😘 Meaning From A Guy (2024) & 29 Others: Complete Guide

Want to know the meaning from a guy when he sends an emoji? In this guide, we’ll explore the meanings of some of the emojis guys send to women most often.

Meaning From A Guy
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In my role as a life coach, I am often helping clients communicate better with the people closest to them. 

That’s why I’m excited to share this guide with you.  

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Sends 😘?

It’s the “winky kissy face emoji” or the “blowing kiss sign”.

This is used to signify a kiss from him to you. It’s one of the biggest signs he likes you.

It’s used as a direct way of flirting with you, certainly more direct than some of the other more subtle emojis we’ll explore later. 

A guy might send a winky kissy face emoji to suggest that he wants to kiss you in real life, perhaps alongside a compliment or an invitation. At the very least, you can consider it a virtual kiss.

He might add the winky kissy face emoji to a normal sentence to make it a bit more flirtatious.

“What are you thinking about? 😘”

“Perhaps you need some company? 😘” 

Notice how the kiss emoji subtly bridges the conversation from smalltalk to having a romantic context. 

You might witness him send the winky kissy face emoji when he misses you (as if it’s a blowing kiss emoji from afar), or when he’s reminiscing about past experiences with you. It’s always a positive thing when a man sends any type of kiss emoji.

These examples of the kissing emoji are all a good sign of romantic intentions from a guy. 

However, this type of kiss emoji can be used in platonic male-female friendships too.

A platonic guy friend might use the winky kissy face to signify a goodbye kiss on the cheek. He may use it to add extra emphasis when saying “please” or “thank you”.

In these situations, you might need to explore further to see if you two are just friends or if this guy has started to feel romantic affection towards you. A goodbye kiss on the cheek is common among those who are just friends, so why not a kiss emoji?

In most cultures, an ‘X’ can be used in place of a kiss emoji. 

What Does It Mean When A Guy Sends 😉?

A winking emoji is certainly less subtle and more mysterious than a kiss emoji. It could be used to express romantic affection or it could be something completely different. There are a number of possible explanations for what the winky face could mean in texting. 

  • A wink can be a sign of romantic interest. 
  • It can also be a sign that someone is lying or joking.
  • It can be used to soften serious feedback.
  • It can also be nothing but a sign of friendship or rapport.   

The meaning of a wink can be confused in real-life interactions…

So, it would make sense that people struggle to understand what it might mean in texting. After all, when a guy texts you, there are no clues of hidden meanings sent from body language or voice tonality. You only have words on a mobile device. 

It’s up to you to decide the meaning given the context of the words that he texts you.

If a guy text says: “I want to meet you tonight 😉”, he probably has romantic intentions. 

If he says: “First date can be a coffee. Second date; hot air balloon 😉”, he’s probably using the wink to signify he’s kidding. Unless he’s super-rich, of course. 

If he says: “You did a great job at soccer practice tonight 😉” it might well be a platonic wink of friendship. 

If he says: “Make sure you’re on time 😉” he could be using the wink to soften serious feedback. 

However, if it’s your husband sending these messages. There’s every chance he meant the wink to have romantic connotations too. Context matters, as does the previously-established relationship between you both. 

What Does 🥰 (Smiling Face With Three Hearts) Mean From A Guy?

This emoji tends to signify that a man has been overwhelmed with happy and warm feelings. 

Think about how the “butterflies” feel when you see your crush in high school. When a guy sends this emoji, it usually means he’s having this type of experience. 

Often, he’ll send it as a response to a compliment you send to him, or to a picture of yourself.

He might also send it if you send a picture of a baby relative or your cute pet. In this case, the hearts would signal happy feelings, but not romantic ones. 

What Does 😍 (Heart Eyes Emoji) Mean From A Guy? 

This emoji is officially called “smiling face with heart shaped-eyes”, but it’s most commonly known as the heart eyes emoji. This emoji shows that a guy loves what he sees.

It’s similar to the emoji surrounded by hearts, although the heart eyes might mean that he’s particularly happy with what he sees.

For that reason, you’re more likely to receive the heart eyes emoji as a response to a picture, rather than with a conversation that he starts himself.   

You might receive the heart eyes emoji as a response to a picture of yourself. You might also receive it as a response to a picture of a steak you cooked.   

The star eyed emoji is a common alternative to show a guy loves what he sees, although it lacks the obvious romantic connotations. 

What Does ❤ Mean In Texting?

There’s more than one heart emoji for a guy to choose to send. There’s the red heart emoji, which is the most common as the human heart is red.

However, whether you have an Apple or an Android phone, you’re also given the choice to send: 

  • Blue heart emoji
  • Yellow heart emoji
  • Green heart emoji
  • Orange heart emoji
  • Purple heart emoji
  • Brown heart emoji
  • White heart emoji
  • Black heart emoji
  • And several others…

Why would people stray from the red heart emoji? It might be simply to demonstrate love for a particular thing. The green heart emoji is used to show love for Irish culture. The yellow heart could be used to show love for the L.A Lakers etc. 

But what does the black heart mean in texting?

A “black heart” is a phrase used to signify heartlessness, corruption or evil. However, this is rarely what it will mean in texting. It is sometimes used to mark a tragedy in text messages. It is also the heart emoji of choice for those in the emo/goth/heavy metal community. If a guy sends you a black heart it’s usually positive, although context is key once again. 

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💜 (Purple Heart) Meaning From A Guy

The purple heart emoji means love and affection, just like any other color. But why did he choose purple? In some circles, it’s considered a naughty and horny loving emoji, perhaps due to its link with the purple devil emojis. 

😁 (Smiling Face With Teeth) Meaning From A Guy

The smiling face with teeth showing or the “grin emoji” is another one which could have a variety of meanings depending on the context.

  • A guy might want to signify he’s happy, proud or excited. 
  • He might also use it to signify he’s joking, in place of the wink emoji.

The smiling emoji is less obviously romantic than a heart, wink or kiss emoji. 

Does that mean a man doesn’t have romantic intentions for you? Not necessarily. 

Some guys have romantic intentions, but don’t feel that it’s appropriate to express romantic affection through messages.

Some think it’s better to “play it cool” over text, usually because they think it will make a woman like them more, or because they’re afraid to express warm feelings in this particular form of communication. These guys might therefore opt for the smiling face emoji, because it’s a safer bet over the kiss or the wink.

🙃 (Upside-Down Smiling Face) Meaning From A Guy

Wondering what does the upside-down smiling face mean in texting? This is another complicated one.

On the simplest level, it could simply be used to represent happiness with a twist. 

On a deeper level, guys use it to represent sarcasm, irony or pure silliness.

On the deepest level of all, guys might use it to represent passive-aggressive or frustrated resignation. 

But what about in a romantic context?  

Similar to the grinning emoji, you might find guys using the upside-down smile as a “safe bet” alternative to a wink or a kiss, because they don’t want to show their emotions via text.

It might also be used in place of the wink emoji to show that he is making a joke, or to downplay a serious statement.

In a dating context, that statement might be asking you out on a date.

“Maybe we could go out Friday night? 🙃”

Perhaps you notice how the silly upside-down smiley makes it seem like less of a big deal either way – and that’s a good vibe to create when asking someone out for the first time.

“If you’re busy on Friday, maybe you should suggest another day 🙃”

Do you see how the smiley face is used again to soften the text, decrease tension and make it not seem like a big deal.

Want more examples of a guy downplaying a serious message?

“Don’t take too long to reply 🙃”  

“Why did you unmatch me on Tinder? 🙃”

“You have a boyfriend? Ok then, no worries 🙃”

“I don’t want to be your casual friend, but good luck in life 🙃”

As you can perhaps see, the upside-down face is mostly used by a guy who doesn’t want to create tension nor share his deep feelings. It’s also one of the biggest signs of passive-aggression you’ll see in texting.  

It helps to turn a serious conversation into a seemingly innocent response. It’s rarely used in truly romantic texts that show deep affection. 

As a general rule, those with deeper and mature emotions tend to explain their true feelings with words, and not try to downplay serious conversations.    

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🥴 (Woozy Face Emoji) Meaning From A Guy

It’s the woozy face emoji. It’s mostly used to signify that one is drunk or high on drugs. A guy may send it to signify fatigue or confusion. A popular meme also suggests it represents the silly face that men make when trying to look sexy for a photo.  

😳 (Blushing Emoji) Meaning From A Guy

The blushing emoji is used to signify embarrassment. The wide eyes of this emoji could also be used as a response of disappointment. 

😇 (Smiling Face with Halo) Meaning From A Guy

When using the angel face emoji, guys want to signal that he’s an innocent guy with good intentions. He might send this when you accuse him of only wanting “one thing” or to take some pressure off when he asks to visit him at his house. 

🤗 (Smiling Face with Open Hands) Meaning From A Guy

This is generally regarded as sending a hug. A man will send this when he wants to get physical with you, but isn’t bold enough to send a 😉 or a 😘. This emoji might also accompany a message of congratulations. 

😅 (Grinning Face with Sweat) Meaning From A Guy

The 😅 grinning face with sweat meaning is generally regarded as anxious laughter. A man might send one of these when he admits something embarrassing or as a response when you call him out for a mistake. It’s a good quality to be able to laugh at oneself so don’t judge him too harshly. 

🙈 (See-No-Evil Monkey) Meaning From A Guy

The monkey covering his eyes means that a man is feeling shy or embarrassed. He might send it when giving or after receiving a compliment. It’s his way of trying to portray himself as the cute nervous guy. 

❤️ (Red Heart) Meaning From A Guy

The red heart is the universal symbol for love. There’s no denying it. If a guy sends you the red heart emoji, he’s taking you seriously. You’re more than a bit of fun for him. He has deeper feelings and the red heart emoji proves it. 

😚 (Kissing Face with Closed Eyes) Meaning From A Guy

The 😚 kissing face with closed eyes emoji is a way of showing one’s affection to the recipient, but it’s not as blatant as the kissing face emoji, so perhaps he’s still testing the waters to see how you feel about him. If he sends a 😚, there’s every chance he’s not sure how you feel about him yet.  

😋 (Yummy Face) Meaning From A Guy

This emoji isn’t just used to say “yum, yum” to food or a delicious beverage. It could be a cheeky way to imply that he finds you tasty as well. Any emoji with the tongue poking out is regarded as silly and playful, so he’s trying to indicate that he’s a light-hearted guy. 

😜 (Winking Face with Tongue) Meaning From A Guy

The winking face with tongue is a step from a classic 😉 emoji. He’s trying to signal that he’s feeling a little bit crazy and adventurous. Sometimes a guy will send a 😜 when he wants you to take a ride on the wild side. He might also use it to signify that he’s joking or being sarcastic.  

Meaning Of 🤪 (Zany Face) From A Guy

This is a step up from the winking face with tongue. Now he has googly eyes as well. Expect to receive this when he suggests something really crazy or as a response to something wild that you have sent him. It’s usually the men with big personalities who send the 🤪 face.

🤩 (Star-Struck) Meaning From A Guy

The stars in the eyes emoji means that this guy is star-struck. He’ll often respond to one of your sexy pictures with this. It’s less intense than the 😍 or the 🥰 emojis, so perhaps he’s not quite ready to admit that he loves you. 

💕 (Two Hearts) Meaning From A Guy

The double hearts floating into the sky signifies that he really loves something. If he chooses the two hearts instead of the 😍 emoji, he might be implying that he loves something he’s heard rather than what he has seen.  

💋 (Kiss Mark) Meaning From A Guy

The kiss mark emoji is somewhat feminine because it looks like they’re covered in lipstick. You’ll often find a gay man sending this emoji to their girlfriends. Straight men might use ironically as a way of saying thank you. It’s used more as a sign of a strong friendship, rather than true romantic love. 

🥺 (Pleading Face) Meaning From A Guy

The pleading face emoji has the sad eyebrows and the innocent puppy dog eyes. That’s what differentiates it from other choices of sad face. As such, a man might send this when he’s trying to convince you to forgive him or to change your mind about something else.  

😊 (Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes) Meaning From A Guy

The smiling eyes and rosy cheeks of this emoji signifies genuine warm happiness and positivity. It’s sent as a sign of friendship, rather than lust or romantic feelings. Maybe this guy just sees you as a friend, or perhaps he’s not feeling bold enough to send more flirtatious emojis yet.  

🥵 (Hot Face) Meaning From A Guy

On the surface, this emoji is supposed to signify that someone is too hot temperature-wise. However, it’s often adapted to signal that the sender finds someone physically attractive. In fact, he finds them so hot that he’s sweating and panting. It could also mean that he’s ‘thirsty’ for some action. 

Meaning Of 😏 (Smirking Face) From A Guy

The smirking face can be used to communicate a range of emotions. It can somehow make any message more flirtatious and is usually sent alongside an innuendo. 

Meaning Of 🙄 (Face With Rolling Eyes) From A Guy

Rolling one’s eyes is a universal symbol of disappointment. In most cases, if you receive this from a guy, he thinks you’ve said or done something to let him down. 

🌹 (Rose) Meaning From A Guy

It’s a traditional form of courtship to send a rose to a woman you’re enamoured with. If he sends you a rose emoji, that’s a good sign he’s a traditional guy who wants to woo you in a digital sense.  

🍬 (Candy) Meaning From A Guy

Presuming this is a flirtatious conversation, a man will send the candy emoji to signify that he finds you sweet like sugar, or addictive like chocolate. 

😌 (Relieved Face) Meaning From A Guy

The 😌 emoji can be used to signify relief or gratitude or that the sender is simply glad to hear a specific piece of news. It also portrays an element of innocence. If a man sends you a 😌, he’s clearly somewhat invested in you and your life.  

🍆 (Eggplant Emoji) Meaning From A Guy  

When this emoji was first released, its purpose was to signify the eggplant vegetable. However, it was quickly repurposed to signify male genitals. If a man sends you an eggplant, he’s looking to make you feel good in bed sooner rather than later.

Any Questions? 

This particular form of communication isn’t a black and white topic. Different guys use emojis in different ways. When one guy sends a wink, it might mean that guy likes you as a lover or a  friend, depending on the individual and the context.

I should also mention that a lot of guys write messages with no thought behind them at all. You might have sent three to five messages co-authored by you and your friends, but it’s possible this guy answered without using an ounce of brain power. Sometimes there’s no deeper meaning. Some men are simple like that. Some guys don’t like to send emojis at all. 

Still, I hope you now have a better understanding of the emojis guys use, plus their general mindset when sending flirty emojis and trying to express romantic affection.

If you have a related question regarding texting, your love life or other emojis, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

I love to hear what my readers found interesting in my guides. It will be great to hear from you.

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Bijan Kholghi is a certified life coach with the Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Germany). He helps clients and couples reach breakthroughs in their lives by changing subconscious patterns. His solution-oriented approach is based on Systemic- and Hypnotherapy.