33 Clear Signs A Female Coworker Likes You (2024)

“She likes me, she likes me not.”

This is a statement most men think about once a female coworker starts acting friendly towards them. However, as you already know, acting familiar with you isn’t necessarily a sign of attraction. It may just be her personality.

How then are you supposed to know if she likes you or is just acting friendly?

Today, we answer this question. In today’s post, we’ll discuss 33 clear signs a female coworker likes you.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

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Let’s get right into it.

Signs a Female Coworker Likes you

#1. She Says Hi to You Every Morning

This is perhaps one of the most obvious signs a female coworker likes you. Every morning without fail, she comes to your desk or office and says good morning.

This is especially a strong sign of affection if you’re the only one she comes to say hi to every morning. However, if she says hi to everyone in the office, she may just have a friendly personality.

#2. She Smiles When She Sees You

Have you noticed that she’s always smiling whenever your eyes make contact?

This could be a sign of affection. However, just like saying hi to you every morning, her smile could be a sign of professional courtesy or friendship.

So, how do you know if the smile indicates attraction of friendship?

Well it’s easy. In a genuine smile, she makes prolonged eye contact and holds her gaze for several seconds. By doing this, she is trying to look more attractive and inviting; therefore, indicate attraction.

#3. She Asks How Your Evening and Weekend Was

Does she always ask how your evening and weekend was? This is also a sign that she likes you.

By asking how you spent your weekend or evening, she may be trying to investigate if you spent your time with another lady.

It’s sporadic for a woman to ask if you’re seeing anybody. Instead, she’ll look for subtle ways to ask if you’re dating someone.

#4. She Looks for Ways to Be Around You

Whenever you like someone, you always want to be around them, right?

The same goes for your female workmate.

If she likes you, she’ll go out of her way to be around you. This may include moving closer to your workspace, always coming to your desk to talk, or wanting to walk you to your car every evening.

#5. She Asks for Help Even for Mundane Tasks

Are you the only one she asks for help in the office?

Asking for help could be a signal that she considers you a strong man. By asking for help, you naturally employ your provider instincts, which increases your attraction towards her.

Asking for your help also makes it easier for her to get closer to you.

So, if she’s always asking you to help her fix her computer, repair or replace her chair’s lumbar support, among other issues, it may be a sign that she likes you.

Signs a female coworker likes you
Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

#6. She’s Always Ready to Help You

Does she always volunteer to assist you in projects? Is she always there to offer helpful, professional advice when you need it in the office?

Well, there’s a reason for that.

Either she wants recognition for her work, or she likes you.

In most instances, it’s the latter. By helping you, she may be trying to show you that she’ll help make your life easier.

#7. She Tells you About Her Family and Friends

Have you recently noticed a shift in her conversations? Does she talk less about work and more about her family and friends?

This is a clear sign of attraction. By talking about her friends and family, she’s trying to connect with you at a deeper level. With these conversations, you get to learn more about her life outside the workplace. 

#8. She Asks About Your Family and Friends

As she talks about her family, she’s bound to ask questions about your friends and family.

In a 2019 study, researchers found that family characteristics were an essential consideration in mate selection.

So, if she’s asking questions about your family, she may be trying to figure out if you’re a suitable mate for her.

#9. She Looks for Opportunities to Spend Time with You Outside of Work

Another clear sign a female coworker likes you is that she looks for any opportunity to spend time with you. .

So, if she’s constantly texting you, calling you, invites you for social events or simply wants to hang out with you outside of work, she’s probably into you.

#10. She Remembers Random Information You Told Her

Does she remember your coffee order from that one-time you guys went to Starbucks? Or maybe she remembers specific details about your personal or work life. Details that you may have told her in passing.

This is a clear sign that she’s into you.

And she not only remembers, but makes sure you know that she recalls your previous conversations.

#11. She Asks to Have Lunch with You

Is there a female coworker who always wants to sit with you during lunch break? Has she asked to buy you lunch at one point?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to take the hint and make the first move.

She may be too shy to say it out loud, but by always wanting to grab meals with you, she’s subtly asking you to ask her out for a date.

#12. She is Always Looking at You

Allow me to use an example from a sitcom to explain this point better. In the Office’s US version, Jim and Pam are constantly staring at each other at the office. This is the first sign that the two are into each other.

So, if you catch a female coworker staring at you several times in the day, it may be a sign that she likes you.

Signs that she likes you
Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

#13. Too Many Accidental Touches

Have you noticed that she always walks close to you when walking through an area with plenty of room? Sometimes bumping into you?

Are there too many accidental touches?

A UK study revealed that using subliminal touches is an effective psychological technique that people use to attract people.

So, if you notice that she’s always brushing past you when you pass, has her hand on your back at certain times, or rubs her feet against yours when in a meeting, it may be an indication that she’s into you.

#14. She Makes an Effort to Sit with You During Meetings

As mentioned earlier, a girl who likes you will look for every opportunity to be around you. If you notice that a female coworker always wants to sit next to you during all staff meetings, this may be an indication that she’s into you.

And it’s not just sitting next to you.

She may subtly expose her cleavage, or wear great perfume, just to capture more of your attention.

#15. She Calls You When You Don’t Come to Work

On the days that you miss work, who calls you to ask whether you’re okay?

If it’s a female coworker, this may be an indication that she likes you. She probably calls you tells you she was worried something terrible had happened to you.

Such calls are an indication of someone that cares for you. And if she cares enough to call and ask if you’re okay, it’s clear that she likes you more than a workmate.

#16. She Offers to Work with You on Joint Projects

You know you’re excellent at your job, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise that people want to work with you on joint projects.

However, if she always joins your team, despite there being other teams at the workplace, this may be an indication that she likes you.

#17. She Jokes About the Two of You Together

Another sign that a female coworker likes you is that she at times jokes about you two being a couple. She may jokingly say, “If we’re together, you’d never get bored on work trips” or “We’d make a better couple than Jim and Pam.”

Although she says this jokingly, she’s most likely telling you that she’s fantasized about the idea of you two together and could be giving you a hint to make a move finally..

#18. She Flirts with you

Flirtatious banter is typical in the workplace. Coworkers will indulge in it to liven up the workplace.

However, if a female coworker is constantly joking with you, touching you and does things to attract your attention, she is flirting with you.

And according to research, flirting is a clear attraction signal.

#19. She Knows your Schedule

Have you noticed a similarity in your schedule with a female coworker?

Has she started making coffee at the same time as you? Does she get snacks at the same time as you?

If so, this could be an indication that she likes you.

She’s observed your schedule and uses this to create every opportunity to get close to you.

#20. She Can Know When You Have a Rough Day

Sometimes work can be stressing. Your boss may not have liked your idea, or maybe you got a mouthful due to sending a report late.

Events such as these are bound to bring your mood and self esteem down.

If a female coworker quickly notices this without you telling her and tries to make you feel better, this could be an indication that she likes you.

#21. She Remembers your Birthday

This may seem trivial. A lot of people are likely to remember your birthday.

However, if a female workmate goes out of her way to make you feel special on your birthday, it could indicate that she likes you.

#22. She Sometimes Brings You Breakfast

if a female coworker occasionally brings you coffee or snacks at your table, she may be giving you hints that she likes you.

This is especially true if you’re the only one she does this for.

#23. She Sings your Praises to Coworkers

Have you noticed a female workmate telling people at the office how amazing you are at your job?

This is a sure sign that she likes you.

By singing your praises to other people, she tries to show you off to the rest of the world.

#24. She Defends you Infront of Other Coworkers

The same way she sings praises of you at work, she’ll go to great heights to defend you Infront of other workmates.

If any of your other coworkers say something negative about you or your work, she’s quick to offer reasons you’re the best at the office.

#25. She Has Given you a Cute Nickname

Is there a female coworker who calls you by a name that no one else at the office does?

If you’re the only one she’s given a nickname, take the hint.

#26. Everyone at The Office Seems to Notice the Attraction

Have some of your coworkers been asking about you and that female workmate who’s always around you?

Do they mutually bring her up in your conversations?

If such is the case, people in the office have started noticing that you have a secret admirer. It may be time to do something about it.

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#27. She Notices When You Make Tiny Changes

Is there a female coworker who always notices any subtle change in your appearance?

It could be your new haircut, or maybe that new tie you’re wearing at the office. If she constantly notices such subtle changes, it’s clear that she likes you.

And don’t take my word for it.

A 2008 study found that increased attention is a clear sign of early-stage infatuation.

#28. She Calls and Texts you Outside work

Other than wanting to hang out with you outside work, your office crush may also call and text you outside work hours to discuss non-work issues.  

#29. She Makes an Effort to Look Good When Around You

Men are primarily visual creatures.

So, if you notice a particular female coworker trying to look nice in front of you, it could be a clear sign of attraction.

Most of the time, when a female coworker likes you, her wardrobe, perfume, and make up all change in a bid to make you notice her.

Signs a female coworker likes you
Photo by keli Santos from Pexels

#30. She Doesn’t Like It When You Talk to/Date Other Women

Does she withdraw when you start dating another girl? Does she get sarcastic when you start talking to the new receptionist?

If she acts jealous whenever you talk to other women, or her mood changes when your girlfriend comes to pick you up, she likes you.

#31. She Laughs at Your Jokes and Supports your Ideas

Is there a workmate who always laughs at all your jokes and is on board with all your ideas?

There’s a high chance she has a crush on you.

If you notice some of the other signs explained in this article, you can be sure that she likes you.

#32. She Asks You to Walk Her to Her Car

Let’s say you’ve been working late, and of all men at the office, she asks you to walk her to her car.

What does that say?

Well, if I were to interpret, she likes you and wants to spend the last minutes of the office with you.

#33. She Outright Asks You Out

If a female coworker exhibits all the above signs, but you still don’t react, she may have no other option but to ask you out.

Asking you out is the most obvious sign that she likes you. So, if this happens, take the lead as a man and continue building her attraction.

What do you Do When A Female Coworker Likes You?

Have you noticed some of these signs in a female workmate?

What do you do?

Well, for starters, if you’re single, you can take the bold step and invite her out. If she likes you, she’ll accept.

However, before going for your date, make sure you’re aware of your company’s policy on dating coworkers.

And if you know other signs a female coworker likes you or have a question about the signs explained in this article. Feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

I’ll be sure to answer every question asked.

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