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Are You Looking For a Personal Coach?

Bijan Kholghi

I would feel honored to accompany you on your personal online coaching journey.

My specialty is helping you to lift your unconscious processes and habits to your conscious mind.

This helps you to find the underlying cause and root of most problems.

It gives you more freedom of choice and action.

Coaching is especially helpful in situations where:

  • you want to change something in your life, but you feel like you can’t,
  • you feel stretched or stressed,
  • relationship and family challenges occur,
  • challenges related to job, leadership, and business,
  • you are experiencing issues of self-worth,
  • and many more.

Unconscious inner patterns and processes are involved in most areas of our lives.
Because of this, my online coaching method is applicable to a huge variety of use cases like:

I also teamed up with a small group of hand-picked professional online coaches for special needs.

Feel free to reach out to me.

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Write me a short summary of what is your challenge and your goal for the online coaching session.

Your Benefits From Professional Coaching

  • A better self-knowledge
  • A better understanding of your unconscious processes
  • A deeper understanding of the intentions, lying behind your unconscious processes
  • More control and power to change your habits
  • More self-acceptance

All these factors leading to more

  • fulfillment,
  • success,
  • control, and
  • self-love.

My Coaching Process

The coaching process
source: (TeroVesalainen)

For me, coaching is a process where the coachee (this means you, the client) and the coach have a balanced relationship.

At least!

If someone stands higher, then it should be you, the client.

For me, the client is the highest authority when it comes to making decisions in the coaching process.

This is because you, as the client, know best what is helpful for you and what is not.

The coaching process structure

  • Evaluating the challenge – What would be the most effective aspect to work on today?
  • Setting a goal for the session – What would be the ideal outcome after this session?
  • Exploring – We explore your challenge together. Especially what is going on inside of you on an internal level.
  • Uncovering internal patterns – We look more specific on your inner world and uncover patterns together.
  • On Track Check – While a session we check-in with our goals and make sure we are still on track.
  • Changing patterns – I offer you different interventions and techniques on how to change the patterns.
  • Ankering Changes – We anker the changes to making it last.
  • Evaluating Session – We evaluate our session and if we reached our goals.

I, as a coach, have ideally a lot to offer.

  • Profound knowledge about typical inner patterns and how to bring them from the unconscious to the conscious.
  • Many ideas and a toolbox full of interventions to create change.

But everything should just be an offer, and you as my client should decide which path to go.

I love the view of my mentor Dr. Gunther Schmidt.

I’m a reality waiter

Dr. Gunther Schmidt
Coach as a reality waiter
source: (mohamed_hassan)

I see myself as a guide at your side.

I, as a coach, can express

  • recommendations,
  • offers,
  • concerns,
  • dilemma,
  • doubts, and sometimes
  • my experiences as a coach about what can be helpful and what not.

But the ultimate decision, as well as commitment, should be taken by you, the client.

Can We Agree On The Following Things For Our Coaching Session?

  • Please critically prove everything that I offer you.
  • Check if it is helpful for you or not, related to your goal.
  • If I express a hypothesis, feel within yourself and check if I’m right or not.
  • Always feel free to tell me if you think I’m wrong.

A Meta-Level Is Always Helpful

Meta-Level, Birds View
source: (adamtempl)

If it is fine for you, we switch from time to time (maybe every 30 minutes) together to a meta-level.

From there, we look from a bird’s perspective on our process and check if we are going in the right direction.

This is a powerful method to assess our progress and the total success of our online coaching session.

What is Online Coaching?

Enjoy the comfort of having your personal life online coach right at hand.
You decide, what communication channel fits and feels best for you.

Usual communication methods online are:

  • Skype video/audio calls
  • WhatsApp video/audio calls
  • Facebook video/audio calls
  • Instagram video calls
  • Telegram video/audio calls
  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Messenger texting with all the above-mentioned apps
  • Voice Messages
  • Messages in a bottle 😊
  • Etc.

What Is The Price Of Coaching?

  • $200 USD per hour (60 minutes)
  • Usually, a personal coaching online session takes 90 to 120 minutes.

If you have a low income and can’t afford this rate, please reach out to me, providing some details about your situation and the challenge you are facing.

Satisfaction guarantee

Trust is essential in an online coaching process.

Trust your coach
source: (Sharky)

If you trust me, I trust you.

You can pay after our coaching session.

If you feel, that online coaching with me doesn’t help you, you don’t have to pay anything.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
source: (Dreamer21)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Bijan Kholghi


Bijan Kholghi

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