People Think I’m Weird – 11 Reasons Why This Is A Good Thing

The planet has over 7 billion people so don’t whine about not being liked by someone. Shake off the negative thought that “People think I’m weird” and give your life the positivity it deserves.

Think about it — if the people around you were exactly like you, would you be enticed to connect with them? Probably not! 

It’s time to cherish this uniqueness (or weirdness, your call) and I’m here to help you do just that.

Let’s dive right into it.

People Think I’m Weird
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11 Reasons That It Is Good That People Think I’m Weird

Don’t worry if you are a little shy of small talk, if you were socially awkward in high school, or if you don’t feel good in crowds. Wear your weirdness as armor and nobody will ever be able to use it against you.

Here are 11 reasons why it’s good that you’re not like everyone else.

#1 Your Weirdness Makes You Extraordinary

If you feel like you’re different from the crowd, congratulations, you’re blessed! Not many people have the luxury to boast of this extraordinary ability. 

I’d advise you to reverse your train of thought; while you’re thinking of how cringey others would find your weirdness, those very same folks are probably thinking of how to attain the level of uniqueness that you possess.

#2 You’re More Memorable

It’s human nature to remember the standouts, be it be an event, a conversation or a person. Right now, there are tons of business executives out there trying to put up a “standout” performance in front of their peers and bosses. 

You, on the other hand, need not go the extra mile to become memorable. Your supposed weirdness will ensure that you etch an unforgettable mark on the hearts and minds of people that you interact with. This means more networking opportunities that might ultimately help you in your career too!

#3 Authenticity Is Natural To You

Indeed, the masks have come into trend now with the pandemic, but it’s nothing new for people to roam about wearing “masks” — the mask of unoriginality. 

It’s a vicious circle; we aspire to be as an individual and in the race to be “like” them, we forget our uniqueness. 

However, this doesn’t apply to “weird” people like you. Your weirdness guarantees your authenticity.

You’re probably wondering why would people copy each other in the first place! Well, the necessity to “fit in” has been driving people mad for quite some time. 

#4 It Makes You One Of A Kind

Humans have been able to construct a system where nearly every skill is transferable. But do you know what’s the one thing that cannot be taught by any teacher in the world? Weirdness!

Know this — just like no one on earth can match your fingerprints, nobody can match your weirdness aka your non-transferable authenticity either! 

Just imagine how disrupted a justice system it would be if people had similar fingerprints! Similarly, unique individuals like you are liberating this society from the monotony that similar-minded people fill it with.

#5: Take Inspiration From The Greats Of The Past

History has witnessed several eccentric men who’ve turned the tide of the human species on its head by their “weirdness”. Every name I mention now will be familiar to you — Albert Einstein, JK Rowling, Alfred Edison, Pablo Picasso.

Imagine if they were deterred by society’s downtrodden thinking, settled for something “normal”, and stopped chasing their weird ideas, would you’ve even heard about them? More importantly, do you not want others to remember you and talk about you even after you’re gone?

It’s high time you realize that your weirdness is a gateway to immortality for you through your work, your ideas, and your quirkiness.

#6 Find Your Tribe

We hang around with the people with whom we share one or more similar traits, be it their ideals, location, occupation, etc. We call these folk our “tribe”. 

Start pouring out your uniqueness into the world, unleash who you truly are, and you’ll surely find people who are in awe of your weirdness, who you want to make your tribe. 

Friendships borne out of the necessity to fit in will never possess the longevity that those that have originated from a sheer appreciation of the others’ weirdness.

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#7 Curbing Your Weirdness Will Push You Into Darkness

Every weird person is an artist at heart and every artist needs validation, be it big or small. You might enjoy a day or two living in the masked routine of anonymity but there will come a saturation point where it’ll no longer be possible to hold in your true self.

And that’s okay! Take it from me, it’s a bad idea to curb your uniqueness out of fear of losing out on a social life or rejection from social groups, workplaces, etc. 

Be yourself and then when people reach out to you, it’ll be an honest interaction for no one will be hiding who they truly are, weird or normal!

#8 Weird Has Less Competition

Life is not a classroom where fifty students strive to get the top position in one particular subject. There are a plethora of subjects in the course of life and the more special the one you pick, the greater your chances of success. 

Fortunately for you, your weirdness has endowed you with this gift. You need not go out of your way to find a specialty, you already have one! 

Moreover, you can rest assured there aren’t going to be a lot of people lingering in your niche. It’s up to you now how you leverage your uniqueness to stamp your authority on whatever you do.

#9 Your Weirdness Gives You Freedom

Living a life unaffected by society’s opinions is second nature to unique people. As mentioned earlier, if you’re currently trying to fit in (even when you’re not like everyone else), the bubble is soon going to burst and the world will see you for real!

You’ll have the freedom (if you don’t already) to go about just anything you wish, anything that catches your weird eye, and all the society’s hushed gossiping will just be white noise to you.

#10 You’re Doing What Everyone Else Cannot

Should I let you in on a little secret? Every individual has an unpolished uniqueness within that is a tiny seed waiting to sprout.

Now that you know that this seed is simply waiting for the right moment to blossom, doesn’t it feel like you’re special that you’re here, riding on your weirdness already?

While everyone is capable of doing it, only you have actually achieved it!

#11 Weird Is In Trend

Let’s end this list on a fun note! The world and the people therein have slowly but surely come to the realization that they cannot escape the dreary routine if they continue doing what people expect them to i.e. act normal.

There’s a world trend coming, one that adores weirdness, and you should get on it. While it might not help your cause, improve your skills, or anything of that category but it will comfort you knowing that you’re not alone in the race to live “weirdly”.

Common Questions When You’re Not Like Everyone Else

Anything that doesn’t follow the norm is bound to have questions clinging to it. It’s the same with your weirdness.

Naturally, you’d have some questions in mind and I’m answering some of the most popular ones.

What Is A Weird Person Like?

If you’re still looking for an answer to “what defines a weird person”, the following words might quench your thirst.

Weird people have the uncanny ability to question everything they are faced with, be it societal norms, routines, or the rising of the sun.

They tend to stray away from social gatherings as small talk doesn’t appease them; their hunt for something new is always on. Indeed, this dampens their social life but that’s of little concern to them.

Such people have a broader perspective and are accepting of the differences around them; the sky’s the limit for them and they are the ones to create the box that normal people think inside of.

Why Am I Such A Weird Person?

This is not something that you should look at from a negative perspective, but it’s always good to understand what makes you, you!

While some people are naturally unique, life comes up with surprises for some people that tend to change the way they think, behave, live — practically everything about them. 

Such instances could include the death of a close one at a young age, exposure to something that completely encapsulates you (I’ve tried hard not to use the word “enlightenment”), or just changes their characteristics or point of view over the course of time.

Is It Okay To Be Weird?

It’s more than just “okay” to be weird; it’s preferable. Consider yourself fortunate if you’re not supposedly “normal”.

Your weirdness puts you in a position of strength, gives you an edge over your peers, and makes you fearless to chase what you truly believe in i.e. your weirdness.

On putting into perspective all these, I think you’ll have your head nodding the next time someone asks you whether it’s okay to be weird.

What Do You Love About Your Weirdness?

Are you unaffected by the so-called “rules” that society tries to cage you in? Or do you find yourself constantly talking about (or doing) stuff that no one around you is? Whatever it is that you consider your “weirdness”, I want to know about it in the comments!

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