How Does A Leo Man Test A Woman (2024)? 23 Clear Signs

Leo guys want to know if you’re good-hearted with pure intentions. However, some women who’ve been in relationships with Leos say only the immature ones tested them.

How Does A Leo Man Test A Woman
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If you pass the Leo man test, this man will be yours forever. When he has his eyes set on a target, nothing stops him from getting what he wants.

23 Clear Signs On How Does A Leo Man Test A Woman


Leos are actually incredibly loyal. However, he’ll give attention to other women to find out your true feelings for him.

It can be difficult to understand why making you jealous with other girls is important to him, but it’s all done in a calculated manner. It shows him your feelings are genuine and you aren’t playing games with him.

Personal Space

Every so often, your Leo man testing you will spend more time with his friends than with you. He considers himself the alpha male who occasionally craves his male friends’ company, without even realizing he’s giving you less attention than usual. ​

He’ll appreciate you talking to him and being honest about your emotions about it. He’ll admire your strength of character to call him out and you’ll earn his respect.


People of the Leo zodiac sign are loyal people and the same applies to love.

He’ll put you in situations to see if his girl’s loyalty will have his back even when things get rough. Once he knows you’re here to stay, he’ll show you the meaning of true love with sweet words and there won’t be any other girls.


This fire sign has an extensive friends’ list, yet that doesn’t mean they trust every single person on that list.

Your Leo woman or man may share day-to-day tasks or obligations with them, but they’re very selective with sharing his secrets.

If he’s able to share them with you, then you can consider yourself chosen over other women. So keep his secrets if you want to keep him.


The Leo man testing wants to see the glow in your eyes when you talk about or do something you love.

He’ll observe your behavior. If you appear overly cold and are bored by exciting activities, they will see that as a major red flag.

So, if you want to win the heart of your Leo, just find out what you love and be passionate about it.

Think Highly Of Him

He might abandon his constant self-praise and turn to self-deprecating jokes instead.

This zodiac sign doesn’t naturally think low of themselves, but the Leo man test is to see whether you are a supportive girlfriend. If it turns out that you have a bad opinion of him, he will not be pleased.

Leo men don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t recognize their worth. So, he won’t put up with constant criticism.

Have Fun

Of all zodiac signs, a key Leo trait is their eagerness to have fun. They don’t take life too seriously and rather grab every opportunity appearing before them. They want someone who feels the same.

So how does a Leo man test a woman by having fun? He might suddenly take you out on an adventure you never anticipated just to take you out of your comfort zone.


The Leo male is all about ambition and he wants his partner to put in enough effort to achieve her dreams and goals. 

He looks for someone with a desire to live her life to the fullest. Someone who embraces change and welcomes all the beautiful things life has to offer. So he’ll test you on that.

He expects you to push him as much as he’s pushing you to go out there and experience something new.


Another way your Leo man tests you is to introduce you to his family and friends to see how well you get along with them. Family is very important to Leos, especially his parents.

So, to see if you’re worthy of him and his love, he’ll put you to the test by suggesting you meet his family. At first, you may be shocked this is happening so fast, but that’s just how Leos work.


Leos don’t have a problem with giving you everything they have if that makes you happy. Also, they want to show off to others what they possess.

So, since your Leo man is a fire element the planet represented is the Sun, he wants to shine light on you as well as on others. If you struggle to accept gifts or reject them in any way, then you’re probably not the girl for him.


Your guy might pick fights with you to see if you can be straightforward with him. Leos will respect you more if you can handle confrontations.

He doesn’t want you to back off the moment things start to heat up. He’s looking for a woman with character, who’ll say what’s on her mind and won’t be intimidated by his fierce personality.

Don’t play games by keeping your thoughts and emotions to yourself. It’s a major turn-off. He doesn’t want to pick your brain. 


A Leo man loves being praised, so he’ll look at how you react to his stories..

If you support his decisions instead of criticizing them, he’ll be eternally grateful to the Universe for putting you on his path.


Leos are always sure of themselves and their abilities, which is why they never worry about anyone being better than them.

They’re aware people have different skills, and other people’s success doesn’t minimize theirs in any way.

That’s why he’ll boast about his accomplishments or, perhaps, mention someone else’s just to see if you’re insecure and can’t be happy for others’ successes.


He wants to live his own life, he won’t like a partner’s possessiveness. This sign is the type who wants to make his own decisions.

Your advice is always welcome, but if you push it too far, to the point where you show a controlling nature he won’t put up with that.


Leo guys are extremely self confident, so they want a love prospective who feels the same way about herself.

It’s important to him that you stand up for what you believe in, instead of being a people pleaser and agreeing with something only for the sake of others’ comfort.

So, if you see your Leo man testing you by saying something so appalling, is his way of checking if you can stand up for your convictions. He’ll appreciate you for it.

No Sharing

He doesn’t want to share you with anyone else. Your Leo man likes your attention to be directed at him and your thoughts to be for his ears only.

So, he’ll be very watchful whenever you interact with other guys. He’ll listen to what you talk about and your behavior.

If he notices a sign you might be interested in someone other than him, he’ll probably look for a new relationship.

Good With Kids

A Leo man tests whether his woman knows how to handle children and be gentle with them. He wants to see that you’d be a good mother.

So, if he suddenly takes you to a charity event involving kids or asks you to take care of his little cousin for a few hours, he might not just be looking for a favor.

He wants to see if you’d be a good mother, so he’ll pay close attention to the children’s reactions.

Leo Man Tests A Woman
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Did he ever suddenly leave you alone on your date because of an emergency? Or late for the same reason? This could be your Leo man testing your anger management.

Yes, those might also be his ways of testing your maturity level and if you’re marriage material.

He wants a woman able to understand the world doesn’t revolve around her. You may be partners, but you still lead different lives.


A Leo man might also tell you his financial state is bad currently, so he won’t be able to take you out on many dates.

He wants to see whether you truly love him or if you’re just a gold digger.

If it’s the former, you’ll stay in the relationship no matter what his circumstances are. You won’t mind using your own money too.

Personality Test

Your Leo man will put your personality to the test to see how compatible you are.

Although, it’s more about getting to know each other. He has the ability to determine your dominant personality type. Whether you like spicy food, are a music lover or a silent person.

He’ll put you to the test by asking you logical questions about saving a person’s life, how you deal with bad days, or even how you spend your weekend. 


Another method of your Leo man testing you is being hopelessly arrogant all the time. 

This can be difficult to be around at times. However, this man will save this behavior for a woman he’s in love with as a way of pushing her away to see if she comes back.

If you’re serious about your Leo man, it’ll be necessary to power through. Again, reassurance that you’re not going anywhere will make you marriage material.

Making Plans Without You

This is a massive sign that your Leo man is playing you and it can really get underneath the skin of some women.

No one wants to see their other half is making plans without them. To many, a relationship is sharing a life and experiences and so if you see your man living life quite happily without you, it can be tough.

Leos will test how much you really want to be with them.


Leos are loyal and expect their partner to reciprocate. These are people that would approach you honestly, which sometimes makes them look insensitive.

This isn’t always their intention; it is just that they are naturally dominant that honesty becomes brutal.

Don’t take it to heart, Leo just wants to place their authority. If you think about it, just think of cats. Cats look in the mirror and see lions. You just need to be patient and take note of how to earn their trust. 

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How Do You Know If A Leo Man Is Testing You?

Relationships with Leos are usually divided into 2 perceptions. The first one is a serious love relationship and the last one is when he’s interested in only your body.

The following signs indicate how does a leo man test a woman with mind games that can be easy to spot.

  • He’s unusually quiet for a long time, even if the relationship is developing positively.
  • He begins spending most of his time with his friends.
  • He tends to ignore you and put you out of his life.
  • Conflict in your relationship will happen more. They just want to find a reason to leave you without being guilty.

How Do You Know If A Leo Man Misses You?

Guys born under the zodiac sign of the Lion are typically the partner who needs attention at all times.

A Leo man shows he misses you by hinting that he wants attention from you. Although this might be done subtly, it’s not very difficult to pick up on.

If he asks you why you haven’t responded to his text messages all day or why you haven’t returned his phone calls, this means he misses you.

In fact, he’s probably wracking his brain, wondering if you miss him too.

How Does A Leo Man Act When They Like You?

Leos are naturally fiery and flirty, so here are some signs a Leo man truly likes you. With their big hearts and courageous spirit, Leos make amazing partners, but first, you have to figure out if he’s interested!

  1. He shows off in front of you.
  2. He gravitates towards you.
  3. He’s physically affectionate with you.
  4. He makes intense eye contact.
  5. He brings you into his social group.
  6. He treats you differently than he does his friends.
  7. He showers you with compliments.
  8. He surprises you with over the top gestures.
  9. He craves your approval and attention.
  10. He feels jealous when you’re around other guys.
  11. He’s protective of you.
  12. He wants to know everything about you.

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Are Leo Males Controlling?

The Leo man feels like a Lion, king of the jungle, and Leos tend to be alpha males. They like leading others, making plans and driving ideas in the office and at home.

They’re also very protective, which can either come off as considerate or overbearing and even controlling, depending on the situation.

They can be extremely stubborn and dominating. They love a good argument and tend to be really good at it too.

So if you and your Leo partner ever get into a fight, make sure you’re mentally prepared to be on the losing end of a long, exhaustive debate.

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How Long Can A Leo Man Go Without Talking To You?

Leos have a lot of strength and control and want to support their friends but in order to do that, they also need support.

If he isn’t feeling that from you, he knows he can get that with someone else. So he’ll ignore you. They can be very stubborn so Leos will test you by staying silent. This could last anywhere from one to two hours even up to seven days.

​​Even the most mature Leos have a sensitive ego. If he is becoming distant, it could be because you wounded his pride.

Begin by giving his needs more attention. If a lack of attention is what led you to this place, then this is the most obvious solution.  Don’t use words and apologies to get him to talk to you. Instead, do the things that will make him happy.

This will eventually bring him to the table. Let him be the first one to break the silence. When a Leo male truly cares about someone, he can’t avoid talking to them for long.

Why Leo Man Pulls Away

Distance can be a healthy part of being together. There’s a difference between needing space to continue growing as individuals and pulling away, withdrawing, or ignoring someone you say you care about.

When a guy gets distant, it means there are some things you could work through as a team.

Leos have big personalities, but just because he wants to be the center of attention sometimes doesn’t mean that he’s trying to overshadow you in a relationship.

  • Your Leo man needs a partner who isn’t distant. Otherwise, he’ll become distant and pull away.
  • If you’re the kind of person who’d rather keep your relationship on the down-low, Leo is going to withdraw from the relationship.
  • If you’re the aggressive type talking over him or making decisions for the both of you, he’s going to distance himself faster than you can realize what he’s doing.

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What Qualities Does A Leo Man Look For In A Woman?

There are certain qualities a Leo man loves that form a pattern when it comes to women he’s dated.

Here’s what Leos look for on the dating scene.

  • Young At Heart

Leo men love women who can have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously.

  • Loyalty

Leos are one of the most loyal men of the zodiac fixed signs.

When they’re with someone they care about, they have their backs no matter what. A Leo man likes the same thing in a woman. He wants to trust you with his darkest secrets. So keep his best interests in mind.

  • Beauty Inside And Out

Looks make a good impression on Leos, although he wants a woman who also has a good heart.

He’ll want to show her off to everyone and will get an ego boost when he sees other men eyeing her but knowing she’s his. However, he also likes when a woman is intelligent, kind and sweet. 

  • Independent

Leo men love the company of others although have no problem being alone too. He doesn’t like to be smothered, so he desires an independent woman.

Sometimes he may just want to hang out with the boys too.

  • Sharing The Spotlight

He loves being the star in whatever he’s doing and if a woman is going to be in his life, he’d like for them to be a team.

To bask together in their glory is a dream come true. Together, you can be under the bright lights while all eyes are on the magic you make.

  • Respectable

Remember, reputation is important to the Leo man. His woman will be highly respected in her circle and/or community and upholds an impeccable stature.

He wants a woman to add value to his reputation and isn’t someone he’s afraid will embarrass him at some point. 

  • High Ambitions

Leos are highly ambitious people. Nothing will stop them from going after what they want and getting it.

A Leo guy wants a woman who has that same mindset and isn’t afraid to go after her goals and dreams.

  • Drama Queen

As the actors of the zodiac, Leos love drama. It runs through their veins. At times Leos create drama in their lives just because they’re bored.

The Leo man can appreciate a woman who is a bit of a drama queen. She makes his life interesting and he can play out his fantasies as the romantic hero.

  • Creative

As the ruler of the fifth house, the house of creativity, Leos are very cultural and artistic.

They’re good in the visual and performing arts and can appreciate a woman who has a creative side.

Drawing, designing clothes, dancing, painting, acting and singing are just a few of the activities a Leo man will value in a woman. 

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Leo Man Confusing Me

When you don’t get the attention you want from the man you love, it can hurt. Although you’re guided to turn inward and love yourself, it still feels good to know you’re valued.

Leo Man
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When your usually warm and enthusiastic Leo crush begins to act cold and distant, it may feel as though you’ve done something to make him dislike or love you less.

Maybe his pride is getting in the way, or he’s dealing with family problems. Perhaps he’s still getting his balance in a new relationship. Here are some other reasons:

  • He hasn’t decided whether he likes you or not yet.
  • He’s still recovering from a previous relationship.
  • His self esteem has been bruised.
  • He’s narcissistic.
  • He’s not clear about where you stand.
  • There’s a family issue on his mind.
  • He isn’t into the romance.

Sleeping With A Leo Man Too Soon

Sex can be quite sacred at times for Leo. Leo rules over the heart, and he attaches mystical significance to the emotions surrounding his sexual impulses.

These guys are also capable of holding out on sex for a long time. They can be vigilant in their determination to “do without” until a worthy partner comes along.

Leo has a pretty big self-image, and he won’t consort with just anyone.

Don’t give up your pride on false demands because this Leo man testing you will ask you to become physical with him too soon. So if you give in too soon, he’ll take that as a signal that a romantic relationship with you isn’t his thing.

When A Leo Man Is Serious About A Woman

Indeed, if you are dating a Leo man, you can see if he is really into you from the way he treats you. Here are some quick tips:

  • He’ll start to open up to you because he trusts you.
  • He’ll let you wear his sweatshirt or jacket.
  • The Leo man is affectionate in public, showing he loves you.
  • He shows the side of him others don’t get to see.
  • He wants to have you around.
  • He’ll tell his friends how grateful he is to have you in his life.
  • He’ll confess his feelings about you.
  • He’ll show you his rebellious side.
  • A Leo man will easily approach you.

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Leo Man Hot And Cold Behavior

Yes, sometimes, it is you, but he’s also not often the type to play games. This is a Zodiac sign that’s looking for commitment, too, so if he’s running hot and cold, let’s look at why.

  1. He’s Not Too Sure Of You Yet

If the relationship is still new, maybe he needs a bit more time to be sure of you completely.

  1. Still Getting Over A Past Relationship

He could be mourning the loss of someone he really cared about, and that’s okay. 

  1. Bruised Ego

Leo males have very, very sensitive egos. These are guys who may talk a big talk, but at heart, they are very susceptible to criticism.

  1. Selfish

The shadow side of Leo can be a pretty selfish zodiac sign. He doesn’t mean to be, because he is also a very generous sign, too.

  1. Where You Stand

If he has no idea where you stand, or where the relationship is going, he could be acting in a way that is very unpredictable.

  1. Family Issues 

He has a sense of loyalty to his family, especially his parents and if he has kids, they take priority.

  1. He’s Not Feeling It

If he feels like romance is missing, your Leo guy is much more likely to not be as consistent in your relationship.

Signs A Leo Man Just Wants To Be Friends

Leo doesn’t really have an “off” button, which means that whoever he dates shouldn’t have one, either. His passionate thirst for all things exciting and fun in life makes him one of the most thrilling zodiac signs to date.

Unfortunately, he just wants to be friends because you’re not the kind of exciting person he wants.

Sure, you’re fun to invite on a night out, but you’re not the dangerous thrill he likes. And now that he knows what you’re like after being your friend, he probably won’t ever see you as something more.

Some final thoughts – if you’re wondering why and how does a Leo man test a woman, it’s probably because he wants to know if you’re good-hearted and your intentions are pure.

Nevertheless, the Leo man testing you to sort out your feelings for him, will be yours forever if you pass them.

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