork

Male aspects in the bedroom are:

  • Confidence • Plenty of storage
  • Organization • Sitting area
  • Meditation • Black out drapes
  • Clarity • Clean table tops

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Feminine Energy In A Man

We all have masculine and feminine sides and these are in no way related to gender. The same mix of the masculine and the feminine are found in men as well.

However the workplace caters to more masculine traits downplaying feminine qualities. It starts by becoming aware of your feminine side and ways to get in touch with it.

You know you’re in your feminine when you’re present in the moment, enjoy spontaneity, being in touch with all of your senses and intuition. You’re relaxed and comfortable with expressing your unique talents and creativity.

  1. Listen to your gut intuition.
  2. Reflect on your thoughts and experiences.
  3. Let the masculine side do the work.
  4. Express yourself creatively.
  5. Practice playfulness.

Divine Feminine Energy

Awakening the divine feminine in your life means doing just the opposite of the action based society we’re used to. Go inward, focus on being rather than doing, and allow yourself to rest and reflect.

  • Intuitive
  • Heart-centered
  • Forgiving
  • Compassionate
  • Healing
  • Empathetic
  • Nurturing
  • Creative
  • Nature lover
  • Collaborator
  • Lover
  • Sensuality
  • Kind
  • Gentle
  • Communicative

While the divine feminine represents the nurturer and healer within us, the masculine symbolizes the inherent leader.

The divine feminine mirrors the qualities of the masculine. We require both — they complement each other, like yin and yang. Strong leaders often know how to express both qualities.

You’ll very likely become the best version of yourself by allowing a reconnection to your divine feminine side or your inner voice. Consider sharing this article ​​✅ with three friends you feel could benefit.

About The Author

Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.