The Critical Inner Voice

Self-confidence – Your body language may shape who you are

The most effective and easiest way to change your brain state is your body. This technique can help improve your self-confidence. No one could explain this link better than social psychologist Amy Cuddy. Take care, this is highly helpful and useful for daily life. At the end of her talk, Amy gives an insight into her own story on self-confidence which is really touching. So, stick to the end!

Feelings: Handle them before they handle you

Very impressive explanation of Mandy Saligari, who is an addict therapist, about the emotions towards ourselves and their roots. She gives helpful solutions, that you can implement immediately in your life.

The skill of self-confidence

Dr. Ivan Joseph is a six-time coach of the year. He is an expert when it’s about self-confidence. His speech is highly motivating because he gives simple tools that you can easily implement into your daily life. Take care that you don’t go through the roof after watching. ?

The power of introverts

Writer Susan Cain gives us an interesting new perspective of extroverts and introverts and the power and strength of introverts. You ever considered introversion as a strength? If no, you should so. Are you an introvert? If yes, take care of your self-confidence after watching this.

The person you really need to marry

It is so inspiring and important for our life’s that Tracy McMillan explains it in her TED Talk. This is also the foundation for a healthy self-confidence and a fulfilled relationship. If you are not fulfilled in your relation, this can be a first step to improving things.

My journey to yo-yo mastery

A very personal story about growing self-confidence. It is so honest and pure that it brought me close to tears. It was also a huge motivation for me to follow my passion as well.

Crash course for phenomenal success | Marisa Peer

This video of hypnotherapist Marisa Peer highly resonate with me. It shows that we all lack self-confidence and describes a powerful intervention against it.

Inner Medicine by James Barton

This lovely ebook offers a personal journey to your inner self, your core. A guide to finally feel complete, whole, and ok. There is a lot of wisdom in this ebook and I highly recommend it.

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