Dream Coach – A Complete Guide (2024)

I want you to take a look at your life.

  • Are you where you’d want to be?
  • Are you on track to achieving the life of your dreams?
  • Or has life’s crazy twists and turns put you out of control?

If you’re like most, the answers to these questions are a “no,” “no,” and “yes.” But unlike most, you’re looking to change these answers. You’re looking to improve your life.

If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

Because today, we introduce you to a coaching professional whose role is to help you achieve the life you always dream of. After reading this complete guide, you’ll have a thorough understanding of dream coaching, including how you can become one.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Let’s get right into it!

Who is a Dream Coach?

A dream coach is a coaching professional who helps clients tap into their life dreams and passion. By assisting clients in reconnecting with their dreams, a certified dream coach is able to guide the client on the necessary steps to help them achieve what they want.

What does a Dream Coach do?

If you were to ask most people what dream coaching entails, they’d confidently tell you that a dream coach helps you to understand the message in your dreams or nightmares. However, that’s not what a dream coach does. If you’re looking for someone to help interpret your nightmares and dreams, you can consult a dream interpretation coach.

A dream coach’s role is similar to that of a life coach. Due to life twists and turns, we tend to forget about our dreams and ambitions. The job of your dream coach is to help you reconnect with these dreams.

Using a multi-faceted approach, a dream coach empowers you to dream bigger, uncover limitations that prevent you from achieving your dream life, and finally make sustainable changes that push you towards your dream life.

Dream Coach

How a Certified Dream Coach can Help You

Dream coaching is a process. Like life coaching, dream coaching is usually conducted on a one-on-one basis and takes several sessions.

At first, your dream coach helps you to discover and clarify what you want to achieve in life. After helping define your dreams, your coach takes you through a self-discovery journey where you work towards achieving your goals.

During this self-discovery journey, the coach acts as an accountability partner to ensure continuous progress.

Below is a more detailed explanation of the various ways that a certified dream coach can help you achieve your dream life. 

Your coach helps you set an intention.

One of the biggest problems that most coaches face is that clients don’t know what they want. It’s not uncommon to come across clients who tell a coach, “I want to lose weight, but I don’t want to go to the gym,” Another may say, “I want to get paid to do what I love” yet, they don’t know what they love.

This is why the first thing a certified dream coach will do for you is to help you set an intention for the coaching program.

A Dream Coach Helps You Live a Life of Purpose

Dreams that don’t align with a purpose can be unfulfilling. This is why you find some rich people and celebrities who are unhappy despite their wealth and fame. They are living the life of their dreams, but they feel unfulfilled.

However, with a purpose, achieving your dreams becomes a constant source of joy. A certified dream coach helps you align your goals with your purpose in life; therefore, ensuring you live the most fulfilling life possible.

Your Coach Helps you to Believe in your Dreams.

Most people fail to reach their dream life because they have limited belief that they’ll achieve them.

A dream coach helps you build up practices that help you develop faith in achieving ambitions. Once you have absolute confidence in your ability to reach your goals, you become unstoppable in your pursuit of living your dream life.

A Dream Coach Helps You Develop Personal Practices

To achieve the life of your dreams, you need to develop certain habits and routines.

When working with a certified dream coach, he or she helps you develop powerful tools that help you strengthen your weaknesses and help you move closer to your goals.

Your Dream Coach Helps you to Build a Mastermind.

We don’t go through life alone. We need the help of others.

This is why one of the primary roles of a dream coach is to help you build a dream team. Your dream coach helps you identify people with whom you can walk the journey to success together.

Having a dream team gives you resources that make it easier to achieve your ambitions.

Dream coaching
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A Dream Coach Helps You Overcome Doubts

One of the biggest things that sabotages your journey to achieve your dreams is the doubter inside your head.

A dream coach helps you understand, learn from, and overcome your doubts, which puts you on the perfect path to achieving your ambitions.

How to Become a Dream Coach

If you’re a natural problem solver, who people feel comfortable telling their deepest goals and secrets, have read the contents of this article, and are curious about becoming a dream coach, this section is for you.

One of the first things you need to do to become a dream coach is to get certified. Since the coaching industry is mostly unregulated, there are tons of “life coaches out there who don’t know what they are doing.”

Proper training and certification allow you to learn how to make a meaningful and lasting impact in people’s lives. With appropriate training, you also learn how to grow your coaching business and become an authority in the dream coaching field.

And here’s the best part!

Dream coach training doesn’t take years to complete. Most dream coaching certification training programs take between 10-12 weeks to complete.

After receiving certification, the next thing you need to do is work on creating an online presence. Invest in learning a bit of digital marketing to help you sell your services better.

This includes learning a bit about content marketing and social media marketing. With these skills, it becomes easier to connect and engage with prospective clients.

But before anything, make sure you get the best training. In the next section, we discuss coaching certification programs that you can enroll in and become a certified dream coach.

Dream Coaching Certification

It’s a widely known fact that coaching programs accredited by the International Federation of Coaches are the best and most comprehensive.

With ICF-accredited training, you can tackle any challenge you encounter during your dream coaching career. Potential clients are also more likely to trust you once they learn you’re an ICF-certified coach.

Wondering where you can get such a program?

Here are six of the best ICF-accredited coach certifications to take.

The Best Dream Coaches

Marcia Weider: Marcia Weider is a renowned international speaker, best-selling author, and a dream coaching pioneer. As the founder of Dream University, Marcia has spent years helping people connect and realize their dreams. She has done this either personally or by training hundreds of other dream coaches.

Linda Babulic: Linda Babulic is an executive life coach and an Amazon #1 best seller author. Linda’s work mainly entails helping business professionals live their dream life. With years of coaching experience under her belt, Linda uses a coaching system meant to help business professional reach their goals every time; therefore, turn dreams into reality.  

Hanna Hermanson: Hanna is a unique dream coach. Having started as a life coach, Hanna quickly realized that most coaches don’t achieve their goals due to the complexities that come with running a business. In response to this, Hanna shifted to helping coaches and business professionals achieve more freedom and increase their income. In short, Hanna helps coaches and business professionals live the life of their dreams.

Debbie Spector Weisman: Debbie Weisman is a certified dream life coach who explains her primary role as helping clients understand their innermost thoughts; therefore, connecting them to their dreams. Debbie helps her clients understand their dreams; then guides them to access their potential, which helps clients fulfill their goals and live their dream life.

Lois Hobart: Lois Hobart is both a life coach and certified dream coach. Having started her career in business communications but later moved on to start other businesses.  After years working in the communication space, Lois trained as a life coach and then narrowed her practice to dream coaching, where she helps clients find their purpose and passion and work towards living their dream life.

Any Further Questions?

There you go! All you need to know about dream coaching.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and now understand what dream coaching is and how a dream coach could help you.

If you have any further questions on a dream coach’s role, feel free to include them in the comments.

I’ll be happy to answer every question asked. 

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