What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman: 22 Traits (2024)

Want to know what a Leo man looks for in a woman? This guide features 22 traits that Leo men love to help you attract one into your life.

What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman
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In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients form better connections with those closest to them. 

That’s why I’m excited to share this guide with you. 

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What Are The Most Common Qualities Of A Leo Guy?

A Leo man is best known for being a passionate, extroverted and self-confident being.

You can expect Leo guys to be the life of any party they attend. They’re always interested in making new friends and they’re rarely scared to introduce themselves to new women when they’re single. 

Leos are fiercely loyal once they’re in a relationship though.

They’re willing to give their whole heart to the person they choose to commit to, and expect their partner to show the same loyalty and affection in return.  

Leo men have good leadership skills, but they’re often looking for a woman who is confident enough to be his equal, not a subordinate.

Read on to discover more about what a Leo man looks for in a woman. 

What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman

1. Honesty

A Leo man speaks from the heart and is rarely dishonest about his feelings. He wants a partner who will do the same.

2. Fun

A Leo man wakes up hoping to smile, laugh, enjoy the day and hopefully spend lots of time outside with his buddies. He wants a woman that makes it easier for him to do that.  

Leo Man
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3. Outgoing

If you’re the type of woman who prefers staying home and binging Netflix, you’re probably not going to be compatible with a Leo man, as a best friend or a partner. Leo men are outgoing and are looking for similar people to associate with. 

4. Spontaneity

Leo men like spontaneity and would love to have a girlfriend who encourages it. Would you agree to randomly going bungee jumping if the opportunity arose? If so, you’re likely to be a Leo man’s favorite type of person.

5. A Young Heart

You can see a Leo’s inner child if you look deep enough into his eyes. Most likely, he’ll maintain a childlike curiosity and desire for fun throughout his whole life. You can suspect he’s looking for a girlfriend who encourages that side of him.

6. Loyalty

Leos are among the most loyal zodiac natives and they’ll expect nothing less than undying loyalty from whoever they choose to date. You should be willing to have this guy’s back no matter what. A ride-or-die type of girlfriend is what he wants more than anything else in the world.

7. A Woman Who Takes Care Of Her Appearance

External beauty is important to most men and Leos are no different. It matters to a Leo because it’s a sign of self-respect and knowing one’s own worth.

8. Intelligence

Leos aren’t just looking for a sexy trophy wife who looks good on their Instagram profile. More likely, they’re looking for an equal who can teach them a thing or two about life. 

9. A Good Listener

A typical Leo man can talk for days without resting. He’s always looking to entertain other men and women with jokes and interesting stories, so it makes sense that he wants a woman who will always be paying attention to what he has to say.

10. No Mind Games

Leos have little patience for people who are pretending not to like them. He wants a person who is 100% sold on him and isn’t willing to hide it. That’s the ride-or-die girlfriend he’s looking for.

11. Independence

This is important for most extroverted people and Leos tend to fit that description. A Leo man is likely to feel smothered by a girlfriend who needs him to have a good time. This is the type of girlfriend who is likely to get jealous when he’s talking to other women and a sociable Leo will have no time for that.

Can you be left alone at a party to socialise with new people, or do you tend to cling to your boyfriend’s arm the whole time?   

If you want to be compatible with a Leo man, you’ll need to be an independent woman who has her own life and is ready to enjoy it when he’s out doing his own thing. 

12. Ambition

Leos tend to be highly ambitious, not just in their career but in their desires to have an awesome social life too. Most will want to date a woman with similar levels of ambition.

13. A Power Couple

The idea of being in a ‘power couple’ will excite a Leo man more than most other things in the world. Sure, a Leo man is likely to enjoy the spotlight, but the idea of sharing it with his beau is even more exciting for him.

14. A Respectable Lady 

Leos are social butterflies and their reputation is important to them. The last thing a Leo man wants is a nasty woman who is going to ruin that reputation by association.

15. Passion

A Leo man likes a woman who is passionate in all areas of her life. Sure, he wants a woman who doesn’t shy away from a public display of affection. But he also wants one who isn’t afraid to roar like a lion or scream like a Banshee when she sees something she loves! Leos have a lust for life and they want a partner who shares that same passion for the world.   

16. A Sense Of Humor

In Leo’s ideal day, he’ll spend most of it laughing. That’s why a woman with a good sense of humor is so appealing to him. 

17. A Social Life He Can Be Part Of 

A Leo isn’t the type of guy to get jealous if you have guy friends. In fact, he welcomes that! Perhaps they can become part of his social life too! This guy probably already has a ton of buddies, but that doesn’t matter. In the mind of a Leo, there’s always room for more!

18. Supportive

A Leo man isn’t afraid to go out and try new things, and he’ll want a girlfriend who is supportive of his crazy ideas. The last thing he wants is a negative Nancy who sucks away all his optimism.

19. Creativity

If a woman has a creative side herself, that will often spark Leo’s curiosity. Of course, it will! This shows you have a passion and that you’re a great candidate to create that power couple dynamic he craves so deeply. 

20. Wild In Bed

A Leo is represented by the lion and they tend to be wild in the bedroom. A Leo man in love will show this with incredibly passionate sex – and he’ll be excited to find a woman who does the same. 

21. Taurus, Gemini And Aries Are The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Compatible With A Leo Man

If you believe in romantic compatibility based on your zodiac sign, you better hope you’re an Aries, Gemini or Taurus woman. These signs are said to be the perfect woman for a Taurus man.

Other zodiac signs, including a Leo woman, are less likely to fit well in a relationship with a Leo guy.

A Capricorn, Pisces or a Cancer woman are considered to be among the least compatible for a Leo male. 

Personally though, I’d say it doesn’t matter if you’re a Capricorn or Taurus woman, provided you have the other personality traits mentioned in this list.  

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22. Confidence

Confidence is frequently cited among the most attractive personality traits in men and women, but it matters to Leo natives a lot. Most of the qualities mentioned in this list are difficult to show off if you’re not a woman who loves herself and believes she’s a great catch.

If you’re the type of woman who is confident enough to approach a Leo man, flirt and show him what a great catch you are, that can often be enough to drive him wild with desire in the first few moments of meeting you.

It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and seal the deal with the Leo you want so badly.  

Frequently Asked Questions About A Leo Male

Let’s round off this article with the answers to some more frequently asked questions that will help you attract a Leo man.  

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What Are Leos Attracted To Physically?

Leo guys like women of all demographics. However, they are most often attracted to physiques which suggest a woman is active and adventurous. Sporty, athletic ladies, you’re in luck! If you have a unique style of fashion, that is also likely to capture a Leo man’s attention.

What A Leo Man Needs In A Relationship?

This article listed what a Leo man looks for in a woman – and these traits will remain true whether he’s looking for a short-term fling or a long-term relationship. Indeed personality traits are usually more important to men or women looking for a relationship, while appearance and sex appeal is more important when dating casually.  

How Does Leo Man Show Interest?

A Leo man is confident enough to be direct about his feelings after a first or second glance at a beautiful woman. Sometimes, he will be bold enough to call you a sexy lady or something equally forward. However, he also likes to be a playful flirt, teasing his ideal woman in a light-hearted way and leaving her unsure whether he’s serious or just messing around. 

It’s as if flirting comes as second nature to this fire sign. This may become obvious as soon as he starts talking. 

Still, if he’s serious about his interest, he’ll make it obvious soon enough. From there, it’s up to you how far you want to take it with this enamored Leo, although he won’t be shy about trying to lead the interaction where he wants it to go.  

How Do You Tell If A Leo Man Is Falling For You?

A Leo’s outrageous flirting and shameless attempts to get your attention are the most obvious signs of his romantic interest, but there are more subtle signals too. You can discover more clear signs in my guide on How Do You Know If A Leo Man Loves You.

What Does A Leo Man Like Sexually?

A Leo man appreciates a woman who is able to completely let go and submit to her wildest desires in the bedroom. As a natural-born leader, a Leo man likes to be sexually dominant, but it also excites him when a confident woman is brave enough to pin him down on the bed and take the lead.  

What Makes A Leo Turned On?

It’s not just acts of physical affection that turn on Leo men. They’re also excited by women who are confident enough to flirt and show off their sex appeal out in public too. 

You can bet a woman busting some sexy moves on the dancefloor will grab a Leo man’s attention and make him want to meet her as quickly as possible. With that said, a purposeful strut down the street in a uniquely elegant dress can have the same impact. 

The ability for a woman to be outgoing and aware of her sexiness can be enough not only to turn a Leo man on, but to make him fall head over heels in love. After all, this self-awareness is the biggest tell that a woman has all the qualities a Leo man is looking for, both inside and outside the bedroom.    

What Leo Man Dislikes In A Woman

A Leo man is unlikely to be excited about dating women who: 

  • are high-maintenance;
  • are introverts;
  • are shy;
  • has low self-esteem;
  • aren’t well-groomed;
  • rely on their friends to make decisions for them;
  • have a big ego.  

How Does A Leo Man Test A Woman

A Leo man doesn’t like to play silly mind games, but he will ask questions that reveal whether a woman has the personality traits he’s looking for. You can learn more about how he does this in my guide on How Does A Leo Man Test A Woman.

Any More Questions?

Thanks for reading my guide on what a Leo man looks for in a woman.

For more tips on this subject, I’d recommend you read Anna Kovach’s book ‘Leo Man Secrets’. In this book, Anna Kovach has explained what it’s like dealing with a Leo male in great detail.  

If you have any questions to ask on this topic, feel free to leave me a comment below. 

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