51 Best High-Income Skills To Make You Rich (2024)

Wondering about high-income skills? Constantly worrying if you can afford that $4 latte or if you can go to dinner without thinking of your bills?

Then you’re in the right place because today, you’re going to accomplish your career goals and learn high-income skills.

So, if you’re ready to transform your life and finances, let’s get right into some high-income skills.

Key Takeaways

  • learning high-income skills will make you a better job candidate and help you make more money
  • you can learn most high-income skills by yourself at home, for example, software development, website design, social media marketing, etc.
  • if you put in the extra effort, your grind will be rewarded generously in the long run
  • persistence is key to reaching your goals

Why Are High-Income Skills Important?

Canadian Entrepreneur and Influencer Dan Lok is one of the greatest proponents of acquiring high-income skills. According to Lok, high-income skills enable you to earn an income of $10,000 or more per month.

These high-income skills are always in demand, and they’re highly necessary skills, meaning you can earn a six-figure salary annually and make your career goals come true.

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

These high-income skills are hard skills. They are a great way to increase your profits.

Aside from hard skills, you can always benefit from learning soft skills, too (that some people have as their personality traits). Soft skills are applicable to all professions. Soft skills are also known as power skills; for instance, soft skills are organizational skills, listening, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, time management, and other skills.

To gain a clear understanding of how valuable both hard skills and soft skills are, let’s look at some statistics.

Most Americans earn an income of $ 61,000 annually. With these skills, you’ll surpass most Americans and, in turn, achieve the financial security that most only dream of. These are not ‘get rich quick’ strategies but essential high-income skills to learn if you want to earn more money.

As you can see, these hard skills and soft skills (high-income skills) make all the difference when you’re talking to hiring managers in a job interview.

Here’s a list of 51 high-income skills (in no particular order) to get you started and leave a great impression on hiring managers.

High Income Skills

51 High-Income Skills to Learn

Learning one of these high-income skills is a great way to improve your salary. Check them out.

1. Software Development

Software development is one of the high-income skills.

Software developers’ technical skills will be in demand in every field, whether it’s education, medicine, business management, or any other industry.

For you to gain such a skill set and develop a life-changing new product or service, you’ll need to learn to use software tools (animation software, for instance) and various computer programming languages, including:

  • Ruby
  • Java
  • C++
  • C
  • Python

To become a full-time software developer, you should get a bachelor’s four-year degree in Computer science or software engineer and learn coding languages.

After this, look for software-building courses, paid courses, and free coding courses where you specialize more and improve your skills.

According to a recent study, the median salary for a software developer is $99,378. And that’s just the average; with great software, you can earn upwards of $166,000.

2. Digital Marketing and Content Marketing

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world, is that the future of business is in the online space.

That’s why digital and content marketing is considered one of the high-income skills.

Which is where digital marketing and content marketing come in. Content marketing is a specialized form of digital marketing.

As a digital marketer, you’ll be responsible for building brand awareness and generating leads by

  • Developing a quality content strategy
  • Creating targeted content
  • Constantly changing strategies when needed
  • Creating and managing ad campaigns
  • Developing a quality content marketing strategy.

To become a full-time digital marketer, you can first get a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, then specialize in content marketing. But you can do it even without a degree.

You can also take content marketing training courses on online learning platforms like Udemy.

So, how much do content marketers earn?

As a digital marketer, you can earn between $80,000 and $150,000, even if you’re without a degree.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting is also one of the best high-income skills. Good copy generates sales; that’s why it’s so vital.

And like digital marketing, copywriting is another popular skill whose demand keeps rising as more businesses migrate to the online realm.

As a copywriter, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Writing advertising copy for social media, web pages, web services, billboards, and publications.
  • Creating sales emails and working with the sales team
  • Writing marketing video scripts

Most copywriters start by learning on the job, then take various paid courses to improve their skills.

Best copywriters are among the highest-paid professionals. Best copywriters (also known as direct response copywriters) can earn an annual base salary of $130,000. The average copywriter earns a yearly income of $62,000.

Some full-time copywriters also earn a commission in addition to their base salary.

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4. Web Design and Web Development

One essential requirement for businesses moving to the online space is the need for a well-designed and functioning website.

This is where web development and web design, as one of the high-income skills, come in.

Web designers, web developer, and website builders create websites that help businesses establish and cement their online presence.

If you want to become one of the high-paying website builders, consider learning web development as one of the high-paying jobs.

So, how do you become a Web Designer or Web Developer?

Most web designers have a background in either design or computer science.

With a degree in graphic design, computer science, or coding, you can easily transition to web design or web development. But you can start giving web services without a degree.

You can also learn web design by watching online tutorials while building your portfolio. You’ll also need to learn some marketing skills to make sure you attract clients.

Although web design is not as high paying as a software engineer, some web designers earn as much as $100,000 annually.

5. Coaching and Mentoring

Are you the kind of person who’s always the go-to for advice and motivation?

Are you an excellent listener and communicator?

If you answered yes to any of the above, consider making coaching your high-income skill.

Despite not being regulated, coaching and mentoring is a skill that is in high demand.

And here’s the best part!

There are so many coaching niches to pick from. There are dating coaches, life coaches, and personality coaches, among others. To learn more about the different types of coaches, check out our guide here.

To become a coach, you need to get training from an ICF-certified body.

Here’s a list of six highly recommended ICF-accredited coaching certification programs.

How much you’ll earn as a coach depends on your niche. Executive and business coaches earn as much as $205,000 on an annual basis.

Life coaches, on the other hand, thanks to the high number of clients they serve, can earn up to $211,000.

Marisa Peer RTT Courses

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Statistics show that AI is bound to replace more than 1.8 million jobs in 2020. However, the same AI will create 2.3 million jobs globally.

Why not become part of the 2.3 million people?

With new skills such as machine learning, you can create and offer programs such as Apple’s Siri (weak AI) or another powerful application programmed to perform intelligent tasks. That’s why this is one of the best high-income skills to learn.

To become a machine learning engineer, you need to get a master’s or doctoral degree in Data Science and get data science skills (data visualization).

You also need to have experience in programming languages, including Python.

Machine learning engineers and data scientists can earn as much as $142,900.

High income skill
Source: pexels.com (Alex Knight)

7. Investing Skills

Investing is one of the most valuable high-income skills, so it might be a great choice for you.

With an investment as a valuable skill, you can slowly grow your wealth and become a millionaire while still young.

And if you’re confident, you can start an investment business and help other people grow their wealth.

Investment isn’t a skill you go to school to learn.

Although you can take investment and financial management courses, they won’t be enough.

To grow this high-income skill, you need to dive into investing (learn trade time, etc.). Use the skills you learn from investment courses, then take the plunge.

As an investor, your income isn’t limited but depends on how your investments are performing.

As an investment banker or financial manager, you can earn as much as $145,000 per annum.

8. Digital Content Creation

Ever heard of the saying “content is king?”

Well, it’s true.

When it comes to the internet, content is key to success.

This is why video content creation should be among the high-income skills you should learn.

And here’s the best part!

As a video content creator, you can work in any niche and with any type of content. Since the digital world is constantly changing, you’ll be able to constantly evolve your skills and create content for the masses. You can:

  • Write blog posts.
  • Create content
  • Work as a digital photographer
  • Create infographics
  • Work as an audio producer who specializes in podcast creation.

You’ll first have to decide on the type of content you want to create before you develop high-income skills.

If you plan on creating podcasts, you should take a course in audio production. As a YouTube creator, you need to know the ins and outs of YouTube. To become a videographer, filmmaker, YouTube creator, or editor, you can consider taking a course in film or broadcasting.

This all depends on you and the type of content you create.

As a video editor, you’re likely to earn an annual income of $120,000. As a podcast creator, you can expect to earn as much as $75,000

9. High Ticket Sales Expert

Do you consider yourself an excellent negotiator?

Why not start making money off these offline sales skills and try sales positions?

By learning high ticket selling, you’ll be able to move to the 1% of high-income earners.

As a high-ticket sales expert, you’ll be responsible for selling high-value products and services—those that pay big money, so you’ll have a six-figure salary making money online.

These include other things like

  • Real estate and property
  • Cars
  • Jewelry
  • High-value webinars, training, and coaching

A good starting point is to take a course on sales.

With basic selling skills, you can enroll in courses, and webinars, and attend seminars where you’ll learn high-ticket selling from experts.

This depends on what you’re selling.

However, with most high-value products, you can expect to earn as much as $166,940.

10. Blockchain

When you hear about blockchain, what comes to mind?

Probably Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency, right?

However, blockchain isn’t all about cryptocurrency. Since its introduction in 2009, blockchain technology has evolved to serve diverse industries, with its use being projected to increase in the coming decade.

This is why blockchain is such a high-income skill. With this skill, you can become

  • A blockchain developer
  • A blockchain solutions architect
  • A blockchain legal expert
  • A blockchain user experience design professional

And here’s the best part!

You’re not limited to a specific industry. As a blockchain expert, you can work in any industry.

Most blockchain developers have a background in software development and computer science.

With this background, you can enroll in courses on online learning platforms to improve your skills.

Some platforms to consider include

  • IBM
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • edX

As a blockchain engineer, you’ll be among the highest-paid professionals in the software engineering field. You’re likely to take home an annual income of between $150,000 and $175,000.

11. Sales Funnel Creation

Every business needs a robust sales system and sales team. A way to guide someone else from being a potential customer to making an order and being a loyal customer.

Which is where sales funnels come in.

As a sales funnel expert, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Helping clients visualize their sales process and find potential customers.
  • Measuring conversion success at each step of the funnel
  • Help clients convert visitors to potential customers.
High Income Skill
Source: pixabay.com ( John Conde)

You can learn sales funnel creation from different online sources. Some of the most common include Clickfunnels and Thrivecart.

With a skill in sales funnel creation, you can start an internet consulting business to help many companies develop effective sales systems.

With these skills, you can earn as much as $15,000 for every funnel you develop.

12. Affiliate Marketing

Now here’s a high-income skill that’ll earn extra cash even as you sleep.

But what is affiliate marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing entails helping a company’s earnings by selling its products or services in exchange for a commission. When you help sell products, you automatically earn extra cash.

And here’s the best part!

You don’t have to have tons of traffic on your site. If you work in a highly profitable niche, you’re sure to make a killing.

To become an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to take an affiliate marketing course.

From here, you should niche down and build your authority in the chosen niche. As an authority, you can approach many companies for affiliate links.  

As an affiliate marketer, your earning potential is unlimited. Internet millionaires such as Neil Patel and Pat Flynn make thousands of dollars per month from their affiliate marketing sites

13. Public Speaking

Public speakers are in high demand.

Corporates are looking for influential speakers to motivate their teams; educational institutions are looking for public speakers to inspire their students. Even people on the internet are looking for motivational speeches.

And it’s not just about motivating people.

With public speaking skills, you can entertain people through storytelling.

A formal degree isn’t necessary for public speaking.

You should, however first work on being an expert in your field. From here, you can take a short course to help you hone your speaking skills.

You should also learn some basic marketing skills.

Public speakers such as Tony Robbins earn as much as $1,000,000 per day. When starting, you may make as little as $10,000 your first year. However, as you grow, your earnings will increase to as much as $1,000,000.

14. Cyber Security

As more brands become more reliant on technology, so does the risk of increasing cyber-attacks.

Currently, it’s common to hear stories of hacked bank accounts or instances of unscrupulous people gaining access to sensitive or private valuable information.

Which is why there is an increasing demand for cybersecurity experts and tech skills.

With skills in cybersecurity, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Installing firewalls in computer network systems
  • Creating security software to protect sensitive company information.
  • Consulting and advising companies on the best cybersecurity protocols.

To become a cybersecurity expert, you’ll need to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT.

From here, you can take a course in ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is a high-paying skill. You’re likely to earn as much as $107,000 annually.

15. Entrepreneurship

Of all the most profitable skills on this list, entrepreneurship is the one with the highest earning potential.

However, starting your own business isn’t easy. According to studies, 30% of startups fail within a few years of being in business.

Simply put, many people start small businesses without the necessary skill set to run and sustain the business, so they fail in less than a few years.

Which is why you should consider learning entrepreneurship as one of your most profitable skills

With entrepreneurship skills, you’d be able to

  • Build a thriving business that solves business problems
  • Hire labor
  • Build and create a brand, among other roles.

Here’s the best part!

Entrepreneurship as a skill set can be applied to increase your salary with any of the above high-income skills and potentially earn six figures.

To become an entrepreneur, you can either get a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship or take certificate programs in entrepreneurship.

Certification and formal education will, however only take you so far. To succeed as an entrepreneur and start earning six figures, you’ll have to take the risk and start your business.  It is only from experiences that you’ll get to learn aside from participating in certificate programs.

Earnings are limitless. The wealthiest people on Earth are entrepreneurs. They earn six figures and more.

16. Business Analysis

Businesses and corporates need to know how they are performing.

Are their marketing efforts paying back? How are the employees performing? What fine-tune needs to be made to improve performance?

All this is incredibly important information that helps companies improve, and this is where business analysis comes into play.

As a business analyst, you’ll be responsible for

There are two paths you can take.

You can either take a bachelor’s degree in accounting, IT., or human resources, then specialize in business analysis.

You can also transition from your current career paths by taking courses where you learn core analysis skills and other relevant topics.

An entry-level business analyst earns an average salary of $67,000 annually, and with more experience, this is likely to go to as high as $120,000 on the next level.

17. search engine optimization

Most employers will pay thousands of dollars to appear on page one of Google’s online search results and other search engines.

Appearing high in online search terms is likely to result in increased sales for online stores.

And this is where Search Engine Optimization SEO comes in.

With a skill set in search engine optimization, you’ll help companies’ and businesses’ websites rank higher on online search terms and in turn, help them increase sales.

You don’t have to work with a single client. Freelance work is great, too, for getting more business and finding most employers. As an SEO, you can have freelance work and become an independent contractor where you serve multiple clients. Your potential employers will appreciate your proactivity and work ethic. They can pay you a monthly retainer if you agree to it.

To learn search engine optimization, you’ll need to enroll in many online courses where you’ll learn everything you need to know about local SEO.

Brian Dean’s website Backlinko is also another great place where you can learn search engine optimization basics. 

As a full-time search engine optimization expert (working with multiple clients), you can earn as much as $120,000 annually.  Average search engine optimization professionals earn as much as $85,000

6-figure Income skills
Sorce:: pixabay.com (Simplu27)

18. Email Marketing Expert

Have you ever received an advertisement through your email? An offer so irresistible that you’re forced to take action.

This is what email marketing is all about.

As a full-time email marketer, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Collecting leads
  • Creating Email funnels.
  • Writing and scheduling emails.

You can either enroll for a digital marketing course or an email marketing course. With these courses, you’ll learn all you need to know about email marketing.

Email marketing specialists earn an average salary of $53500, with top earners making as much as $110,000

19. Online Teaching

Most of the high-income skills discussed above necessarily require some sort of training or require a college degree.  People are willing to pay thousands of dollars to learn these skills.

Why not start an online business where you teach these skills?

If you’ve learned and mastered one of the high-income skills, you can easily make thousands of dollars by teaching it to other people.

First, ensure you’ve mastered the skill you’d like to teach.

From here, you can start by creating free content and free resources on your topic of expertise. This could be YouTube Videos, blog posts, eBooks, or podcasts.

With enough compelling content, you can start selling your teaching materials on different social media platforms.

How much you’ll earn depends on how much you charge for your course.

Some tutors charge as much as $1000 for an online course. With multiple students, you can earn as much as $100,000 annually.

20. User Experience UX Design

User experience designers focus on ensuring everyday market products and services are human-centric.

As a user experience UX designer, your job entails making sure that products are easy to navigate and use. Such market products include websites, Apps, and even everyday machinery like the coffee maker.

As businesses look to gain a competitive advantage by having unique and user-centric products, user experience UX designers will remain in high demand.

With a degree in Graphic Design, you can take an additional course that specializes in UX design.

The average pay for user experience UX designers is $75,000 for entry-level positions and over $110,000 for more experienced designers and next-level positions.

21. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another high-income skill.

As a cloud computing specialist, you’ll be responsible for helping companies migrate their data to the cloud.

You’ll first have to take a programming course.

To further specialize, you may need to learn project management and systems automation.

They are among the highest earners in this list, with a minimum salary of $137,000 annually. Some of the highest-paid specialists earn as much as $ 250,000 annually.

22. Meditation

With more people complaining of mental health issues, mindfulness is slowly gaining popularity.

More people are looking to learn meditation. Corporations are looking for meditation experts to help employees perform better. Education institutions are looking for meditation experts to help students deal with stress.

Which is why meditation is such a great skill to learn.

As a meditation expert, you’ll help people master the art of mindfulness, therefore, gain a handle on anxiety and other mental health issues.

With some entrepreneurial skills, you can start hosting workshops where you teach people different meditation techniques. 

How much you’ll earn depends on you. Some people earn up to $82,824 /year.

23. Blogging

Do you consider yourself a wordsmith? Are you knowledgeable about a specific topic or good at a specific action?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you could consider learning blogging as a high-income skill.

As a blogger, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Generating and pitching content ideas
  • Writing, editing, and promoting content
  • Helping companies build brand authority.
  • Educating people on topics, you’re knowledgeable about

Blogging is a relatively easy skill to learn. If you can construct grammatically correct sentences, have above-average knowledge of a particular topic, and have time, you can start learning how to blog.

An excellent resource to learn to blog is the smart blogger website.

As a blogger, your income potential is huge.

You can either work for yourself or look for a business owner to help. Bloggers who work for businesses could get paid as much as $500 per blog post. However, some bloggers are paid as little as $50 per article. Your income potential depends on you.

A monetized blog could earn you as much as $1000 per month.

24. Photography

Are you always the photographer at a family events? Do all your friends compliment your photos?

Being a skilled photographer opens multiple opportunities for you, which translates to unlimited income-earning potential and many different jobs.

As a photographer, you’ll have the opportunity to work with diverse groups of people and work in different jobs.

One of the first things you need to do if you’re going to get into photography is acquire a camera.

With a camera in hand, you can decide to enroll in either an online or offline photography course. While studying, you’ll be able to choose what area to focus on. Some of the areas you can focus on include:

  • Commercial photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Aerial photography
  • Fine art photography
  • Architecture photography
  • Scientific and industrial photography

After a professional certificate program, you can now start your practice.

As the world moves to a more digital space, the demand for professionally taken digital images increases.

As a novice photographer, your earnings might be limited. But you don’t have limited time to grow your skills. However, as you grow in your career paths, your earnings could go to as much as $70,000 annually.

Photography as a high income skill
Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

25. Social Media Manager

Social media management skills are some of the best skills you can have today. Responsibilities of social media managers include:

  • Creating and distributing social media content
  • Monitoring and starting conversations on business pages on social platforms like Instagram
  • Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of social media Ads on a social platform
  • Collaborating with influencers

Getting an entry-level job in social media management is relatively easy. Then, after you get experience, you can move to next-level positions.

You can decide to dive in and learn on the job. However, if you’re looking to make the best out of a social media management job, you’ll need to take several courses to make you knowledgeable on all things social media.

An example of a social media management course is the Facebook-sponsored Social Media Marketing Course on Coursera.

After the successful completion of this course, Facebook gives you a professional social media marketing professional certificate.

After professional certificate programs, you can easily start a social media marketing agency.

As a social media marketer, if you want to earn more, you need to work for it. Your earnings will range from $1000 to $10,000 a month, depending on your marketing strategy and the number of services you provide.

However, with social media management, the best way to earn is to deliver the results promised.

26. Virtual Assistant

Working from home and remote jobs have, in the past year, gained immense popularity.

Thanks to this, new opportunities are opening up for virtual assistants.

As a virtual assistant, you’ll be responsible for handling all administrative services for clients. Your job will involve

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Replying to emails
  • Problem-solving for clients
  • Graphic design
  • Create video and audio content
  • Lead generation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social media platform management, among other duties.

If you’ve previously worked as an office manager or administrative assistant, becoming a VA won’t be so hard. The only major shift will be working online rather than offline.

However, even with no experience, you can easily become a virtual assistant and make extra money.

The best way is to take an online course or find free resources and free content. From here, you can go ahead and establish an online presence, then start pitching your services.

As a virtual assistant, you can earn as much as $60,000 annually.

27. Legal services

It’s no secret that lawyers are among the highest-paid professionals. But what happens if you’re not a lawyer?

Well, offering legal services might be a great option for you. Some of the jobs you can do in the legal services industry include:

  • Legal secretary
  • Legal assistant
  • Paralegal
  • Adjudicator
  • Mediator

Unlike some of the specialized skills in this post, legal services job requires you to have a specific degree or require a college degree. On most occasions, it’s usually a college degree in law or other legal-related courses where legal professionals specialize.

With a college degree, you can start your job search process.

Your earnings will range from $88,000-$190,000 annually, depending on your experience and practice area as a legal services provider.

28. Graphic design

Graphic designing is one of the best skills you can have in today’s day and age.

As a graphic designer, you’ll be responsible for designing the visual elements in online and offline advertisements. Some of the things you’ll create include:

  • Company profiles
  • Logos
  • Website graphics
  •  Ad graphics
  • Infographics, among other creative tasks

If you want to learn graphic design, you can. You can become a graphic designer by enrolling in a graphic design course at your local community college or university.

However, you don’t need a degree to start earning as a graphic designer.

If you don’t have the funds to enroll to an offline graphic design course, you can enroll in either free courses or paid online design courses. You don’t need to take a specific course, but can choose which one works for you best.

Graphic designers are in high demand. As a novice designer, you’re likely to earn an average of $40,000 a year. Medium-experienced designers are likely to earn anything between $45,000 and $55,000 annually.

As an expert designer, your salary will range between $51,000 and $71,000.

Graphic design as a high income skill
Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

29. Bookkeeping

Every day, businesses make financial transactions. As a bookkeeper, you’ll be responsible for recording all the financial transactions of a business.

Your job will involve compiling data from cashiers, verifying receipts, sending payments, and preparing invoices, among other roles.

You may be wondering, “how does bookkeeping differ from accounting?”

Accountants use documents prepared by bookkeepers to prepare end-of-year financial statements.

You don’t need a degree to become a bookkeeper. You can get basic bookkeeping training online or at your local college.

From here, you should start investing in bookkeeping and accounting software, as it’s the best way to elevate your business.

With training and the right software, you can now start your bookkeeping business.

Bookkeepers in the USA earn an average salary ranging between $38,937 and $49,768.

30. Data Analysis

In a world that’s becoming extremely reliant on data, data analysis is bound to be a lucrative skill.

As a data analyst, your job will entail collecting raw data, trying to find patterns, organizing, and coming up with meaningful reports to help organizations and businesses make crucial decisions.

To become a data analyst, you’ll first need to earn a college degree in any field specializing in statistical and analytical skills.

From here, you can take up an online course to learn trends in data analytics and business analytics. With both these training, you can apply for an entry-level data analysis job and, after that, check next-level positions.

Statistics from glassdoor reveal that the average annual income for a data analyst is $67,631. The lowest salary you can earn as a data analyst is $44,000. More experienced data analysts earn as much as $103,000 annually

31. Video or Podcast editor

Another high-income skill you can consider learning if you’re creative is either video production or podcast editing.

With the rising demand for high-quality videos and audio entertainment, video production and podcast editors are in high demand, and not everyone can become one.

As a video production or podcast editor, you’ll be responsible for editing and joining different segments of either video production or audio footage.

You don’t need a degree to become a video production editor. However, having a degree in film studies or media production could help propel your career.

However, you can take up an online course in video production and audio editing.

From here, you’ll need to invest in video and audio editing software. With basic training and knowledge of using video editing software, you can start building your portfolio.

Video editing skills are in high demand. This has resulted in higher pay for video and podcast editors.

Video editors in the USA earn an annual salary ranging from $26,560 for novice editors and $110,790 for more experienced editors.

32. Transcription

Has anyone ever complimented your typing speed? Then transcription is a great idea for you. You already have one of the most important skill sets for this job.

As a transcriber, your job will entail converting voice recordings to texts.

The best thing about transcribing is that you don’t need a degree to start. There are tons of free mini-courses on transcription.

With basic skills, you can choose an industry to be major in. You can become a legal transcriber, medical transcriber, phonetic transcriber, or academic transcriber. With a chosen niche, you can start your profession as a transcriber.

Transcribers earn an annual salary of between $45,000 and $110,000.

33. Project management

While in school, were you always the one who organized people for group projects?

Are you the friend who’s always at the forefront of organizing the best birthday surprise parties?

Are you good at multi-tasking, and do you have excellent attention to detail?

Why not consider learning project management as your high-income skill?

As a project manager, your job will entail planning, organizing, and overseeing projects from the start till the end. To be successful in managerial positions, you’ll need to achieve all the above roles within the given time and budget.

You don’t need a degree to become a project manager.  You can start your journey by taking online courses in project management.

With basic project management skills, you can start networking and talking to other project managers. You can also try a project management internship as you work to grow your skills.

Project managers earn an average annual salary of $78,666. Novice project managers earn up to $76,204, while more experienced managers earn as much as $81.843.

34. Communications and Public Relations

In a world characterized by cancel culture, public relations, and communications specialists are increasingly in high demand.

As a communications and public relations specialist, your job will involve helping companies keep a positive public appearance. This is done by organizing publicity campaigns, dealing with public inquiries, and organizing and attending promotional events.

To become a PR and communications expert, you’ll first need to earn a journalism, communications, public relations, or English degree.

With a degree, you can start building your storytelling skills as you look for a PR internship.

The average annual salary for a public relations expert is $49,970. Novice PR experts earn an average of $41,000, while more experienced experts earn as much as $64,000.

35. Google Ads expert

As more businesses move into the digital space, the demand for online ad specialists is slowly growing.

One specific expert in high demand is a Google ads specialist. Google ads specialists help businesses make the best out of the PPC budget.

As a Google Ads expert, your primary roles will entail

  • Creating strategies for Google campaigns
  • Launching Google ads campaigns
  • Managing ad campaigns
  • Reviewing and reporting on campaign performance

To learn these high-paying skills, you can simply Google “how to start with Google AdWords” and go from there.

However, if you’re looking to earn the big bucks, you’ll need to take an online course in creating and managing Google Ads.

With training, you can go ahead and start marketing your services on Google and other social media sites. You can also start pitching to clients as you work on building your portfolio.

The average annual salary for a Google AdWords specialist is $42,680. Less experienced specialists earn an average of $28,000, while the most experienced earn as much as $66,500.

36. Google Analytics Expert

As mentioned earlier in this article, digital marketing is a fast-growing industry. One of the most sought-after skills in this field is web analytics.

This is why you should consider taking a course in Google Analytics.

As a Google Analytics expert, your primary roles will include:

  • Capturing raw web analytic data using Google Analytics
  • Reviewing and providing in-depth reports on key metrics and KPIs
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Analyze web performance and suggest the best course of action
  • Analyze the effectiveness of different marketing approaches.

Like Google AdWords, you can learn Google Analytics while working in a digital marketing agency.

However, Google also offers professional certificate programs in Google Analytics. There are also other highly valued companies that offer certifications. With certification, you can now start networking, pitching, and doing a job search.

Google Analytics experts earn an average annual income of $73,521. At the lower end of the earning spectrum, novice analysts earn an average of $53,000. More experienced specialists earn as much as $114,500 annually.

37. Real Estate Brokerage

If you have expert communication skills, are good at negotiating, and have an intimate knowledge of your neighborhood, you can consider a career in real estate (or a home inspector job).

As a real estate agent, broker, or realtor, you’ll be responsible for helping people buy, sell or rent homes.

Becoming a real estate agent isn’t that hard if you want to learn it. The first step entails researching your state’s requirements on what’s required to get licensed.

Knowing these requirements, you can go ahead and take a pre-licensing course and licensing exam.

With a license, you can start your practice. If you’re looking to grow your earnings, you can take a brokerage licensing exam or register to become a realtor.

Real estate agents earn an average annual income of $48,930.  Brokers, who often require additional certifications or require a college degree, earn an average annual salary of $59,720.

The top 10% of real estate agents earn upwards of $111,800.

38. Insurance Brokerage

Working as an insurance broker is a highly rewarding career, just like the skills listed above.

As an insurance broker, your job will entail

  • Helping people understand their risks
  • Offering advice on risk reduction and
  • Advising clients on how they can use insurance to protect their assets and businesses

You don’t necessarily need a degree to become an insurance agent. However, you’ll have to complete pre-licensing training if you want to learn the core competencies required to work as a broker.

But having a degree could help you grow your career. A degree in actuarial science, risk management, business, or finance could boost your career opportunities.

With a degree, you’ll then have to pass your licensing exam. With a license, you can apply for jobs or start your practice.

Most insurance brokers make money off commissions from selling different types of insurance to individuals and businesses. Commissions are usually a small percentage of the premiums.

For brokers who earn a salary, the average income is $49,000 for entry-level brokers and $85,000 for more experienced brokers and next-level positions.

39. Yoga Instructor

Yoga’s popularity is fast on the rise.

But you already know this. You’ve already noticed an increase in the number of people in the studio.

Why not take advantage of this situation and learn how to become an instructor?

Not only do you get paid to do what you love, but being a yoga instructor is also an enriching career.

To become a yoga instructor, you’ll need to complete a minimum of 200 hours of training by following the Yoga Alliance guidelines.

With training, you can now apply for certifications, then launch your practice.

According to CNN, the average median annual income for Yoga teachers is $62,400. Low-income instructors earn less than $30,000, with the highest earners making $300,000.

Yoga as a high Income skill
Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

40. Cooking and Baking

Do you love cooking? If you want to learn more, you can become a professional cook. Improving your cooking skills could pave the way for higher-paying job opportunities.

With cooking and baking skills, you can also start a catering or baking business.

If you’re already passionate about cooking, you’ll need to take up a cooking course.

With certifications, you can go ahead and apply for a job at a restaurant or start a catering business.

The average income for a head cook, chef, or professional baker is $45,950. As an entrepreneur in the food industry, your earnings could be higher.

41. Fashion Design

Another high-income skill you can learn as a creative is fashion design.

As a fashion designer, your job will entail designing clothes and accessories for consumers. You could also work as a costume designer.

To become a fashion designer, you’ll first need to earn a bachelor’s degree in a design or closely related field.

However, a degree will only get you far enough. You’ll also need to be creative and have adequate technical skills in the clothe and accessories production process.

The average annual salary for fashion designers is $50,283. The lowest-paid fashion designer earns as little as $15,080 in one year, while the highest-paid designer earns $94,328.

42. Negotiating and Bargaining

Most business people don’t enjoy negotiating and bargaining. This results in them signing terrible contracts quickly.

If you consider yourself confident and a good orator, you can consider learning negotiating and bargaining as a high-income skill.

As a professional negotiator, your job will entail helping two or more parties agree on some issues and making big deals, including sales, leases, and other legal contracts.

You can learn negotiating and bargaining skills from either online coaching sessions or by reading negotiation books.

Part of your training will entail teaching you how to improve your confidence.

Professional business negotiators earn an average of $53,414. Top-tier negotiators earn as much as $90,000 annually, while less experienced negotiators earn an average of $30,000 in one year.

Marisa Peer RTT Courses

43. Travel Associate

Do you love traveling? Would you like to visit exotic resorts at discounted prices? Why not become a travel associate?

Travel agent is one of the high-paying skills. Your roles as a travel agent will include helping people plan, choose, and arrange their travel plans. You’ll also offer advice and opinions on the best attraction sites.

A high school diploma is enough for you to become a travel agent. However, a bachelor’s degree in travel, sales skills, tourism, hospitality, or customer service could open up more lucrative opportunities for you.

With basic training, you can either work for a travel agency or start your agency. To succeed in either an agency or as an independent travel associate, you’ll need to have social media presence and knowledge.

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median annual income for travel agents is $38,700. However, some well-established agents make as much as $250,000 in a year.

44. Plumbing and Home Improvement Skills

People will continue building and repairing houses. Home improvement professionals will always be in high demand. Whether it’s plumbing, flooring, or electrical work, professionals working in these fields will always have work. That’s why it’s one of the most in-demand skills and is hard work that everyone needs.

Depending on your area of expertise, you’ll either have to earn a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree to get started. You can also learn some trade skills through apprenticeships.

Annual earnings depend on specialties. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, plumbers earn a median annual income of $55,160. Electricians earn $56,180 per year, while HVAC technicians earn as much as $48,730 per year.

45. Network System Administrator

Computer systems administrators are responsible for ensuring computer networks are running smoothly and there is no delay in data communications.

If you’re passionate about computers, you can consider learning network systems administration as a high-income skill.

To learn these in-demand skills and become a computer systems engineer, you’ll first have to earn a bachelor’s degree in either computer or information science-related fields.

You’ll also need to keep up with the latest trends and developments to make sure you’re always on top of your game.

Network system administrators earn a median annual salary of $60,407.

46. Mobile App Development

If you have previous coding experience, you can consider learning Mobile App development as one of the best skills to earn more money.

As more businesses look to reach more people conveniently, mobile app development will continue to be in demand skill.

As a mobile app developer, it’s also possible for you to build your own company.

To become an App developer, you’ll first need to learn how to code. With basic coding knowledge, you can then specialize in App development. You can also try coding bootcamps.

You can also use app builders to help make the app design and development process easier.

The average annual salary for android developers is around $97,600. Your earning potential goes higher if you also design IOS apps.

If you happen to launch your business, your earning potential could be unlimited.

47. Game Development

Game development allows you to turn your passion for video games into an income source.

If you have basic coding skills, you can consider learning game development.

As a game developer, your job will involve planning, designing, and producing either video or mobile games. This included designing visuals, writing the script, and writing code to implement different game features.

Like other programming skills, you’ll first need to have a deep passion for coding and programming. Passion breeds curiosity, which in turn grows into creativity and a continuous urge to learn.

With knowledge of different computer languages, you can enroll in an online or offline course or coding bootcamps where you learn the process of game development.

The annual income for an average game developer is approximately $78,499. Top-tier developers earn as much as $103,000 per year, while novice developers earn as much as $59,000.

48. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Programming Skills

By now, you’ve already heard about VR and AR technologies. These innovations are transforming the way films, advertisements, and video games are made.

Virtual reality developers create new digital environments that can be seen through special equipment. AR developers, on the other hand, create a digital version of reality. To view an augmented reality, you may need to use your smartphone.

You don’t need a degree to become a VR or AR developer. However, you may need to attend coding boot camps to learn how to program VR or AR software.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering could be a bonus.

If you’re already a game developer, you could easily transition to VR game development.

The average salary for an AR or VR developer is approximately $78,356 per year. However, there are AR and VR developers who earn as much as $250,000 per year.

Virtual reality
Photo by Areous Ahmad from Pexels

49. Leadership

Taking a leadership course could help propel your career to higher levels. 

In whatever industry you work in, the demand for competent leaders is always high. This is why you should consider taking a leadership skills course.

You can learn leadership skills through webinars, seminars, and online and offline courses.

Your leadership skills may not translate directly into a salary. However, these skills will give you an edge over your workmates, resulting in promotions and better pay.

50. Interior design

Are you into visual design?

Interior design may just be a high-income career for you.

As an interior designer, you’ll be responsible for creating aesthetically appealing indoor environments. This could either be home or professional environments.

To become an interior designer, you might need to earn a bachelor’s degree in interior design or any other design-related field.

With a solid education, you can start building your portfolio as you network with professionals and clients alike.

Interior designers in the USA earn an average income of $57,372 per year. As an experienced interior designer, you could earn as much as $92,500 annually.  

51. Personal Training

As more people look for a great way to become healthy, personal trainers are in constant high demand.

If you love working out and spending time in the gym, you can consider taking personal training classes, which allow you to become a certified personal trainer.

As a personal trainer, your job will entail helping clients achieve weight loss or weight gain goals by developing nutrition and workout plans.

The first step to becoming a fitness trainer is choosing a specialty. With a specialty in mind, you can now move on to preparing and taking your certification exams.

With certifications, you can now start your training career.

A degree in either nutrition, sport science, or physiotherapy could help boost your career opportunities.

Personal trainers earn an average income of $39,210 per year. The top 10% earn as much as $74,520, while the bottom 10% earn as little as $19,640.

Most In-Demand Skills

So, what are the most in-demand skills right now? Here’s what the surveys say.

Some skills are simply more in-demand than others. Here are the top 10 skills to consider learning this year.

  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data science and analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Full-stack development
  • Project management
  • Soft skills (e.g., communication, collaboration, adaptability)
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Remote work technology proficiency

Any Further Questions?

There you go.

Fifty-one high-income skills you can learn. With these high-income skills, you’ll be well on your way to earning a six-figure salary.

What skill will you learn? Tell us in the comments below.

If you have a question about any of the high-income skills discussed, please leave a comment.

I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as possible.

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